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  • 01-20-2005

    God first
    To the beloved children of the world wide web. I Roy William Perry III write unto you with the love of God as I pray for all people of the world.

    As I reach to share my heart with you as I ask God to give me every word one by one hoping to give you what you need to hear for this hour within your life.

    For we live day by day, pain by pain, and blessing by blessing for our life is made up of ups and downs. I have found that the ups come when we are in fellowship with God and the downs come when we are out of fellowship.

    The lust of the world draws us away from God but when sin brings pain we seem to run back to God for comfort. Now the love of God brings true joy.

    Now I need not go into all the details of sin or of righteous because we know what is right and just. For I have not meant one person that did not know hate from love.

    And what is sin but hate of that which is right while lusting for that which is bad for the person while righteousness is what makes us care for each other, it’s the only true love which is the love God calls for us to love each other with.

    I must bring up sex because some think it is love but it depends on what brings the act of sex. For sex brought because one loves another to the point that they will never turn on the other is true love.

    But sex brought because one wants to control, use, person wants, or whatever reason just of the time. Because true loves never ends unless it ends out of love for the other or person safely because it was a one sided love.

    For God loves the whole world but only few of the people of the world love God back while God has more one sided loves than full circle of love He still loves all people.

    For the cause and effect of not loving God back can be death but I can not say for sure because my heart wants to think that if one loves the least of God children they are loving God back .

    For God so loves us that he gave his son the Christ to die and raise again just so we could be grafted in to his household the beloved family of God.

    But we must enter into the family by the seed of Christ the word of God planted in our hearts growing up to be like our brother Jesus the Christ a mark of righteous to reach for.

    While Jesus Christ was and is God only son without sin our sins are wash away which makes us son and daughters reaching to live without sin but that day will not come until Christ comes back to destroy death and when death is gone there will be no more sin.

    For when a man is alive sin is at the door but when we dies sin is far from him as he waits for the day he will awake unto blessings or finale death. For my prays are that all men turn from evil to that which is good but we are know only a few will turn from evil to righteous.

    I thank you for letting me share with you as I talk with God my heavenly father by the gift of Christ in me the hope of glory. My friends walk in truth.

    With love and an holy kiss blowing your way Roy