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  • Jesus/Iesous/Yeshua/Zeus?

    • Where does the name Iesous come from?
    • Does Iesous of itself have any meaning?

    Ishshah Yir'iyayh wrote:
    Let me take a moment to explain to Sandy where I stand with the Iesous, Y'shua things. I don't think they are the same. I said that Iesous said he came in the father's name. Thus, if Jesus was a true name and Messiah, then his name would have been Y'shua coming in the name of Yah (ie. Yah's Salvation) In the case of Iesous, he comes in the name of Zues or Theos - Greek gods.
    I personally am not of the opinion that Jesus is from the word Zeus.

    Jesus English,
    Jesu Latin,
    Iesous Greek,
    Yeshua Hebrew, which means he will save.

    Zeus English,
    Zeus (dzyoos) Greek, identified with Roman Jupiter.

    You can compare the translation of Iesous from the Hebrew by looking at examples of other Greek words translated from Hebrew.

    Susanna English,
    Sousanna Greek, Compare with Iesous
    Shushannah Hebrew, compare with Yeshua.

    Jesse English,
    Iessai Greek,
    Yishay Hebrew.

    Jacob English,
    Iakob Greek,
    Ya'aqob Hebrew.

    Jordan English,
    Iordanes Greek,
    Yarden Hebrew.

    Jerusalem English,
    Hierosoluma Greek
    Yerushalaim Hebrew.

    Judas English,
    Ioudas Greek,
    Yahudah Hebrew.

    Israel English,
    Israel Greek,
    Yisra'el Hebrew.


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    I am so glad that you have written something I can agree with! I guess we view Yeshua differently, but at least we won't argue about His name.

    Remember, wherever you go.... There you are.


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      I have never seen someone teach this freedom from the Zues theory. Thank you.

      But do you think Jesus is Y'shua?

      The fear of the YHVH is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.


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        Originally posted by Ishshah Yir'iyayh

        I have never seen someone teach this freedom from the Zues theory. Thank you.

        But do you think Jesus is Y'shua?

        Yes, because to me Jesus is the English version of Iesous. If the English version of the NT had been translated from Hebrew instead of Greek it would be Yeshua.

        As to Jesus being the anointed one prophesied in the Hebrew Scriptures, my answer is NO.

        In fact I feel there is a strong possibility that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene and produced children.


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          The Greek Scriptures, aka New Testament, 
          declare Iesous/Yeshua/Jesus is the messiah,
          the redeemer that is spoken of by the prophets in the Hebrew Scriptures.

          Did Jesus accomplish the things the prophets claimed the messiah would do?

          Did he:
          • set the Israelites free from their enemies
          • establish peace and security for all Israel in the land of Israel
          • Jeremiah 23
            5) Behold the days come says YHUH,
            that I will raise to David a Branch of Rightness,
            a King who will reign and act wisely...
            6) In his days, Yahudah will be saved and Israel will dwell safely.
            And his name will be called Rightness of YHUH.

          The answer is no.  
          Instead, according to the New Testament, he was killed,
          and even after his supposed resurrection he did not stick around.

          By Jesus own words in Matthew he disqualifies himself
          as the prophecied messiah.
          • Matthew 10:34
            Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth.
            I did NOT come to bring peace but a sword.

          For those who believe in the Hebrew Scriptures, aka Old Testament,
          it is a book which reveals the will and workings of YHUH.
          Therefore, everything written in the Greek Scriptures must be in agreement
          with the Hebrew Scriptures.
          The Hebrew Scriptures can stand on their own,
          which cannot be said of the Greek Scriptures.