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Hanging My Hat, Pulling Up A Chair.....

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  • Hanging My Hat, Pulling Up A Chair.....

    ....and giving you all, or at least those who desire to read this portion of the site called "Lo Ammi Forum," a little background on my life before I make any postings here in the weeks and months ahead.


    2004-1999 -Writer: three books on Internet in 2003/4:
    All Non-Fiction: Total 2000 pages.
    2004-1999 -Tutor and/or President: George Town School for Seniors Inc
    -Writer/Poet: Living in northeast Tasmania
    -Program Presenter, City Park Radio, Launceston
    1999-1988 -West Australian Department of Training: Lecturer In General
    Studies(1988-1996); Lecturer in Human Services(1997-1999:July)
    1987-1986 -Acting Lecturer in Management Studies and Co-ordinator of
    Further Education Unit at Hedland College in South Hedland, WA.
    1985-1982 -Adult Educator, Open College of Tafe, Katherine, NT
    1981 -Maintenance Scheduler, Renison Bell, Zeehan, Tasmania
    1980 -Editor, External Studies Unit, Tasmanian CAE, Launceston
    1979 -Lecturer in Organizational Behaviour, Tasmanian CAE,
    1978-1976 -Lecturer in Social Sciences & Humanities, Ballarat CAE, Ballarat
    1975 - Lecturer in Behavioural Studies, Whitehorse Technical College,
    Box Hill, Victoria
    1974 -Senior Tutor in Education Studies, Tasmanian CAE, Launceston
    1973-1972 -High School Teacher, South Australian Education Department
    1971-1969 -Primary School Teacher, Prince Edward County Board of
    Education, Picton, Ontario, Canada
    1968-67 -Community Teacher, Department of Indian Affairs and Northern
    Development, Frobisher Bay, NWT, Canada
    1967-59 -Various summer jobs from grade 10 to end of university
    (Two primary schools, two high schools and two universities in
    Canada:McMasterUni:1963-1966, WindsorT.College: 1966/7)
    1959-1944 -Childhood(1944-57) and early adolescence(1957-59) in and around
    Hamilton Ontario.

    Bio-data: married 37 years; wife: Tasmanian, aged 58; we’ve had 3 children: ages in 2004-39,34 and 27. I am 60; a Canadian who moved to Australia in 1971; written 3 books available on the internet.
    married and a teacher for over 35 years. Associated with the Baha'i Faith for 54 years.

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    Welcome Ron Price

    Shalom Ron,

    You are most welcomed to post here. Sometimes posting gets a little slow and maybe Yahweh has brought you here to liven things up.

    Is there anything special that you would like to discuss? How's the weather down under?

    Blessings in The Name,
    Col 2:16 & 17 Teaches us that no "man" is to determine what we eat or drink, or how the Sabbath, Holy Days, and New Moon should be observed, instead, The Body of Messiah IS to determine those things, just like what happened in Acts 15.

    Now, The Body of Messiah determined that since Moses is READ every Sabbath in the Synagogues (Acts 15:21), the Gentiles would be able to HEAR (Luke 16:31, John 5:46-47), and then do those things to farewell (Acts 15:29). Those FOUR necessary commands that The Body of Messiah determined for the Gentiles, were FROM the Law of Moses.
    Abstain from meats offered to idols
    (Exo 34:15), abstain from blood (Lev 17:14), abstain from things strangled (Deu 12:23), and abstain from fornication (Lev 19:29).
    So do not let anyone deceive you into believing falsely about the Law of Moses.


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      Not Much Liveliness Yet

      It has been nearly two years since I originally registered and no posts since then. Sorry about that. I'll post one or two items and try to get back here sooner rather than later.-Ron
      married and a teacher for over 35 years. Associated with the Baha'i Faith for 54 years.