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  • Technical Problems!

    Hi Everyone,

    We are currently experiencing technical problems with the longer threads. I have been having difficulty posting and getting the new post to register as a new post. I have recently posted on the "Is All Israel Saved Thread?". There are now two posts on a page five that does not register as a page five. To view those posts go to the top of page four and hit the link entitled "Go to first unread post". That should take you to the new posts.

    Please be patient. We will eventually get this worked out.

    Sincerely, Spying
    The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!

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    Shabbat Shalom to all

    Spying, thank you for welcoming me to this Forum. It is a blessing and a pleasure to be around brothers and sisters. Because of the technical problems i can't post on "is all Israel saved" thread so i would like to ask you to e-mail me when the problem is fixed.

    In the mean time may Yah bless you.

    Shalom to you and your family
    your sister in Yahshua


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      I keep receiving emails saying there are new posts to the "Is all Israel saved" thread, but I am unable to view any posts made on that thread after 2/7/01.


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        Multiple page problem identified!

        Well, I think that I know what the problem was/is. Spying told me some time ago that he was experiencing problems making posts. Right after submitting a post, his computer would hang up. The post got out there, but his name and the post's date and time did not get updated on the main page or the forum itself. When that happened, the number of posts on the thread increased by one, but the "replies" column on the forum did not get updated.

        The Lo Ammi Forum main page said that there were 58 replies to the thread "Is all Israel saved?" and there were really 66 replies; "The Eye of the Storm!" said 54 and there were 62; "The post deleted at Eliyah's Forum..." had 9, not 7. And you say, "so, what?" Well, the program that formats the pages uses the "replies" counter on the forum's thread page to determine how many pages there are. When that number was off by enough (and near enough to a page break), things messed up.

        I've changed the counters, and things look better. It was too much of a hassle to try to combine "The Eye of the Storm" parts I & II, and I didn't want to risk the "ripple effect" (fixing one thing while breaking a bunch of others).

        NOTE: It looks as if the hangup problem occurred at least 18 times over the last six weeks, so if it happens to you, I would appreciate an e-mail with the thread name that you were working on. I can then make sure that the counters stay in sync while we try to work with vBulletin to determine the cause.

        Thanks for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience.


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          The "Is All Israel Saved" thread is still malfunctioning.


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            Spying told me that he saw your new post, and it was not be listed on the forum's thread page. I updated the counters so the page will display properly; thanks for letting us know. We're still trying to determine the root cause of the problem.


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              Thank you, and you are welcome, Hyssup.


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                Every Two Years Or So!

                Hi Everyone,

                We have been experiencing an old problem today that reappeared from the past.

                Good thing that Hyssop was around to fix it. He updated the counters, and we can now view the posts that have been made today.

                Thanks, Hyssop!

                Your friend and brother, Spying
                The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!