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    I hope for prosperity, happiness and peace for the new year. The development of mutual tolerance and understanding between members of the three religions and cooperation built on common values will be an important step capable of changing the world in 2004. I wish that all the religions may unite forces for love, peace, justice, happiness , good moral in 2004.


    We are probably living in a period of time that the world mostly needs peace, friendship and justice. The 20th century's many regional conflicts and various acts of local violence, made it the most bloody century ever. And in 21st century they all continue. Innocent people struggle because of these conflicts and tension.

    The world urgently needs solidarity and working together, but some enviroments’ encouraging conflicts and violences is a fact that may me thought about. It is really clear that it will be a great disaster if a civilisation conflict as these enviroments wish, occurs. The most important way to hinder such a disaster is that to strengthen the diolog and cooperation between civilizations. Besides this is not so difficult because there is not so many differences between Islam and the West. There are lots of common point of views of all the Jewish and Christian cultures those are the basis of Islamic and Western civilizations. To solve the problems in the world together will not be so difficult in the basis of these common point of views.

    Today a mental struggle’s lasting and the world’s dividing into two is a reality. But Muslims, Jewishes and Christians are not the sides of these two sides. On one side of these two experts there are whom believe in existence and oneness of God and on the other side there are deniers. In other words, on one side there are whom that believe in the three theistic religions and on the other side there are whom that defend ideologies besides these religions. This is a living reality that some cooperations targeting religious and moral values, unite their wide opportunities and they act unanimously besides the religious people. There is only one way to inert this mental alliance, to remove the unfavourable and destructive results of these atheistic and materialist inspirations, to be the cause of societies with good moral, happiness, presence, safety, affluence: this is uniting all the sincerely believing Christians, religious Jewishes and Muslims for this common purpose.
    There might be some conflicts, disagreements between members of these three theistic religions with various excuses, this is a historical reality. But these have not been because of the basis of Jewishness, Christianity and Islam, this is because of wrong conclusions and opinions of governments, communities and individual ferts, and mostly of economical, political benefits and expects. One common purpose of three religions is all the humans’ living in peace, presence and happiness. A conflict besides this is wrong for all three religions.

    So a diolog and alliance built between religions is a natural result of justice and peace seeking of Christians, Jewishes and Muslims, and wish of beeing useful for humans. And this alliance will be one of the causes of the world’s reaching to presence and clarity in these times of us wating for Jesus’s coming back to the earth. All the realities we had told until now is that the members of all the three religions believe in existence and oneness of God, His creation of all the livings and the universe, must of their living according to revelation of God. The moral comprehension and ideal social model in the Old Testaments and in the Bible are likely with the Quran. Christian and Muslim belief have many aspects in common. Judaism too shares many beliefs with Islam.
    Of course there are some basic belief differences besides these similarities. These belief differences had been reasons for discussions and conflicts and still are. But in a time of existence of atheist ideologies the simiralities of the three religions must be the foreground not the differences.

    We can explain the necessity of to abandon making the differences a disagreement subject with an example as: Just after an earthquake or a torrent disaster, we can see the rescues. After a disaster all the people from different countries, belonging to different nations and religions, all join forces to rescue the wounded people instantly and make sacrifices. Besides in such times of difficulties, the countries give up their enmity. They unhesitatingly come to the countries’, affected from the disaster, aid. This is anyway what to do as a human.
    Let’s imagine readily the position that the world societies are in: The world wide activities of the ideologies whose principles are atheism and materialism, social degeneration, moral depression, destitution, starvation, increasing badnesses, dispersed families, illegal operations, murders, struggles, wars, uneasinesses.

    These and such badnesses certainly drag the world societies rapidly to physical and moral disasters. On the other hand atheist-materialist, destructive philosophies threaten the people’s not only the world lives but also the next world’s lives. All of these facts indicate that billions of living people have no difference from the victims of the disasters waiting for help.
    Believing, sincere, conscientious and commonsensical Christians, Jewishes and Muslims may have a duty of helping one another against badnesses and evil, to propose a mental struggle, and work in cooperation and unity. This unity may be built on love, regard, tolerance, understanding, harmony and cooperation. This fact’s urgency may be realized, we may avoid from elements that are the reasons of quarrel, discussion and separation.
    When we look at the Old Tastement and the New Tastement the basis of Christianity and the Quran, we can see that the best words and behaviours are advised.

    So let us remove all the reasons of conflicts and struggles by telling them the religion values and morals. Let us show that there is no need for conflicts between different beliefs, by acting together a nd by our behaviours. Let us explain “God love” so that love, tolerance and mercy can spread out.
    Certainly, calling for charities, to advice to do good and to keep away from badnesses, with the permission of God, can hope for liberation and eternal happiness.