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    Shalom everyone

    once again i come to you my brothers and sisters with a prayer request. we have just learned today that my husband's sister has been in a serious car accident and is in a critical condition. The drs don't know whether she will survive or not but they are saying that the situation is not finalized yet so it could go either way. we ask everyone to pray for Yahweh's healing hand on our sister and may HIS name once again be magnified for performing a miracle. i ask you that you will pray for my precious husband and my mom-in-law that Yahweh will give them strength to go on and to trust HIM to the end.

    My sister's in law name is Christina, so please lift her up before the throne of Yahweh.

    thank you
    in HIM

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    GD help us!

    ...You certainly have my prayers. If it were my sister whose life was waiting, I would be terrified and in agony. My sister has always been my life preserver in life's rough waters. If she went under, I would drown.



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      Heavenly Father,

      All glory and honor belongs to thee and to our head, Messiah Yahushua. I do not presume to think that you do know me by name, nor do I think very highly of myself before thee. I have not speedily paid my vows and for this I am bowed very low. Please forgive me and give heed to our request for Christina. We plead for her life and good health, Father. Hear our plea and sustain her life and bring her back from the edge of the pit. Please, Dear Father, be with my brother, Eugene and his family and be with my sister, Dorota. Let them be comforted by these our requests and by your hearing ear.

      Being in your name, we place these our requests before thee!

      The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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        This is Dorota's daughter, Daria.
        I talked with my parents today, and they said that the situation is very serious, and that we need to pray for a miracle. Please continue to pray for her, that there will be a miracle, and that it will bring glory to Yahweh.

        Becuase of Calvary,


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          Shalom everyone,

          we have just returned from Poland and our beloved sister Christina passed away on Dec. 19th at 5:30 a.m.. please pray for us and for the family that is in Poland.

          Shabbat Shalom
          in HIM


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            Dear Eugene, Dorota, and Daria,

            I am very saddened and sorry to hear that Christina has passed. Please tell us a little about her life if it will not make you too sad to write about her. Every life is important to ELOHIM so the life of your dear sister and aunt is also important to me. I am very sorry!

            Sincerely, Allen
            The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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              Shabbat Shalom everyone,

              Thank you Spying for your kind words.

              I'm sorry that i did not respond sooner but i hardly find time to sit at the computer. Today, however my Abba gave me the time to sit down and share with you the life of my dear sister Christina.

              Since i have known my husband i knew that his sister is very special. She was always kind to people and always put them first before herself. Praise YHWH she accepted Yahshua as her personal Saviour 3 years ago and she started to walk the way Yahshua wanted her to walk. Unfortunately, she never rec'd baptism as her husband said that if she receives baptism he will divorce her. Her husband is still catholic and does not see the way you and i do. Her children are reading the Bible and they are keeping the Shabbat, the feasts and have knowledge of main Bible principals, so please pray for them that whatever their mother tought them that it will stay with them. Christina loved Yahshua very much and she wanted her husband to come to know HIM but it never happened while she was alive. We really thought that maybe he would see something now when she was fighting for life but unfortunately not.... YHWH is still in control and i know that YHWH will continue to work on his heart.

              Now i will share with you what Daria wrote for her aunt.

              In Memory of my aunt Krysia.

              The Master of the universe
              Has plans great to behold.
              Yet among His works,
              which beautify this Earth,
              None does He prize more,
              Than His lambs,
              So helpless and small.
              He guides our lives
              Though His hand we don't always see.
              And Krysia, my dear aunt,
              Was one of His dear lambs.
              Her name, Krystyna,
              Given her at birth,
              Was true.
              For years later,
              She pledged her life to Him,
              and to Christ she did belog,
              Fulfilling the meaning of her name.
              With joy, she entered in His fold,
              and like her Master,
              She led a servant's life.
              Putting others before her,
              Loving her neighbour,
              She followed in His steps.
              Her life was in His hands,
              and this she knew well.
              And the Master, in His silent,
              Yet always perfect plan
              Ended His servant's labours
              On this troubled Earth.
              Though we see not why this happened,
              We have a hope that's dear.
              We'll see her once again
              In a city with no night,
              For Yahshua is its light.
              Yet we have hope, too,
              In this life.
              That her faith,
              Her life,
              Her testimony,
              Will be used by the Master,
              And this death, so tragic,
              Can be used as a tool,
              To bring many to the Truth,
              And experience the new birth.

              I really like what she wrote and i praise YHWH that HE gave her such talent.

              If you have any other questions please let me know.

              Also, do you have some kind of contact with DeAnna? if you do, could you please ask her to contact me, it's rather important.

              Once again Spying, thank you and your family and everyone who prayed for our dear sister.

              YHWH bless you and keep you always.

              in HIM


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                With Your Permission!

                Dear Eugene, Dorota, and Daria,

                I do not know the depth of your sorrow, but perhaps I have been partially immersed in it. Again, allow me to express how sorry I am for your loss. Daria has written a beautiful poem. She has talent in expressing herself through poetry like my daughter, Amy. Someday I will meet and speak with Krystyna. I will say, "Yes, I am acquainted with you. Your niece wrote wonderfully about you."

                I do not know the whereabouts of DeAnna. I have not attempted to email her because I do not have a current email address since her last move. Actually, I have been waiting for her to reestablish contact. That is perhaps wrong of me. If you find her, let me know please.

                Could you tell me something about the accident of Krystyna. Did she cause the accident, or was she the victim of the wrongdoing of another? I would like to know because of what I have grown to believe about life and death in Messiah.

                I have some comments to make if you would not be hurt or offended by them once I know the circumstances of Krystyna's death. This is a subject that is not easy to write about and discuss when the circumstances are right next to us as they are.

                I also would like to discuss baptism if it is ok with you, and I feel that Krystyna would be happy that we discuss it here. How do you feel about all of this?

                Love, Allen
                The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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                  Shalom Allen

                  i'd like to apologize for not getting back to you earlier,but i have been busy and also, i don't spend as much time on the computer as i used to.

                  Yes, Daria has a beatiful gift from our Heavenly Father when it comes to writing poems and i am very thankful for that for i know that when sometimes it is hard to say something it is easier to write it down.

                  Going back to the fatal accident where our dear sister Krystyna lost her life. Krystyna was on her way to bring more clothing to the little store that she run in Eugene's home town. All together there were 6 people and they were all from the same town and they all knew one another very well. Krystyna was sitting behind the driver and as far as we know she was not the victin of wrong doing of another (could explain what you mean by that?). She was very much liked among the people she was going with as well as in th little town itself. i only know that for i saw it with my own eyes the number of people that attended the funeral - it was sure magnificent.

                  What would like to share with us regarding baptism? we sure would like to hear what it is that you are learning or have learned.

                  In HIM


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                    Hi Everyone,

                    Happy Sabbath! I know that the family of Krystyna is in mourning and may not desire to participate in this discussion. That is ok. If they desire to participate, that is also acceptable. Messiah said:
                    Mark 16:16
                    16 He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. (KJV)
                    Obviously, the family of Krystyna has indicated that Krystyna was indeed a believer. The family has indicated that Krystyna was not baptized. What therefore is the exact position and status of Krystyna in light of the words of Messiah?

                    Sincerely, Ab
                    The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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                      prayer request

                      Dear Spying,

                      The Bible only says "...he that believeth not shall be dammed." This verse does not address what happens to the believer that has not been baptized. There are many reasons why a believer would not have been baptized.

                      It seems to me that possibly there is another conclusion that would apply to this verse and situation.


                      Be still..i am
                      For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16