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  • Herbert Armstrong

    Does anyone know who Herbert Armstrong is?

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    Who is now Israel to Judah?

    ...He is a radio evangelist that believes that Israel {the Israel of fabled lost 10 tribes} will be replaced by christians, or so I have been told by others. As I recall, he died some time ago, but his substitutionalist philosophy goes on. Please correct me if I am wrong.



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      Yes, Michael, I believe you're right. I don't know too much about his teachings. All I know is that his teachings were once the teachings of the "World Wide Church of God". After his death, his successor changed the doctrines of the church to the likes of traditional Christianity. His son, Garner Ted Armstrong went on to continue what his father taught, spawning the "Church of God, International". It is my understanding that the church that sponsors this site is a splinter group from the Church of God, International.

      I guess what I'm wondering is: (Spying, maybe you could help me with this) Does the church that sponsors this site maintain the teachings of both of the Armstrongs? One or the other?

      I'm just trying to get a grip on some history behind what's taught here.