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    The Gutter….

    Haven’t thought about you much lately
    But that doesn’t mean that I forgot

    Before we know it the time will come
    Time to relive it all, and give it all we’ve got

    I want you to know that my stance will never fall short
    It won’t, with time, blend to grey in any way

    No amount of money that you borrow from other people
    Will erase it or take it away

    No verdict, either way, in our favor or yours
    Will change the scars that you’ve left

    So don’t plan on counting the fees to your Attorney
    As the way that you have paid your debt

    It’s not my fault that when you abused us
    You didn’t leave a hefty receipt on all those days

    Because if you had I’d be able to show everybody
    The monumental price we have paid

    The truth, you see, is priceless
    It doesn’t live in refinancing and begging

    You might more likely find the courage
    If you fall to your knees and start praying

    You’re so protected every time the date gets pushed back
    More time to stay silent and hide

    More time to stand still and keep everyone waiting
    More time to keep it all inside

    More time to control your wife
    More time to control your kids

    More time to deny and cry and whine
    About the things that you know you did!

    You see, it’s supposed to be hard
    When you’ve messed up this bad

    It’s supposed to change your life
    You did risk everything you have

    So stop playing the victim
    Like we did this to you

    What you did to us was ruthless
    As now I will be to you.

    Or should I stop and think before I type
    About how my words might make you feel?

    I was taught by you to do what I want to others
    And to leave them in the gutter, all alone, to heal.

    What do you know that you don't know? I know that I don't know what my views will necessarily be in the future.

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    "Whatever the reasons, we do not pursue emotional development with the same intensity which we pursue physical and intellectual development. This is all the more unfortunate because full emotional development offers the greatest degree of leverage in attaining our full potential." -Bill O'Brien-
    What do you know that you don't know? I know that I don't know what my views will necessarily be in the future.