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  • israelthebride


    I will suggest not to generalize so much.

    Everyone around you is a witness to your witness of YH'SHWH.

    If there is anyone around you who dies without TRUTH, that means that they left your presence without hearing YH'SHWH'S TRUTH from you or seeing YH'SHWH'S TRUTH in you.
    You are their chance to hear and see HIS TRUTH.

    Remember, don't go out looking for things to do for HIM. HE knows what HE is doing and HE knows what you need to grow closer to HIM.

    Get up in the morning and pray, "May I allow YOU to take care of all the people and situations YOU place in front of me, today."
    Then, go and do your dailies.

    How you allow HIM to take care of things, in what we know as the small things, will show you how you will allow HIM to BE in the BIG things.

    Everyone around US, will BE ONE of US, if WE allow YH'SHWH to BE HIMSELF in US.



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  • beseder
    I knew as i wrote it firend
    i couldnt say they were his.

    here is what i do know and what is his.

    He has those that he has chosen.

    and you are correct in saying "no matter what they/you believe" we are still his and he loves us and we are one.

    and I believe that I am called and chosen of him to be in His body.
    However, take a look at me 5 years agao- I dont think that by the viewing of the eyes of men that i would be eligible (in a certain sense- because all men are eligible)
    So me living through my sins and walking with the paidagogos from my day of birth- he has already chosen me- the same as he had already chosen you- even in your past with drunkeness.

    what i do not recieve is the thing about we are completely at the moment itself- ONE
    i dont even see how i am one with the first assembly at the moment because WE as a second assembly have 1. not come together to unite the ONE doctrine and Truth
    (its like how Sying speaks of the stars becoming ONE to be the great light which hashem is)
    and we are not at the point to unite as an assembly.

    But the efforts are being made.

    but yes, i agree to the fact that a man is one of us (if called) if at this very moment he has killed a man. Hashem will turn that mans heart and he will be one.
    The man on drugs, hashem will turn his heart.

    However, if one man dies without the Truth of messiah- how will he live.
    The only way for True believers to die is to give up their lives for us.
    In what situations and circumstances- i dont know.
    However, That i do know- we die ONLY if we give UP our lives.
    Paul GAVE UP his life for the brethren because he saw that it was good- as Messiah saw that it was good to be hanged.

    So what of the man that dies of sickness or old age?
    was he ever one of us? or is he still ONE with us?


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  • israelthebride
    I do not understand your seeking to be one with those that are not for the ONE WORD.
    (If this is your stance.)
    and the JEWISH eye of looking at Messiah?"
    It is YH'SHWH'S SPIRIT in ME, as HE is in YOU, that CARES for HIS PEOPLE, no matter what they believe.

    I remember, one night, I had come home from a night of drinking booz. I was drunk, but I told my wife that I hadn't had any booz. I doubt if she believed me. She had to leave to go to work. She left crying.

    I was laying there in my drunk stupor, not knowing what I was going to do. The demons would scream in my ear, "You are nothing, but a drunk." "What are you going to do now you $%#&$(^%@($)@*&[email protected]!!!" (I don't cuss anymore) I could smell their breath.

    I thought that was it. I was going no where.

    I thought about JESUS. (I didn't know HIM as YH'SHWH, yet)

    The demons said, "He'll never take you. LOOK AT YOU!!! You are nothing!!!"

    All my sins passed in front of me. I was ugly. I was dirty. I was stinking. JESUS would never look at me.

    I fell on the floor sobbing. I was going to hell.

    I don't know how long I cried, but it was daylight outside. The demons were laughing at me. I did something just to go against them because I hated them.

    I got on my face, laying down on the carpet of the apartment, and shouted, "JESUS, if you want me, here I am!!!!!!!"

    Everything stopped. No sounds. No laughing. No outside noises. There was complete silence.
    And there HE was.
    Taking me, all dirty and stinking with sin, into HIS ARMS.

    I didn't know 1/1000th of what I know, about HIM, now
    and HE still LOVED me.

    Notice how you separated your statement with "personally".
    That's what it is. It is your opinion, not HIS.

    Remember, YH'SHWH LOVES YOU, right now,
    no matter what you are thinking or doing.



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  • beseder
    blessings to both of you
    Be still i am

    take time- if you are a true believer in messiah- we do have a promised little ways to go- we have more of a promise than any other person in this world. So take your time to learn those sites- but act as if it is the last day with letting Messiah who is in you LIVE.

    Hi, i have recently come o the belief that there is only ONE direction.
    sure different angles- however all pointing to the EXACT same conclusion.
    like math.
    for me the conclusion isnt just "G-d"
    however, the conlucion for me as i am sure with mant parts of His body is "who is this GD?"
    that would mean that those who dont believe in Mashiach are also his bride- or even dedicated moslems- In this i dont see the true unity- in this i see what led way to Mystery Babylon so many hundreds of yrs ago to rise.
    "the place of confusion " is ALready here- and has been here.
    we are not awaiting for the gap theology to come- because there was never a such thing.
    the last 7 yrs had alrady been.
    the system of the beast has already arisen
    the only one and ting we wait for is 1. the anti-messiah to show his face and then our last trumpet call when the walls of this jericho will fall.
    there is ONLY ONE SONG to be sung
    not many
    WE NEED to find the ONE TRUTH
    and in this- is there not a fight going on?
    WE NEED NOT to fight
    I believe we are the second witness- Josephs tribes
    The Messiah will come according to JOSEPHS collection of the tribes.

    THE 1st tribe/WITNESS is already come- and he has been waiting for his brothers return. Judahs tribes.
    He has been living since messiahs advent
    has been persecuted- cut off and yet gained however at least 1 of his limbs are still breathing
    I believe it to be John the beloved who was at one time on Patmos in chains.

    They do not fight with words- but pray and fast
    BUT THE TIME WILL COME SOON when we,both witnesses will MEET and come together.
    AS where there are 2, MESSIAH WILL BE THERE.

    and our words will consume, cut to the quick those that stand opposed to YHshWH as the 1st assembly had done once.

    I do not understand your seeking to be one with those that are not for the ONE WORD.
    (If this is your stance.)
    and the JEWISH eye of looking at Messiah?

    there is actually another JEWISH EYE that is GREATLY RECIEVED by ULTIMATELY learned ORTHODOX jews.
    the ZOHAR- the ZOHAR confesses HaShem is ONE, however,three, but ONE- not three G-d's, BUT 3 manifestations in ONE HASHEM.
    and notice- this is ZOHAR

    those jews that are not as learned say they cannot even read it yet because they arent as learned.

    So through what Jewish eye is Mr Ben david looking through.

    There is also another thing you should know.
    This is however, second hand information.
    I spoke with someone by the name of Ruhama
    Ruhama informed me that the claims that are on his site (netzarim) about his synagogue and teaching to e legitimate judaism and recognized by the council in Yemen are a farce.
    Ruhama herself contacted the council and asked about the netzarim- and from what she said the council had already told Mr. Ben David to take the statement off of the site .

    I dont know if this is true, however, you possily do not see this a big deal- im not sure- maybe you can ask him

    However, Thank you for who you are Rico'el
    Indeed, YOU ARE a BROTHER


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  • israelthebride

    both ez-boards

    I was on those forums trying to discuss our beliefs and the moderator ("proverbs") kicked me off the board.

    I never got a reason why.

    I can't get on this one because it's an ez-board.

    This group is very informative. I have been e-mailing with Rabbi Ben-David for awhile.
    Their belief is in MESSIAH, but through a jewish eye.
    YH'SHWH, as MESSIAH, was a man who completed HIS BELIEF in HIS GOD.

    We believe that YH'SHWH is GOD. (See "Overcoming")

    Remember, that we are all at different stages of belief and that we are all different parts of HIS BODY. What may sound like a different idea may just be a different angle.
    Stay with them and PRAY for them. Let's not fight them.

    A "hand" will speak from a different angle than a "foot". But, they will both speak for the body. It is the same with YH'SHWH'S BODY.

    This piece, by Oswald Chambers, would fit for all that are not after accomplishing YH'SHWH'S PLAN-------to complete HIS BODY.

    "The Spiritually Self-Seeking Church"

    . . . till we all come . . . to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ . . .
    —Ephesians 4:13

    Reconciliation means the restoring of the relationship between the entire human race and God, putting it back to what God designed it to be. This is what Jesus Christ did in redemption.

    The church ceases to be spiritual when it becomes self-seeking, only interested in the development of its own organization. The reconciliation of the human race according to His plan means realizing Him not only in our lives individually, but also in our lives collectively.

    Jesus Christ sent apostles and teachers for this very purpose—that the corporate Person of Christ and His church, made up of many members, might be brought into being and made known. We are not here to develop a spiritual life of our own, or to enjoy a quiet spiritual retreat.

    We are here to have the full realization of Jesus Christ, for the purpose of building His body.

    Am I building up the body of Christ, or am I only concerned about my own personal development? The essential thing is my personal relationship with Jesus Christ—". . . that I may know Him . . ." (Philippians3:10).

    To fulfill God’s perfect design for me requires my total surrender— complete abandonment of myself to Him. Whenever I only want things for myself, the relationship is distorted. And I will suffer great humiliation once I come to acknowledge and understand that I have not really been concerned about realizing Jesus Christ Himself, but only concerned with knowing what He has done for me.

    My goal is God Himself, not joy nor peace, Nor even blessing, but Himself, my God.

    Am I measuring my life by this standard or by something less?


    speaking through




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  • Be still..I am
    hi all, please visit

    Beloved in the Lord, Beseder,

    Thank-you for the sites to visit. I only visited the first and it is so mind blowing that I am sure it will take me years to ever feel knowledgeable enough as to comment. It is very intense, that is for sure. Definitely, worth the time and effort to visit.


    Be still..i am

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  • beseder
    started a topic hi all, please visit

    hi all, please visit

    please visit
    and its forums at

    the above is an Orthodox jewish counter missionary site.
    It is against anything dealing with Messia YHshWH in any way- even something resembling orthodox judaism that holds on to Messiah.
    please also visit these forums at
    and its site at

    this is an orthodox judaic view of those that DO hold onto Messiah. However, they are exactly like the netzarim @ in believing that messiah is not hashem

    Rico'el , I do need your assistance in both of these sites and forums. Even more with the site.
    I believe that one strikes more vitally for the moment


    shalom u'bracha