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The Tabernacle (In detail)

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  • The Tabernacle (In detail)

    Shalom everyone,

    This is something that has been shown to me, and so I pass it on.


    Most Holy Place ----------------- our head cavity
    Holy Place ----------------------- our chest cavity
    Court round about ---------------- our abdominal cavity

    Court Round About:

    Alter of sin sacrifice:
    Brazen laver
    Holy anointing oil.

    The Alter of sin sacrifice had a fire that was not to go out. It was fed continuously and had an ash- tray underneath so they could empty the ashes without putting out the fire.
    It was square with four horns on each corner where the High Priest would put the blood of the animal on each horn. Then he would wash the blood off of the animal by putting it in the brazen laver (which held water). Then sprinkle it with Holy anointing oil for a "quickening".

    In our abdominal cavity, we have a digestive tract. In our digestive tract we have what is called a continuous "oxidation", which is not unlike that "fire" that was to be fed continuously. This is why our stomach "burns" when we get hungry. We also have 4 arteries, which surround our digestive tract, which are the 4 horns of blood.
    Our digestive system is what "burns up" our sacrifices to our body, that we may live.

    Above our digestive system is our "kidneys" which "wash our blood". If you were to put our two kidneys together, it actually is the same shape as the brazen laver used to wash the animal's blood. The brazen laver in the tabernacle had a "spicket" where they would empty the water to put in fresh. Often times they would get stones caught up in there from the animals. We also have a "spicket" that empties our water. And many of us get what we call "kidney stones" which are made up of calcium deposits from "animal products" we consume.
    Above that is our "adrenal gland" which acts as a "quickening". This is why people suddenly get strength to lift a car up off their child, or a "second wind", etc. Due to the "adrenal gland". Which corresponds to the "Holy anointing oil".
    Which corresponds to the Holy Spirit that we receive giving us strength that we would not have otherwise.


    Golden Alter of incense
    Table of shew bread

    The Holy Place lines up with our "chest cavity". In the Holy Place, the table of shew bread had a "crown" around it. The name for our heart is "coronary" which is from the root word "corona" meaning "crown".
    On this table there were 12 loaves of shew bread. Our heart pumps 12 pints of blood a day.
    The candelabra had 7 branches to it. They would pour the oil in the "4th." (Middle) branch and the oil would then be carried to the other branches.
    Our heart has branching off of it, what we call the "Aorta" which has 7 branches. The one in the middle of the Aorta is called the "common artery". Because the blood first goes into it, then is distributed to the other branches, all leading to the heart. The Aorta and it's 7 branches bring what we call "oxidized" blood to the heart. Which is blood that has oxygen in it. Oxygen is "burned" in our body, just as the candelabra "burns", even the "flickering" of light, is not unlike the "pulsating" of the aorta, pumping the blood through to the heart. This oxygen is given by our "lungs". Which correspond to the Golden alter of incense.
    The incense burned at this altar was made of four main ingredients. And if the measure of, or any of the ingredients were wrong, then offered up, the high priest died where he stood.

    These ingredients were; stacte, onycha, galbanum and frankincense. These four main ingredients made up the incense that were to be burned in the Holy place which then went up into the Most Holy Place. The altar it was burned on, had four horns on it as well.

    Our lungs correspond to this. One finds that the larynx situated above the windpipe or the trachea has two superior cornu (horns) and two inferior cornu, just as the Golden Altar of Incense had four horns on it. One at each corner.
    The air that we breath is also made up of four main ingredients; nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and hydrogen. Note that air or oxygen is "burned" up in our bodies. And if there is a "lack" of it to our brain (most holy place) there is brain damage, or even death.
    Note also, that if one gives you oxygen, and any of the four ingredients are wrong, you would die right where you stood. (or laid).
    It is no secret that a breath of fresh air, is a "sweet smelling savor" to our brain, and every other tissue in our body.

    Most Holy Place:

    Mercy Seat
    Two Cherubim's (arch angels) overshadowing the mercy seat.
    The Ark of the Covenant
    (Which contained the Ten Commandments inside and the rest of the law in the side of it)

    Upon the mercy seat, is where Yah sat in a "cloud".
    Our brain is much like a "cloud". It is a gray like mass with no particular shape or form.
    It is also where we draw our "Mercy". Our mind.
    On the mercy seat from the cloud, was the "Shekinah" which would "flash" a light, letting the high priest know that the sins of Israel were forgiven for that year.
    If one closes their eyes after prayer, keeping them closed and ask Yah to cause them to "be still"... after a bit of seeing only darkness, one will see a small light flash from deep in the darkness. It is quite comforting. (Yah said He will dwell in the thick darkness, which is us.) Even our "two eyes" > see < as one.

    The two arch angels that overshadowed the mercy seat were Gabriel and Michael.
    Gabriel is a messenger, and Michael is a "warrior".
    Our brain has two main functions. One is messenger, one is "action".
    If one looked at a picture of the sphenoid bone (which means wedge shaped) which is located at the base of the brain, and comes up... it actually LOOKS just like the side view of two angels and their wings on either side. The sphenoid bone even has names such as "lesser wings, and greater wings". It's simply amazing.

    Also at the base of the skull, where the Ark of the Covenant would be. We have what is called the "Pituitary Gland". The ark of the Covenant held the ten commandments which "governed" the body of Israel. Our pituitary gland "governs" our body.
    The pituitary gland has "two lobes". Not unlike the two tablets of stone.
    One lobe secretes 7 hormones, and the other 3. These hormones are secreted to all organs of the body, and cause these organs to then produce and secrete their own hormones... which is not unlike the rest of the law that is in the side of the ark.

    The Tabernacle is made up of 207 pillars, boards and bars which hold the tabernacle together. Our bodies when born have 207 bones before the last two of our spine fuse together. These bones hold "our" tabernacle together.

    Moses was called up into the mount where he is given SPECIFIC instructions toward the building of the tabernacle, in the third month after Israel left Egypt. (Ex. 19:1)
    Keep in mind that Moses was in the mount for 40 days and nights.
    The tabernacle was reared up in the first day of the first month of the second year.
    (Ex. 40:17) After the Israelites left Egypt. One can see that it was nine months in the making. Not unlike our own bodies.

    Furthermore, the Tabernacle had three coverings; goat's skin, ram's skin and badgers skin. We also have 3 layers of skin.
    Moses, when in the mount saw the vision of the six day creation. and the seventh day Yah rested. That leaves 33 days left of the forty that he was given the instructions for the tabernacle. The tabernacle was the "back bone" of Israel. Yahshua lived 33 years. A day is a year in prophetic time. (Num. 14:34) Yahshua is "our" back bone. We have 33 vertebrae's in our back bone. And "12" ribs. hmmmm (smile)

    Yahshua (The word) is what causes US to "walk upright".
    Physically our 33 vertebrae's cause our bodies to "walk upright".

    Notice there is only a "roof" over the Most Holy place and the Holy Place, but none over the Court round about.
    We also have a covering of bone structure over our head cavity (skull) and our chest cavity (rib cage), but none over our abdominal cavity.

    Throughout the tabernacle; there were veils of blue, purple and scarlet. These veils were found between the court roundabout and the Holy Place. And again between the Holy Place and the Most Holy place. These veils separated these compartments, but "trailed" throughout the tabernacle.
    If you look at a picture of the human veins, you see them bunched up between the abdominal cavity and the chest cavity, and again at the neck. Separating the chest cavity from the head cavity. Our veins and "capillaries" carry our blood. Our blood is "blue" until "oxidized", which causes it to become red. During this process, before the blood becomes "red", for a moment it is actually "purple", as blue and red make purple.
    Any anatomy book will show around the liver (point dividing the abdominal and chest cavities, and at the neck) blue, purple, and red colors showing forth the blood.

    The veils are even more defined in our body through terminology such as; "the iodine filled thyroid gland (iodine means purple)... this is also at the neck... but it gets real technical, and I'm not smart enough to make it "plain".

    There are nine "vessels" in the tabernacle. But only one was known as "quickening". The holy anointing oil used by the high priest on the beasts in the court round about.

    We have nine systems in our bodies. Only one reproductive, found in our abdominal area where we give birth.

    Understand that all that has been shown forth thus far is "physical". Comparing a physical body to a physical tabernacle made in the wilderness. But all of this has a spiritual side as well. The anointing oil represents the Holy Spirit, that we must all receive before we are able to move forward and upward in the tabernacle, bringing us ever closer to the Most Holy Place which is Yah.

    Notice Yah's "seat" is called the >> Mercy << Seat. If one wants to draw near unto Yah, one must first seek and give mercy.
    "For we received of His fullness mercy for mercy" (John 1:16)

    Another thing to keep in mind, is that just as "Yahs' word" became flesh, in that it was by Yah's detailed word, that the tabernacle was reared up, and was where Yah himself dwelled. Then Yahshua came walking the earth, which was The Word of Yah "made flesh" and also wherein Yah dwelled .... once again, it is to happen to us, in that Yah's word is made flesh in us, and is also where Yah dwells.

    "....For the testimony of Yahshua is the spirit of prophesy" (rev. 19:10)

    For it is the Word of Yah that is the "first born". The Word, is the first thing to proceed out of the mouth of Yah wherein all things were made. And nothing was made that wasn't made by The Word. (John 1-)
    The Word of Yah is the "seed", and is planted in us, and resurrects in us. All things concerning the tabernacle and the vessels and functions therein do testify to this. Yah, which is the Kingdom, dwelleth in you. For it is Yah that is "righteousness, peace and joy" and without Him, there is none.

    Praise Yah, for He is Good.

    "At that day
    shall a man look to his Maker,
    and his eyes shall have respect
    to the Holy One of Israel."
    Isaiah 17:7