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  • What is going on!?!?

    This is taken from

    The Heresy of the Ebionites.

    The evil demon, however, being unable to tear certain others from their allegiance to the Christ of God, yet found them susceptible in a different direction, and so brought them over to his own purposes. The ancients quite properly called these men Ebionites, because they held poor and mean opinions concerning Christ. For they considered him a plain and common man, who was justified only because of his superior virtue, and who was the fruit of the intercourse of a man with Mary. In their opinion the observance of the ceremonial law was altogether necessary, on the ground that they could not be saved by faith in Christ alone and by a corresponding life. There were others, however, besides them, that were of the same name, but avoided the strange and absurd beliefs of the former, and did not deny that the Lord was born of a virgin and of the Holy Spirit. But nevertheless, inasmuch as they also refused to acknowledge that he preexisted, being God, Word, and Wisdom, they turned aside into the impiety of the former, especially when they, like them, endeavored to observe strictly the bodily worship of the law. These men, moreover, thought that it was necessary to reject all the epistles of the apostle, whom they called an apostate from the law; and they used only the so-called Gospel according to the Hebrews and made small account of the rest. The Sabbath and the rest of the discipline of the Jews they observed just like them, but at the same time, like us, they celebrated the Lord's days as a memorial of the resurrection of the Savior. Wherefore, in consequence of such a course they received the name of Ebionites, which signified the poverty of their understanding. For this is the name by which a poor man is called among the Hebrews.

    This is taken from

    The earliest Church historian, Eusebius, recorded that the original followers of Ribi Yehôshua, the Netzarim, accepted only our own Hebrew Matityahu as a legitimate account of the teachings of historical Ribi Yehôshua, rejecting the post-135 C.E. Roman-redacted 'New Testament' (Eccl. Hist., III.xxvii.4) - an apostasy selectively syncretizing a Judaic spin into their native Roman Hellenism. Many scholars have noted that the teachings of Ribi Yehôshua touch on only a small fragment of the many issues of Oral Law in 1st century Judaism - leaving many lucanae in Ribi Yehôshua's, and the original Netzarim's, Judaic practice. Christians fill in these lucanae with their native doctrines, which are alien to the 1st century Judaism practiced and taught by Ribi Yehôshua and the Netzarim. Exactly the opposite of Christianity, the Netzarim, in cooperation with several receptive Orthodox rabbis, fill in these myriad lucanae not with Christian doctrines but with:

    scholarly discoveries from Dead Sea Scroll 4Q MMT documenting the unanimous view of Oral Law among all sects of 1st century Judaism, coupled with
    what the most prominent Jewish scholars regard as the most pristine Judaic tradition on the planet - Nôsakh Teimâni (halâkhâh of the Yemenite Jews).
    As a result, the Netzarim have been restored to their 1st-century historical Judaic heritage within a firm niche of the Orthodox Jewish community in Israel. Netzarim pray exclusively in Orthodox Jewish Beit K'nêsêt (where geographically viable) and, while openly believing that historical Ribi Yehôshua is the Mâshiakh, the Netzarim Pâqid is a member in good standing of the Orthodox Teimâni Beit ha-K'nêsêt, Môrêshêt آvôt ("Legacy of the Fathers"), in Ra•ananâh, Israel.

    so anyone here know whats up? Inform me
    ONE TORAH [MEMRA(audible) and KHOCHMA(written)], ONE MASORAH.

    OBEY YE THE SOFRIM (HAKHAMIM) and the PERUSHIM for they are the only ones given right to and power to interpret scripture. DO AS THEY TELL YOU but do not do as the Colored-Rabbis and colored pharisees tell you, for they are Painted!(Matt 23:1-3)

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    Who is the real heritic?


    ...this document seems to say that their was a diversity of ways to observe ones faith, in the teachings of early christianity. We find room here for the Romans {in approx. 100 years} to codify the faith of Yeshua. Could Yeshua possibly disagree with the faith that follows him? I've often thought that he might reject outright, todays version of christianity, himself being a JEW. I know that the man existed. Josephus wrote of him. I'm sure that he didn't think of himself as a god, and surly not thee GD. I picture a man being crushed by a faith that he doesn't except. Many of the things written in the NT are not the kind of things that a JEW would say. It seems to me that a gentile Roman state made "Jesus" what they wanted him to be, and chose to build upon the sacrifices and offerings of the priesthood of Levi, rather than the Name of YHWH. {Hashem} I picture a Roman tactic for justice, often used as a way of seeing "Jesus" in the tanakh.

    ...A man kills a Roman official and disappears into the people. The Roman govener, seeking justice decides to kill 10 {JEWish} citizens a day until the guilty party is handed over to them. The slaughter of innocents goes on for a period of time. The leaders of the people gather to discuss a solution, since the guilty party isn't about to turn himself in, knowing what would be his fate. Straws are drawn to appoint a man to die in the place of the guilty man, to end the slaughter. The officials of Rome are happy, though they really know that the man they crucified isn't really the guilty party. But they have justice and so are satisfied. They believe that YHWH is the same way. If an innocent man dies for the peoples transgressions, at least the books are balanced. But innocent blood would never satisfy YHWH. He desires that the blood of the guilty party be spilled instead, since innocent blood defiles the land.

    ...A Roman does not think like a JEW. But the faith that they build shadows their way of thinking. I do not know if the document that you posted is accurate, but if it is, we can see that later, the hands of Rome write about a different faith than one built upon the Name of GD. {that they might have realized was really taken from the name of YaHudaH. This of course would never do for their faith}

    ...What if many of the writings of the NT are fabrications? Word of mouth does not hold up very well. Then again, I'm allowed to ask different questions than most christians are allowed to ask by their own faith.



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      Great Tribulation!

      Hi Thummim,

      The Tzaddikim have for a number of decades believed that the Apostolic Assembly or Church did not survive long into the 2nd Century. We believe that the first Assembly was martyred. What that first Assembly believed, everything that they considered sacred, was given over to confusion and scattered by apostasy.

      I have grown over last several years to believe that a few from the Apostolic Assembly still live amongst mankind. They are unknown to us, and as far as I am able to determine today, they will remain unknown to us until they can look upon us as brothers and sisters.

      They remain hidden because it is required of them to do so; although, there is much about this that I do not understand.

      They are living by their faith in the spiritual fulfillment of the Law. I am seeking this life. This life will not be found amongst organized Judaism or Christianity. Judaism and Christianity are both a part of the apostasy, and there is no life in them. They both hold to a form or show of religion, as do all the religions of this world, until the day that they all die. Their very deaths prove that they have denied the power of religion unless, of course, their deaths are the result of martyrdom.

      If there existed a first spiritual Temple, the first Assembly, that was destroyed, will a second spiritual Temple be built? What is the foundation of this spiritual Temple? "For to me to live is Messiah." This foundation is laid in troublous times. What is the eventual fate of this 2nd spiritual Temple? Will this 2nd spiritual Temple also be destroyed?

      Sincerely, Spying
      The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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        Living in the Name.


        ...Can the Name of YHWH die? The body dies, but the Name of YHWH lives on. This is the faith of the author's of the torah. They created a Name for themselves. They created a body in the image of YHWH. They married one to the other. The tribe of YaHudaH lives on forever, as does its throne. YHWH is YaHudaH. In "Jesus", there is one Name to cover all christians. But he could not be guilty of cursing GD's Name and be attached to the JEWish people. He is christianity with a blood debt of 6 1/2 million {++, the other JEWish lives lost to christianity} JEWish lives to pay. These all were a part of the Name of YHWH. "Jesus" is a curse to the Name of GD because of this debt. There is likely one who owns a red thread that could pick up christianity, being himself both JEW and gentile. But how would christianity win his heart? Any curse to the Name of YHWH he would still reject. You see, one cannot damn the JEWish people and have any hope of entering the Name of YHWH. But if you were to love the Name of YaHudaH with all of your heart, and with all of your soul, and with all of your might, then you might just find a gentile priest who would give a Name better than that of sons and daughters, to you. YHWH lives. YHWH is the Name of life. It is everlasting and cannot perish. It exists in the thick dark clouds still. But the Name of YHWH is the only door to heaven. How does one get a place in the Name of YHWH, to drink from this fountain of life, if he curses it through his own faith? "Jesus" built his faith upon slaughter, and not upon the Name of YHWH as all of the prophets did. He fulfilled a sacrifice that does not exist, that cannot expiate deliberate sin. There is no such thing as an offering for deliberate sin. {though YHWH always can forgive any trespass against himself} "Jesus" will be displaced by one who owns a red thread. {given him by YHWH} The vex of the firstborn will claim "Jesus". It was always meant to be so. The net is cast into the waters. It pulls up many fishes. But only a few of them are worthy of the Name of YHWH. Only the good fishes are kept. For sure, he who holds a curse in their heart against this Name, YHWH will be given to the curse held in their heart against the JEWish people. This is why you should not close the door to your heart, to this people. If you accuse their Name, you have accused your own hope. YHWH is heaven!

        ...Have a good sabbath day, Spying. Baruch Hashem.



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          RicoEl, Spying and all

          Defend and stand up for what is truth.
          Whatever it is- of course truth is truth- and if what I will post isnt truth. Give the word alone to defend where truth- no "spiritual" interpretations. and if each of you who say that have the same SPIRIT come with the same conclusion with word alone, and beat/conquer over what this post says, i will believe.
          May YH make us strong and believers in truth.

          Im weak right now, so help

          taken from different parts of

          Paquid Yermeyahu (Bên-Dâvid) – Orthodox Jew in Orthodox Synagogue (Former Baptist Minister)

          Christians:Historical of Nazareth leads his messianic followers not in pretend-'Israel' of post-135 C.E. Hellenist Replacement Theology, but toward restoration into the real, Biblical-historical, Israel; out of Hellenism's pretend-'salvation' into the genuine covenant of Tōrâh. Don't be left out.
          Jews: Ribi Yehoshua is the only personality – past, present or future – who can vindicate Tōrâh in the Christian world (with resulting domino effect on the other Displacement Theology, Islam), unifying these worlds in Tōrâh, to realize the آleinu – the hallmark of the Mâshiakh!
          me-beseder- ofcourse this 'hardly' applies to us here at lo-ammi, however it does affect us- at least me
          the netzarim:
          Those who are recognized as Jews by Orthodox rabbis need only satisfy the Netzârim Beit Din in making teshuvâh to non-selective observance of Tôrâh and Orthodox halâkhâh to qualify to be recognized by our Beit Din as a Netzârim talmid.
          Satisfactory progress in the Netzârim Distance Learning enables the candidate to apply to the Netzârim Beit Din to be recognized as a Netzârim talmid Jew and our continuing assistance in preparing the ba•al teshuvâh to re-enter the Orthodox Beit K'nêsêt and Jewish community.

          This Netzârim Distance Learning is for:
          Messianic Jews – to follow, and become more like, Historical Ribi Yehôshua the Mâshiakh
          (to make teshuvâh back to the legitimate 1st century halakhic Judaism of Historical Ribi Yehôshua, Dead Sea Scroll 4Q MMT, et al. – i.e., to the Orthodox Beit K'nêsêt and legitimate Jewish Community); and
          Training other Jews to effectively retrieve Messianics from Christianity / Yesh"u.

          Under Pâqid Yirmeyâhu, the Netzârim are the only followers of Ribi Yehôshua the Mâshiakh who are properly documented as having achieved recognition in various authoritative sectors of the Orthodox community and, therefore, the only beit din determining and disseminating the teachings of Ribi Yehôshua the Mâshiakh. We are successfully assisting both Netzârim Jews and non-Jewish geirim in making the transition to an Orthodox Beit K'nêsêt. Therefore, for Jews who follow Ribi Yehôshua as Mâshiakh the Netzârim are your only opportunity to be accepted by any authoritative sector of the Orthodox community.

          Here in Raananâh (pop. "Ra'anana"), Israel the Netzârim have put together the step-by-step Netzârim Distance Learning to bring you from your present level of understanding to absorb all of the necessary information which will form the background fabric within which you can begin to grasp – and follow – the authentic, historical, 1st century Judaic teachings of Yehôshua and abandon the Romanized counterfeit.

          Your old world will be intractably incompatible but, because Christianity is so alien to the Tōrâh practice and teachings of Ribi Yęhōshua, until you've accomplished significant study and change of life practices you won't be sufficiently Judaically educated to make the transition into the Judaic world of an Orthodox Beit K'nêsêt and the Jewish community.

          This isn't the pretend world of the self-proclaimed counterfeits calling themselves "Orthodox Messianic Jews," "Jews for J*e*s*u*s," Nazarenes (even imposter "Netzarim") and other wannabes. The transition of coming out of an alien religion and culture to fit into the Biblical practice of historical Ribi Yęhōshua and his Nętzârim followers in the Orthodox Jewish community is a serious and challenging business.

          'Messianic Judaism' & Christianity vs First Century Judaism

          To clarify a widespread misconception: Jews who practice Buddhism or other religions alien to Judaism are still regarded by halâkhâh as Jews. However, just as Jews practicing Buddhism don't make Buddhism a valid branch of Judaism, so, too, Jews practicing selective observance of Tôrâh – selective rejection prohibited by the Beit Din ha-Gâdôl as demonstrated from Dead Sea Scroll 4Q MMT – never made Christianity a valid branch of Judaism. Christianity was a gentile apostasy from its conception in 62 C.E. its birth in 135 C.E. and its weaning in 333 C.E. Christianity has always remained an apostasy, and can never be anything but the apostasy it was born. To follow the authentic historical Ribi Yehôshua requires renouncing the apostasy in order to return to the original teachings of his original followers, the Netzarim. (See details in the book Who Are the Netzarim? – Advanced Level.)
          Thus, J*e*s*u*s is a syncretized counterfeit, antithetical to, and mutually exclusive from, Ribi Yehôshua. Therefore, belief in either necessarily implies rejection of the other! If Ribi Yehôshua is the Mâshiakh, this necessarily and logically implies that his diametric opposite – the false messiah J*e*s*u*s – is the antichrist! The apostasy! Who Are the Netzarim? – Advanced Level unequivocally identifies this Roman man-G*o*d idol as "666"!!!

          If you want to follow the real Ribi Yehôshua you must renounce the antithetical counterfeit!
          ONE TORAH [MEMRA(audible) and KHOCHMA(written)], ONE MASORAH.

          OBEY YE THE SOFRIM (HAKHAMIM) and the PERUSHIM for they are the only ones given right to and power to interpret scripture. DO AS THEY TELL YOU but do not do as the Colored-Rabbis and colored pharisees tell you, for they are Painted!(Matt 23:1-3)


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            This my belief:

            I believe that the majority of christians, do, follow a jesus that they have created.

            I believe that the majority of people, who call themselves jews, are not jews.

            There is only ONE WORD/LAW from YH'SHWH.

            No one can or should pick and choose what they want to follow and what not to follow. Remember, that to deny any part of HIS WORD/LAW is to break/not follow all of HIS WORD/LAW.

            WE are ISRAEL, PEOPLE of YH’SHWH. Each of US has a part/assignment to do. No ONE knows my relationship with YH’SHWH and there should be no judgement against me, from another, by comparing their relationship with HIM. WE are HIS ONE.

            WE should treat all people as HE does. WE should act as HE does. WE are HIS PRESENCE/HIS PEOPLE here on earth.

            I have adjusted my life to submit to HIS SPIRIT, WHO LIVES YH’SHWH's WORD (the LAW), through me because HE is my SAVIOR. That is what HE has taught me.

            If ONE sees me different, it is because I AM.

            It is a lie when others teach that WE should all be and believe the same.

            Our differences should be our strength. Our differences should make US helpful to each other. Our differences should lead US to need each other. I need people, around me, that are different than me; not the same.

            WE are all important to YH’SHWH.

            In our differences, WE should find it easier to live with each other because of our need for each other. In our differences, WE should be able to help each other in such unique ways. If there be ONE other like me; ONE of US is useless.

            Stand firm in your relationship to YH’SHWH.
            No ONE knows HIM like YOU do.
            Don't worry how I try to follow HIS WORD/LAW. That I celebrate HIS FESTIVALS and that, at times, it seems I follow HIS WORD "too" literally. HIS WORD is a joy to ME.

            Let YH’SHWH be the JUDGE.

            HE is my JUDGE.

            This is the LAW:
            LOVE YH'SHWH
            OBEY YH'SHWH
            SUBMIT to YH'SHWH


            Treat others good and right
            Because YH’SHWH says so;
            No matter how you feel;
            No matter what you think.

            Doing this is submission to HIS WORD/LAW.

            Don't let our differences keep US apart.
            Let our differences be our Strength.

            Our “likeness” should be how WE stand as ONE, in our differences, in YH'SHWH's NAME.

            WE are ONE!!!

            WE are ISRAEL!!!


            The BODY of MESSIAH Ministry

            I did not CREATE YOU for a certain time.
            I CREATED YOU for ETERNITY.
            I CREATED YOU for ME.
            That is why I SAVED YOU.
            For ME.

            YOUR HUSBAND,