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  • What I AM.

    What I AM!!!

    or·di·nar·y (ôr“dn-µry”) adj. 1. Commonly encountered; usual. 2.a. Of no exceptional ability, degree, or quality; average. b. Of inferior quality; second-rate. 3. Having immediate rather than delegated jurisdiction, as a judge. 4. Mathematics. Designating a differential equation containing no more than two variables and derivatives of one with respect to the other. --or·di·nar·y n., pl. or·di·nar·ies. 1. The usual or normal condition or course of events. 2. Law. a. A judge or other official with immediate rather than delegated jurisdiction. b. The judge of a probate court in some states of the United States. 3. Heraldry. One of the simplest and commonest charges, such as the bend and the cross. 5. --or”di·nar“i·ness n.

    sim·ple (s¹m“p…l) adj. sim·pler, sim·plest. 1. Having or composed of only one thing, element, or part. 2. Not involved or complicated; easy. 3. Being without additions or modifications; mere. 4. Having little or no ornamentation; not embellished or adorned. 5. Not elaborate, elegant, or luxurious. 6. Unassuming or unpretentious; not affected. 7.a. Having or manifesting little sense or intelligence. b. Uneducated; ignorant. c. Unworldly or unsophisticated. 8. Not guileful or deceitful; sincere. 9. Humble or lowly in condition or rank. 10. Ordinary or common. 11.a. Being a fundamental or rudimentary element; basic. b. Not important or significant; trivial. 12. Biology. Having no divisions or branches; not compound. 13. Music. Being without figuration or elaboration. --sim·ple n. 1. A single component of a complex, especially one that is unanalyzable. 2. A fool; a simpleton. 3. A person of humble birth or condition. 4. A medicinal plant or the medicine obtained from it. --sim“ple·ness n.

    nor·mal (nôr“m…l) adj. 1. Abbr. norm. Conforming with, adhering to, or constituting a norm, standard, pattern, level, or type; typical. 2. Abbr. norm. Biology. Functioning or occurring in a natural way; lacking observable abnormalities or deficiencies. 3. Abbr. norm. a. Relating to or characterized by average intelligence or development. b. Free from emotional disorder. --nor·mal n. Abbr. norm. 1. Something normal; the standard. 2. The usual or expected state, form, amount, or degree. 3.a. Correspondence to a norm. b. An average. nor“mal·ly adv.

    com·mon (kom“…n) adj. com·mon·er, com·mon·est. Abbr. com. 1.a. Belonging equally to or shared equally by two or more; joint. b. Of or relating to the community as a whole; public. 2. Widespread; prevalent. 3.a. Occurring frequently or habitually; usual. b. Most widely known; ordinary. 4. Having no special designation, status, or rank. 5.a. Not distinguished by superior or noteworthy characteristics; average. b. Of no special quality; standard. c. Of mediocre or inferior quality; second-rate. 6. Unrefined or coarse in manner; vulgar. 7. Grammar. a. Either masculine or feminine in gender. b. Representing one or all of the members of a class; not designating a unique entity. --com·mon n. Abbr. com. 1. commons. The common people; commonalty. 2. commons. (used with a sing. or pl. verb).a. The political class composed of commoners. b. The parliamentary representatives of this class. 3. Often Commons. See House of Commons. 4. A tract of land, usually in a centrally located spot, belonging to or used by a community as a whole. 5. The legal right of a person to use the lands or waters of another, as for fishing. 6. commons. (used with a sing. verb). A building or hall for dining, typically at a university or college. 7. Common stock. 8. Ecclesiastical. A service used for a particular class of festivals. --idiom. in common. Equally with or by all. --com“mon·ly adv. --com“mon·ness n.

    All this
    I should be
    to let my GOD, YH’SHWH,
    BE in me;
    BE through me!!!

    The BODY of MESSIAH Ministry

    I did not CREATE YOU for a certain time.
    That is why I SAVED YOU.
    For ME.


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    I like your style