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    How relevant is the name of YHWH?

    ...AntotiYah, I can't say that a discussion on whether Islam worships YHWH or not makes for a worthless discussion. YHWH is the name of our Eloheem forever unto all generations. {Ex. 3: 15} I will however leave it alone since you ask. We have many other things to discuss that we would both be interested in. One thing that is in front of my curiousity is whether or not YHWH intended to use his name to cause change in our world. I of course believe that he needs his name to forward a major change in religious faith in this world. I believe that the revelation of the name of GD is the centerpiece of his presence and will by itself bring peace and honor to the JEWish people.


    Therefore my people shall know my name: therefore they shall know in that day that I am he that doth speak: behold, it is I. Isa. 52: 6 KJV

    Assuredly, My people shall learn My name,
    Assuredly [they shall learn] on that day
    That I, the One who promised,
    Am now at hand. Isa. 52: 6 JPS


    ...Do you believe as I do, that the name of YHWH anchors the preservation of the JEWish people, and that hashem merits this idea, "our help is the name of YHWH, maker of heaven and earth"? How is something so simple hidden from the eyes of the world for millennia? Baruch hashem,



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      Hi Everyone,

      Right now, I am sitting in the operating waiting room of Barnes Jewish Hospital. My wife is having an operation which we scheduled for right after the Feast of Tabernacles. My wife had a very serious bout with ulcerative colitis this past year and a half, and she had her colon removed along with her rectum in a major operation this past June. She has had a temporary stoma that is being closed right now as I write, and from now on, YAH willing, she will again have control over her bowel movements in the normal fashion. The juices that pass through the small intestine are more harsh on the anus than when they are processed by the colon. So, she will have much pain to bear until everything reaches the proper adjustment. I would ask that you all please pray for her that she recovers as quickly and painlessly as possible. Thank you for your prayers!

      Now, who is it that we are going to pray to, and should we indeed pray, how do we know that our prayer will be heard and answered?

      Sincerely, Spying

      P.S. I wrote the above yesterday. My wife entered the operating room at 7:23 AM. Her operation began at 8:00 AM, and it lasted about an hour. She was out of recovery and in her hospital room by 10:30. This operation was a piece of cake compared to what she endured last June. She says that she feels like she has been shot in the side. I wanted to tell her that she has absolutely no idea of what it feels like to be shot in the side because she has never been shot in the side , but I held my peace and just held her hand. My wife is a wonderful lady!
      The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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        The name of YHWH protect you!

        ...I wish you and your wife the very best with healing aplenty. My own mother {who lives here with my niece and myself} has had simular problems. She has to wear a bag always over her stomach. I think that her operation was called an iyliostomy. {sorry that I can't spell it} Her health slides up and down. Many times I have thought that she wouldn't make it through the day. She is also cursed with seizures. She becomes ill so quickly, that even on then best days, I cannot be sure of the rest of the day. But then she runs a house {her calling she thinks} almost by herself. She is almost 72 {next month}. I am moved by your discomfort. Any threat to the love that sustains us, makes the most uncomfortable feelings for us to deal with. Spying, I hope that you can regain your comfort and your joy real soon. Lots of healing for both you and your wife.



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          Spying, i wondered of where you were.
          And this is what you and your family have been going through.
          Indeed, I take a share in your 'worry'.
          however, im glad that your wife will be well, because she will be.

          Yake care of her bro. this is your first priority dealing with humans. which of course you already know. Love you bro.

          Take care and be blessed



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            Spastic Ulcerative Colitis!

            Hi Everyone,

            My wife was a junior in college when she was diagnosed with spastic ulcerative colitis. My wife told me that the doctor who examined her made this comment when he saw her disease, "Damn".

            Ulcerative colitis is a curse. Most people are aware of this disease through their school experience. People who have this disease have permission to leave the classroom on the spur of the moment. If they don't get to a bathroom quickly when the urge hits, they will go in their pants. A person with spastic ulcerative colitis always needs to know where the bathroom or restroom is located.

            The colon is a muscle which is gently active to move along the bowel. With spastic ulcerative colitis, the colon is on a fast track. Cramping occurs, and the individual experiences all the symptoms of diarrhea. What is evacuated is not normal stool. Most often, it is just mucus and blood.

            Because of the ulcers in the colon, the colon is very susceptible to infection. Once infected, there are a whole host of other symptoms that begin to manifest throughout the body. My wife experienced a mega colon about 25 years ago. With a mega colon, the colon relaxes. The colon is no longer attempting to move anything along the bowel. The individual with a mega colon begins to swell and become distended in the abdomen. The colon is blowing up like a balloon as the bowel gases increase. The great danger with a mega colon is that the bowel will burst. This is a catastrophic situation far worse than a ruptured appendix. It is almost certain death.

            I am reminded here of the fate of the Sotah (Numbers 5:21-22). My wife is not a Sotah, but 25 years ago, her symptoms were Sotah like. Her doctors gave her 24 hours to improve; otherwise, they would remove her colon. I literally got down on my knees beside her hospital bed and started praying. I called a member of the Worldwide Church of God and asked him to contact his church hoping that they would pray for my wife. I had not yet begun attending the Worldwide Church of God. I was still attending the Lutheran Church so I asked them through my parents (I was raised a Lutheran) to also spread the word to pray for my wife. My wife began to improve, and she kept her colon until this year.

            This was a very conflicted time in my life. I had been struggling with the desire to keep the Sabbath Day instead of Sunday for a number of years. I could not find the courage to make the switch from Sunday to Sabbath until shortly after my wife got so sick. I attended my first Sabbath Service to thank the congregation for praying for my wife. So, my wife's curse turned out to be a blessing for me. You see, it was me that had been playing the part of the Sotah. I knew that Saturday was the Sabbath, but I was afraid that if I started to keep the Sabbath that I would lose my wife. I was afraid that she would leave me. So, I was placing my wife above YAH.

            I could not see all this as clearly then as now. The physical disease or injury that you experience in life either yourself or through you loved ones is there for a reason. It is there to teach you a spiritual lesson. The physical is a mirror image of the spiritual. You may not understand this right now in this life, but someday you will understand it fully. I have learned a whole lot about myself through my wife's disease, a physical disease which imparts a great many spiritual lessons, lessons which I am still learning.

            Have a blessed Sabbath Day, Everyone!

            Sincerely, Spying
            The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!