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Healing a name.

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  • Healing a name.

    ...What is the defiling of a name and what are the consequences of such an event? In this world, there are good names and there are bad names. The charges against any people ride upon the back of their name. We, as Americans are in the process of having our name defiled within the Arab lands. It happens because we are seen as the power that shapes the worlds fates. We make or are involved with what will become the history of the future. America occupies the same place in history as the Romans did in their time, and as the British also did when it was the worlds chieftest power. We, as Americans, carry baggage upon our name. We are noticed when we walk down the streets of any other country. We have our friends and we also our enemies. A name becomes defiled when the accusations of the world assault it openly. When America errs in this world, our "sins" are saved up in the minds of the worlds peoples. How we are dealt with in this world has everything to do with what the world has stored up in the emotions that they will spend against us, in the venting of their wrath. Opportunity awaits in the weakness that our enemies will see in us. They will kick us when we are down.

    ...This is what happened to the JEWish people. Our name became defiled by what was taught against it. The lies of christianity accuse constantly, an innocent people. The charge that every JEW must escape is that we JEWs are the killers of a messiah. It would be hard to level a greater charge against us. When a people believe that our name would do such a thing, they then mold us in that image. The faith in our own weaknesses is always more than the facts against us. While the facts would vindicate us, the court of world opinion is biased to favor its own faith. Thus our name is defiled as though it were diseased. Our healing belongs to our name. It is the "name" that is defiled. Because of this, even our children must pay the penalty, which as we know can be very severe.

    ...How does one heal a name? I believe that our healing must come through the name of our GD. A name that cannot be accused demands true justice. YHWH is such a name. To accuse such a name is the same thing as putting a padlock upon the gates of heaven, and sealing them shut. How does one charge the name of YHWH while trying to place hope in it? If there is an honest court in this world, the name of YHWH would be a finger that points to it. Since the world has decided that our messiah is meant to be our curse, we cannot argue that cursing our name is not the ways of a just messiah to his many followers. But we can show that we bear the name of YHWH literally, and that YHWH is four of the five letters of our own name. The truth will sting the false witnesses that satanize {accuse} our name.

    ...Our help must now be found in the name of our Eloheem, of whom we are named. We are the image of YHWH having the name of YHWH breathed into us. Hashem {our name} is our faith. It is very unlikely that any of the authors of the {New Testament} realized this, in writing their book. If they could read Hebrew, they might have seen where the name of our Eloheem comes from. We are YaH -W- daH {Yahudah}. Our Eloheem is YHWH. Same letters, same order of occurance. Letting the world learn the name of our Eloheem will leed many arguments in our favor. The temple priests who shape christianity, need to think out what they are doing in creating salvation for only the fewest JEWs. What they are truly doing is banning the name of GD. So the name of YHWH is not welcome at this club? Christianity needs to pardon us for clinging to our own name. No other name is like our own. Since we JEWs are mentioned in all accounts of "salvation", in the book written by our own hands {the tanakh or old testement}, the "satans" that accuse us need to be seen as what they truly are. When the name of YHWH cried out to them, excepting for the fewest of them, they refused to assist us. Our righteousness is in our name. The prophet Isaiah, knew this.

    Assuredly, My people shall learn My name,
    Assuredly [they shall learn] on that day
    That I the one who promised,
    Am now at hand. Isa. 52:6 JPS

    If You would but tear open the heavens and come down
    So that the mountains might quake before You ---
    As when fire kindles brushwood,
    To make your name known to Your adversaries
    So that nations will tremble at Your Presence,
    When You did wonders that we dared not hope for,
    You came down
    And mountains quaked before You. Isa. 64: 1, 2 JPS

    We are like a bird escaped fom a fowlers trap;
    the trap broke and we escaped.
    Our help is in the name of YHWH,
    maker of heaven and earth. Ps. 124: 7,8 JPS