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    Dear everyone:

    I ask that anyone who answers my questions be treated with respect and acceptance. None of us have the right to judge another’s journey. In fact, we need not even comment on a person’s journey unless it is something kind, or a question. Religious and spiritual journeys are sacred to individuals who share them. Please keep that in mind.

    I would like to invite all of you to write something about your life and your journey that has lead you to where you are now in your religious/spiritual faith.

    I want to know the stories behind the religious debate, so that the debate and discussion makes more sense to me.

    I want to know about the places and ways that you find meaning and purpose in your life.

    What denomination do you identify with? How did you come to identify with it?

    Have you followed your parents’ teachings, and the way you were raised? Or did you seek new ground independently? Who were you before you found your faith? If your faith has been consistent since childhood, then tell me about times that you strayed or doubted what you had been taught.?

    I want to know the who, where, what, when, and how’s of your experience. Tell us about you, not about the principles and justifications of your beliefs, but about how your beliefs have served or changed you.

    Also, if your children do not know these stories, I ask that you tell them or write them down for them to have.

    I realize that most of us never answer these kinds of questions, but I assure that you know the answers off the top of your head.

    I will give an example about why I ask these questions:

    If my dad were to be discussing or debating the Saturday Sabbath with someone, he could present to them the results of all of his studying in order to convince them. He could discuss the calendar, and other things that date back many years. He could tell them that it is one of the ten commandments and so on and so forth. But if he leaves out the part about the Sabbath being a special event in his family, and that it’s the one time each week that he saw all of his children at the same time, or that it is the most enjoyable part of his week that he looks forward to, then he leaves out a huge part of the message that he is trying to send. Do you see how sharing this information provides the foundation for connection, meaning, and purpose? Anyway, just wanted to give an example.


    What do you know that you don't know? I know that I don't know what my views will necessarily be in the future.

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    Oh boy...

    Greetings Rov,

    Well, let's see. I was raised Catholic. Believed it till I was about in 7th grade, right about the time my brain started working. My parents are Catholic. Biggest problem? They knew nothing about it. I was always curious how they could no so little about something that should be the biggest part of your life. So I stopped going to church. Well, I faked often that I went. Acctually, once I got to be close to 20, I would go to church, and leave once they stopped reading scripture. That's the little bit they read.

    I have always been tolerant of all beliefs. However I did like to read the bible, and liked to hear the soft kind words of it. So once the church started with the 'ceremonial' part, I would leave.

    I have always known there is a g-d. That G-d exsisted. He gave me way to large of a conscience not to know. But I made him up in my mind. Yet I knew he was Love.

    I often wanted to show up on a sabbath morning at Spying church, but never did. Just didn't want that embarrasing 'WELCOME" feeling that many churchs like to put on you. You know, "The are you coming back next week?" Deal.

    So I never found an excuse to show up.

    Then, Last year, Sept 12th of all days, the Latter Day Saints missionaries showed up at my door. I talked with them, then met with them at a house. I liked talking to them, and the Love they showed. I wasn't 'logically' convinced of their doctrine, only enjoyed the feeling of acceptance, and wished to be a part of something like that. It reminded me of grade school, when I was a Catholic. My belief of what they told me was nothing more than when I was a Catholic. Didn't know ANYTHING about the doctrine, just believed what they told me.

    So, they told me to go home and pray about Joseph Smith, and see whether he was a prophet or not.

    So I did, I believed, I got that 'burning bosum' feeling they told me about. So I thought to myself >"wow, this is True !" Then the very next thought that went through my mind was, "Go talk to Hyssop about his religion, they do some CRAZY STUFF MAN!". So I did (I didn't get this entire order right.)

    So this was about...oh three hours after the second meeting I had with them. I went to Hyssop's house.

    He talked to me, (it was the first sabbath of the Feast of Tabs). Feels like yesterday. His sons were gone, down in Mizzou. I walked in with my bookbag, and asked to talk to him. He said, "I would love to help you with homework, but it's the sabbath, I can't." So I said, no, would you like to talk about religion. He got a on his face, and said he'd love to.

    So I took notes after talking to the LDS broke them out, along with a bible and the book of Mormon, yet didn't really know what to ask him. Kind of stuttered around for a bit.

    He told me some stuff, yet I really didn't think anything different. I was acctually starting to get a bit bored with it.

    Then I asked, "so why do you go to church on saturday?"

    Just basically as I asked this, I looked at the book of Mormon, and thought "this book is True, Hyssop is full of #$&*!"

    And then he told me how you cannot prepare something the day before the sabbath, and BUY the same thing the Day after. An impossibility. Hence he taught me about three days and three nights, and the sabbath, and a little part of the law.

    WOW! who did I believe? Not the LDS.

    So I had to meet with the LDS the very next day. Hyssop and I stayed up until 4 in the fricken morning talking about religion that night. It was his sabbath, not mine yet, I didn't know a thing about the Feast of Tabs (acctually, I'm not sure about what sabbath it was now, but yeah, I'll ask him. Pretty sure it was tabs.)

    So then I went and talked to the LDS, brain tired, but I had this 'thing' that felt like it was sitting on my head. I get it I guess now when I am using my Faith. Sometimes that doesn't happen you know?

    So I talked, and they didn't quire like what I had to say.

    I went to church with them a couple of times, and really didn't like it. Not like I do the Tzaddikim church. I can talk, interupt, and TALK ABOUT A >>>>>>WHOLE<<<<<<< LOT OF SCRIPTURE.

    What?? A church that SPENDS THE WHOLE TIME ....DISCUSSIONG>>>>scripture? Cool. I guess it's small so they can do that.

    So I did talk with the Mormons for about 3 more months, maybe more. They got sick of me one day after I studied the 'breaking bread' which I have a thread about over on Tzaddikim. They didn't like that a whole lot. Haven't called back since.

    Accutally, I got an email from one of the missionaries last week. Wrote back, haven't heard back though.

    So, here I am. Doing my best (sometimes) to observe sabbath, and other things. Cares of the world though you know?

    ImaHebrew's daughter was bugging me about getting baptized last weekend. She said "when?" I said i don't know. What about you? She said "me? You're the one who came in like a steamroller." And I did. I can talk your ear off about this stuff now. ANd I love it.

    I went out with Hyssop's boys a few months ago. I drank a little to much, and they told Hyssop that I was shootin off scripture like it was my job. They believe, but they haven't been around the block of religions (boards) like I have. That and they weren't raised with a different belief, to know what the 'christian' community is like. I was even first pick of the kids for 'bible jepardy' by hyssop's oldest. COOL. We lost....BUT I KNOW THE ANSWER (HYSSOP!)>>>>just frazed it wrong.

    So here I am again. Best thing that has ever happened to me. I do admit I need to exercise my Faith alot more. Is it still Faith when you know? I guess. I figure I'm young sometimes, yet seek him while you're young you know?

    So, I love this stuff. I'd talk it all day if I could. Unfortuantly the 'world' which includes most of my friends, aren't the least bit interested. That also makes observing things like sabbath a bit hard when you have no one talk to, unless of course you...don't observe the sabbath. Then again, if I would do it, I am sure HE would send a friend my way eh?

    Anywho...I LOVE THE FATHER...or, I need to more than I do sometimes.

    That is my story.

    Sorry it's late...4:40. Got to work in the morning you know?

    Just kind of 'winged' it. And yes, I know how to spell phrase...he he he.

    Peace and Joy,

    Proverbs 6:23 For the commandment is a lamp; and the law is light; and reproofs of instruction are the way of life:


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      Thank you so much for sharing your story. I am glad to hear that your heart has found love and acceptance in the Tzaddikim church.

      Your journey was very interesting to me, from the perspective of someone who grew up in the Tzaddikim church. Inspiring, really.

      What do you know that you don't know? I know that I don't know what my views will necessarily be in the future.


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        Would you like me to post a message about my "journey" even though I'm not a part of the Tzaddikim church?


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          Yes, I would like to hear anyone and everyone's journeys.

          I'm not a member of the Tzaddikim either. So that is not a pre-requisite or anything. This forum is very diverse.

          Please, do share your story.

          What do you know that you don't know? I know that I don't know what my views will necessarily be in the future.


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            Happy Birthday!

            Hi Rovivus,

            This is only a part of my journey:
            Two, Four, Six, Eight,
            Who do I appreciate?
            On this day, number five filled my hand,
            As a blessing for our little band.
            I know that this was great for song,
            Thank you for helping us to see the wrong.
            As we sat together before the gate,
            Eating and drinking all the food on our plate!
            Happy Birthday, my Daughter!

            Love, Dad
            The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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              Thanks Dad!

              What do you know that you don't know? I know that I don't know what my views will necessarily be in the future.


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                ...Happy Birthday Rovivrus 2. Best wishes, - May the blessing of YHWH be upon you.