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Sin and the Sins is Fruits

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  • israelthebride

    I AM HONORED to be in YHWH's BODY with YOU, my FAMILY.

    I am a "he" and am setfully married for 13 years.

    The discussion board


    was created for our study group, but anyone is welcome.

    Thank you for coming by "Spying".

    "Thummim" you "challenge out" good in me.

    I really appreciate the Lo-Ammi Forum. I've been asked to leave by many other discussion boards, but this one has the guts to challenge me and I have learned from those challenges.

    Again, Thank you. SHALOM.

    WE are ONE!!!

    LOVE, Ricoel

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  • Thummim
    Our Friend!

    ...Yes, I really like Ricoel. He's not afraid to have a discussion with someone whose faith is different from his own. He'll look under any stone, to try to find a piece of the truth.


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  • Spying

    Hi Everyone,

    Seventh Angel once flattered me by saying that I like everyone. I actually aspire to like everyone because I know that all of us are part of Messiah, and why should I dislike my own body. In the physical, I don't like myself very much because of my sins and because I am overweight, and I know that I must learn to love myself better so that I can love others better.

    When I thought that the Lo Ammi Forum had been shut down, I followed a link to this forum:

    At this forum I discovered Israelthebride. Now, I have told the whole world that I like Stranger, and even my own family has a hard time with that, but I do. I also like Israelthebride because he or she was very hospitable to me a short while ago, and because he or she knows that we are ONE. Hospitality is so very important to YAHWEH ELOHIM.

    Thank you, Israelthebride, for your hospitality!

    Sincerely, Spying

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  • israelthebride
    started a topic Sin and the Sins is Fruits

    Sin and the Sins is Fruits

    Sin and It’s Fruits

    What is sin? People ask that question when they are trying or thinking of cleansing themselves. At times I’m asked that question from people that want to know how close one can get to “hell” and not fall in.

    Sin is singular. There is only one sin. Sin has many fruits. Some of the fruits are the misuse of sex, drugs (including medicines), wine (booze), money, the body, people, etc. Sin itself is just one thing. We all are guilty of that sin.

    Sin is whenever WE do (action) or think (thought) “anything” without YHWH!!!

    Sin is whenever WE do (action) or think (thought) “anything” against YHWH’s WAY, HIS HOLY SPIRIT and/or HIS BODY!!!

    This is the sin that will “fruit” the misuse of all things given to US.

    Sex is not a sin. The misuse of it - is! Money is not sinful, but how it is used can be. Drugs when used properly will benefit, but otherwise will destroy. Wine, I hear, can be good for one’s body, but drunkeness is not good for anything. Again, misuse of the things YHWH has given are harmful. When I decide to please myself (make myself god), I misuse YHWH’s given items or elements. Take a look at this world and you will understand.

    It is written “if WE say WE have no sin, WE deceive ourselves, and the truth is not inUSs. If WE confess our sins, HE is faithful and just to forgive our sins, and to cleanse US from all unrighteousness. If WE say that WE have not sinned, WE make HIM a liar, and HIS WORD is not in US.” How can one “have sin” and have YHWH’s HOLY SPIRIT?

    HOLY SPIRIT is YHWH’s SPIRIT. HE is HOLY. HE is what is HOLY in you. Allow HIS SPIRIT to BE in you. You don’t stop Being, but you choose not to Be you. You let YHWH – BE!!! By accepting that there is no good, nothing HOLY, in you, you naturally give YHWH the credit (the GLORY) for all good things that are done through you. You deny yourself (human being) and let HOLY SPIRIT (YHWH BEING) do. “My PRESENCE shall be amongst them.” “I WILL BE in their midst.”

    Sin is denying HOLY SPIRIT. Again, people think that that applies to those who have not accepted the HOLY SPIRIT. Wrong!!! That applies to those who have the responsibility of letting HIS SPIRIT act through them.

    Sin is
    acting on your own, for your own, by your own;
    without YHWH!!!

    Sin is one sin, but it fruits many sins.