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Where "WE are ONE" comes from

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  • israelthebride
    I AM the "documentation".

    I LOVE YOU, Stranger,

    I AM the proof of ELOHIM.

    I can speak TRUTH, but until another sees who and what I AM, that is the proof.

    Do I treat my wife as ELOHIM would? Do I treat my children as ELOHIM would? Do I treat others as ELOHIM would?

    If I don't, then I am all words.

    My ministry is all and anybody that is around me. ELOHIM placed them there. HE really is in control. HE knows the name of each fly, each star, each ant. Where I AM is where I AM supposed to be.

    Speaking of cocaine/cola, have you ever noticed how the United States had withdrawl symptoms and then a depression after the cocaine in coke was taken out.

    And I would like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.

    I have heard some people sing.

    We are ONE!!!

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  • Stranger

    But you are speaking for yourself.
    You have no documentation.
    That is the way you feel.
    More power to you!
    But I still think that it sounds like a Coca-Cola commmercial...

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  • israelthebride
    started a topic Where "WE are ONE" comes from

    Where "WE are ONE" comes from

    You were created to follow MY WAYS
    And live and use MY WORD.
    When you experience your own words
    You are speaking words I did not CREATE!!!
    MY WORDS are LIFE!
    MY WORDS stand for what they say!
    MY WORDS will not fail!
    MY WORDS will, forever, be
    Because I cannot withdraw what I have said!

    Your words try, but cannot, imitate MINE!
    I AM GOD!!!
    If you will not speak MY WORDS-
    SHUT UP!!!
    You belong to ME
    And MY WORDS will protect you
    And take care of you.
    Do not try to comfort yourself
    With your words or your ideas.
    Stop speaking false words!!!

    MY WORDS should be in your mind!
    MY WORDS should come out of your mouth!
    MY WORDS should be living in your actions!
    MY WORDS should run your life!
    MY WORDS are yours!
    I AM your GOD!!!

    Now, relax!
    Keep looking toward ME.
    Keep coming to ME.
    Keep denying yourself.
    Give up your own rights
    And I will give you MINE!!!

    Everything I have told you,
    I will do!!!
    When I speak to you
    You will understand ME.
    MY BRIDE is in YOU.
    Everything that is MINE, is yours
    And MY BRIDE, will let it be known to YOU.
    WE are ONE!!!
    And WE are ONE!!!"

    I listened and understood.

    WE are ONE!!!