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  • "Baptism"

    Shalom Everyone,

    Yah be with you. I had responded to a sight on EliYahs forum, And thought I'd share it with my friends over here. (smile)

    As much as there is "Need" for all things of the spirit to first be manifest in the physical.
    "Water baptism" is still a partly "physical" act. Therefore it is not the "air" manifestation, but the "water" manifestation. (no duh. smile)

    But Yah showed me how the baptisms are a "path" or a road.
    like all manifestations, but the "pattern" remains to be followed.

    The first baptism recorded is; "The children of Israel were baptized unto Moses and Moses unto the red sea. (Or "sea of blood") Blood is synomonous to guilt/iniquity("blood on your head") type thing... or sacrificial blood, as in "atonement", thus it is "death", as in death of the sacrifice, and death of the sin. and the remembrance of it.
    This first baptism recorded in Rom. 10:1. Was a baptism that they did not "get wet". They were not immersed in water, for they "went through on dry ground".

    The first time "Through" the scriptures and the "Law of Moses" etc... we go through on "dry ground"... Thus "Zion" means "parched place".
    This is the baptism of "Moses" or the "law" or "blood". For "Moses is the one who accuseth you", and "law points out sin" thus "blood". or "guilt". One must first realize they are "Guilty" before they may seek forgiveness or a "better way".

    Then we have the baptism of "John". Who comes baptizing with "water". Water is symbolic of "The Word". It is "The Word" that "tells you" about something. John taught about the "One to Come" > "after Him"... After who? after the "testimony".

    After one has been baptized unto "guilt"/ Moses/ red sea/ blood/ etc. Then they come into the "baptism of Repentance". For one must first be "immersed" in guilt, before one may "immerse" in "repentance".

    How beit, that when one has reached "this state", in "true repentance", that this person cries harder,and longer then ever in their life. They hurt from head to toe, and are scared senseless, that they just "might not be heard", and beg to be heard and forgiven... All they can do is "cry mercy". These tears do indeed baptise with a physical "water". Inside and out. This is what Johns baptism represents. For all things must have an "air' manifestation, or a manafestation that takes place IN the hearts and minds of men! Johns water baptism does not "take place" in the hearts and minds of men.
    But true repentance and our tears, and our lamentations does!

    Then we have the "baptism of the Holy Spirit". After the first two take place, we enter into the "Third" heaven, or the "air" manifestation. (takes place in the hearts and minds of men)

    Now what is the "point" of the first two?
    Is it not "all to be re born?" To become a 'new creature' ?

    And who is the "maker" of this "new creature"?

    Yahshua says; "Come unto me all ye who are HEAVY LAIDEN... AND BURDENED.

    Now I cannot think of anything that is "heaveir" then to have all of your "senses" filled with your sin, and "feel" that there is simply no hope for you accept the Mercies of Yah. Which is exactly what has taken place during repentance which we are "at" right now.

    Yahshua says to the "repenters" that are HEAVY LAIDEN and BURDENED...(with sin, and the knowledge and professing of it)

    "Come unto Me". (now that you have had "enough"! of yourself, come to ME.

    Take "my Yoke" (one-ness) upon you and "learn of ME". Once we see just how "filthy" we are... and we are so sorry for it, and just hate it... Yahshua says; now it's time to put "you" and all that you are... behind you". Forget about You, and come to me, put your trust in me, "Learn of ME". (Not You... you have had enough of you, remember, it's all about "me" now, and what I do.)

    And >> I << will give you rest unto your SOULS.

    From then on, the "baptism" is about being "immersed" in HIM. and How all scriptures are about HIM. (we are learning of HIM... and the "works of HIS hands".)

    For only the "spirit" of a man can TELL you of the "spirit of a Man". Now Yahshua is showing us about HIM. This is being baptized BY the Holy Spirit or the Spirit of TRUTH.

    So it's time to "leave" the "works of the flesh" is no longer about us... we have come unto the "Third" baptism, or the third heaven, where we learn all about our KING, and HIS RULE. For NOW... we are being "remade"... from the day one "Looked at the law of Moses and felt accused/dead/guilty etc. (baptism on dry ground)... to coming unto repentance "due to it" (Moses). And the tears lamentations, ASKING etc. thus the baptism of repentance... From that moment, Yah began to "remake you". And while He remakes you, and even "how" He remakes you is by "learning of Him". He revealse HIMSELF to YOU. (In your heart and mind)

    The more the Father "reveals" Himself to us, or the More we "learn of Him"... the more we desire to "ask" for certain things... such as "a thieving hand to be taken from us".
    Or a "pure heart" etc. the more we learn of HIM... the more we "desire" to be a "part" of Him... and ask accordingly... and HE thus "creates us" accordingly.

    And the more we talk to him, and read about him, and learn about him... the more He is "revealed" to us, the more our "faith in HIM" increases. Thus He says;
    "i give the increase".

    It's like all things going in a circle one way... suddenly shifts and starts going the other way... thus we become little children again, for we are being "re made" or "re born".
    Our "maker" is "re making us". And People really are "getting a clue" every where you look. Church people are comming out of the churches, and atheists are going to them.
    As they know no where else to go, or because it's "handy" and they have a sudden interest in "G-d", and automatically think "church". But their "stay" is "shorter" then ours was, and The Word of Yah is being out poured or the "latter rain", and people everywhere are "getting wet". thus the "court round about" (repentance) is still left for the the nations. But those that have already "gotten wet" so to speak, are entering into the "Third" heaven or third baptism of the spirit of Truth revealing the Father and HIS whole Purpose and Plan...

    And by the time the athiests have reached this point, it is those that were baptised by the Holy Spirit of Truth that will "preach" the "spirit" gospel or baptism, of how ALL THINGS ARE IN YAH... And "how" they shall be remade etc.
    Which could be us, or our children, or our childrens children, (spirit children, I mean.)
    for it is all Yah time.

    The point is... if one comes to "see" that they are "bad" person, and starts to "worry about it... without the "law of Moses"... they have still been "baptised" on dry ground in blood/guilt/ death/ sin etc.

    When one gets to the point they hit their knees in fear of how awful they are, and cries up to "G-d" / Yah/ their maker, and begs forgiveness, and cries for mercy.
    They have been baptised unto repenctance and with tears even if they did not get physically water babtised. For they received the "Spirit Law". Which is the Ultimate Law that rules all. All other physical manifestations are "gate ways". The Spirit Law is what all the "gate ways" leads to. In other words... once you have received the Spirit Law, you are there. You have come before the Father. You now dwell in His Courts as David asked to do.

    But when it's all said and done, in order to enter into the kingdom, in order to enter in through the "door", one must enter in through YAHS SALVATION.(Yahshua) One must come to see that it is by YAHS spirit, and no other thing/force/ power is involved. IT is His Doing, and His doing only. But His Glory, is OUR reward. For what HE DOES, rewards US greatly... for what HE DOES, IS...; He "Re makes us". And His Glory, is our reward.

    Seek ye the Spirit. Seek ye Yah while He may be found. I tell you true we are in and have been in the "latter rain" (Knowledge of Yah poured out) since the physical manifestation of the Computer. Since we have had a "world" of knowledge right at our very finger tips, this is showing us, "where we are at". and we are at the "latter rain".
    And ANYONE, and EVERYONE that is asking YAH any questions at all are being answered! And the soon people turn to Yah and ask Him for their "re making" and their "new heart" and the "laws to be writtin on their heart"... the sooner we shall all enter in.

    IF we can just get people to quit getting "hung up" on the image of a thing, and ASK Yah what the "image" means; He will Reveal HIMSELF.
    Thus; "to the pure all things are pure".

    People are freaking out about the "kids toys today". the "Power rangers" transforming into robots and have unbeatable powers etc. And to "Look" at the flesh, or the carnal image, they seem / look evil etc. However, I asked Yah what these things in the childrens lives be? And I realized that symbolically it is exactly what we want to happen.

    These children are being taught to believe in a TRANSFORMATION unlike we ever were. For the TRUTH is being POURED OUT. How much easier shall it be for the next generations children to believe in their transformation to children that grew up with transformers verses Santa Claus?

    Though... i asked Yah about Christmas too, and why the manifestation of the christmas tree... and He blew me away when He showed me it's purpose. But this is getting real long... so anyone interested, just post back,and I'll explain what He showed forth. But it surprised me. (no I don't celebrate it). But: "To the pure all things are pure", and He is showing me lately how this is so.

    May Yah bless!

    "At that day
    shall a man look to his Maker,
    and his eyes shall have respect
    to the Holy One of Israel."
    Isaiah 17:7

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    thats a good word Deanne...
    to be IN HIM, immersed in HIM forever...
    a realm, a life-force of the new creature, is putting to death the ways of the flesh and being immersed within HIM, His word taking 1st place within our life is the realm where Jesus Christ walked, in a living reality.
    The flesh, the world and this evil life must NOT long hold a believer captive...and when a believer is immersed within HIM, by obedience to His word only, all else fades away, their importance ceases to be and His will takes over , for He has made the believer willing to be so changed in the 1st place, that a believer cannot boast.
    Give Him our burden, He asks for it, so give it over, give everything that hinders us over to HIM to carry and sort out, then stand and rest knowing He is now in control of every bit of our life. this is the life of the overcomer referred to in rev.chapt.2/3.. it is this type of person, the totally surrended who shall rule and reign over all things Christ being the head.
    Christ cannot come back, till all the enemy is put under His feet, the last enemy is death! the believer has a responsibility to obey, to put-off all corruption, and to put on incorruption,...the Holy Spirit, drawing alongside and showing how to do this.
    This world then starts to fade, its ''fashions'' no longer interest a believer, the flesh comes under the law of LIFE in Christ Jesus and NO longer upsurps its authority over a believer with all ''i wants'' for the mind of Christ is being installed, by the washing of the Word of God...and the enemy is now being constantly defeated, by saying NO, the moment the temptation arises, the thought of evil tries to overtake, or any act of vileness now hindered by being taught to SAY evil. this is the testimony that PULLS down satan and collapses him and Christ within a believer has the KEYS to death...the death of everything that hinders and upsurps the authority of God...
    it is so amazing...the teachings of Eternal Life so awesome and amazing, it is only revealed to the beloved...called the hope of Glory...satan hates this message for it brings life from the dead and satan stares his own defeat, at the hands of the overcomer filled with Christ the anointing....
    people filled with evil shall do anything to pervert such a message and say all manner of vile things against it.. so to give final proof it is so...
    ponder upon this...
    According to His word, a believer is to be transformed into the image of Christ, so...what part of Christ is vile, evil and deathlike?
    The Lord tells a believer ''you are MY workmanship'' what part, did HE not work upon?
    When Christ uttered His final words ''it is finished'' what part was left out? or did HIS Finish mean Finish.
    People twist the Gospel and make it powerless and death-like, Jesus Christ is a believers example and unless we are fully IN HIM, we are NOT taking possession of the land, that is required to defeat all the power of the enemy. ... and death shall be no more...why so? for CHRIST IS ALL IN ALL... if this is so? where is death? only by being totally immersed in obedience in Him, death and satan shall flee, for where HE DWELLS sin cannot be. amen. The Word of God never contradicts itself, only evil men inspired by satan appearing as angels of light twist and distort the divine word to the gulliable, who do not KNOW HIM as LORD AND AS Saviour.

    IF a true believer,
    do not be yoked to an unbeliever

    - Do not let our Spiritual man [ the believer] to be unevenly yoked any longer our 5 senses soul [ the unbeliever]


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      Please come back with what Yahweh showed forth about the christmas tree.
      May Yahweh Bless You,


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        shalom DeAnna

        May Yah bless you forever for your heart and good word.
        A Testimony of His great works!

        Yes please tell us about the christmas tree.
        but one question.
        Do you know what christmas means?
        well Im sure you do.
        well shalom sister

        your brother


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          Christmas Tree

          Shalom Lucy, Yahadah, and AntotiYah,

          Yah be with you.

          Yes, LadyLucySmith, we must put all things before him. Lay everything at his feet.
          And if one does not "Have" an "obediant heart", one may Ask for an obediant heart.
          For Yah does know we may only give that which we have received. But we may only receive that which we ask for.
          May we all praise Yah and His goodness toward the children of men. (psalms)

          Yah be with you Lady. Now and forever.

          AntotiYah, "Christmas"? I thought maybe "christ- mass"... but I don't know for sure "what" the name christmas means. You tell me okay? (smile)

          Yah bless you AntotiYah my brother!

          Yahadah... Haven't seen your name before, are you new to the forum? Well, if you are... WELCOME friend. (smile)... Hope to see a lot of you. If you are not new, just haven't posted in a while... well, nice to meet you.

          Okay... My roomate does celebrate X-mas, and puts her tree in her room for my sake.
          I was in her room looking at it, and in my heart/mind, I asked Yah what was the "manifestation" of the tree? What did it point up to? As SOON as I "asked", I kid you not, my mind just played out kind of like a movie. It was really neet.

          Anyway... he brought to my remembrance that "we" were "trees" in scripture. The christmas tree was symbolic of "us". When the ax is laid to the root, and "we" bring it into our "house". (us not being able to get ourselves out of the way) We "adorn" it. As we "adorn ourselves". The angel or the star at top is symbolic of the angels/messages upon our heads/minds. "After" Yahshuas supposed birth... we take off all of the adornments, and the tree is "bare" again, and the tree "dies". This is exactly what takes place with us!

          We spend our lives "adorning" ourselves. Only to one, by one, take off all of our adornments, as we "die". For it is not until we "die" that we may be "re born" or "re made". For we are all "destined" for the "ax", we must all "die". That we may "live".
          All the "gifts" that people give eachother... there are good gifts, such as knowledge of Yah... and there are gifts that are fit for the garbage. Not unlike our religious/spiritual walk.

          From the carnal view... the Merchants, and greed that rule the people, does make the whole christmas thing really a bad thing. But thats from the "carnal" view. In the symbolic view, it is exactly what takes place with us. And what we "want" to take place in us. For we "want" to be "cut down".
          At first when we come into a spiritual seeking, we often get "adorned" with new understandings and knowledge. We also take much "glory" in our new understandings.
          Now keep in mind that though we know it's not really Yahshuas birthday... it is manifested that this takes place due to HIS BIRTH. Now... the same happens to us.
          We go from church, to church, doctrine to doctrine, trying to get Yahshua "born" in us.

          We often find, it's not the "real thing" the first time around, or even many times around. and all of our "lights" or understandings and our adornments, our new found faith, and feeling good about ourselves... are "temperary". Till we slowly die, and all glory is "taken off of us"... and we become bare and dead, THEN the "real" thing comes about.
          Yah in US. These are the ever greens in the forest, pure and adorned with the whiteness of snow. Forever "green", or life.

          did that make sense? (smile)

          However... the symbolism, of people coming out of christmas... is also a manifestation, of us ceasing to "adorn ourselves", and trust Yah to re make us according to His word, or HIM adorning us, as HE sees right and good. Not "us" adorning us.

          May Yah bless you Yahadah, may He call you by name, and call you His.

          Quick little "witness", I'd like to share. My room mate Kim, has always really LOVED christmas. She has turned to Yahshua now for almost 7 years. in fact this is her 7th. year, calling upon Him etc. Now... this year, her x-mas tree was just too "big" for her room. it became a real pain. So... she took it down, and went and got a smaller one.
          She couldn't get the smaller one to "stand up". She said to me;
          "Why am I having such a hard time with my x-mas tree this year?
          I said; "maybe Yah is trying to tell you something Kim...", "I mean, maybe He is just going to make "not worth it to you"...

          Next thing I know... down the stairs she comes with tree in hand, to the dump it went... now there is no x-mas tree in our home. FIRST time, since I've known her... no tree.
          Later that night... while in her room she says to me. I feel much better now that that tree is gone. (big smile) Yah does work in mysterious ways!

          I know we will all feel a lot better when "our tree" is gone, and only Yah dwells within. ALLL..... YAHHHH.... One with Him, forever and ever. Then "our light" > within < shall put the "Trees light" to shame. (smile)

          Also... Yah says "He shall build us up, tare us down, build us up, tare us down...
          This is also the manifestation of the Christmas tree.
          but there comes a time, when He shall build us up, and never tare us down again. When His "work" is "Finished".
          HalelluYah, Praise Yah!

          So... now I don't feel so "bad" or "condemning" toward those that have the christmas tree. I used to. And I hated it. It made me really, really sad, to think of all the people running after a pagan holiday... I think of them being so blind... so clueless... but I did not "like" this condemnation in my heart. it always bothered me. it often made me cry.
          I hated christmas time, as I know how it makes me feel.
          Now I see it "must be". That in the carnal, things look so bad and wrong, and evil... but in the spirit, ALL things have it's "place" and it's "season" and it's purpose.

          You know... as much as I hollar "Ask Yah, Talk to Yah about it" etc. etc.
          I am amazed at myself, that it took me so long to just ASK Yah about it. my goodness. We really do think we know everything don't we. I just didn't realize. All that time frettin, and worried about "the evil thereof"... And Yah truly made it better for me.

          Don't get me wrong... not gonna run out and get a tree! But now I don't feel so "horrible" about it. Accept I do want all of us to "die" to ourselves, that we may live in Yah. All of us.
          Each and every one of us. I just want all of us to turn to Yah, and ask for our rebirth, and be made completely new, and Satan not win a ONE.

          In Yah, there is no sin. There really isn't. It's all just HIS purpose, HIS plan, HIS manifestations. Yes..
          "To the pure all things are pure". I'm starting to see why.
          Thanks be to Yah that is.

          "At that day
          shall a man look to his Maker,
          and his eyes shall have respect
          to the Holy One of Israel."
          Isaiah 17:7


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            christ is sent


            I'll finish reading what you posted now


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              DeAnna,Spying,Antoiyah,Lady, all
              I am new to posting here, but I have been truly blessed many times here!
              I want you all to know Yahweh is performing a Great work in you allas his chosen vessels. DeAnna, I saw one of your post on the Elijah site where you invited Antotiyah to this site. Praise Yahweh, I went along for the ride and have been here every since.You all post such wonderful words that I have no doubt are inspired by Yahweh! It took awhile to feel comfortable enough to post, but now I feel as if I can. I have a situation I need help with. I'm in financial difficulty, and I don't know how to "ask" Yahweh for help. DeAnna, your post have helped me to see that I should ask, rather than continue with my own way which continues to get me further in debt. I will consider it a great blessing if you all would post what Yahweh has shown you in this area.

              To each of you, Shalom
              May Yahweh Bless and Keep You


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                Shalom Yahadah,

                Yah be with you friend.

                financial? ummm... I too am in a bit of sorts with this "financial" stuff. I am a bit used to it though. As my financial world has always been a roller coaster, up hill, down hill, up hill down hill.

                Sometimes I break down and ask for money. I try not to though.
                But sometimes I do. And He always gives it.
                On one hand Yah knows what we need. And I want so much to have a "pure heart". Its what I want more then anything.
                That when I pray, and I'm gonna "ask" for something... well, thats what I want to ask for... But not long ago, I did say to Yah;
                Yah, ya know I need a job, right? (smile)

                I got one. Not a good one, but it's not bad, but not near enough money to pay my bills.

                So... what do I suggest... dear friend, I may only share what seems to work for me... when ever I get worried and scared.. I say; "Yah is my shepherd, I shall not want".

                Often Yah does "cause" us to "loose" all things. Bankruptcy is a "humbling experience". But it's valuable to the one that goes though it.

                Yah teaches us in the way, and sometimes these lessons call for materal gain, and some of them require material loss. But it's not forever, and it is just that ... "a lesson". An "excersise".

                Most commonly when one comes into an "understanding" of Yah and How "HE" really is the "answer" to "all" of our prayers...
                They will initicially loose 'bout everything in the flesh. Even their families for a time. Jobs, homes, relationships... all go "poof". For the Word first brings a sword. And the first thing we all experience is a separation from that which we are used too.

                When someone comes to see that Yah truly is in control of all things, they have entered into a whole new ball park.
                A whole new Kingdom where Yah rules, not man. Not the beast, not the flesh, that was an illusion. Yah was always, and is always The Ruler of All.

                But He will sustain you dearest friend, I put my whole heart on it, He will Sustain you. Just keep asking for HIS Word, His Law, His Spirit, in you, and the Rest shall be given, it is true, it is so very true. You may not be "rich", but you will never be forsaken.
                You may not get to keep that car or "that" house or what have you, but your temple shall be built and no man shall take it from you.

                And you will find that one of your greatest desires is to give it to another. And any car or house or material thing that we Thought we wanted so badly to keep, means honestly nothing. It simply does not compare.

                Often Yah puts us in debt dear friend, to show us we ARE in "debt". For it was never, we do this and Yah owes us that...
                No it was and is, "We ... Owe...Yah". For ALL things. For everything. Every lesson learned, every thought provoked, every little light, every understanding, every twinkle of a hope, we owe Yah.

                So dear friend, a wife is always in debt to her husband. For He is her provider, teacher, lawyer, defender, ruler, protector. AND in our case... our creator.

                I have to go dear friend, But Yah will provide. He is a good Husband. (as if you didn't know... laugh)

                Remember also... that "Isaac" which is the "seed" to Bless ALL NATIONS (all people!) means; "laughter".

                "At that day
                shall a man look to his Maker,
                and his eyes shall have respect
                to the Holy One of Israel."
                Isaiah 17:7


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                  Shalom to all of you.

                  And be blessed Yahada
                  You will be, and you are

                  These are awesome things that Deanna says.
                  And yes they are true.

                  I'm only beginning in the 'financial game'...and it is already hard.

                  In the end, and through out the whole thing, It all is based on your faith in Him. and His will be done-
                  Have faith, we have faith with you!

                  Be encouraged sister, for He is with you.

                  Pray earnestly, We pray earnestly with you.
                  A promise I am able to keep.




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                    Oh yes, and welcome

                    It is a pleasure to have your presence.

                    Be encouraged to share more.


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                      Part Alike!

                      Hi Yahadah,

                      This is amazing to me. Welcome to this forum! I just was praying this morning to Messiah asking him to handle my physical work and financial situation according to how Elect Lady and DeAnna are teaching me to ask. I also am in horrible debt, and I know exactly how I got there because I know something about spiritual wealth.

                      We do not find the precious things of this earth like gold and diamonds etc lying around on the surface. Men generally have to work hard to find them. We have to dig for them. So, we must work. It takes total commitment and dedication often to find wealth and financial security, and as far as I am concerned, that is the easy part. The real issue is this: What do I do with it once I find it or once is it given to me? "Giving" is the way that accumulates or multiplies!

                      It is written:
                      1 Sam 22:2
                      2 And every one that was in distress, and every one that was in debt, and every one that was discontented, gathered themselves unto him; and he (Messiah) became a captain over them: and there were with him about four hundred men. (KJV)
                      So, Yahadah, you do fit right in perhaps more than you probably did imagine.

                      Often, I have received this criticism:
                      How can you spend so much time studying and writing on the computer when you owe everyone in town? Does not the scripture say?:
                      Rom 13:8
                      8 Owe no man any thing, but to love one another: for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law. (KJV)
                      So love requires that we pay our physical debts religiously. I desire to help see to it that you have paid your debts.

                      This is what I would like for you to do, Yahadah. Imagine that you just caught a fish. I am that fish. Send me your address in a private e-mail, and I will send you a coin from my mouth. I assure you that this will not solve you debt problems because my coin is small, but it will be a start. As it is written:
                      1 Sam 30:23-25
                      23 Then said David, Ye shall not do so, my brethren, with that which (the) YAHWEH hath given us, who hath preserved us, and delivered the company that came against us into our hand.
                      24 For who will hearken unto you in this matter? but as his part is that goeth down to the battle, so shall his part be that tarrieth by the stuff: they shall part alike.
                      25 And it was so from that day forward, that he made it a statute and an ordinance for Israel unto this day. (KJV)
                      I wonder if this is what the coin in the fish's mouth represents in the spiritual? Again, welcome to this forum.

                      Sincerely, Spying
                      The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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                        Thank You both for the awesome words of encouragement. DeAnna, you said "Often Yah puts us in debt dear friend, to show us we ARE in "debt". For it was never, we do this and Yah owes us that....
                        No it was and is , "WE.. OWE..YAH". FOR ALL THINGS!! You have no idea how powerfully those word spoke to me! I thank you with all of my heart.
                        Since I have been visiting this site, it has truly amazed me how Yahweh imparts so much wisdom in such a young "vessel" as yourself(smile). It reminds me of A recent trip my wife , my son and I took. While we were driving along a lonely highway, my then eleven year old son broke the silence by saying " Dad, being an adult must really be hard, because I'm having a hard time as an eleven year old! Suddenly my wife and I realized we had ben "complaining" about this and that the whole trip, and he was silently observing us until he spoke out. The lession is learn to trust Yahweh for all things. Once again I thank you both for your prayers and encouragement.


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                          to all.......
                          we shall not lack understanding... poverty is evil.
                          Abundant living is from God.
                          1] God has allowed ''poverty'' in come into the life for a reason, [if you knew the reason, you would agree with God over it,] so, it is a test, a test to work thru FAITHFULLNESS within u. Ps.23 is excellent for advising on the Shepherds it now BELIEVE IT.
                          what happens is this, when we are walking with God and holding on, it suddenly seems God is light years away, BUT this is the time when HE IS NEAREST to us, for He is now TEACHING us what to do and how to be free forever from all poverty and to start to walk in HIS ABUNDANCE. now i want u to take good notice here...go to math 11, it, and then literally GIVE over your poverty to Jesus christ..HE HAS ASKED FOR IT, you give it, obey it literally...i hand my problems over to Him in actions then i rest.......IN HIM.
                          when we rest in HIM, this is the hard part, for we do not see the relief, for we are all instant, and want NOW. This is NOT of God, He now starts to work in PATIENCE, for patience perfects...
                          see... rest is leaving it all with the Lord, hands off.
                          now 3]
                          this is where the devil comes in, good and proper, he will attack with mind games and suggestions, like ''it is not working''... ''all that prayer u did and look see nothing is happening'' and on and on it goes.. do not shadow box, SAY NO, and as soon as these types of thoughts are injected into you SAY NO NO NO, for what the devil is doing is puffing himself up to ursurp the authority over the Word of God that tells us '''be anxious for nothing'' you shall not get it right, BUT do not let it worry you, repent and start again BUT NEVER GIVE UP.
                          notice this please.
                          there is a something in God that draws us out>>>>>>>>> like elastic, and we must never give up, it is a ''trait'' of Gods HE we must realise this it is a different spirit and NO matter what we cannot give up....
                          do not be yoked to an unbeliever

                          - Do not let our Spiritual man [ the believer] to be unevenly yoked any longer our 5 senses soul [ the unbeliever]


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                            cont 2. the object of our spiritual life is to COME OUT OF THE CURSE. that is the end plan.
                            we cannot pray and sing and tell each other ''how super spiritual'' we are. if we live as the pagans do, and under the curse. jesus Christ came to set us free....that was the object...our object is to BE FREE and stay free...continually.
                            NOTHING, and I shall repeat NOTHING, shall stand against us, for the enemy is defeated.
                            now, history lesson time...
                            name one nation in this cursed world that won the victory over their enemy, after fighting them and winning them, stripping them of all their armor, name one nation who said to the enemy...
                            ''oh dear, you look so strong, and so powerfull, oh dear, i am under your spell'' what nation did this?
                            may i suggest the so called ''christian nation'', the only one who thinks the defeated enemy is stronger than their victor, leader and captain JESUS CHRIST, but wait, i have not finished...JESUS CHRIST, created the enemy...ummmmm!!!!!interesting no? for you see...''all thing were made BY HIM, and came INOT EXISTENCE, thru HIM, and WITHOUT HIM, was NOT ONE THING MADE, that was come into being''
                            HE IS THE WORD OF GOD.
                            WHY, oh why, to we DISOBEY the WORD OF GOD.
                            the curse did it and so we have to LEARN how to escape its vile effects.
                            now again we look, if Jesus Christ created the devil...why do we worry, when we ARE IN HIM.?
                            if Jesus christ is for us, who can be against us..
                            now to take this further please.
                            why did Jesus Christ create the devil, then place His sheep and Himself amid such evil....? do you know the answer?
                            ARE U FAITHFULL or only a MOUTHFULL.
                            ummmmm....want more????
                            see., it is all to do with love and how much you love and how much you are willing to pay.
                            the mouth says ''oh yes i love you''
                            God says PROVE IT....
                            it is the same a a man choosing HIS bride, he does not want ''everyones left-overs'' the harlot ,
                            HE WANTS the HELP-MEET, who shall be by HIS side thru thick and thin, a lover and a faithfull wife by His side, to be with HIM forever and never leave...
                            do you think the Almighty father is like an elephant or an ant?
                            We, His children are PATTERNED in HIS IMAGE AND IN HIS LIKENESS, we are a copy, a defiled copy, under the curse, yes i know, but never the less a copy of our Father and all things He has He has shared with us. and LOVE AND PASSION comes from HIM....kindness and strength and bravery comes from HIM, willingness and purity and family life, comes from HIM.... not an ant nor an elephant's image BUT HIS.
                            now, if this is so, why are u living in poverty?
                            you have NOT known how to defeat the enemy and he has u in his bluff....
                            thats why...he bluffs expertly, it is his chief weapon...bluff he puffs up OVER the word of God and makes it appear useless and upsurper.
                            why dont u change the ''game plan'' turn the tables and live under the victory of Christ, forever.
                            do not be yoked to an unbeliever

                            - Do not let our Spiritual man [ the believer] to be unevenly yoked any longer our 5 senses soul [ the unbeliever]


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                              the cursed life v. life in the spirit.
                              the spirit within has to rise up, and take over the soul and flesh.
                              the spirit is the real and the body is the secondary thing.
                              the spirit lives on, yet the body dies....
                              hardly anyone, walks in the spirit today. [I have never met such a person however i shall cont. on this another time....]
                              the Spirit is the Holy Spirit, the Same Spirit Christ had or the anointing. the anointing is the ability of God to do things this world all call supernatural BUT in reality and truth NORMAL, in the kingdom of God. the kingdom of heaven has laws and principles that GOVERN our spirit, and so a believer MUST learn to ARISE and shine for the light has come, and to enter into the promised land and reap all the benefits from this adventure.
                              If , you made a hollywood epic movie, from this story. from the beginning to end, people would really wonder, why we do not pursue this with a one eye to obtain and reap, what we have sown to the spirit. PAUL KNEW........ he was able to LOOK into the invisible AND TO SEE, everything there and HE LOVED what he saw and could NOT wait to be there in the spirit was the race and the finished line he wanted to cross BY KNOWING CHRIST, what christ is he talking about? Jesus? well yes BUT CHRIST is the ANOINTING, the God ability to be the impossible and to do the impossible BUT IN REALITY OF TRUTH, it is everyday-ish., FOR THE KINGDOM dwellers. to give u a peak...travelling by the speed of thought, would be one item. imagine this, yet it was just like Philip did, after speaking with the eunuch.
                              translated is another name for it.
                              translated is the atoms of the body have been changed, how are these changed u ask?
                              by putting off corruption and putting on incorruption, i want u to see, this is NOT AN OPTION, but an order,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,order,,,,,,,,,,,,we have to do is a must to pass thru this realm into the promised land called the kingdom of God.
                              do not be yoked to an unbeliever

                              - Do not let our Spiritual man [ the believer] to be unevenly yoked any longer our 5 senses soul [ the unbeliever]