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  • lifting the veil....

    into resurrection life...
    a glorified body
    the reality of sonship, with no limits...
    living in the continual presence of the
    the blindness needs to be lifted and the veil rent,
    the power of ability of the Spirit of God partaken of.
    to set all captives free.
    to set all creation free.
    to do the completed work called ''the commision, of Jesus Christ''
    the issue of resurrection life.. do u know it?
    the revealing of the sons, do u know of it?
    to fully mature and to fully embrace, the realm called overcomer and sonship.
    do u know of it?
    flesh and blood shall never inherit this realm, only the new creation shall....
    a race of people, within something that is new.
    are u?
    people do not understand...they think they do, yet they do u?
    do not be yoked to an unbeliever

    - Do not let our Spiritual man [ the believer] to be unevenly yoked any longer our 5 senses soul [ the unbeliever]

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    Hi Elect Lady,

    Whew! That sounds like hard work! When you get done lifting the veil, walk on in. I will be waiting for you:
    Heb 10:19-20
    19 Having therefore, brethren, boldness to enter into the holiest by the blood of Yahushua,
    20 By a new and living way, which he hath consecrated for us, through the veil, that is to say, his flesh; (KJV)
    Sincerely, Spying
    The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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      lifting the veil

      in your dreams Spying, in your dreams.....
      do not be yoked to an unbeliever

      - Do not let our Spiritual man [ the believer] to be unevenly yoked any longer our 5 senses soul [ the unbeliever]


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        lifting the veil

        is to look thru into pass thru from one realm into another... Like Jesus Christ did after His resurrection...
        this is to put off corruption and put on incorruption, the last enemy to go is death.. it is a command not an option.
        the hope of Glory it is called and the final part of the goodnews the maturing of the overcomer, and birthed into the realm of the Kingdom of heaven... it is a process, a step at a time..likened to ENOCH walked with God and was not.... he passed from one realm into another...
        lifting the veil...again is likened to Elisha and His servant, who were surrounded by the enemy YET Elisha asked God to open the servants eyes that HE MAY SEE... and he saw into the invisible, the veil was lifted and he saw that God was with these 2 men...
        the seeing into the invisible, is the veil rent, the final is realms i am talking about...the realms from one kingdom into another...
        the kingdom of rocks, cannot pass into the kingdom of horses... it is impassable, so 2 is the kingdom of God v the kingdoms of this world and only Jesus Christ made the bridge between.
        THE WAY, it is is the way into the supernatural invisible true realm, that human original had, till they got sold out by their 1st parents, Jesus has now restored this way to the believer... the veil is being rent in two, to pass from one realm into the other, corruption is being out off and incorruption is being obtained...
        the veil of all false religious patterns removed, centuries of man made and dogma dominion v. a Holy Spirit anointing, in all manner of wise revelation that only lines up within the sacred Word and does not go outside it . Lifting the veil, is a process and only starts when a believer in the strength of God can say NO to
        satan the world and the flesh and mean it...till death is no more and the grave has died that Christ may live..
        now spying, that is the lifting of the veil the goodnews finally in the Goodnews of the kingdom of God. completed....matured.... saying it is finished... amen
        do not be yoked to an unbeliever

        - Do not let our Spiritual man [ the believer] to be unevenly yoked any longer our 5 senses soul [ the unbeliever]


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          Power And Control!

          Hi Elect Lady,

          I want to thank you for your newly found willingness to be accountable for what you believe, and for your willingness to answer to someone other than yourself.

          There is no doubt that the physical veils or hides the spiritual. In your mind, the spiritual can only be revealed whenever the physical has been cast off or lifted up. This demise of the physical is for you a process in which the physical is transformed into spirit, the corrupt into that which you suppose is not corruptible, the spirit. Little do you realize that the spirit is the most corruptible of all, and that it is only through the suffering of spirit within flesh, through the rending of the flesh, that the spirit can be cleansed. This Messiah has already accomplished through the rending of his flesh. The process is complete. It is already finished. So, there is no need for the little children to follow you, Elect Lady, into nothingness, into your hope of the kingdom of the spirit without the kingdom of the flesh.

          You have come onto this forum seeking to entice babes with your false hope and false gospel, but in me, you have not found a babe. I know and testify to all that the liberty you promise is slavery because you deny the ultimate union of the spirit with the flesh that has been won by Messiah Yahushua through his resurrection. You deny his kingship over the flesh which exists right now. Your gospel is just another denial that Messiah has come in the flesh, right now, in us, by placing his spirit and life in us. So, you would have us do this or that in order that Messiah "may live". Listen to yourself! Where do you get this "may live" stuff?. Do you not know that Messiah lives in us right here, right now? Do you not know that we have this treasure in fleshly weak vessels in order that the light may shine forth out of darkness? No, I suppose that you do not know because you think that we will have no kingdom or treasure until we are strong, that the light could not possibly shine forth from us until all weakness has been removed. Hence, you condemn and make weaker the weak through your accusations in order to create doubts in them so that you yourself might appear all the more powerful and strong. Power and control is what you are all about. Shame on you, Elect Lady!

          Sincerely, Spying
          The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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            lifting the veil

            the new creature is EXACTLY THAT.. new...
            ***His seed... His words says so.
            *** made, into His image...His word says so...
            ***entering into the realm called life in the spirit...His word says so...
            ***the law of sin and death ceasing, His word says so....
            *** a new and a living way has been opened to a believer..His word says so..
            *** the veil is rent, and we put off corruption [not an option] and put on incorruption...His word says so..
            ***the complete salvation of spirit, of soul and of body, is now possible..His word says so....
            *** Abundant living, every need taken care of..His word says so
            *** Ask to receive, seek and knock and it shall be given...His word says so....
            need i go on spying?
            because you have not received the revelation of His anointing and His life... do not mock... there are alll types of ''gospels'' out made...that dont produce the goods...
            go back into the Word and ask and seek and find the truth of Who u are in relation to HIM....
            do not be yoked to an unbeliever

            - Do not let our Spiritual man [ the believer] to be unevenly yoked any longer our 5 senses soul [ the unbeliever]


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              lifting the veil

              sorry spying... you write nonsense...and have no idea....yet u think u r wise.. u are into new ager stuff????? sure is NOT bible christianity..........
              do not be yoked to an unbeliever

              - Do not let our Spiritual man [ the believer] to be unevenly yoked any longer our 5 senses soul [ the unbeliever]


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                I must say that I agree with Spying. I agree with his ability to convey a message clearly and respectfully. I do not have a difficult time understanding the themes in his messages. You have a lot of nerve telling someone else that they speak nonsense. I wish that you would write with complete sentences and spell out all of your words. I feel as if you are trying to disguise yourself. Also, can you find it in yourself to agree with anything that someone else feels or believes? Why do you feel so threatened by Spying? His ideas are intellectual and purposeful. The things you come to offer are mean and harsh. Why are you so angry? I am surrounded by so much evil in my life, and I hate to see it when I come here.

                "Recognizing the impersonality of law, the survivor is to some degree relieved of the personal burden of battle. It is the law, not she, that must prevail."


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                  lifting the veil

                  dont u speak english? is english your 2nd language u fail at understanding ordinary speech?????
                  i wonder... i think it is a cultural thing for i find usa people slow at understand english,
                  the comprehension lack is quiet amazing..
                  it seems they speak differently and have different ways of saying things. I do not live in the usa.. i am british, and i speak ordinary understandandable english....i run 5 companies, thank God for it, and have no problems with staff understanding anything i i say.... it is a cultural thing perhaps.
                  do not be yoked to an unbeliever

                  - Do not let our Spiritual man [ the believer] to be unevenly yoked any longer our 5 senses soul [ the unbeliever]


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                    Shalom everyone,

                    I think it IS "cultural" thing. I prayed a lot about Lady Lucy when she first came on board. I too found her harsh, and was offended.
                    Hence, my reasons for praying about her and toward her.
                    For we need not BE offended in Yahshua.
                    So why was I offended? I asked.

                    I think lucys understanding came unto her after many, many false understandings. Many trying to "push" her toward something her gut said wasn't quite right. For we all have that "gut", that "truth", that is deep within us. That "small still voice" of Yah, that speaks the truth.

                    When I prayed about Lucy, and Yah really did "show me" the revelation scripture to "write unto her". I didn't want to.
                    it made it sound like she was right. I didn't want to tell her Yah gave me this to give to you. It made her seem special, i didn't want her to be special. I wanted her to be wrong. My flesh didn't like her. But Yah reminded me, (after breaking down and crying to him) That He is not about "right and wrong". He is about growth, and power, and understanding, and transformation.
                    Yah can raise up STONES to be his children for crying out loud. It has nothing to do with "right and wrong". It has to do with "truth".

                    Sometimes I think we "write" for "us", and not others. That by us "writing" to eachother, it is ourselves that really "learn from it".
                    It is what "chewing the cud" is all about. We must read/eat...
                    digest... and then "spew" it back out, and re-eat it, re-digest it, and spew it back out, until all of the "impurities" are gone.

                    I tell you true, often when I write on the forums, I "see" things, I had never seen before... it is usually something that "confirms" a thing that I already was aware of... but it is an "added" witness, an added foundation, or something that makes the foundation stronger.

                    We know that all things are manifested due to Yah,and HIS purpose and plan. Including Lucy. I mean, my goodness, we can tolarate our brother Stranger, that really tries to put doubt in the gospel, but cannot tolarate our sister Lucy?

                    It reminds me of Song of Sol. when they say;

                    "What shall we do for our little sister? She is a fountain sealed up. What shall we say for her in the day that she is spoken for?"

                    I think Lucy has found this great treasure inside of her. And she wants to "share this treasure". I think she "found" this treasure by seeing that she was previously wrong... so she tries to show forth that others are wrong. Lucy really belongs in the churches! And I've a feeling she shall be sent to them... but I also feel that this forum (as is for us) is a "work out" for her.

                    It takes time to go from the message "You are lost", to "How", you may be found. Right now her message is still, "you are lost".
                    But I've a feeling she serves another purpose for us.
                    For Yah showed me she was of the church, or angel(message) of Smyrna.

                    When I looked "Smyrna" up.. it said; "A bitter gum which oil is made from", and may only be obtained by making "slits" in the bark of certain "trees".
                    This is what Lucy does to us. She makes "slits" in our "bark".
                    This "bitter gum", is ALSO USED as an "anesthetic" For EMBALMING the "Dead".

                    Is that not what we are all trying to do here? "die", or be "dead" to the flesh?
                    I have found that Yah does everything with a "process".

                    Okay... now get this... this same "bitter gum/oil", is ALSO used to make "sweet smelling perfumes". So... give her time... I would not be one bit surprised, that before it's all said and done, Lucy learns to share her actual treasure, and say; "Here, you are found"... and no longer, here... you are lost. But we can all only take one step at a time. And Yah does know what He is doing.
                    I think, Lucy is here to "embalm" the dead. And later will be sent to the lost, and by then, will have "pratice" in embalming the dead, when they *(the lost) die too. (that they may live).

                    I also thought maybe Lucy was here for "me". For I truly beleive I have "died", or are real close to it, as in all of my "own" authority, I beleive has been a lie all along. And Only Yahs authority exists. Only Yahs "power". "force"/ "will" exists!
                    So if I was "dead", why then was I offended, when she told me I was lost? After a while I became "numb" to it. Anesthetic indeed!

                    Yah loves you Lucy, as you already know. He has obviously "shown" you great things.
                    I don't know "How" He revealed these things to you.
                    But it is important that "we remember from whence we fell",
                    in other words, we must show, "as we were shown".
                    But I suspect you are not here to "lead us to truth" as much as you are here to embalm the ones that already have it.

                    Yah does work in mysterious ways.

                    This is just what goes through my mind friends, I realize I could be mistaken, For Only Yah does know "what" He is doing.
                    But He does often reveal his "business" to His friends, when they ask Him. I do think there is a cultural difference. And I also believe there is a "reason" for it.

                    May Yah reveal himself to each and everyone of Us.
                    May HE bring us unto HIM. And make us white as snow.

                    "At that day
                    shall a man look to his Maker,
                    and his eyes shall have respect
                    to the Holy One of Israel."
                    Isaiah 17:7


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                      lifting the veil

                      yes are right. all what u say is the truth....and God has shown you the truth.
                      people like me are the ''cleaners'' the people who God can trust to deliver HIS MESSAGES and not their own.
                      When i sit down to type i type, i look at it and think oh no i cannot send this BUT i do and i get slammed over it, now i dont mind, i used to cry [that was my ego and pride being dealt with] and it was then i found the Lord say to my heart...NO COMPROMISE, you are no longer to deal with the devil,.
                      Yes i was a ''churched'' person , yet God asked me to leave 12 yrs ago and to be taught via the Holy Spirit not man, He showed me a huge vulture over all churches, that devours HIS LIFE and the leaders, peck at their pew-sitters dead bodies.
                      Thats IS not the church of the living way called Truth. none are.
                      I do have His strength and great learning thru experiences for this is how God shall teach..He tells and shows thru His word ...then we have the pass or to fail, YET He does not let us go until we pass and that spot and that dross is cleaned and then like Jesus we can say in all confidences ''satan u have nothing on me''... and thats what it is all about, people never seem to understand this... it is war, and being made strong to be able to fight not in our own strength but in HIS alone.. to do this successfully we have to die to all the bad choices and wrong thinking and woefilled habits and dross and rotten things within that we ''put-up'' with BUT God SHALL NOT.
                      He has NOT invited into HIS KINGDOM a group of rebells... but friends., Who fellowship in a mutual agreement together, with a purpose and a plan ahead, to build and to increase His Kingdom thru-out all the universe... things the human mind cannot apprehend, it is so wonderfull.
                      Yes i do know special things... yet babes cannot take them, yet i do not know everything, i too am still a learner... but one thing i do know it this... GOD IS A HOLY GOD and everything vile shall not stand before HIM...hence the cleaners...
                      satan is vile, and no part of him shall remain within the SHEEP of Jesus Christ..none.[remembering not all are sheep, who say they are sheep, the tares hide, the tares ''BUT'' all the time]
                      the BRIDE, made herself ready...
                      and it is ''getting ready time''.For the King of Glory is on His way.
                      If i am ''offensive'', [to others i do this as love, for i have given up my life that others may live, as i am asked to, as a loyal soldier to their King] it is only to the old adamic nature, the coward within who loves to sucker up to evil and hence kill us.. adamic nature has to be rooted out and destroyed and made null and void, so that God almighty can have a family without spot and wrinkle.
                      not self improved model man made, all squeekie clean on the outside.... BUT a pure virgin, a lover and a help-meet for the King of Glory., called HANDMADE BY GOD. cont
                      do not be yoked to an unbeliever

                      - Do not let our Spiritual man [ the believer] to be unevenly yoked any longer our 5 senses soul [ the unbeliever]


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                        lifting the veil

                        2 continue...
                        no compromise with the devil, is what almighty God wishes to tell people....nothing evil must remain within.
                        Everything must be laid out as dirty linen before the Lord, all our rottennesses, do not be ashamed of them...tell them all to the SAVIOUR, tell Him via...''come unto Me, all ye who are laden and heavy laden i I shall give you rest'' math 11.28-30, is the KEY, notice KEY scripture for getting the work done within... i have found that NO other scripture works as well as this one...
                        it is the 1st one i apply to myself when God highlights my dross within, i confess it out and use this scripture and i literally give it over to HIM, for then u see IT IS HIS RESPONSIBILITY, to remove it, for we have MADE HIM LORD OVER the rotten sin within...
                        what generally happens [YET God is never in a box] is the habit or the vileness starts to fade, but, what is even more amazing is other things that used to cause us problems fade as well, without being asked for..that is grace... and grace is added to grace...
                        Give your sin to HIM...thats how it is taken away, if we decide ''we can do it''.. we become self improved...this is NOT what God wishes nor desires..HE WANTS..HAND MADE BY GOD.
                        and YES Dee, you are right.. i am to ''practice on boards first''...
                        wait and i shall show you why....
                        the old adamic nature love praises and ''oh isnt she so nice'' such a sweet godly little person, ....miss popular person... is this worlds image.
                        Yet Jesus Christ says ''ye shall be hated''... hate is hard to take within the old adamic nature... it is NOT PLEASANT to have people actually hate you and name call and try to mock and harm with words, when all u are doing is loving and helping them yet they know it not!! God told me.. If i am offended by this, how can i minister out to others... the first person who mocks, i shall go to bits and go home...for i was ''hurt''??????...
                        evil won, i lost for JESUS CHRIST never went home in a sulk, that people did not like Him or understand Him, He ministered out to the needs of others and the devil lost., despite the cost to Himself personally. We have to be taught to do the same things.
                        The Apostle Paul, was never interested in ''scoring brownie points'' off others, all he was interested in was doing the work of the Lord and MAKING HELL TREMBLE....
                        God has HIS GENERALS in place to guard and love and fight for others....
                        His generals KNOW Him, and KNOW the fight is not a pretty pink ballet slipper concert.. but war, like the 30 mighty fighting men of King David....that war, but spiritual.
                        Generals, are the ones who have been thru the battles and have learnt and are yet still learning how to win the war and NOT to shadow box...that does nothing and the devil laughts and mocks a child of God....
                        no!!! generals KNOW, the game is up, and Christ the anointing moves in and truth takes over and changes the atmosphere and the situation changes to the way Christ Jesus Desires it for HIS PRESENCE is there.... controlling the forces against us.
                        however enough of this....
                        if you are willing... to know things that are most amazing... i shall tell.. if not God shall move me on, and leave to go to another, He does this all the time... it is like He searches the hearts of the posters and looks and sees the intent of their hearts and if He finds no good thing but only religious rebellion, i get moved on....
                        the devil loves his religious traditional rebellious people, God hates the hype and the deadless and powerless actions of the ''learned scribes'' that only produce the dead fruit.... so be it amen......
                        do not be yoked to an unbeliever

                        - Do not let our Spiritual man [ the believer] to be unevenly yoked any longer our 5 senses soul [ the unbeliever]


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                          Shalom Lady Lucy,

                          I know what you mean about Satan having nothing on us.
                          Yah showed me through a dream.
                          I was standing in front of these two big doors. The two doors flew open and there Satan was. Big and tall, in black. I do not remember his face. Anyway... he looked at my neck. I had a necklace on. He said really mean; "Take it off". I reached up and took it off. He snatched it out of my hand, flung himself around, and went and sat at a back table in the room.

                          I stepped into the room. It was a huge cafeteria. at the back of the room, there was a door. For some reason I knew I was supposed to walk through this room and out that door. I started walking forward. (I remember thinking; "why did I obey Satan? why did I take that necklace off? later I came to know)

                          As I walked forward, Satan started getting really angry and hitting the table with his fists. I stopped, scared. then I continued. The closer I got, the madder he got. I remember thinking; "why is he so mad?"... then I realized... "He has no power over me... he is mad because he has no power over me!" i was like I "got it". just as I reached the door, I woke up.

                          My first thought was my taking off that necklace like he told me too. That bothered me at first. But now I think it was more like "his' yoke being taken off of me. For I do know that "neck" is will. I don't usually talk about my dreams. For I think they do more for me then another person. But I know what you mean when you say; Satan has no power over us. It's true. We must just realize that Yah is the only power. And if HE is for us, then nothing can be against us. And if one feels "far from him", you are correct in saying "talk to him about our sins, what ever it is that is "separating" us from him... talk to him about it, confess it, declare ourself, that HE may "cast it off". HalelluYah.

                          you say to me; if you are willing... to know things that are most amazing... i shall tell. <<

                          I am willing Lucy, I do not always understand where you are coming from... but I am willing to try... and I do beleive you know Yah is in you. And this revelation indeed.

                          Yah bless you, May His Salvation shine upon you, and put His words in your mouth, and may they never depart.

                          "At that day
                          shall a man look to his Maker,
                          and his eyes shall have respect
                          to the Holy One of Israel."
                          Isaiah 17:7


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                            lifting the veil

                            when i looked at His word and I saw the people God chose and the way they lived and the situations they handled...Jesus Christ was their Lord, in the NT.
                            they had a miraculous life force come upon them., we do not see ''this life'' today in ''professing'' believers world-wide, no way, that life is considered ''past'' and unobtainable by the majority, but
                            that life of great power and great authority is the life EXPECTED, from representives of their Saviour to show unto the nations, the Glorious King and it was their right-filled commission.
                            What all those wonderfull people did at the new beginning of the body of Christ, was to show forth the majesty of Christ in word and in action..imagine today, lifting off those words printed on a white page of the Holy writ, and actually being able to translate these words into Christs power and Glory, amid the nations. Now all manner of people may have all their right ideals and right doctrines and right thoughts YET none copy the divine manifestations of The King nor of His Apostles...none known that is
                            therefore their talk is as vanity , an illusion, and dead and fruitless, a mirage and a vapour to worship A FORM, no matter the rhetoric nor the sincereity of the ''believer''.
                            now this is why i shall tell u.
                            The word-of-God is likened to a rainbow called ''light''...containing 7 shades of a whole. [He states this and asks us to look at the bow, draws our attention to it]
                            Each colour is ''the truth'', and contains ''the truth'', yet one part of truth does not make a whole truth, the whole truth is JESUS CHRIST dwelling richly within a new creature.
                            Into the fullness and statue of Christ. this is bible teaching not new age nor some type of devilish mysterism from the Whore of harlots, false religion.
                            He, = Jesus Christ, is the white light, the sum total of all truth joined and meeting within HIMself., indwelling a believer totally.
                            The truth is ''in part'' does not work, that is why we ''see'' in the ''religious churches'' the part they have is a truth BUT NOT THE WHOLE TRUTH.. only in part., thats where deception moves in.
                            I want you to notice a detail, few, see within His word.
                            it is the story of Jesus Christ {Son of God] walking on water, and His friend Peter, walking on water...together.
                            For one moment in time, Peter did exactly the same as Jesus Christ, for now whilst he did this miracle, he was IN, NOTICE I SAY IN truth., walking with truth Peter was the same as truth for there was no difference in the acts of both men together.
                            but notice this and learn from it....
                            however, something happened to Peter, it says in the Word, HE LOOKED [like eve did, looked] at the waves and the wind [another ''something'' drew his attention AWAY from Jesus Christ and Peter started to sink., so did Eve, both had the same problem.] a sinking problem. Thats what every man has, who does NOT have the whole truth dwelling richly within them. They sink.
                            Pilot asked ''what is truth'', never realising he was staring at HIM who is all truth.

                            what has happened is this,
                            people have the ''truth'' but it is a part, and a part does not work., for it has to be the whole truth, the whole person containing the 7 Spirits that all function together perfectly and has to dwell within a ''dead'' person, a vessel, who has died via the cross daily, given up their life, and completed the suffering needed to fill up the measure, to give their life as a living sacrifice unto God.
                            The vessel,[ despite the best efforts of satan to prove otherwise] MUST die, that CHRIST MAY LIVE, the flesh MUST cease to be, and corruption is to be put-off and incorruption put on,
                            to be purified as 1 john.3.v.3-4 ..states. The flesh cannot inherit the kingdom of heaven, it has to be dead and the Holy Spirit called life, installed.
                            Now people shall object to this and say all manner of things against this yet, it is clear from their own life, that they fail to manifest, the works and acts and ministry of King Jesus Christ for if they were right, they would already be HIS COPY in good working order...
                            truth is a rainbow and all the colors must combine to made the white light completed. The seven Spirit of wisdom and revelation knowledge, must enter into a person as they cease to be and CHRIST the hope of Glory abiding continually showing forth the glory of God.
                            The people called''His sheep,'' hear His own voice and follow hard after Him, not a man made up fashion and an idol of a demi-god, who has no power must less authority.
                            Jesus Christ said to mary, ''sit at MY feet and be taught by Me,'' yet Martha her sister was too busy like Peter working and doing other things, and NOT seeing the face to face of Jesus Christ. this is the majority.
                            the proof is in the Authority
                            the proof is in the manifestations of the Spirit
                            the proof is in POWER not in word... that how Apostle Paul told it to the doubters of his day... [and all other teaching stink of the rotten breath of the asp.]
                            do not be yoked to an unbeliever

                            - Do not let our Spiritual man [ the believer] to be unevenly yoked any longer our 5 senses soul [ the unbeliever]


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                              Have you reached this state that you speak of Lucy?
                              Has Yah blessed you with these powers already? As in Paul?

                              Yahshua says; "ye shall do greater works then these".

                              And Yahshua raised Lazarus from the dead! I always thought that maybe he meant "spiritually" raise people from the dead.
                              Thats the only "work" i could think of that would be "greater then these".

                              Anyway... do you have all 7 spirits yet? have you reached this?

                              Thank you,
                              "At that day
                              shall a man look to his Maker,
                              and his eyes shall have respect
                              to the Holy One of Israel."
                              Isaiah 17:7