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  • ladylucysmith
    the few who find eternal life...

    thank you for sharing...
    FEW find eternal life..
    the others do not, yet think they do....they are the '' RELIGIOUS '' only....
    for what IS eternal life?
    .... it is the whole character of God...His fullness in all statue.
    The self-life of Eve and of Adamic natures, was originally made with divine elements within...YET... they sold out, to a faker a liar and a cheat.
    Jesus Christ, came to return believers back-to, their divine elements...[a product and a child of heaven]...however even more was added...a NEW CREATURE was born .. and Jesus Christ was the 1st born of their community = their Head and their King.
    NOT the deformed...abomination this worlds people represent and their powerless religions speak out and counterfeit the TRUTH with DECEPTION........that is so good, it deceives the whole world BUT the elect who LOVE HIS TRUTH.
    for nothing is more accursed, that a product that does NOT yield the true proclaimed results.

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  • DeAnna
    Shalom Lucy,

    If you will hear from me. I shall share.

    About 2 years ago, I found my self on my knees crying praying to Yah. I had become so confused. And I was scared.
    during my prayer I did say;

    "In your word it says narrow is the path to righteousness..."
    And I ask you if it be thy will, to reveal to me the narrow path.

    As soon as that came out of my mouth I saw a vision.
    I do not know if it was "outside" of my head or inside, I only know I saw this huge gigantic "billboard" like sign. It was a glowy white and it had big letters written on it, bold and black,
    And the letters said;

    H O N E S T Y

    I sat there and stared at it in awe. It seemed to stay for a good while. But I didn't take my eyes off of it.
    Then I thought of course! It doesn't get any "narrower" then Honesty.
    At first I was elated that He answered me so quickly and vividly.
    But then as the answer itself sunk in, I became afraid.
    For I had been a great liar in my life, and though I had prayed for many years for Him to take a lying tongue from me, I was still afraid that I would offend again. And then I was afraid for my lack of faith in Him to keep a lying tongue far from me.

    As I began to cry even harder, I looked out the window up to the trees, "I do so want to be strong for you Yah" I cried, as I was talking to Him, I truly "heard" > "I'm in here"

    I do not know if I heard these words on the inside of my head, or out, but I truly "heard them" in the midst of my lamentation.
    Since then I have come to believe He is in everyone, whether they know it or not does make the difference.

    I know what I have shared I cannot "back up" in scripture.
    or prove it. But I tell you true, and have not doubted it since,
    that the narrow path is Honesty.

    May Yah continue to bless you Lucy.

    In truth,

    "I'm in here".

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  • ladylucysmith
    started a topic the few, who find

    the few, who find

    eternal life...
    in the whole, only the FEW find eternal life....
    that is so interesting, for the FEW must have ''found'' a something all the masses did not....
    do u know????
    what the FEW found?