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The Overcomers and the Divine Court.

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  • LucySmith
    the power of His teaching is..............

    If I were to give this lesson/telling in one simple sentence, it would be that our King, the Master of Faith, taught that we should believe that
    as IT IS IN EARTH, [in the natural dimension] just AS IT IS IN HEAVEN, [or in spirit dimension]

    2 become 1
    The more this sinks in, the more powerfully loaded the statement becomes!

    ''as it is on earth so it is in heaven''

    is sickness in heaven? = no
    is death in heaven? = no

    understand- it is a total reversal on mindset
    place heaven 1st
    place earth 2nd

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  • LucySmith
    I SUPPOSE~ YOU CAN CALL THE OVERCOMERS = spiritual extremists

    they are being re-turned to THE DIVINE normal YET REMAIN HERE = IN AN UN-NORMAL CARNAL WORLD.
    THE OVERCOMER'S lifestyle and thinking is not attached to the culture and philosophy of this world -- and it was these souls of whom it is said in the scriptures that they had been made WHOLE ~~~

    It was these consecrated men and women who learned directly and experientially from the Master in a realm that was beyond the ability of the carnal people of this world to perceive or even envision.
    [THEY HAVE RELIGION, the Overcomers have christ - the verb of empowerment.]
    The Saviour 's genuine disciples were taught by Him privately “…in the house” (Matt 13:36 - In The House ),where the Master revealed Spiritual Truths and the Mysteries of the Kingdom only to those who had consecrated themselves from the defilement’s of this world
    JOHN 10 v 10

    the true problems of the pew people is
    The religious church believer is often sincere in his faith in biblical mysteries that he is unable to comprehend, it is his own adherence to scriptural interpretations, the doctrines of men, and the dogma of well-meaning religious authorities of the church, which limit the believers understanding and growth in the Word of God.
    UNFORTUNATELY the pews do not perceive this great enigma of life, because they continue to embrace the process of learning in reverse of what is necessary in order to overcome the great obstacles of life.

    Unless the believer begins to do the Will of the Lord, and follow in His footsteps into the Kingdom, then they have neither faith or belief, and they are portrayed as counterfeit Christians.
    The problem is that THE CHURCH whole perception of life is built upon a great error.


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  • LucySmith
    2 types = the frequency of the divine Kingdom/ the frequency of the 3D Matrix.

    the hidden manna for The OVERCOMERS

    I realised there are 2 types of believers.
    * THE OVERCOMER and everyone else.
    * The reason for continual debates is because the OVERCOMER receives additional wisdom that is HIDDEN from all others.
    * these other churched believers remain in their dead state because they were never able to overcome all things as christ overcame this matrix vanity world.

    THEY CANNOT ENTER INTO THE ZOE OVERCOMING LIFE, here on earth so, the ordinary believer virtually has nothing in common with His Overcomers
    Ofcourse the Overcomers have gained THE WISDOM of ETERNAL life to be lived in here as JOHN 10 v 10.
    Also so few realise the scriptures have been very corrupted and truth seeker overcomers understand how to seek out the diamonds from the dung.

    Because a person has been called into the divine OVERCOMING circle, they have the new ability to use wisdom so they can become freed.
    This reality is proven by being outside this matrix world of vanity and all of its values.

    the KINGDOM HAS TO BE INSTALLED HERE and the 3D dimension removed.
    the INSIDE has to become the OUTSIDE and the outside [ aka whitewashed tombs ] has to be dismissed/overcome as useless and weak.


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  • LucySmith
    2 essentials for the Overcomers

    trust + confidence.
    these 2 traits are given under the title ''HIS WORKMANSHIP''
    and another proof is
    trust + confidence.

    His workmanship within His saints [as our High Priest intercessor] says

    ''The kingdom on earth - the same as the kingdom in heaven''
    This is where the OVERCOMER picks up their cross.
    Because, the lesson is....the total eradication of the MATRIX 3D mindset that makes the fallen nature exist.
    THE 3D dimension is where the dead bury the dead - so these GRAVE CLOTHES must be removed.

    What are grave clothes -?
    To put it simply, the grave clothes BELONG to the human values of THE MATRIX
    - THIS WORLD'S ideas, opinions, rules, values - are all deceptions based upon the ''tree of the knowledge of good and evil''.
    This world is dead
    This world is unclean
    This world is deception
    - Everything in it including
    The bible [ in parts] and ALL the christian church
    - if this is not true, no one would ever perish = physically die= from lack of knowledge.

    JESUS REMOVES these grave clothes inc. false religious concepts that place the pews in their tombs.

    so~~~ how does He do this work?
    A MIND CHANGE - by RE-PROGRAMMING the fallen flesh human carnal mind into a NEW VERY DIFFERENT WAY OF THINKING - that causes the REVERSAL OF THE CURSES.
    THIS DIVINE WORK in His ekklesia produces ~~~~

    The Highest Calling that has EVER been afforded unto mankind upon this earth is coming upon those who are CALLED TO BE OVERCOMERS!
    Once a people comprehend, have their understanding opened to what is set forth, Satan AND the Jezebel church ministries and the ENTIRE Kingdom of Darkness HAVE HAD IT!

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  • LucySmith
    The Overcomer is a different species than ''carnal minded christians''

    THE great ''I AM EGO'' has to be deleted.

    To overcome "Satan The Devourer" who is DECEIVING THE WHOLE EARTH into being one with him in his lies, our ego's must be given up to the cross so that we can become one with our Messiah IN THE TRUTH!
    ye shall know satan by the fruit he bears according to the sayings of Messiah.

    The OVERCOMERS have been called to OVERCOME EVERYTHING that the Master of Deception can think up to devour them.
    OUR ''overcoming faith'' - is the same type of faith MESSIAH WALKED IN.... NOTHING less IS ACCEPTABLE AS A BELIEVER IN HIM.
    What does "to devour" mean? IT MEANS to eat up.
    To eat ravenously.
    To waste, consume, DESTROY

    What is the primary goal of "Satan The Devourer"?
    To set himself and his "son of ANTICHRIST ", up in absolute dictatorial rulership over the earth, which totally displaces ABBA in the war of who shall rule the earth.

    In order to do that, he MUST keep Rev. 12:10 from coming to pass, for he full well knows that if the Overcomers succeed in the overcoming unto this victory, his days are numbered.

    When you cannot walk IN Jesus type of faith, you remain food for the devourer, despite all denials - ye remain in Unbelief.
    so what happens is = The dragon makes you ONE with him, as you are controlled by the 5 senses and seeing is believing.

    Anyone who has been called to be an Overcomer, is going to be launched upon by Satan the Devourer.
    This is NO SMALL MATTER, but will thoroughly SIFT ANYONE as to how determined they are to serve their King in manifesting not only His Kingdom Ways, but His victory on this earth which makes His enemies His footstool.

    If you desire to be among such, then you will have to learn the precepts of faith, practice those precepts, and FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELT!
    Satan will do his best to take you away from TRUE FAITH with Abba, defeat that faith in you, and MAKE YOU ONE WITH HIM, causing you to believe as HE wants you to believe!
    AND, use EVERYONE in your environment to cause you to so believe, including his PRIESTS OF BAAL aka - the christian church!!!

    For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith.
    "He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his Supreme Magistrate, and he shall be My son."

    the OVERCOMERS ARE TRAINED UP TO BELIEVE ''That It IS in the Earth As IT IS in Heaven''
    Making this a total reversal of what is happening on earth and in our life.

    Heaven and His kingdom comes 1st and then and only then ALL THINGS SHALL BE ADDED to you.

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  • LucySmith
    The Highest Calling

    The Highest Calling that has EVER been afforded unto mankind upon this earth is coming upon those who are CALLED TO BE OVERCOMERS

    That we have been RAISED UP IN HIM to the same position that He has.
    The same authority of Messiah -RESIDES IN US,
    the Truth-its the King of Glory that resides.

    Those that will submit unto the Redemptive Works of The Cross will manifest this residing of Jesus in them, and in that, manifest as The Sons and Daughters of God
    and to be taught this absolute authority over EVERYTHING that is named, whether in this natural realm, or in heaven which is the Spiritual.

    Does this mean that we can use this authority in any way we choose?
    We cannot come into this authority in Truth, unless we do as He does.
    We must make this choice to either try and use Him for OUR PLEASURE / PURPOSE, or give up our life and be used by Him FOR HIS PLEASURE / PURPOSE!!!

    The Overcomers, the "Man Child", the 144,000 manifested Sons and Daughters of ABBA will be caught over into this authority when they have overcome Satan The Devourer.
    Think about it for a minute.
    How long do you think that Satan would last if 144,000 were operating on this earth in this absolute authority?
    Only as long as Abba allowed, and that allowing is COMING TO AN END.

    Behold, I give unto you power (authority) to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power (might, strength) of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.
    Luke 10:19:

    “ My presence has come into you, and I am arising in you with My character shining greater and greater and My soul is becoming your soul as you leave behind the Adamic shell of your first appearing as a natural person and you are metamorphosed by My presence in you and now appear as a “man from the Heavens'' in My glorious immortal image and bear My Name and image.

    The only outworking of death in you will be the death of the natural person and you will live a glorious life in Me. John 10 v 10
    So shall I ever be Glorified in My temple and as I am Glorified in you, as you partake of your inheritance of My rest forever, so sharing with Me this Glorious realm of Rest.
    Math 11 v 28-30
    You do this of your own choice and your heart, soul and body reflect Me now and even greater unto the rising of the sun in its full strength which is My life working in you and through you as the River of Life that flows from My throne in the temple of your soul.

    You rest in My rest,
    you lean on My breast,
    you feast with Me.

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  • LucySmith
    A new race of human - a new creation


    Do not be consumed with your own circumstances.
    All My Elect have been in the furnace of My perfecting and the things about your lives which are difficult are but for a moment.
    They will be changed as you are caught up into Me, into the cloud of My Glory, even My Divine Image as you reflect My express Person.

    You are My new creation unto Myself.
    I watch you continually and am aware of your every need.
    I am touched by your feelings, and know this, that you will be perfect having My Divine Nature and blessed with the things which you temporarily lack.
    You My Son and Daughter Overcomers will be born together, revealed as one company.

    Close your natural eyes and ears and open your Spiritual ones and you will see all things.
    I have you at the point of change in your mind.
    Do not worry about “this and that”.
    My plans for you will come to pass.
    Already you have seen changes in your lives.

    The New Day is dawning.
    My army is soon to be seen and heard.
    I call you My Sons and Daughters, to live in the higher dimension of My presence.
    Take your strength and confidence from Me.

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  • LucySmith
    overcoming of the "Devourer" who is the deceiver of the whole earth.

    Every doctrine of Truth is necessary to learn in the overcoming of the "Devourer" who is the deceiver of the whole earth.
    To "come out of her", we MUST come out of all the lies and into the Truth.
    This is fact!
    So, I do not mean to minimize the importance of ANY Truth that is being revealed to us in this day.
    However, when the dark times come, I have found that doctrine is of little value in my mind.

    So~~~~ What is of value?
    FAITH, and the correcting of the errors being wrongfully practiced

    why so?
    Nothing else during the difficult times has ANY MEANING, for I have recognized that it is FAITH that brings and keeps us heading towards the oneness of ABBA and His desires.
    The same FAITH WALK as Messiah

    Unbelief makes us ONE with SATAN!!!

    get your mind around this true fact
    ''Faith reverses the contradiction by causing what is not so, that should be so into being so.''

    the sin of ''seeing is believing'' is very hard to reverse and only the anointing will break this yoke

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  • LucySmith
    'He that overcometh'' .................................................

    Revelation 21:7, says it all for those that desire to manifest as Sons of ABBA:
    He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and HE SHALL BE MY SON.
    Is there any more to be received than ALL THINGS???
    What did the person do to inherit ALL THINGS, and to become a Son of ABBA?
    They OVERCAME!
    So what is this overcoming?
    What do they overcome?

    Only by the exercising of True Faith will anyone Overcome.
    ''FAITH'' -aka a gift of faith aka HIS faith is the only sure thing that is death to the "Old Nature"= '' I AM, EGO''.
    His EKKLESIA, are the ones called out into the assembly of faith believers and are also termed assembly of the 1st born.
    the Plan of His Workmanship
    The plan and purpose on this earth is the defeat of the the Serpent.
    To do that, the results of the fall must be REVERSED, and that comes by the Overcoming all things.
    The Overcomers are going through the redemptive process to cleanse our genetic structure of the contamination of the fallen nature, and THIS IS what the Overcoming is about.

    No one can author faith in you.
    Yes, faith cometh by hearing, but it is still Father that authors and finishes our Faith.
    For whatsoever is born of the one and only Elohim overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, EVEN OUR FAITH.

    "He that overcometh shall inherit ALL THINGS; and I will be his Supreme Magistrate, and HE SHALL BE MY SON."
    this is the workmanship [ a divine process] at work in His Ekklesia

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  • LucySmith
    started a topic The Overcomers and the Divine Court.

    The Overcomers and the Divine Court.

    The Highest Calling that has EVER been afforded unto mankind upon this earth is coming upon those who are CALLED TO BE OVERCOMERS!!!
    Once a people comprehend, have their understanding opened to what is set forth, Satan AND the Jezebel church ministries and the ENTIRE Kingdom of Darkness HAVE HAD IT!

    I HAVE never met any church person who has been ordained to OVERCOME all things as Christ overcame by the holy spirit.
    The OVERCOMERS have a dominion mandate, that allows them to walk in a very narrow way Jesus speaks about
    There are 2 ways
    The broadway
    The narrow way
    THE NARROW WAY is the personal walk of an overcomer by walking in the foot steps of their Saviour.

    there is a story told of the American Indians, and how they won many battles against the white man.
    the Chief, who lead the way by walking infront of his Braves and each Brave would place his feet in the same footsteps as the Chief, so it looked like only 1 person was walking- not many.
    This M.O. won many battles for the Indians
    Jesus shows HIS overcomers how to walk in His footsteps, so they represent the divine court and the Kingdom on earth.
    ofcourse - The Overcomers are trained to shift the power from satan into the Kingdom of heaven Here.
    The Overcomers are group who walk BY faith and not by sight so they are called THE JUST.
    THEY simply trust in Abba, never looking at any situation contrary to HIS PROMISES to His saints.
    THEY are non religious as Messiah has called them out FROM church religion and its curses [ called plagues by Jesus] long ago and they are IN training as His friends, to take dominion as kings and priests HERE.

    There will be a great difference between what the Overcomers tell about, and what most churches teach.
    Most teach from what they feel has been revealed to them.
    Some of this "revealing" is from the wrong realm, and therefore doing nothing more than adding to the already burdensome mass of confusion of which they are suffering.

    This will not be so for the Overcomers.

    the Goodnews and Glad Tidings - HURRAH =
    They will TELL from EXPERIENCE, and from experience in that which has been revealed to them.
    It is one thing to preach from what has been revealed and quite another to tell from experience in that revelation
    THE WALK IS THE EXPERIENCE that reveals THE FRUITS and the POWER that comes out from such a walk
    John 10 v 10
    THE Overcomers life will show the perfect "walk of the cross"
    * this is essential and an Overcomer must obtain to come into their calling.

    I see this work being done in very few, and certainly NOT in those that preach a popular message in an entertainment center and a Pauline churchianity.
    These are NOT Overcomers, but have been OVERCOME!!!