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  • LucySmith
    hello and HI

    K.A.R.M.A. - struck
    '''''their used by date''''' is manifesting....
    it is K.A.R.M.A.

    They can run (and plausibly deny) but they cannot hide what they have been covering up.

    Fact Check: TRUE! The Cabal is Panicking
    Amazing Polly
    Aug 27, 2020

    The pedo Cover-Upperers in the Deep State Media have gone crazy.
    Legislators have gone crazy!
    Everyone in the child-trafficking business are in full blown panic over the fact that people on the left and right are coming together on common ground:
    what is that common ground?

    we want an end to Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation.

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  • LucySmith
    wonders wonders everywhere
    are they true or false
    how can we KNOW FOR SURE

    Best & Taylor on NIGHTSHADOWS
    AUGUST 21, 2020
    Of That and Something Else.
    World War, Revolution, Arrival, UFO, Moth Man, Plasma, Rapture & More...
    War and Peace, Peace and Security, Abraham Accord and when they say peace and safety SUDDEN destruction comes upon a comatose world.
    There is no peace without Messiah, only a false peace and that is now coming into view.
    War and then peace, or peace and then war?
    The rapture plasma event appears to be getting very close as we move into a new area and era of increased plasma discharge events, some already beginning with massive lightning events the world over.
    Then we have volcanic and earthquake activity, floods and severe winter events, rifts, and inbound asteroid events.
    The world is restless and the fallen ones are stirring up humanity for the final battle between good and evil as Daniel's 70th week looms just ahead and more...

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  • LucySmith
    a false wonder....


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  • LucySmith
    Just for people to realize the news is fake would be a huge leap forward in the 20/20 Great Awakening!
    Click image for larger version

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  • LucySmith
    to all the collective borg types
    wake up and stop believing in false wonders.....
    Who do you trust:
    The one fighting to end sex trafficking or the one who was on the island with the sex traffickers?

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  • LucySmith

    does anyone love the truth -AKA -

    A FALSE WONDER - COMES from a false human - a hybrid
    `1/2 human 1/2 serpent
    yes most LOTFL
    - ofcourse who ever heard of these Hybrids.

    the false seed HATES the Seth line
    the Hybrids create their false wonders and those sheep who are led to their slaughter love the wonders
    yes '''they'' hid it so you would never understand your enemy

    The Great Contest aka- : Enmity Between the Seed-lines
    both blood lines are fated by Genesis 3:15 to be caught up in a constant state of war for the entirety of the 120 jubilees
    Both the giants and the line of Cain were allowed by the Most High to survive the devastating judgment of the flood.
    The real question is not did the giants and seed of Cain survive the flood but how?
    So now we can look to the Book of Jasher for insight into how to answer this question.
    Noah’s wife and their son, Ham, were the two unclean humans brought onto the ark, just like a pair of unclean animals of each kind were allowed on the ark, per Genesis 7:2.
    when she and her son, Ham, mated and produced their child, Canaan, he contained more dominant traits of the serpent lineage than of Noah’s pure DNA.
    the whole world Beguiled: From Eden To Armageddon by false wonders

    . Always remember the seeker of the lost paradise of the Kingdom of God may seem a fool to those who may have never sought this other world

    how will ye know these HYBRIDS = look at the Fruit of their Lives.

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  • LucySmith
    Greetings to all who love their false wonders..................
    .If you buy any of this: YOU HAVE PROBLEMS
    ~~~~~ if you believe one word of any false wonders there is simply no hope for you.
    Get on the phone and alert members of your family. that You’ve lost your mind.

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  • LucySmith

    what if this world didnt go back to a pre 2019 lifestyle?

    DO YOU HAVE plan B

    HAVE YOU SAT DOWN AND THOUGHT of these - ''''WHAT IFs'''' ? that '''''suddenly become something we dont personally like''''''
    Noah Prepared for the Ark - a bible concept when alarm bells ring

    is it time to see the writing on the walls and say GOOD BYE to the life that used to be as we begin to descend perhaps into something very evil and not in our best interests?

    we have to ask hard question, that offend others
    Is DJT the saviour
    = a Mr Fixit with the soothing words so population panic is controlled?

    i feel this narrator is an actor... with a script however - will it be'''' the play''''' we will live in
    who will step into the breach?

    a phony church rapture perhaps?
    have you done your seeking on this aspect of church lies?

    now BACK TO PLAN B - just in case.

    NOAH ESCAPED - WITH 7 OTHERS - THAT IS NOT GOOD ODDS when you consider how many millions in the world .were killed.
    what do you think

    become like NOAH would be great advice i believe.
    we are almost 5 months into this script and its not looking too good for human survival not from the phony flu but from the Vaxs

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  • LucySmith

    The Beast That Has Controlled America for 150 Years - Jewish-Owned Media

    Dr. William Luther Pierce (Attack!) Tue, Jul 7, 2020 |
    Russia Insider Tip Jar - Keep truth alive!

    Editor's Note -This excellent article accurately describes the state of the US today, but was written in 1970!
    William Luther Pierce was a brilliant essayist and speaker whose message didn't get through to most Americans because of the media monopolies of the time, but who saw clearly what was happening to America.
    William Ramsay writes....
    that the Illuminati believe the majority of humans are no better than livestock and should be treated as such.
    do you think he is correct?
    do you have other beliefs?
    - the fruit of lives depicts their inner ''''god'''' murder rape desruction - or - love and mercy to all men

    Click image for larger version  Name:	EdfoSKiWsAAsI6l.jpg Views:	0 Size:	96.3 KB ID:	63559

    Last edited by LucySmith; 07-21-2020, 08:47 PM.

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  • LucySmith
    Reader: "Ever since this covid sham started I have been wondering why no one has ..."
    Posted By: hobie
    Date: Monday, 20-Jul-2020 20:22:12

    Reader s. wonders:
    Ever since this covid sham started I have been wondering why no one has thought of shutting down all these labs that do nothing but create all these dangerous viruses.
    I see no reason to have them. If a person on the street were to create all these dangerous pathogens they would be put in jail
    . Why are governments paying for these labs? It's evident the world would be a better place without them.

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  • LucySmith

    to whom it may concern
    = everyone

    Dispatches from the War: Mr. Trump, the enemy is deep inside the gate

    Jul17by Jon Rappoport
    by Jon Rappoport

    July 17, 2020

    Note to the reader: As I stated on Monday, don’t blithely assume the economy is reopening and things will continue to improve. The nation is under the control of public health traitors. They can declare “new waves” of cases. They can invent pretexts at the drop of a hat, and governors and mayors can declare lockdowns again. This is not over. The economic war against the people is being waged to destroy America.

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  • LucySmith
    to the SHEEPLES

    there is NOT too many Neo's in the matrix
    So the swamp always remains the swamp so it seems
    but perhaps a miracle will happen...
    and a NEO will appear.
    who knows

    by Jon Rappoport

    July 14, 2020

    There’s a reason MY contact tracing led to you, Mr. Trump.

    You’re the only one left in the menagerie. You’re the only political animal who could offer a shred of a sliver of a slim ray of hope. To push back the invaders.

    Several times you’ve said, “It’s no good if the cure is worse than the disease.” Surely you understand by now, the cure IS the disease. The H-bomb that went off in the middle of the economy was and is the whole point of the invasion, which has been taking place under your nose.

    With your assistance. As a result of your failed marriage to Tony Fauci.

    Let’s put aside the gloss, Mr. Trump. You understand the real effects of the lockdowns. The effects the networks refuse to lead with, on the evening news.

    There is the symbolic economy, represented by the careening up and down stock market. Then there is the real thing—the businesses and lives destroyed.

    Nixon and Kissinger. Bush and Cheney. Bill and Hillary. They don’t hold a candle to you and Fauci.

    You allowed Fauci to become head of the coronavirus task force, and to remain in that position, spreading vast clouds of overblown lies about the “pandemic” and the fascist measures needed to stem it.

    That’s a crime you’ll have to live with.

    But you can do something about it. The governors won’t. The mayors won’t. Believe me, I’ve looked high and low to find someone other than you, to whom I could send these dispatches. Some noble figure in the American landscape with power, who could turn the tide in the economic war against the people. I don’t see one. You’re the default choice.

    You sat in the Oval, when Fauci slithered up to you with the absurd computer projections Neil Ferguson authored, and that psychopathic freak, Bill Gates, bankrolled. You accepted the numbers of deaths Ferguson predicted. Two million in the US. You never had your people investigate Ferguson. In an hour, they would have discovered he had a long track record of abysmal failures. Failure is his whole story. Yet, you took those numbers and allowed Fauci to run with them. Leading the nation into a crushing economic dead-end.

    So you see, you’re actually part of the war against the people. If you’re going to be a General now, you’ll have to admit that. You’ll have to fire Fauci and stand up straight and reclaim your own soul.

    If hundreds of thousands or millions of Chinese soldiers were encamped in cities and towns across USA right now, smashing the American engines of production, don’t you think you’d be justified in sending in the troops? To liberate the people? Would anyone is his right mind cite Posse Comitatus to try to stop you?

    Well, the US governors and mayors and public health officials are our enemies, and their lockdowns were and are the war. So send in the Army and liberate those towns and cities. Forcibly. Open the American economy all the way. Permanently. Tell your opponents, THE CURE IS WORSE THAN THE DISEASE. Tell them 50 million Americans out of work is intolerable.

    You’re supposed to be the riverboat gambler. So shove in all your chips on this one, Mr. Trump. Crack the media delusion that all is well in America, if we just “stick together,” which means bowing down to the masks and the distancing and the dehumanizing and the isolating and the tracing and the testing and the vaccinating and the shredding of the economy.

    As you know, COVID is one supermax lie. Nothing worse than a flu season is happening in the world.

    Of course, I’m out of my mind. I must be. Who could imagine sending in the Army to liberate the people, so they could live free?


    Better to huddle in fear. And wait. For the keeper of the cage to open the door.

    So we can go out for a little while.

    Right, Mr. President?

    Until the next time, the next wave, the next crisis—tomorrow.

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  • LucySmith
    to all truth seekers

    it is very difficult to DISCONNECT - D.I.S.C.O.N.N.E.C.T. from the Matrix
    consider some of the examples of human captivity

    Click image for larger version  Name:	110169799_3192904720796783_7506851343983622963_n.jpg Views:	0 Size:	57.2 KB ID:	63385

    ????truth seeker a QUESTION???

    CAN YOU PERSONALLY ............................WAX STRONG IN YOUR SPIRIT AND IN THE POWER OF His MIGHT....................................... AND RESIST THE CHIEF APOSTLE OF SATAN
    =apostle fear

    remember its only the OVERCOMER THAT OVERCOMES SATAN

    also realise there is a .......''goodness''........ that always surrounds the demonic apostle fear....
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  • LucySmith
    Acry for help
    greetings to those living in the lamd of the free

    by jon rappoport

    no guts, no glory

    july 13, 2020
    note to the reader: Don’t blithely assume the economy is reopening and things will continue to improve. The nation is under the control of public health traitors. They can declare “new waves” of cases. They can invent pretexts at the drop of a hat, and governors and mayors can declare lockdowns again. This is not over. The economic war against the people is being waged to destroy america.

    You’ll see this week, as my controversial series of dispatches tries to reach out to the president, i’m suggesting that he break with hallowed tradition and send in troops (or the fbi) to the states and force open the economy, once and for all. Permanently.

    I fully realize the dangers of such a move. I also realize what this economic war against the people and the country is doing to america. The news media are covering up the full effects. The nation is being driven off a cliff into chaos. That is the heinous plan. Covid is a pumped up lie and a gross exaggeration, formulated to enable the plan.

    it’s a long night in the white house and a long night in america.

    It’s a folded newspaper on a silver tray, and the headline screams: War, and america is losing.

    You’re the president and you read it. You can’t not read it.

    It’s 3am and the moon is sitting in the sky. Lopsided. A blood moon.

    The enemy hasn’t just landed on our shore. He’s in every community in the country. He’s inside the inside:

    Every mom and pop store, every small and medium business in the nation is signaling frantically to you: Wreckage. Wreckage. Wreckage. Wreckage.

    Is no one hearing those voices? Is it a silent movie? Just because the traitorous press refuses to cover it?

    Mr. Trump, when are you going to fight the enemy? When are you going to declare the real state of emergency?

    Millions of people who voted for you are on hold. They’re waiting.

    They’re waiting for the cavalry to come over the hill.

    You’re paralyzed.

    In a state of war with the country fully invaded, with the economic devastation that has been visited on the land…

    you’re surrendering to the likes of those two-bit vampires, de blasio and cuomo, to that blown-dry idiot, newsom. The governors and mayors are taking you out.

    That’s your destiny?

    Who are you?

    What’s the watchword and the battle cry in this crisis?

    Is it tom paine? “these are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.”

    or is it, “order a contactless pizza from domino’s”?

    That once great city, new york, your city, lies in ruins.

    Who, mr. Trump, is the enemy? Who has stormed the beaches and swarmed into the cities and towns of this country? Who has taken down the engines of business?

    Do you know?

    You swaggered into the white house in 2017 like a two-gun cowboy, backhanding the press, talking fast, talking hard, promising to lift up the economy to soaring heights…and now you’re sitting in the oval signing away trillions of dollars for a welfare operation the likes of which the world has never seen. Trillions of air-guitar dollars, lunar dollars, out-of-the-sleeve stage magic dollars, fed reserve high-on-speed dream dollars, boiling frog dollars, wizard of oz rainbow dollars.

    Dollars for a smoking wreckage of an economy, for the people who were working every day in that economy. Some of those checks are going out to people who have already committed suicide, who are now solidly addicted to booze and drugs, who are smashing apart their families, who are standing inside the empty dusty rooms and offices of their former small businesses, wondering what shuck and jive con leveled their survival and their legacy.

    They’re being told by bright-eyed android news heads that “the reopening is proceeding.” what do you think their unedited response is?

    Do you really think it’s “we’re all in this together”? Do you think they’re happily gnawing on that bone a gaggle of grinning pr devils tossed out the window of their cruising limos on the way to summer vacation houses?

    You can’t worm out of this one, mr. President. You’re no tom paine and no george washington. You stood down and watched this storm hit. This dismantling. This economic invasion. This wrecking ball.

    Do you know who the enemy is?

    What are you going to do?

    Millions of your supporters are waiting for your answer and your action. They’ve eaten as many of your tweet-calories as they can possibly handle.

    They’re ready to sign on for the war and back you up, and but they can’t find an enlistment office.

    Ten years from now, with the economy nationalized, with wage and price controls, with a permanent dole, with the hideous face of pelosi or hillary or biden stamped on every digital dollar, where will you be?

    And 50 years from now, when the history of this nation is buried under multiple layers of scrambled-egg obfuscation, some addled historian will write: “donald trump was once thought to have been the president of the united states, but he was actually a composer of a song, back in the ussr.

    Unless you fight the war now, mr. Trump. No holds barred.

    These are times that try men’s souls. Who’s got your soul in a box?

    Are you so dumb you can’t see it? He’s the gnome standing right next to you at press conferences.

    He’s the front man for the blood moon.

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  • LucySmith

    saving a nation already lost.

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