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The way to overcome death here [''dont be ridiculous Lucy, everyone dies'] - REALLY?

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  • The way to overcome death here [''dont be ridiculous Lucy, everyone dies'] - REALLY?

    WELL NO that is not true, for you see JESUS ABOLISHED DEATH AT THE CROSS.
    Jesus defeated very curse, every sin, every work of satan - at the cross.

    Trouble is, THE PEWS have been deceived and swallowed lies, so that most remain CAPTIVE to that law of sin and death.
    There was a moment of great crisis for the human race at the cross,
    the veil was rent in 2
    We are seeing the birth of a new and deathless race AND A NEW LIFE FORM EMERGING
    - a race in which the germ of immortality will flower and in which divinity can express itself through the transfiguration of mankind.

    HOW do you think a New agreement was made, that birthed out a NEW LIFE FORM on earth, under the KING OF GLORY - slow of heart and dull of hearing pews
    =- OUR RELEASE from captivity of death and lack of knowledge.

    When Messiah was on the cross = this is His example of self sacrifice = an act of divine love -
    Only through compassion and service as the expression OF LOVE (unity) can the real message of MESSIAH be understood.
    Love makes us humbler, serving others before ourselves
    It penetrates to the heart into the divine reality of His Kingdom.
    Christ empowerment is the true life in the world: its the very substance of His Kingdom.
    The cross SACRIFICE birthed out a new, a free, a creative new life form HERE.
    Nothing of all this, was from our own achievement.
    Death had been defeated -proven by the veil IN THE OLD TEMPLE torn from top to bottom = the human agreement to death was now torn up.
    IN THE LAW COURTS of heaven - satan and his side kick death became a defeated foe.

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    For two thousand years, the carnal church has shown

    forth the corruption of good and evil BY PREACHING HALF TRUTH and a lying GOODNEWS covenant.
    The church has equally experienced the evil - the tares, the birds of the air, and leaven (Matthew 13:24-33).
    And it is this mix that is offensive and clearly contrary to the GOSPEL AND ITS GOODNEWS - ON BEING SET FREE FROM EVIL AND ITS CAPTIVITY.
    Jesus had done everything needed for ALL OF US to escape the pains and captivity of death.

    THE WRONG GOSPEL preached MAKES FOR WRONG PEOPLE in the pulpits....
    church People seek to defend the church by recounting the good it has done and does do, as though the good wholly justifies the church.
    But it does not take long to examine the church and see everywhere that gross evil that has and continues to take place.
    the fruit
    Who can number the pastors, priests, bishops, elders, deacons, evangelists, singers, teachers, and other church leaders who have been caught in sexual or financial sins?
    How many people have been hurt by church fights and splits?
    Who can justify the wealth and even gaudy pomp or worldly showiness of a money-conscious church, whose initiator and example was a carpenter's son ?
    Who can justify 22,000 schisms or denominations in what should be a unified body of Christ?

    If Christianity teaches truth, which schism is it then that has the truth, since they all differ so much in what they teach?
    If they represent the truth of OUR FATHER, since there are such differences, how much of what is taught is evil error?
    With all their differences, they cannot all be right.
    CHURCH history holds accounts of error, injustice, crime, violence, deception, worldliness, and corruption that is appalling
    So, how much more evil is needed for one to openly confess that the church thus far has been a mix of good and evil?
    So the captivity remains and the pews die at a rate of 2,000 each 12 mins ACCORDING TO STATS,


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      Is Christianity Messiah's perfect provision for man? Most certainly not!

      Is Christianity God's perfect provision for man?
      Most certainly not!
      Christianity is indeed very imperfect, and its inherent mix is unlawful and deserves being spit from our Saviour's mouth.
      Satan has had a legal right to inhabit and speak from Christianity.
      The carnal church is of the earth, the earth that Satan legally owns (Luke 4:6).
      "The whole world lies in the power of the evil one" (1 John 5:19),
      and that includes the earth-based church of carnal man.
      The only hope of changing this, once again, is to be born from above, not of this world, no longer partaking from this "tree."

      COME AWAY FROM THE realm of death do not partake of her sins.
      come to the sayings of Messiah
      - three-part vow:
      1] they must abstain from good and evil,
      2] they are to exercise and preserve the glory and power of Messiah given to them,
      3] they must not die.

      !] - entails there is only 1 choice - the will of the Father to walk by faith and not by sight. [like Messiah did]
      2]- service to others, 1st not to self [Like Messiah did]
      3]- BE INVITED TO PARTAKE OF HIS LIFE HERE [john 11 v 24 25 26]

      the false lying church
      Their false concept of an eternal burning hell that will torment men forever and ever, as well as their erroneous end-time holocaust ideas, are totally atrocious and only reflect their god Molech/Yahweh whom they serve.
      The church's work truly "amounts to nothing," the evil they teach and perform wholly destroying and devouring the good they do.
      Jesus called 12 men to be His disciples and later apostles.
      #12 represents the Kingdom authority on earth.
      in N T listings each man is named and Peter seems to be 1st and Judas last.
      Judas was the betrayer, and killed himself as we all know.
      [Matthias was selected in Judas Place as an eye witness to all Messiah's ministry - but we never hear of this apostle]
      so ask?
      Why would Jesus chose Judas?
      The office of the 12th apostle belonged to a betrayer Judas whom WAS filled by satan.
      Who has occupied this 12th office for 2000yrs in the ''churches'' ?
      What an amazing revelation!
      -SATAN ~~~AS THE CHURCH HAS BETRAYED THE GOOD NEWS with a KISS BY MIS-REPRESENTING the Goodnews that set the captives free
      now we know, why it all went pear shaped.


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        THE FEAR CONTROLLING APOSTLE satan head of the churches....yes/no/maybe

        the only way to discern this fact or fiction is BY THE FRUITS seen from church history.
        2000 yrs of church History must product peace on earth, good tidings, and good will to all men via the gospel
        the captives must be set free, and the fruits of the Spirit of LIFE MUST BE SEEN IN ALL CHURCHES.,
        DEATH must be Abolished, and TRUE LIFE must appear IN Christ power.
        the works of satan - defeated.
        THAT IS THE GOSPEL MESSAGE. aka preaching the Kingdom of heaven

        if this is not manifesting,
        SATAN is lord apostle
        the 12man
        betrayer of the church
        via a KISS.


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          hmmm now i have heard tell that there is a latter day 12 apostles

          making up the 24 elders [apostle] around the throne.
          I have known of this from 1990 ad.... the latter day 12 apostles proceed His 2nd appearing?????
          WHO PREACH THE EVERLASTING GOSPEL and never see death.
          He came as a Lamb
          He comes as a Lion.
          These apostles bruise the head of satan [AKA- HIS POISON IS NO LONGER EFFECTIVE]


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            WHY WASN'T ''PEACE ON EARTH AND GOODWILL TO ALL MEN ESTABLISHED then made manifest out into all nations''?

            BEGINNING WORK and THE ENDING WORK but what happened in between?
            What went wrong?
            Why didn’t the kingdom come as Yeshua declared?
            The answer is - because of a breach!

            Since Yeshua made such a clear promise that was never fulfilled, it must be expected that something took place to delay that promise.
            What did in fact take place was a breach in the kingdom of God in which an imperfect, defiled period followed which separated the original promise from the fulfillment
            Defiled and imperfect Christianity which man has known for 2,000 years, can in no way be considered the perfect kingdom of God which men and women at the time of Yeshua anticipated.
            Instead of Yeshua reigning, it was not long before corruption and error crept into the kingdom

            so there is the former rain - then a breach of a long delay because of a corrupted gospel then the latter rain.
            [rain -breach-rain]

            why the breach?
            because of the leaven aka - false teaching.

            Today, Yeshua has called out twelve more people in a most unique way and for a most unique purpose and testimony.
            Are they His latter rain twelve disciples who, added to the original twelve, complete the twenty-four elders around the throne?
            That is to be seen.
            But, I do know that whatever fulfillment they are, these twelve occupy a most important place in fulfilling the work immediately prior to the return of Yeshua

            Where would the ''leaven'' come from?
            was this leaven, declared as '' the Word of God'' from its beginning? and SO FEW saw the truth and the leaven grew and overcame THE TRUTH BY ITS DECEPTION?


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              ''I COME QUICKLY'' ALAS- His coming was deferred by ''the breach'' AKA false leaven.

              The ''serpentine'' gospel, with all its ''subtlety'' moved in and leavened the lump
              subtlety = elusiveness
              failing to allow for a clear perception or complete mental grasp;
              Because of this truth -''the failure to give others a clear grasp of the true kingdom knowledge'' the christian gospel virus, kills the pews, and no one was set free.
              Death rules the pews AND the captive still remains locked into captivity on prison planet
              * It is very clearly stated - lack of knowledge KILLS.
              To escape from this LACK OF KNOWLEDGE - we go to the root.
              NAMELY the word ''christian''
              Jesus was NEVER TERMED '' A CHRISTIAN''
              At no time, during His 3 1/2 yr Ministry was He referred to as ''a christian''
              [btw, i am no longer a christian, [ i repented on this issue] i used to be, a churched Methodist, until i was called out many long years ago]
              “Come out of her, My people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues.
              Rev 18 v 4

              This travesty called ''the church'' was not for me~,i was not fond of sins nor plagues - i considered these were something i can do without.

              The BREACH manifested, when the christian movement it was introduced for the 1st time at Antioch by 5 men [ 3 white men and 2 black men.]
              None of the 5 were ORDAINED APOSTLES, nor held Kingdom AUTHORITY and never met the conditions for Apostolic leadership found in Acts 1:12–26

              Acts 1:12–26
              condition to be met, for the title of ''AN APOSTLE''
              Not everyone could be considered for an apostleship. Candidates needed to have been with Jesus during the whole three years that Jesus was among them.
              He needed to be an eyewitness of Jesus’ baptism when the Heavenly Father validated Jesus’ person and work.
              He needed to have heard Jesus’ life-changing teachings and been present to see His healings and other miracles.
              He needed to have witnessed Jesus sacrifice Himself on the cross and to have seen Jesus walk, talk, and eat among the disciples again after His resurrection.
              These were the pivotal facts of Jesus’ life, the heart of the message they were to teach, and personal witnesses were required to verify the truth of the good news.
              THESE 5 MEN failed to meet all APOSTOLIC conditions of KINGDOM authority.
              ''Houston we have a problem''
              what problem?
              If you DON'T HAVE HIS KINGDOM AUTHORITY =aka= THE APOSTLESHIP TITLE -= you don''t qualify to begin YOUR OWN ''movement'' for His name.

              Hence the reason not 1 person, in 2000yrs, ever ministered IN THE SAME DIVINE MANNER as Messiah - not one.



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                so~~~the characters who BEGAN the ''christian church'' and the fruits of their gospel

                2 men 1 name

                King Saul and Saul the murderer of the Believers who personally changed his name to Paul
                the character
                King Saul, turned to his own way as did Saul preached his own - ''my gospel''

                Saul [who renamed himself Paul ] began his ''my gospel'' out from Antioch
                What has ANTIOCH got to do with anything?

                It was the birthplace of Christianity AND the history is = the city established by the family of Antiochus,
                Who is ANTIOCHUS?
                The man who effected the abomination of desolation for precisely three years .

                King-Saul work is corrupted.
                Likewise, the Antioch-Saul ministry that precedes out from a leavened gospel reign.

                He said in Matthew 13:24-33,
                ''the kingdom of heaven has been corrupted with tares
                it has become exceedingly large and is corrupted by the fowl birds of the air
                and if allowed to continue would be all leavened ''
                Jesus [the light] warned and warned and KNEW that darkness would manifest itself again
                We must work the works of Him who sent Me as long as it is day; night is coming when no one can work.
                NO ONE can work, as the corruption is so great it has become night again.
                The great majority in the corrupted body of Christ now lies in the grave.
                Saul''s christian works was accepted but remains likened to that ''Babylonian captivity''
                The complete corruption of Christianity,
                the Beginnings without TRUE APOSTOLIC AUTHORITY
                Acts 13:1
                “Now there were at Antioch, in the church that was there, prophets and teachers:
                Barnabas, and Simeon who was called Niger (or, “black”), and Lucius of Cyrene, and Manaen who had been brought up with Herod the tetrarch, and Saul.”
                So, we see that there were five men mentioned who were the prophets and teachers at Antioch at that time.
                What more is there to know about these men?
                From Acts 11:19-26 we begin reading in verse 20:
                “But there were some of them (who left Jerusalem when Stephen was stoned), men of Cyprus and Cyrene, who came to Antioch and began speaking to the Greeks also, preaching the Lord Jesus.”
                So with this, we see that men from Cyprus and Cyrene founded the church at Antioch, which in time Paul made his home church.''
                MOST clearly, we see that in this founder of the Antiochus Epiphanies church (the abomination of desolation) that birthed Christianity (they were first called Christians there), along with black Lucius of Cyrene, and through the founding apostle of Christianity, Saul/Paul, whose work was based from that church, the Body of Christ is equally cursed in the order of Ham!
                If you want to know what Christianity is, just look at its roots.

                The Remnant
                There is an absolute necessity for a Remnant and their great value to His Kingdom!
                Our Saviour will always have His remnant Ekklesia


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                  ''GLAD TIDINGS peace on earth and goodwill'' - aka - manifestation of the gospel

                  that basically was the angels PROCLAMATION at the birth of Messiah - making this world a new creation
                  it never happened and never happened for 2000yrs
                  the leadership of the christian church leadership never promotes that divine proclamation

                  Saul/Paul In Damascus preached in a number of synagogues, and it was some time before anyone set about trying to kill him
                  (Acts 9:20-24).
                  When they did try, he escaped to Jerusalem, where Grecian Jews made another attempt on his life, so he was sent to Tarsus.
                  Later, with Barnabas, he was welcomed into a synagogue in Pisidian Antioch.
                  Before long there was bad blood, and the two of them were expelled from the region (Acts 13:13-52).
                  Off they went to Iconium, where they narrowly escaped death by stoning (Acts14:1-7).
                  They then fled to Lystra, where Paul was stoned and left for dead (Acts 14:8-20).
                  Later, in Philippi, Paul and Silas were charged with causing an uproar.
                  They escaped a rampaging mob only for magistrates to have them flogged and imprisoned(Acts 16:16-24).
                  Here the sophisticated citizens seem to have regarded him with bemused contempt, so he was soon on his way again (Acts 17:16-34).
                  When he arrived in Corinth, he spent every Sabbath speaking, and was soon being abused and attacked once again.
                  In Ephesus he spent three months speaking in the synagogue before the derision of the inhabitants defeated him(Acts 19:1-9)
                  He was transferred to Caesarea in order to avoid an assassination attempt by forty men who, for some unstated reason, had taken a solemn oath to kill him (Acts 23:12-23).
                  Why Paul had such an effect on people is not easy to tell.
                  What he said to cause such hatred?.

                  Paul's personality would seem decidedly odd as He has visions that are suspect in the extreme.
                  He gives three contradictory accounts of his conversion and claims divine intelligence that was denied to the apostles.
                  He likens himself to an angel of God and even to Jesus Christ (Galatians 4:14).
                  He believes, or at least claims, that he is being crucified along with Jesus (Galatians 2:20), and that he bears the marks to prove it (Galatians 6:17).
                  He refers to an otherwise unknown gospel, which he refers to as "my gospel" and says will be used by God to judge mankind.
                  He hints, rather heavily, that he has visited Heaven (the third heaven to be precise — 2 Corinthians 12:2-6),
                  and refers repeatedly to his visionary contact with the divine (e.g. Ephesians3:3 and Colossians 1:25-26).
                  He believes himself able to judge others at a distance, being present in spirit to try them.
                  He can then pass sentence by means of a letter, condemning people to be handed over to Satan for the destruction of the flesh — presumably some form of unlawful killing
                  (1 Corinthians5:1-5). etc
                  He seems to know nothing of the gospels, just as they seem to know nothing of him.
                  Paul threatens, abuses and blusters, appointing himself as an additional apostle.
                  He has no qualms about lying if he thinks that he is doing so for the greater glory of God:

                  Such claims were met with scepticism:
                  when Paul came to Jerusalem the disciples did not believe that he was one of their number (Acts 9:26).
                  So~~~well Educated people have continued to distrust him down the centuries.
                  Thomas Jefferson called him the "first corrupter of the doctrines of Jesus".
                  did president Thomas Jefferson = get it right?

                  There are 34 verses on the crowds re-action to the Saviour.
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	Luke+9-11+The+Crowds+Followed+Jesus+red.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	85.6 KB
ID:	60152

                  Mark 10:1
                  Getting up, He went from there to the region of Judea and beyond the Jordan; crowds gathered around Him again, and, according to His custom, He once more began to teach them.
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	luke-18-22-300x251.jpg
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                    the apostle paul 1 of 5 ''founders'' of the christian church

                    manifested ....strife, bad feelings, rabble-rousing, and divisional chaos.
                    is this not manifested out today as 30000+ divisions all think '' they are the true church'.

                    wars aka - church wars - Which wars are these?
                    If you study church history, you’ll discover that Christians have been fighting over worship from its beginnings
                    its the 1st principle - it works every time.
                    The leader is warlike - sit under this church teachings - become warlike - church history PROVES wrong teachers, make wrong people.

                    truth out
                    The majority of church people today, including Roman Catholics do not know about the true bloody history of their christian CULT-ure.
                    The true history of the Church has been hidden away from the eyes of the masses, through the re-writing of the history books, so that they cannot see the truth about the antichrist churches, otherwise known as Babylon,


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                      despite the chaos of christianity are there still HIS SERVANTS here ?

                      KINGDOM SERVANTS

                      “I have chosen My Elect as I chose David says The Lord.
                      I looked on the heart and found a man after My own heart and so too I chose you My beloved.
                      I have taken you from your natural circumstances and brought you to the place of My perfecting that I might burn out of you the Adamic nature and transform you into my Divine Image.
                      This has been My work as I have prepared My Temple says The Lord.
                      I now see the work of My hands and again I see that it is good.
                      I am the creator of all things and I have created a people who shall come forth Glorified and Immortal.
                      You shall see all things as a New Man as Adam did before he fell, but you will never fall because it is impossible as you are in My Image.
                      You are My servants and have found grace in My eyes.
                      I have drawn you and sheltered you and even though you have had enormous changes in your lives, this has been for your good says The Lord.
                      You are My servants of Inheritance.
                      Some of you are frustrated and still face natural burdens in your lives but these will leave you as you awake in My Image.
                      I had the same feelings when on earth but found My refuge on the mountains of natural Jerusalem alone.
                      Let your thoughts arise to My high Spiritual mountain of Zion and live in My presence for there you shall find My Spiritual dwelling place.
                      This will gladden your heart and make joyful your downcast soul.
                      Fear not My servants, for My eye and hand are upon you saith The Lord.
                      You will be a New Servant never before seen on the earth.
                      You will have power and authority over creation.
                      The earth will wonder at your origins but will be in awe of My Kingdom Peace which you will birth.
                      I will provide all of your needs in due time.
                      I will take your burdens and you will no longer carry them.
                      I love you and rejoice for the day when I shall declare “these are My beloved Sons, hear them””.

                      larry wilson


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                        it is a simple logic...showing THE TRUE WISDOM OF MESSIAH

                        Well let me put it this way
                        From the beginnings of the church at Antioch, strife, unrest, riots, upset and murder where the manifestations of this church under the leadership of 5 non apostles.
                        Hence the same spirit has traveled up the generational RELIGIOUS blood lines, till today and this same spirit still manifests out into this world but in different faces.
                        same old same old
                        The devilish false stream of his TEACHINGS, does look so attractive to the masses , that is why the church promotes this teaching.
                        The devil is never a horned beast, smelling rotten, that people shy away from
                        No no
                        The devil is so attractive most cannot resist as his ''angels of light'' use 1/2 truth to gain a following of those church sheep that go to the slaughter.

                        MESSIAH used a very different manifestation and wooed the masses to His teaching.
                        He used HIS Father's love, though-out each day and allowed this divine essence to outflow from HIMSELF

                        YOU KNOW SOMETHING VERY SPECIAL

                        WHEN LOVE is the true center of our being, [it is called AGAPE] it restores our cells, and re-organizes our spiritual energy and this presence, radiates out like a shield, to those near and dear.

                        They were all amazed at the way he taught, because he spoke with authority.
                        Luke 4 v 32

                        never forget - its only the heathen who rage. and also never forget FEAR cannot stay in the mind that has been perfected in LOVE.


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                          Lucy J. no one is really reading you.

                          Lucy J. how do ye overcome the first death, is it by lying to yourself that ye can't or will not die, because we don't see your answer?

                          PS: Even Messiah did not overcome the first death, do ye think that ye are better than Him too?


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                            YOU HAVE TO escape THE SIN AND THE PLAGUES of a church called Babylon [confusion]

                            you have to be HONEST to yourself....

                            Brian McLaren write:

                            “Sadly, for centuries at a time in too many places to count, the Christian religion has downplayed, misconstrued, or forgotten the secret message of Jesus entirely.
                            Instead of being about the kingdom of God coming to earth, the Christian religion has too often become preoccupied with abandoning or escaping the earth and going to heaven.
                            Too often its members have forgotten the teachings of Jesus about making peace and turning the other cheek and crossing boundaries to serve people formerly considered ‘outsiders’.

                            they have, instead, launched or baptized wars, perpetuated racism, and defended an unjust status quo.

                            they have betrayed the message that the kingdom of God is available for all, beginning with the least and the last and the lost – and instead have believed and taught that the kingdom of God is available for the elite, beginning with the correct and the clean and the powerful.

                            their music has too often been discordant, shallow, or played… without feeling and passion…
                            And whenever that happens, our audiences do exactly as they should: they ignore us and our message, or they turn from us in boredom or disgust.”

                            This is the praxis and loci of the “divided” Church.
                            And while the Church preaches a false salvation, the world drowns in their own self made whirlpool.

                            No one preaches values and morals anymore because they are afraid of offending their congregations; inciting public outrage and courting the ire of the powers that be.
                            After all, who would offend those who are paying them, right?

                            now for some truth
                            Preachers pacify and classify in order to satisfy.
                            They don’t preach reality they preach maybes.
                            If you’re good maybe you will go to Heaven.

                            We are in the church age of Laodicea.

                            The question many are asking – how did the Church become so divided in its ethos, mission and mandate?
                            The answer is SIMPLE!
                            It was “infiltrated” by specious forces of evil cloaked in the form of “secret societies”- a cocktail of decadent primordial spirits which has transmorphed over many generations resulting in what we now find ourselves plagued with today.

                            Really can it be proven?
                            Can we eye witness and say ''Oh My God i never knew that''.

                            THEY HAVE THEIR ''SECRET SIGNS'' freemason as saul/paul was a 33deg mason,[ the master builder] as his name is included in the Freemason encyclopedia.
                            yes... from its very beginnings the serpent offspring was at work
                            NOT 1 PERSON ever had the same MINISTRY as our Saviour YET, AREN''T WE SUPPOSED TO BECOME his image and likeness?

                            well SIGH.
                            proves my point.


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                              so ~~deceived sheep of ''good faith'' did this suddenly happen? the tares rule

                              and you die from lack of knowledge?
                              oh~~~ it just happened?

                              wrong wrong wrong = you need to SEEK out the truth and the truth always begins at the beginning - so - go back to the beginning= way way way way back - then back even further..............maybe you are not ''''back enough''''''

                              the overthrow began at the beginning,.
                              ''''they'''''' clearly and intentionally planned to completely take over goodwill, goodnews, + christianity through Freemasonry, and have it completely under their power.
                              And they did it, of course, by way of deception and infiltration.

                              but hey
                              Where was this beginning.?
                              WELL it began with Elohim Gen 1
                              and then
                              the LORD God came forth in Gen 2 - a new being arrives NAMED the LORD GOD
                              AS WE follow this ''i have now taken over god'' we find the 1 god THE LORD GOD is a PLURAL called ''let us''

                              So in Gen the ''let us'' plural LORD gods go down and CONFUSE THEIR 1 LANGUAGE into many, AND BABYLON now became '' THE confused''.
                              Well on a principle of ORDER or confusion = can you SHOW me anywhere in the divine creation of nature where true CONFUSION reigns.
                              please point it out from me.
                              oppps NO you cannot?
                              so IF THE WORD CREATED ORDER IN ALL THINGS, why is ''the LORD God'' creating confusion?

                              Satan's secret society precedes Nimrod, but with Nimrod his system began to take the human shape that has persisted to this day
                              This Babylonish system is the ultimate secret society of which Satan is the head.
                              According to ''THE CRAFT''
                              Craft legends recorded Nimrod was a Mason who “loved” the (spurious) sciences.
                              Nimrod was captivated with aggression stemming from his newly found power. He is celebrated as a great Mason, who applied his trade as he pleased.
                              Not only was Nimrod a great Mason, but also he was the Grand Master, the leader of the new cult.
                              Nimrod, in fact, was the first Masonic Grand Master for the postdiluvian world.
                              He was the Grand Master who paraded the postdiluvian world into disaster.
                              The Regius Manuscript supports this notion that not Solomon but Nimrod was indeed the first Excellent Grand Master of the postdiluvian Masons.

                              Very few professing Christians even begin to grasp the enormity of the deception orchestrated by Satan the Devil.
                              NOW ASK ABOUT YOUR CULT-ure
                              "How did I come to believe what I now believe about religion, morality and the entire purpose of human existence? If my friends and I have just blindly gone along with generally accepted ideas, isn't it likely that most other people have also done the same?
                              Is it possible that we have blindly accepted false religious ideas which have, in fact, greatly affected the way our entire societies have developed—the kind of legal systems, educational systems and religious systems that we have devised and that we take for granted?"

                              Satan has, in fact, established a counterfeit religion in order to mislead the entire world, but the great Creator will soon intervene to send Jesus Christ back to the earth as "King of kings and Lord of lords" (Revelation 19:16).
                              ask where did this counterfeit begin?