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D.a.m.n.a.t.i.o.n. ===== woowwwwoeee=== the damned....shudder shudder

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  • D.a.m.n.a.t.i.o.n. ===== woowwwwoeee=== the damned....shudder shudder

    Damnation is a ''classical Elizabethan'' word.
    A word from dramatic English play-writer pens AND IS VERY intense.
    We are blessed to know that King James English was not the language to N.T. Bible was written in.
    That form of English makes it difficult at times to grasp what is being said.
    To compound the problem, a large number of the words carried a different thought than what they do today.

    There are errors in all the translations of the Bible, and the mass of Christianity is basing their lives on the bible's supposed infallibility.

    DAMNATION is one of the words that needs to be addressed.
    Rather than the resurrection of damnation, it is more accurately
    The resurrection of crisis,
    The resurrection of judgment,
    The resurrection of turning.
    If we were to stand on the premise that Grk work '''''krisis'''' means damnation, and damnation speaks of an eternal punishment, all mankind is in serious trouble.
    the satanic church religion preached by those ''pimps in the pulpit'' says the He will do it to most of them.

    So~~~ ''''damnation''''~~~~ being a substantial part of the Church of England’s doctrine, they used damnation in reference to the resurrection Jesus spoke of.
    Apparently, when those to be judged seemed to be the more hardened sinners, especially the Pharisees, the translators took their liberty and used the harsh damnation as the word for Grk krisis.
    The Church of England may have been delivered from Roman Catholicism; but like the others, this church kept many of her old doctrines,
    - especially that of eternal hellfire and damnation of the lost.
    And this has been erroneously carried down to our day and said to be the nature of the great white throne judgment.

    Some feel that God's "damnation" is composed of hellfire which will consume and annihilate the lost,
    - while the vast majority who walk in the broad way believe that those who are raised in the second resurrection are thereafter cast into the lake of fire to be tortured forever.

    yes - that '' old man of sin' in each of us is eventually annihilated.
    "Dante's Inferno" — it is exactly that.
    It is Dante's!
    It isn't our Father's!

    Centuries ago the doctrine of eternal torment in searing hellfire and brimstone swept into the RC Church like fire itself.
    It is pagan in origin, and its roots are largely in Assyrian mythology.

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    Comparing the gods~~~

    Such doctrines picture OUR ABBA with a violent temper, [ A left over from the O.T. Yah's gods]

    His actions are always justified only because "He is God."

    This portrays Him as unforgiving and relentlessly vindictive.
    BUT the church Christian father of modern Christendom has watered down His temper.
    They picture Him as a caring Father for several thousand years as He tries to persuade His fallen creation to come back to Him, but always failing.
    He is shown as being weak in the face of rebellious men.

    The sad part is, there are so many in the Church have the same mind-set of those ancient O.T. cruel revengeful gods
    alas the story goes something like this
    "I hope that drunkard confessed Jesus as Lord before he died; but if he didn't, he is burning in hell where he belongs.
    And this doesn't bother me, for that is the way it is — He deserves it."

    The poster Elijah [on L A forum] has this church mindset as he has expressed very similar views of a revenging god.

    It is so ghastly.
    A vile belief makes for a vile churched man.
    The thought of a drunk writhing in boiling lava and searing flames with no possibility of ever escaping, does not bother them;
    If I [Lucy] tell them of Our Father's ultimate plan of restoration for all, they get fire-eating mad.
    Why so?
    They have been trained up by the gods of the O.T. filled with revenge and hatreds towards humans.
    THOSE TEMPER TAMTRUMS OF Yah's still have a hold upon the churched captive


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      " The great white throne judgment '' enrages them to a very vivid imagination

      All those schemes of the carnal religious mind have had their day of painting detailed pictures of a giant-like God sitting upon a huge throne in the heavens somewhere with the mass of unsaved humanity anxiously standing around and waiting their turn to be judged.

      hang on -Just for the sake of curiosity, entertain this thought for a moment.
      hmmmmm….let me think

      Say - From the time of Adam to the end of 21st century, it is estimated that 80 to 120 billion people will have died without "saying the sinner's prayer,"
      having never belonged to the "right church,"
      never believed in "church dogmas,"
      whatever else man's darkened minds have conjured up as what constitutes "salvation."

      Say ~ the world soon comes to an end, there are 100 billion lost souls over the past 6,000 years who are suddenly resurrected, and the "great white throne judgment" begins.
      So carnally, assume that each person is going to have their "day in court."
      Like any court proceedings, the judge (God) will supposedly read what His heavenly bookkeepers had steadfastly written concerning everything every person had ever done during their lifetime.
      This would take much too long to read each book of so many souls, and then pass sentence upon them.
      We can therefore conclude that things will be speeded up a bit.
      Say He will spend about one minute per person.
      If this scenario should be the case,
      How long do you suppose it would take to process all those billions?

      It would take 1,666,666,666 hours, or 190,258 years for this foreboding judgment to be completed.
      Should He only spend 1 second on each case, it would still take more than 3,000 years.



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        Oh dear those carnal christian sure are stupid...

        Jesus said of Himself that all judgment was committed to the Son of man (John 5:22,27)

        therefore, at 60 seconds per case,
        it would be close to 200,000 years before He had a free minute to fellowship with the saints.

        But assume that Jesus doesn't have the stomach for such an ordeal, that He has asked His stern Father to take care of it,
        and He is not taking part in these long, drawn- out, exhausting court proceedings.
        This would free Him to sit on His throne in Jerusalem and get acquainted for the "first time" with the lucky one billion saved Christians.

        if this is the way it will be, we can expect a long line.
        If He gives each person only 60 seconds of His time, it will still take 1,902 years to get our minute with Him, and then it will take another 1,902 years before we get to see Him again.

        Our short visits will come around every 1900 years or so; that is, if He does nothing but
        * shake hands,
        * hug necks,
        * bless people night and day without ever taking a break.

        If He takes care of other affairs of the kingdom, it will be much longer before we see Him again.
        I don't particularly enjoy giving time to such thoughts.

        But they need to be addressed; and after seeing how irrational they are~~~~


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          Christian Myth - Hellfire

          Christian Myth - Hellfire
          In "Hellfire Myths", Sheol (or Hades), Gehenna and the Lake of Fire are discussed with relation to hell, fire, and damnation.
          Did Jesus preach hellfire?
          Is the tormenting hell of Plato and Homer a Biblical teaching?

          Hell's Eternal Burning
          Fact or myth?
          Does or can anything burn forever?
          Let's use the example of wood in your fireplace.
          When the fire is almost out, you have embers and a lot of charred wood, but then eventually ashes.
          Why is that?
          That is of course a simple answer we all know, which is that you must have 3 things: fuel, friction, and oxygen to continue burning.
          So if wood does not burn forever, how can people burn in hell forever?

          The eternal fire that Jesus spoke of and which was recorded at Matthew 25:41 was prepared "for the devil and his angels."
          First point is that it was not prepared for humans, which begs the question,
          - then how can one imagine that a literal fire could burn spirit creatures?

          It can't.

          Revelation 20:10 says that the Devil will be cast into "the lake of fire" and "tormented day and night for ever and ever."
          IF the Devil were to be tortured for all eternity, would not God then have to preserve him alive in order for eternal torturing to take place?
          Yet in Hebrews at 2:14, the Bible says Jesus will "destroy him" (KJV), and another version phrases it as "bring to nothing."

          Click image for larger version

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          If the dead no longer know anything and their "thoughts perish", how could they sense any torment in hell?
          You ask anyone that speaks Hebrew, and they will tell you that "sheol" does not equate with the words, burn in hell, hellfire or damnation.


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            fear = control = fear comes from lack of knowledge

            Now we get to the rub!!

            For this is the REAL REASON for the addition of this satanic evil corruption – FEAR! FEAR! FEAR!
            Oh how the Papist illegitimates love to put FEAR into their duped lemming followers.
            Without FEAR and mind numbing superstition the Cainite-Judeo-Christian religion would cease to exist.

            Always remember folks that FEAR is the OPPOSITE OF LOVE.
            People KILL what they FEAR.
            FEAR is the breeding ground for mindless uncontrolled HATE.

            the RELIGIOUS rulers had Jesus killed out from a devilish mindless uncontrolled hate.


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              Fear of HELL TEACHING is surrounded by ''fruits that appeal to the eyes and ears''

              the church from Hell
              that teaches on Hell.
              this APPEALING church is so good to those carnal eyes and ears.
              so their deception continues and few ever notice their C.A.P.T.I.V.I.T.Y.
              The eyes cannot see for the ''religious glitz before them''
              Many Evangelical Christians suppose that the Catholic Church is unattractive and that its worship is a dull, meaningless round of ceremony.
              Here is their mistake!
              While Rome is based on deception, it is not a coarse and clumsy imposture.

              The liturgy of the Catholic Church is a most impressive ceremonial service.
              Its gorgeous display and solemn rites fascinate the senses of the people and silence the voice of reason and conscience.

              The eye is charmed.

              Magnificent church buildings,
              * imposing processions,
              * golden altars with golden chalices,
              * bejewelled shrines,
              * choice paintings,
              * exquisite sculpture appeal to the love of beauty.

              The ear is also captivated.

              The music is unsurpassed.
              The rich notes of the deep toned organ,
              * blended with the melody of many voices
              * it swells through the lofty domes and pillared aisles of her grand cathedrals,
              * cannot fail to impress the mind with awe and reverence.

              However this outward splendour, pomp and ceremony only mocks the longings of the sin-sick soul, that is an evidence of inward corruption.”
              their ''hell'' awaits them.....