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'''THE TRUE NATURE''' = is likened to Messiah- CAN WE RECEIVE the same likeness

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  • '''THE TRUE NATURE''' = is likened to Messiah- CAN WE RECEIVE the same likeness

    Can we really become HIS TRUE NATURE HERE
    YES but it very difficult without His teaching and anointing that breaks our carnal minded Yoke
    - The frequency of nakedness [slavery to the system] and Blindness [ not wishing to change but still remain very religious]

    The sad truth is the christian religion, fails to make anyone INTO HIS TRUE NATURE.
    alas it is so.

    The good news is
    - YES when we are chosen we begin ''the change''
    - Its the escape plan into Saviour's image that sets the captive free

    RELIGIOUS people, locked into the religious indoctrination will never be CHANGED
    This can ONLY happen as Messiah calls you out from that abomination and de-programmes you FROM its evil
    the true nature .
    Consists of the believer choosing to operate on the divine principals in their life.
    These believers have placed themselves IN the divine hands of the Father to do as He wills in their life.

    This telling- is to those "who with patience continue to do good, seeking glory, honor and immortality," and believe that He will grant to them His "eternal life."
    BTW -should doubters be annoyed by this revelation, DONT mock but pray to understand because ''lack of knowledge is a killer''

    The imparting of His divine character into our being with His actual substances is the Father's STRONG desire.

    We [BELIEVERS] are re-born as His Sons and Daughters when He draws us and we receive His spirit into our spirit.
    As newborn babes, we are trained in the way we should go so that all the hindrances to His divine nature are removed.

    The capacity for His nature is developed as we learn to submit to His divine instructions and discipline.
    Divine Instruction
    Click image for larger version

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    In Heb.12: 4-12,the divine instructions are mapped out for us to observe and partake.
    [This passage of scripture does not deal with our martyrdom in the earth or our sacrifices to the world.]
    It is a detailed description of how our divine Father works in His EKKLESIA to bring about His harvest.

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    IT IS THE REMOVAL of everything we ever ''accepted as our truth'' in all 4 areas.
    Financial, Political, Educational, and Religions entities in this world.
    Religion, being the most powerful entity of the four!
    All RULED OVER BY SATAN - as this whole world lies in wickedness

    THE TRUE PURPOSE of Godly disciplines is...
    This life giving form of discipline is to fashion His new creation, and so the focus of the Father's discipline is for our good
    so we may partake of His holiness and produce His righteousness and peace in the earth.
    The harvest full of righteousness and peace, the harvest for which there cannot be any harvest of souls unless the first fruits of the divine nature is revealed and available to the Father through his sons.
    James 5:7
    '' Be patient therefore, brethren, unto the coming of the Lord. Behold, the husbandman waiteth for the precious fruit of the earth, and hath long patience for it, until he receive the early and latter rain.
    John 15: 8
    "This is to My Father's Glory, that you may bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be My disciples."
    "Because he that bears much fruit remains in God and he can ask anything from the Father and He will give it to him.”
    (John 11:7)
    DO you receive anything you ask for?
    if not - reconsider your beliefs

    Operating in the Divine Nature
    If, I tell you that the Father is not interested in the great harvest of souls but only really cares for the harvest of righteousness and peace from His Sons and Daughters will you burn this PAGE as heresy?
    possibly - as apostacy abounds.

    The true nature of Mesiah is revealed on the cross to all generations.
    The true nature of the Father is revealed in that He gave us His only begotten Son as a sacrifice.

    The true nature of man’s religion is revealed on television.


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      TO WALK *HERE in the true nature OF THE SAVIOUR* - His believers have to

      understand their enemies AND then overcome them all.

      THE TRUE NATURE is an OVERCOMING one - to overcome Just as Jesus overcame all things. *HERE*
      [to Put it frankly - we have to overcome our own self and all those slavish beliefs that make us C.A.P.T.I.V.E.S to satan's systems]

      Under this new nature is when heaven and earth agree that the Father's will is done in the earth.
      It is when the Father and the Son are one that God is glorified on the earth.
      Those who do the greater works must accomplish these tasks through the divine nature for without Him you can do nothing.
      We must see that this is true. WHAT?
      All our best efforts mean nothing if we are not motivated by His nature.

      THE FACT remains we need to know our enemy and it is very tricky and subtle.

      here is how it goes .....
      *The human nature has no source of eternal life.
      *Human nature has no originality.
      *It cannot create the things of ABBA.
      When Satan stood up, He declared, " He would be like God.”
      *He would copy God.
      *Human nature has the same characteristics of its father.
      *Human nature tries to copy God.
      *It tries to be like God.
      *The human nature is able to imitate and act religious.
      *It loves to act like God and pretend to be like God.
      *It can be difficult to discern the difference.
      *No wonder why there is so much religious confusion.

      YOU HAVE TO REALISE all these above examples of '' the human nature'' is found in the O.T. and why it was so useless so imperfect and so weak
      - to stop human nature from manifesting
      They all died in the wilderness UNDER THIS HUMAN religious system

      come into the true UNDERSTANDING the O.T. is a imperfect picture of the religious human nature under satan -- therefore the human nature remained in CAPTIVITY.



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        The truth out is.

        THE O.T. is a perfect reflection of a demonic negative system, that makes people within it a captive to it.
        JESUS CAME with HIS GOODNEWS, that He saves us from this deformed vile abusive and cruel NEGATIVE belief
        When the Good News of the birth of Jesus was announced by angels
        IT WAS - ''peace on earth and goodwill to all men''

        CAN YOU SEE this awesome blessing here today 4/11/2019ad
        [for 2000yrs we all have had no peace, no goodwill to all men and no angels]
        WHY SO?
        the human nature, is still in control, under satan, + doing its own religious thing, that still causes wars strife chaos and destruction

        HIS BELIEVING few
        Meet with the Father face to face by freshly applying His new creature sayings to our life.
        Laying aside what seems important to us and picking up what is important to Him.
        It is interesting that we cannot do anything to earn our salvation for it is a gift.
        But the scriptures point out to us that there are some things we can and must do.

        For example, "despise not the chastening of the Lord.”
        We are not to despise what Our Father does in our life to discipline us.
        Rather, we are instructed to submit.
        The Lord spoke to us "to abide in Him.”
        So we are to "despise not,” we are to "submit" to the Father and we are “to abide in Him.”
        These words become the key to His power

        DID YOU SEE - there is NO law abiding to Moses anyplace - that is the satanic controlled RELIGIOUS slavery OF THE HUMAN NATURE.


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          So to achieve the true nature....

          A believer has to overcome all things in Christ - the power verb of divine authority and heavenly manifestation.

          What does this mean?
          It means - to become victorious rather than to continually remain a victim.

          The ELECT are His overcomers
          - because they walked the walk of their Saviour...meaning footprint to footprint - they follow HIM to His cross.
          They denied themselves, of all those deformed unholy beliefs and habits THAT controlled their destiny = namely being dropped as a corpse into their grave.

          To the OVERCOMERS - the ''gates [or opening to the grave,] shall not overtake [ get the better of] them''
          TO PUT IT ALL PURE AND SIMPLY - we are to be switched over from the negative [ of satan ] into the positive[of Abba]
          When we walk IN THE VICTORY,
          - satan hates us more than life
          - just as he did to Messiah and
          - he will stop at nothing to smear the victorious messengers
          - as they walk their victory walk as THEIR PERSONAL TESTIMONY that overcame satan

          God's elect are here on earth to testify against Satan, just as their Saviour did AMEN


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            AND HOW TO MANIFEST the Saviour's likeness HERE AND NOW
            TO ''OVERCOME'' satan by a series of ''mini-deaths'' to OUR former human carnal self.

            This whole process is called ''our transformation''
            Into what?
            A brand new lifeform here called His NEW creature [ UNDER Christ workmanship]
            So to do this is
            is a terrible process of GOING Through each shadow of fear, sin, habit THAT encompass the believer in their daily lives here.
            This divine discipline continues into a VICTORY WALK till the day dawns and the FULLNESS of Christ is imparted, via, our ''series of mini deaths to our carnal unsound minds''

            All those natural laws and beliefs from the Matrix that govern our lives in this world - equals a gross negative.
            This EVIL bondage must be broken so that old creation in us, can be eliminated to make room for His New creation to be formed HERE in us now.

            If you are still dependent upon this worldly system for each need - you have not been processed into His workmanship via HIS SPIRIT OF LIFE

            Click image for larger version

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            These believer's mini deaths to self are like '' a string of pearls'' to our Father and His SON.

            IT IS TO BE REMEMBERED '''THE EVIL APOSTLE FEAR'' is a real challenge.
            He must be fully removed as he paralyses the mind.

            THE TRUE NATURE developing in His people IS A DISEMPOWERING PROCESS TO REMOVE The carnal '''YOU'' out and place MESSIAH within you.
            When confronted by the old man and his negative life style with all its problems - ask what am I to learn from this situation.
            Then overcome it with joy knowing you are on His victory walk


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              its the ANOINTING that breaks the joke TO THE SLAVISH DESIRES OF THE old man

              without this holy anointing, nothing will change and the same old hang-ups and demonic desires will remain
              I think the ANOINTING is like a super charged electric shock, that flames you up out from that negative energy of the enemy and disperses it.
              I do believe the words ''Passover from death to life'' here = are true.
              you can feel it.
              like a power surge.
              the spirit of life within IS AWAKENED AND STANDS UP like a divine SENTINAL of truth and life.
              the true nature is SHIFTING the old man out, and replacing him with the NEW MAN.

              Realise that from birth we are told to believe in all the wrong things.

              shift your identity from carnal religious man to NEW divine CREATURE... then see the 2 cannot co-habit
              one must go.
              but THE PAIN of dying to self is terrible this is why millions of pew people insist on ''works'' of the law - that achieve nothing but the tomb.
              THE CHILD BIRTH of this new creature is very painfull.

              it is called THE MANCHILD BIRTHED OUT FROM THE divine born again womb.
              most people never know about this MANCHILD. [ the people transformed here into the divine image]


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                perhaps this will help you to understand the true YOU

                '' YOU ARE A SPIRITUAL BEING
                Lowered unwillingly into a 3D world.
                These clothes of THIS world are unfitting
                THEY SCRATCH, CHOKE, AND CHAFT my skin

                When I first came here to the 3D world
                I was like everyone else
                I believed my clothes were my true clothes
                For I never remembered my former dimension
                I did realise something is terribly amiss

                Something vital was missing
                That caused me great pains
                if I CANNOT REMEMBER MY TRUTH
                What remains?
                I feel nothing but chains

                Everything that is so beautiful
                Seems to lay dormant within me
                I FEEL I AM ONLY A PAPER CUT OUT
                But more flesh than cardboard.
                I secretly know I am not from here
                I DO NOT BELONG
                In this place of separation
                I NEED TO find my way HOME''

                I hope ye have learnt well from my telling


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                  the manchild = who is this?

                  this word is to encourage the Sons and Daughters of God, that we HIS family of Light.
                  Trust into the Name of God, (The Lord Jesus Christ), and Stay upon our ABBA.
                  No matter what is said, no matter what attacks are hurled our way, Stay upon our ABBA.

                  This word “stay” literally means that “He will support you”.
                  Walk in the revelation we have been given and know that in this Light is our perfection.

                  The current day religious will attack us for the words we speak.
                  I have been called a heretic, a jezebel and other assorted abusive names by the fear-filled and the ignorant as I tell of the Glorious truth of this realm.
                  I am glad for this,
                  for it shows me that the enemy is trying to stop the Truth.

                  You will never see people walking out of the social religious organisations for they all walk in the light of their own fires and present no threat to the enemy.
                  In fact you will see their churches expanding, and they will give themselves credit for being wonderful churches.
                  But their leaders have their sheep in captivity to their own light.

                  those with 2 feet in the basic church rituals called religion will not understand - but still the word goes forth to ''whosoeverwill''

                  The Manchild company
                  Are HIS precious Sons and Daughters who were predestined by Him before the foundation of the world to bear HIS Glory here
                  They were chosen Spiritually by HIM before THEY were conceived.
                  The human mind does not understand this because it will only accept things that are factual, but HE formed them in HIS heart before they were conceived naturally in the mothers’ wombs.
                  When THE WORD spoke creation into being, so too were THEY created and sang with HIM in the heavens on the day of creation,

                  Now THEY live on the earth as HIS Manchild company of Sons and Daughters those Faithful Ones and those Elect ones.
                  The world does not know them
                  The religious church rejects them but this is because they do not understand the things of HIS Kingdom.
                  When they REJECT THIS DIVINE FAMILY they reject HIM to their own judgement.

                  THE MANCHILD is the New priesthood anointed to birth as HIS Kingdom Day on the earth.
                  They are His New creation with His Glory and Immortality in them.


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                    the true nature is TO BE RAISED UP out from the dead..this world is captive to death

                    the true nature in His saints has progressively passed over from death into HIS ENDLESS LIFE here.
                    that is what the GOODNEWS is,
                    aka -the changing of realms HERE.,

                    The sheep [who hear His voice] are AWAKENED OUT FROM THEIR SLEEP, from under the the inferior position of the Law

                    If ye desire to remain inferior - go obey the 613 laws of Moses.... that sure will make you inferior,
                    The Jews under the Laws of Moses REMAINED captive to THE GRAVE of moral darkness.
                    The grave is a low and debased position.
                    From this depraved state, they had to be awakened by the preaching of the Kingdom of Heaven

                    so what is needed is THE KEY OF KNOWLEDGE
                    The “key of knowledge” is the essential key to grasping the true message of Messiah, and as the teachers of 2000 years ago took this away from the people then,
                    * so today have the majority of the Christian teachers taken it away from the people,
                    * almost none of them talking about the key of knowledge or making any effort to restore it.

                    Jesus became THE OPEN DOOR for people, so that the Spirit of Truth could speak directly through Him to them and thus give the people a true message,
                    *a message which could empower people to reconnect themselves with the Spirit.
                    As Jesus said, “God is Spirit, and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.”
                    * Those WHO PLACE THEMSELVES UNDER THE LAW OF MOSES are of a limited intellect.
                    * They dwell on a very low vibration which closes off their understanding.
                    * Those born again are another race and have a direct perception of the higher vibrations of the HOLY spirit world, that can detect vibrations.
                    This IS THE KEY OF KNOWLEDGE, and it is your personal open door between the lower vibrations of the material world and the higher vibrations of the spirit world.


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                      there are certain understandings a saint grows into

                      and NO ''Rome was not built in a day''
                      WHY NOT?
                      There are seasons of spiritual growth.

                      today at 7 -37pm on the 10/11/2019 - a thought came to my mind.
                      just a thought - a wee revelation
                      on '' HOW TO ATTAIN to Messiah's light body'' as per Math 17

                      i was startled by this thought,
                      Yes i do know all about His white light body
                      - our original body with the correct codes [DNA]
                      not the deformed ones we have now

                      so i am rather interested on how this will pan out as a processive walk.
                      This light body happens as we have renewed thinking or change of thoughts.

                      yes, the foresight does come, and the unwrapping of our grave clothes has begun, so His Ekklesia can walk IN HIS SAME IMAGE here


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                        there is prayer / there is FELLOWSHIP prayer is a petition - fellowship is intimacy

                        Originally posted by LucySmith View Post
                        and NO ''Rome was not built in a day''
                        WHY NOT?
                        There are seasons of spiritual growth.

                        today at 7 -37pm on the 10/11/2019 - a thought came to my mind.
                        just a thought - a wee revelation
                        on '' HOW TO ATTAIN to Messiah's light body'' as per Math 17

                        i was startled by this thought,
                        Yes i do know all about His white light body
                        - our original body with the correct codes [DNA]
                        not the deformed ones we have now

                        so i am rather interested on how this will pan out as a processive walk.
                        This light body happens as we have renewed thinking or change of thoughts.

                        yes, the foresight does come, and the unwrapping of our grave clothes has begun, so His Ekklesia can walk IN HIS SAME IMAGE here

                        Father LOVES OUR INTIMATE MOMENTS.
                        AT THIS TIME WE DEVELOP his mind and thinking + to develop His sensitive nature.
                        This fellowship takes away all the negative vibrations, of the Matrix dark dead life.
                        Because OF HIS POWER and fullness of energy, we too partake of this same quality
                        The negative thinking of the carnal christian deletes all supernatural experiences.
                        The Kingdom is all about our new thinking and a totally different experience - a as brand new creation is being formed.


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                          * the NATURE* Displayed in Math 17 [#17 in bible numerics - victory]

                          The VICTORY WALK
                          Yes, the foresight does come, and the unwrapping of our grave clothes has begun, to end in our conversion into a body of Life and light.
                          Messiah suggests His path for His Believer, and then proceeds to ''FINISH HIS WORKMANSHIP'' upon His Ekklesia
                          No believer-is left in the dark of this new creation and all that it involves IN THE FORMING OF THE BODY OF christ POWER- and how this divine race is won.

                          The phrase ''to come up into the high Mountain'' - is to ascend into the highest frequency of all L.O.V.E.

                          * moving from one type of being into another type of being = HERE and NOW
                          By continuing to come up into a new levels of spiritual growth [ now this really means - to continue to arise into a high frequency of power]
                          As the Believer ''waxes STRONG IN THEIR SPIRIT'' - they grow stronger to survive EACH LEVEL of 'christ power/energy' called '' the power of His might''
                          [did you know in the bible only 3 men ''waxed strong in their spirit'']

                          that is what Messiah needs - not RELIGIOUS wimps but STRONG BELIEVERS IN DIVINE STRENGTH
                          KNOWING about - THEN UNDERSTANDING the Mt of transfiguration IS JUST THE BEGINNING
                          - but is our true Path our Saviour has instore For His people to walk on

                          dont tell Jesus what you need
                          ASK HIM - WHAT HE NEEDS from you - and He will show you HIS PATH to transfiguration


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                            one of the stumbling blocks to tranformation is the devils ploy of

                            ''our SIN CONSCIOUSNESS'' ''YOU SINNER YOU''
                            The devil plays the ''our sin card'' TO PERFECTION
                            He is expert at '' accusing''

                            did you know + do you fully understand - the sin question
                            -*it* has been dealt with
                            - do you understand that,????
                            - do you have a problem, that your sin was dealt with?
                            well its between you and the devil.
                            - for our S.A.V.I.O.U.R. fixed it all up

                            It is by living IN HIS PRESENCE WE BECOME CHANGED and not by any religious works or ritual that the religious man loves.
                            yes there is no harm in doing good
                            BUT, [ the'' but but bird'' said]
                            THE TRUE FACT IS - LIVING IN HIS PRESENCE is vital to our transforming processes because His presence radiates HIS GLORY and His believer goes from ''glory to glory'' amen
                            are you beginning to see ''the light''
                            Did Jesus take away the ''sins of the world''
                            well what is the matter with you ''unbeliever''
                            - you would rather believe the devil's whispers to us than the true facts?????

                            You need to get into that'' upper room experience'' - where those ''tongues of fire'' get hold of you and '''burn out the devil's whispers''' for once and for all
                            the sin factor has expired

                            there is NO greater study in the NT than the PRODIGAL SON - the most amazing secrets of our Father can be found within that STUDY
                            DO IT and become a changed person and actually FALL INLOVE WITH YOUR TRUE FATHER - ABBA AND HIS OVERWHELMING LOVE


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                              No!!! Amount of your religious works will win you ''brownie points''

                              There are no works we can do to merit salvation, but we do work our faith and we do work salvation.
                              We do not do works because we want to appease God, but we do God's works because His Spirit is in us working.
                              Heaven is not based on such a RELIGIOUS merit system .
                              The Father desires that His children trust Him quietly and completely
                              False religion, or Babylon, teaches that they cannot really cease from sin.
                              They teach that because their religion makes it impossible to cease from sin.
                              When a man has true religion, he will cease from sin, for it is written,
                              "Whosoever abideth in him sinneth not: whosoever sinneth hath not seen him, neither known him...whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; for his seed remaineth in him: and he cannot sin, because he is born of God."
                              1 John 3:6&9.

                              Many church people do not know ABBA, so they go about doing God favors so they might appease Him.
                              They may make it a law that everyone has to keep Saturday/Sunday holy as a day of worship as has been done in various parts of the world.
                              They may have a good deal of display in their worship service.

                              One day Father will remove this falseness.

                              When the Lord brings His people to translation, these fearful ones will stay behind.
                              They will wonder if it is the right time.
                              Those who enter the heavenly gates Here will be those who went forward full of faith and hope. AMEN

                              The Bible describes those who do not know God as the wicked.
                              People think that the wicked are those who do bad things like rape and steal and hurt people.
                              Yes, they are wicked, but it goes much farther than that.

                              The wicked are those who do not trust OUR FATHER enough to WALK BY FAITH and not by sight.
                              The wicked are those who are afraid to TRUST HIM.
                              This may well include ministers of churches or honored public officials, judges and teachers.
                              This includes mothers and dads who enjoy their families and take them out on picnics
                              They may attend church every week, pray, give offerings, don't drink, don't get an abortion and don't form gay relationships.
                              These may be good things, but the child of The Ekklesia works from different motives and desires.

                              We do not do good or decent things because it is right.
                              We do them because we have received OUR FATHER'S motives and desires.
                              He gives them freely to us.
                              We enjoy doing right because ABBA enjoys doing right and He is our heart's desire.
                              Where is your terror?
                              Where is your torment?
                              It is in not knowing ABBA.

                              If you knew Him, there would be no terror and fear.
                              If you knew Him, there would be no doubts and forebodings.
                              If you knew Him, you would know His HOUSE is already yours.
                              If you knew Him, you would know that your food is already given to you.
                              If you knew Him, you would know that salvation has been freely given to you.
                              Nothing can hurt you and no want can come upon you.
                              Nothing is impossible to you.

                              But, of course, for this to be realized by you, you must know it. You must knoW MY FATHER.