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    direct (something) to a new or different place or purpose.
    for 2000yrs
    THE gospel was been RE-DIRECTED towards ENTERING heaven [ to escape the myth of hell] rather than - seeking the truth of ''THY KINGDOM COME, THY WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN''
    so the true theme of Jesus mission has been lost and it is '' lets get into heaven after we die'' mentality.

    The churches present a gospel OF forget earth, lets die and get OUR REWARDS OF eternal bliss and enter into those ''pearly gates'' AND TALK TO ST PETER.
    RATHER THAN TO BECOME THE EXPRESSION of Messiah and HIS CHRIST POWER. ............................................HERE..............................................

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    The re-directed gospel

    has done NOTHING TO PRESENT TO THE PEOPLE the true Ministry of Our Saviour
    has misrepresented OUR FATHER, and His purpose of sending Immanuel to earth and that the earth has NO plan in the purposes of Our Father.

    IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR A HUMAN BEING TO live and function as Jesus did WITHOUT THE ''''Christ POWER'' LIVING within, as the Kingdom of heaven + DISPLAYED AS THE FRUITS of His spirit
    THEY believe, '' i give my heart to Jesus and i am saved [as an altar call, introduced by J. Finney]

    With the choir singing “Just As I am” softly in background, the evangelist instructs the crowd,
    I want every head bowed, every eye closed, no one looking around.
    If you have never asked Jesus to come into your heart as your personal Lord and Savior, you're on your way to hell.
    So slip up that hand.
    Or make your way to the front.
    Nobody is going to see you walk up here so slip up that hand
    Ah I see that hand.
    Yes, I see that hand
    I see someone walking up.
    Yes, and another one

    .............. all BALONEY...............................This goes on repeatedly for half an hour, even an hour, with all kinds of pleas, urgings, and even threats of damnation by the evangelist.
    From where did this typical “altar call” come?
    Most evangelicals would be surprised to learn that there never was such a thing from the time of the apostles until the 1820s.
    What prompted Finney to invent such “new measures”?
    It was his heretical doctrines.

    Click image for larger version

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    salvation is the passover from 1 realm into another and the saving of our spirit our soul and our body = a three way deal -HERE


    the KING DISPLAYED HIMSELF on the Mt of Transfiguration Math 17 v 1-2 as a light being here and now = and this display was '' a show and tell'' exercise, so that His people would BE AS HE IS HERE...........aka -.LIGHT.
    not dying and buried in a tomb, walking to the pearly gates and being allowed to enter.

    Church religion has redirected the focus to view heaven and die as ''gods best''.....of.....'wow we made it, we didn't see hell''
    = all lies.

    this church gospel, PREACHED, is not THE GOOD NEWS OF THE KINGDOM

    IN THE GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM, there is no sick people and no one dies a physical death.....


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      the PASS-OVER

      WHEN we PASSOVER from Vanity/Matrix system, WE
      CHANGE king and kingdoms

      THE PASSOVER means
      we have abandoned all claims to the ruler of this world and his satanic Matrix 3D kingdom OF DARKNESS.

      Passover is
      we have now turned back to our former divine likeness and blueprint as we move from glory to glory under His workmanship.
      OUT from His workmanship HE ALONE is creating a new form of life, never seen before.
      More glorious than ever imagined.


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        FROM the religious adamic carnal flesh mind that rules this universe under satan and his hoards to a NEW installed mind called SOUND
        A SOUND MIND is a christ mind
        an unsound mind is a fleshly adamic mind.

        A sound mind
        - a sound is a noise and a noise is an energy frequency

        Click image for larger version

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        THIS PICTURE IS the unconverted religious mind - NOT HEARING THE NEW SOUND THAT will redirect their thinking into THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN and all its abundant life.
        john 10 v 10

        THE NEW MIND is powered by the ''christ verb'' and WHEN INSTALLED will reproduce THE THINKING, the WORKS AND the MINISTRY OF OUR SAVIOUR.
        if you notice,. not 1 person has ever ministered in THE SOUND MIND of christ for 2000yrs.
        why not?

        the mind has stayed in the RELIGIOUS FLESH AND SO REMAINS UNSOUND - BY not HEARING THE NEW FREQUENCY SOUNDS of Our Saviour.
        Click image for larger version

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        millions cannot HEAR the NEW SOUND OF LIFE.

        Click image for larger version

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        MILLIONS NEVER cross over to passover from death into divine life - here.

        Click image for larger version

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        they are TRAPPED inside a programme THE MATRIX'' of religious thinking - to die there from LACK OF KNOWLEDGE.

        Click image for larger version

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        THE MIND OF 99% OF SOULS ON EARTH have been misdirected, never to understand THE POWER, OF A NEW MIND.


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          what? SOUNDS are those that all religious souls did'nt hear? alas

          the sounds or higher frequency of divine energy of the MELCHIDEZEKIAN ORDER.= “My King Is Righteousness”

          Click image for larger version

Name:	Order-of-Melchizedek.jpg
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          = WITH the order of priests superior to all others.

          Click image for larger version

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          religious souls remain UNDER THE ORDER OF AARON and die from lack of knowledge

          Click image for larger version

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          the religious ears are turned away from this Holy sound, they cannot HEAR, the SOUND of this ancient Order of IMPERISHABLE LIFE.

          it is the saddest thing, TO WASTE YOUR LIFE worshipping a gross deception, being played out upon you, as a scam of satan's


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            Here is a 1984 double speak from the ancient past.

            I am a loving God that takes his wrath upon all who are
            against me.”

            Do you realize how this statement will create confusion and slowly begin to change the programming of the DNA,
            the double speak leads to a confused mind THAT now will CONFUSE THE dna CODES WITHIN
            the darkness of WRATH is mingled with the light frequency of LOVE.
            [ITS THE WRONG DOWNLOADED programme.]

            WHEN Jesus was on this earth He gave a warning, a specific caution that has been ignored by many of those that claim to follow Him.
            THE WHEAT AND THE TARES grow side by side,
            The Children of Abba and the sons of cain.

            THE DECIPHER KEY so few use is
            THE FRUIT each personality bears - as a life testimony
            ONCE you learn to discern ''''THEIR FRUITS,''' the tares are Very easy to spot and the lies they portray as THE TRUTH


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              the multi gods... one of whom is titled..

              the Lord God
              the lord god - just 1 god out from'''gods plural.''' the multi task gods.
              [has an ancient pagan touch, of '' my god is better than your god''']

              so THE LORD GOD - all capitals.
              Has self proclaimed traits, few seem to notice.

              This was the god of good and evil,
              the god of confusion,
              the god of war,
              the god of vindictiveness,
              the god of vengeance,
              the god of wrath and jealousy,

              notice please
              none of which are characteristics or fruits of the Divine Parents.

              As Messiah often stated, ''by their fruits you shall know them.''
              we have been given an identification marker as to who these deviants are.

              THE LORD GOD/GODS PLURAL had some nasty multi-facet traits
              - is confused, warlike, a trait of vindictiveness, has A vengeance problem , is jealousy, and filled with wrath.

              WHO IS WHO?
              As IMMANUEL said, a good tree cannot produce bad fruit.''
              So, if the tree is evil so will be the fruits.

              DESPITE all indoctrination = that is very simple to understand.

              the true INDOCTRINATER............... The BIBLE is not the Word.
              It is BABEL; a word representing confusion.

              The Bible is the blending of both truth and error together by its own admission as''' the beginning of good and evil. ''
              The Bible was created to trick you and to deceive you into following a false LORD GOD/S under the guise of the true Father

              you must rightly divide the word of truth, as well as prove all things and hold fast to that which is good.
              It doesn’t say accept it all.

              Jesus spoke to the followers of the God / the ''us'' Gods of the Old Testament,
              these were the temple priests, and these were the guardians of the law.
              These were the faithful followers of the old way, the way of bondage and confusion.

              But what did Messiah tell them?
              John 8 v 40-45
              “But now ye seek to kill me, a man that hath told you the truth, which I have heard of the Father...
              Ye do the deeds of your father.
              Then said they to him, we be not born of fornication; we have one Father, even God.
              Jesus said unto them, If (your) God was (my) Father, ye would love me:
              for I proceeded forth and came from the Father; neither came I of myself, but he sent me.
              Why do ye not understand my speech, even because ye cannot hear my word?
              Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do.
              He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.
              And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not”
              Immanuel was not pulling any punches,
              He was telling them that the God that they have served was not the Father but was Satan.
              Can it be clearer?

              not 2 our bible idolaters

              THE GOOD NEWS IS ONCE MESSIAH LIFTS YOU OUT FROM YOUR IDOLATRY AND OPENS YOUR EYES .......................................
              just look at the fruits.

              Jesus said you shall know them by their fruits
              It was stated, that Satan was the god of munitions, the god of forces.
              Satan is the god of war. Satan is the god of wrath, jealousy and disharmony.
              These are the fruits of darkness.
              The God of the Old Testament proclaimed he was a jealous, wrathful, vindictive and a vengeful god plotting against his enemies.

              These are not now nor have ever been the fruits of the spirit


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                THOSE BIBLE IDOLATERS....most christians suffer this delusion.

                once this delusion is sown, few escape from its curse.
                what curse?
                the TREE OF GOOD AND EVIL.- eat from it you die.

                It might be a shock many to learn that the Bible was mixed with a combination of truth and error, good and evil and right and wrong.
                It was done to throw you off the correct path.
                If everything you do is laden with a mixture of the opposite nothing truly positive could ever be accomplished.

                And so, it was from the very beginning, the evil one, the adversary, or spirit of confusion entered our realm and mixed within it a combination of sorts to make sure we do not grasp the truth in general, that we constantly swing back and forth like a pendulum never really ascertaining the correct knowledge

                Christians PERISH from lack of Knowledge.
                The bible IS A BOOK THAT LACKS knowledge,
                If true knowledge was continually found in the bible PEOPLE WOULD NEVER DIE FROM the curses of ''lacking knowledge''.

                THEREFORE you must use your ~~~~~ discernment ~~~~~
                To believe anything is sacred, undefiled and pure in this world leaves one vulnerable to suggestion.
                As MESSIAH revealed, there is nothing good in this world.

                the snare of the fowler is set - how.?
                It begins innocently enough and then you are full-blown into a cultish /religious mind-controlled agenda and you have no control over your personal thoughts anymore.
                You’ve been had!
                This is what the Bible and other similar doctrinal works of religions have done to all adherents of its teachings.
                The Bible was created with an agenda of total control over the reader, by mixing truth with error.
                It was designed to lure you in by certain common beliefs and then to completely take over your mind by adhering to a myriad of lies that were added.

                the fruit of the OT gods works reveal.
                The Churched People believe war is necessary, and vengeance is a good thing.
                How many people really and truly understand that in the Bible O T God was notorious for setting people up and then smashing them down?
                How many people realize that the Yah God they worship and fully believe in has never had their best interest at heart?
                Remember they all died in the wilderness.
                Those 613 laws never changed anyone and never saved anyone.

                Most believe Satan would never set up rules, laws and covenants.
                That he is the author of chaos and war.
                Well of course he is, but he also knows how to use law to create bondage, which leads to war.
                Satan is not divided against himself, he leads by law and regimentation.
                Satan has laws, rules, covenants, contracts and clauses.

                Many have believed that this must be the true god, because of the protocols that seem good, yet we forget, this entity is the god of both good and evil.
                He uses good mixed with evil to set up his control over the mind to lead one into confusion.


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                  ''' oh NOOOOOOOOOOOO'' the religious indoctrinated idolaters cry ''~ THE FACTS ARE

                  Jesus was NEVER A JEW
                  OH~~~ THE BIG FALSE RELIGIOUS GUNS COME OUT.....''Jezebel, liar, heretic,'' they scream

                  *Seeking the true facts WE FIND
                  In the time of Pontius Pilate, there was no religious, racial or national group in Judea known as "Jews" nor had there been any group so identified anywhere else in the world prior to that time.
                  The utterance by the Christian clergy which confuses Christians the most is the constantly repeated utterance that "Jesus was a Jew." .
                  That misrepresentation and distortion of an incontestable historic fact is uttered by the Christian clergy upon the slightest pretext....

                  Jesus THE Christ was not a so-called or self-styled "Jew".
                  During His lifetime Jesus was known as a "Judean" by His contemporaries and not as a "Jew", and Jesus referred to Himself as a "Judean" and not as a "Jew".

                  The word "Jew" was first introduced into the English language in the 18th century, its one and only implication, inference and innuendo was "Judean".
                  However during the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries a well-organized and well- financed international "pressure group" created a so-called "secondary meaning" for the word "Jew" among the English- speaking peoples of the world.
                  This so-called "secondary meaning" for the word "Jew" bears no relation whatsoever to the 18th century original connotation of the word "Jew".
                  It is a misrepresentation.


                  FACTS ARE FACTS
                  Inscribed upon the Cross when Jesus was Crucified were the Latin words "Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudeorum".
                  Pontius Pilate's mother- tongue. No one will question the fact that Pontius Pilate was well able to accurately express his own ideas in his own mother- tongue.
                  The authorities competent to pass upon the correct translation into English of the Latin "Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudeorum" agree that it is "Jesus of Nazarene Ruler of the Judeans."
                  There is no disagreement upon that by them.

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                    Messiah RE-DIRECTS HIS PEOPLES VISIONS

                    The Glorious Goal

                    Just imagine.
                    What if there was a way for you to become an immortal being.
                    [JOHN 11 V 24 25 26]

                    Imagine finding yourself a supernatural, interstellar force, who radiates glory as a brilliant star.
                    You would have no beginning and no end.
                    You would exist as the distilled essence of pure life.
                    [JOHN 10 V 10]

                    Pulsing with unlimited power, you summon the explosive force of countless suns. You speak and stars take form.
                    Every manner of life streams from your imagination, instantly transforming itself into physical reality.
                    Life flourishes, the oceans rise to attention, the winds respond to your call, the mountains bend, the stars cover their faces.
                    All the laws of physics yield to you, their master.
                    [JOHN 10 V 10]

                    Imagine a life where absolutely nothing is impossible to you. You can go anywhere and be anything. There is no dimension of time or space that eludes your immediate grasp. You do as you please, changing your manifestation to suit your whim. You enter the physical realm or the realm of spirit. Then you depart both to rest as a white-hot blast of self-perpetuating life. Every thought becomes reality. You have the wisdom. You have the power.

                    Just imagine.
                    Around you dwells a select group of beings who are just like you.
                    As lords of the created realm, these are your brothers.
                    Each is a vibrant source of energy, flowing, attending to the infinite details of a thousand worlds.

                    Like you, each of them gleams with flawless character and endless life.
                    You and they are united by a common origin, generated in antiquity and woven into a fabric of unalterable love and trust.
                    In this matrix of tested camaraderie you are allied as the brilliant light of many stars might combine into a single dazzling source.

                    Just imagine.
                    You and your brothers dwell in the presence of IMMANUEL.
                    Your eyes see his face, for he happens to be your KING.
                    You have his character and abilities, knowing also his mind and purpose.
                    Your thoughts blend in perfect understanding; your communion is instantly effortless.
                    Your personalities are similar, but your lives independent.
                    As individuals you are separated by the bounds of autonomous immortality.
                    As family you are called the Sons of God. God the Father is there. Jesus his firstborn Son is there. And you are there too, along with all your firstborn brothers.

                    Is this romantic fantasy, or could it be reality?
                    Amazingly, these concepts are not really far-fetched.
                    the true facts is
                    They are fully supported by IMMANUEL'S own word.
                    And when imagination is founded upon the diamonds found in the Holy Bible, then what seems as fiction is called spiritual vision.


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                      Only the Messiah can re-direct our knowledge and advise HOW to dwell outside VANITY

                      He said ''FOLLOW ME''

                      BUT HEREIN LIES THE Massive PROBLEMS
                      Peoples opinions about everything we believe to be true about the world and the church have predominantly come from only a few institutionalized sources
                      Most people that sit under a religious clergy who go to a bible school, (especially when it is part of a certain group within Christianity) will find it very hard to believe that the people above them could be wrong, teaching things that are untrue or dangerous to our faith.
                      Pews would rather believe a lie when faced with the truth that the people they have entrusted their faith to, could be wrong and IN many places the bible contains, corruption of lies and men's ideas and theories.

                      as an example. [IF YOU DO RESEARCH its all well documented]
                      Ellen white the SDA founder and her 51 lies + her Masonic handlers is loved by millions
                      Herbert Armstrong, founder of WWCof God, had Jewish handlers + very involved with the CIA = now defunct
                      Mormons and Joseph Smith, a mason, yet followed by millions
                      The Jehovah Witness founder a freemason, - ruled by fear.

                      and a host of all denominations whose leadership is free masonic.
                      the hidden hand of C.O.N.T.R.O.L.


                      THE GOAL OF ALL deceptions is -YOU MUST BE CONTROLLED.
                      Since the days of Jesus and the Apostles, the devil has been trying to conceal and confuse the truth through deception
                      It’s time to wake up and step out of the box, look around and see what is really going on.
                      To do this is easier said than done because it takes faith and a whole lot of guts!
                      One of the main reasons iT’s so hard to accept any of this, is because in doing so you have to admit that what you believed was wrong and what your leaders told you was incorrect

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	scofield_dees2.jpg
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                      Jesus said FOLLOW ME.... CAN YOU DO IT?


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                        the bible preachers AKA ''the mind controllers''

                        the mind controllers.
                        the bible, is causing more wars destruction and strife in families and nations than any other books.........................why>?>

                        the preachers............. it is best to trace them back and find out WHO are their handlers,..... and why>? they grew so big.

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	97yySoU6EIbgqad64bFh-A_r.jpg
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                        - begin at the beginnings and work out, do research

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	scofield_dees2.jpg
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                        bit by bit it will all come together - as the religious scam is revealed.

                        Click image for larger version

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                          Originally posted by LucySmith View Post
                          the mind controllers.
                          the bible, is causing more wars destruction and strife in families and nations than any other books.........................why>?>

                          the preachers............. it is best to trace them back and find out WHO are their handlers,..... and why>? they grew so big.


                          - begin at the beginnings and work out, do research


                          bit by bit it will all come together - as the religious scam is revealed.


                          It's not the Bible that's causing wars and strife, it's people.


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                            the chicken or the egg??????????????

                            Scripture that happens first, then the wars and bloodshed are manifested.
                            why so?

                            romans 13 - # 13 - in bible numerics -evil manifesting
                            Obey Your Government Rulers

                            13 All of you must obey the government rulers.
                            Everyone who rules was given the power to rule by God.
                            And all those who rule now were given that power by God.
                            2 So anyone who is against the government is really against something God has commanded.
                            Those who are against the government bring punishment on themselves.
                            now why is this inserted ?
                            it is a mind control scam,
                            who inserted it?
                            well - look up who SAUL of Tarus really was...........yes He changed his name to Paul.
                            what is his history = a few surprises will be waiting, especially the one where the free mason lodge encyclopedia has his name listed as one of its members.
                            now you didn't know Saul was a free mason ?????

                            yes Siree
                            this scam has be going from a long long time...............


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                              always BEGIN at their ''beginnings'' = the fruit is always seen and exposed.

                              Just as Jesus said '' from his beginnings satan was a murderer and a liar''

                              so are you are CALVINIST?

                              Calvin did not believe all Old Covenant laws had been set aside by the New Covenant Jesus inaugurated.
                              He didn't buy into the plain sense of Hebrews: “God has made the first covenant obsolete” (Hebrews 8:13).
                              On October 27, 1553, Calvin’s men used green wood for the fire so Servetus would be slowly baked alive from the feet upward.
                              For 30 minutes he screamed for mercy and prayed to Jesus as the fire worked its way up his body to burn the theology book Calvin had strapped to his chest as a symbol of his heresy.
                              How could such torture be condoned?
                              In November 1552 the Geneva Council declared Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion to be a "holy doctrine which no man might speak against."
                              Disagreeing with Calvin’s view of God was a violation warranting the death penalty according to the way John Calvin interpreted Leviticus 24:16.


                              ''DEMON''-ations that follow Calvinism

                              the murderer Calvin went back to ''Father Augustine'' preaching.. [ 1 ancient father]
                              John Calvin followed Augustine’s biblical justification for burning heretics. Augustine excused extreme measures through his interpretation of Jesus’ Great Banquet parable in Luke 14:16-24. When the master could not fill up his banquet in the parable, he commanded his servants in Luke 14:23 “to compel people to come so that my house will be filled.”

                              Augustine and Calvin believed burning heretics would “compel” more people to enter their house of God. Interpreting “compulsion” as a license to kill without consideration for Jesus’ other teaching to “love your enemies” is a major hermeneutical error. Any part of Jesus’ teaching should be interpreted in light of the whole.
                              I ponder on the Murderer Yahweh OT killer..
                              it is so good to see how '''others'''' gods or men MEASURE UP TO THE DIVINE HOLY STANDARDS OF THE SAVIOUR DONT YOU THINK?

                              BUT WHAT IS SO super INTERESTING IS............... the line of the murderer Cain, uses the wisdom of satan, to be '' a head'' of this Matrix world.
                              those skilled in the arts of deception + lies.
                              the reptilians