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    JESUS declared himself as THE PRINCE OF PEACE - no other being is called this.

    I now contrast this peace to the VOICE OF PAIN,
    The picture of something anti
    - adverse,
    - negative,
    - undesirable
    - always hovers when the voice of the body speaks.
    The BODY COMES 1ST, everything in this world hovers around ''making our bodies comfortable'' - THE BODY IS LORD.
    THE BODY hurries a man into action, so that the man regrets his actions most of the time,
    The anti picture becomes a drag on his whole living, so that in most things he gives up, saying, silently, and perhaps without being aware of it: “There is nothing one can do. No use trying.”
    THE VOICE OF PAIN is a voice of a captive, never knowing how to gain knowledge to be set free from adamic limitations and the demands of his body.

    the PRINCE OF PEACE offers true FREEDOM from the ''anti-voices'' of the body and its limitations.
    the VOICE OF PAIN, speaks only to a decaying body.

    THE VOICE OF PEACE speaks to the living.
    this is called knowledge or to get true knowledge.
    This knowledge removes the powerlessness of the 3D dimension and by using this new knowledge, the captive to the VOICE OF PAIN is finally set free.

    Speaks usually as the Still Small Voice
    By bringing the person suddenly into the light of some revelation, or the new knowing of a way to go about a particular thing, or the solution to some matter.
    this is HEARING from Yeshua, it can happen daily or in any time of need

    When anyone is able to hear this Still Small Voice, a sense of freedom, power and victory arises in him.
    Suddenly he feels liberated from any disquiet, confusion, or anxiety.
    The voice of the Spirit is always accompanied with peace—and joy and love.

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    two voices.

    The Loud Violent Voice of the decaying body is always noisily “ON”.
    It knows not how to stop talking but prattles on and on.
    Chaotic-thinking is its talking, and it does not rest from thinking.
    Only in the Presence is the body’s voice hushed, and one enters rest from thought.

    the core Math 11 v28-29-30 THE PRINCE OF PEACE= THE DIVINE MR FIX-IT

    Only as a man is awakened in Spirit is his thinking anchored, and then it is friendly, beneficial, and pleasant.

    The Voice of the Spirit too may be heard any moment AS A SWEET SAVING VOICE.
    THIS takes practice, and the new mind stilled to listen and hear correctly.
    it takes the weaning away from all carnal 3D thinking and its deadly lack of true knowledge.
    As the mind is stilled, the voice of peace BECOMES LOUDER AND LOUDER.

    As the PRINCE OF PEACE takes over, + the walk by faith increases and new knowledge abounds, to make the escaping possible
    To escape the prison of the 3D frequency +- the darkness of lack takes an indomitable spirit - one that never gives up.


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      Imparted by '' THE VOICE OF THE PRINCE OF PEACE''
      OUR WALK *IN* His Presence is a daily one of faith [ not the way the religious see faith as a will-0f-the-wisp] but a CREATIVE WALK into the 4th dimension of the spirit of life.
      The faith Jesus had becomes the same faith walk given to His Ekklesia,
      THIS WALK CREATES, [like a building is created], from the foundation upwards
      so faith is our foundation and THE DIVINE HOUSE is build on this rock of faith and NO other.

      inside this faith walk comes the impartations of TRANSFORMATION AND METAMORPHOO - a changed mind,
      when the mind is changed, so is the body as all the DNA falls back into the true sequences,

      or put another way

      the new way of thinking, changes the deformed human DNA back to its origins.


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        the finished manifestation of a true son/daughter of Abba - in the Image of christ

        sitting with Jesus
        we find we are to pray for the final seal,
        the highest frequency of Christ power - the divine agape impartation of love.

        now that is the final aspect of ''come up hither'' as the Ekklesia cannot go higher than LOVE'S FREQUENCY.

        ITS FOR '' THE FRONT LINE''.
        the front line of Father's moving in the earth.
        The sons and daughters that our Father has brought into the earth at this time have been put on point, to bring in the kingdom.
        It does not take much to understand what the frontline is.
        You could say, well in technology it would be the cutting edge.
        as example
        Someone who is out there just beyond the pack, breaking new ground in technology that has never been touched before.

        The front line is that positioning in Father, where you are the ones to go in and take new ground.


        God has brought the sons into the earth to stand as the progenitors of a new age. The sons are progressively put into the place where they have to begin to bring forth the kingdom, and that first happens within their own heart.


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          to those IN THE FRONT LINE


          I heard the voice of Jesus say, "Come unto Me and rest;
          Lay down, thou weary one, lay down thy head upon My breast"
          I came to Jesus as I was weary, and worn, and sad;
          I found in Him a resting place, and He has made me glad

          I heard the voice of Jesus say, "behold, I freely give
          The living water; thirsty one, stoop down and drink, and live"
          I came to Jesus, and I drank of that life-giving stream;
          My thirst was quenched, my soul revived, and now I live in Him


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            a new race of humans....

            THAT is being position in Abba, where they can change and go from this level of life into the next level of life, bypassing the agency of death, as we have known it.

            Everyone has to die at some point, and for the sons and daughters whom ABBA has raised up, that “death” is through the deep work of the cross in their lives.
            As the sons and daughters have experienced a death, so they will experience a resurrection into the goodnews of DIVINE LIFE here and now, hand made saints made IN THE IMAGE OF CHRIST,


            THE CHANGE OVER IS metamorphosis, of life.
            The Greek literal for this word, “changed”, is metamorphoo. A new order of creation is coming forth, and it has THE SAINTS name on it.


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              hearing and the conceiving in the spirit

              ABBA our Father- is looking for something more;
              He’s looking to bring the sons and daughters into the fullness;
              of what?
              the fullness of the Spirit, and the fullness of the indwelling of the godhead within the sons and daughters.

              Jesus will expound upon this, as His Ekklesia HAS BECOME HIS WORKMANSHIP.

              the 3D dimensions of all manner and types of religious must be removed and the 5 wise virgins revealed.
              the voices of religions are the VOICES OF PAIN

              Because they are not of His workmanship but others,

              except for Yeshua NO ONE HAS WALKED THIS WAY BEFORE
              this is why we have to hear, listen and do, under His Mighty Hand

              EKKLESIA IS THE …………………………………………………………………………………….'''.who is this?''''...……………………………………….the holy spirit asks the question

              well Jesus supplies the answers A WHOLE NEW CREATION MADE UP OUT FROM WHOLE NEW CREATURES
              After the first breakthroughs into resurrection life, or into immortality, there will be wave after wave of those who will follow.
              This has been spoken of several times by the Holy Spirit, because Abba is preparing His sons and daughters.
              They are at different stages and different levels, but they will experience this change, and we will see wave after wave of prepared sons and daughters enter into this change of life.

              "Who is this coming up out of the wilderness, leaning on the arms of their beloved?" (Song of Songs 8
              A whole new creation; the sons and daughters of ABBA.