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    Spying - my question about why herod ordered children of Bethlehem be killed I'm moving here. It's not a deep question, it's because of the "star."

    Have you considered the time period the bible was written? How the people kept time and what comets and stars and planets meant to them? I have a hypothesis they were really good astronomers, and were writing and belie ed the heavens told of the future. "In those days" "evening" sunsets, etc, are all times. The number 7, 13, all from things that can be found in the sky. Anyway, just a hunch if they knew the movements, they wrote and "saw things" they considered divine.

    Two short days could easily be an eclipse to them. One day divided in half. Certainly would distract and be seen as divine intervention during a war. Especially if one side knew it was going to happen. Anyway, just looking for "down to earth" explanations of all the mysteries that they wrote.
    The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it's the illusion of knowledge.