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being DE-CONVERTED FROM the counterfeit war monger established religion /christianity

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  • being DE-CONVERTED FROM the counterfeit war monger established religion /christianity

    the teachings of the seminary hirelings employed by the man controlled BIG
    with the man made agenda FOR religious ignorance TO CONTINUE

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    HURRAH - the counterfeit is in decline

    Christianity's hold is in decline.

    5 men ''invented'' Christianity at Antioch 3 white men and 2 black men, built their ''Christian church'' and 2000yrs later it is still cursed., with death to the pews.
    it's the curse of Ham


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      the ''god'' man made.

      Every generation that is born is swept into this illusion ... blindly following those before them who make the illusion seem so real simply because they believe in it. Behind it all, the money pots keep spilling over as those who run organized religion benefit from human ignorance.

      Even more disturbing is the poorer the country or community, the more churches or temples there are sucking the blood of those who have 'faith'.

      Yes indeed,
      humankind has capitalized upon God and manufactured God into an entity that most people can relate to...
      'God is a He
      God is a she
      God is love
      God has given us commandments to follow
      God procreated a son through a virgin birth' ...
      'God' even has human emotions ... 'I am a jealous God' ... 'worship me ... if not ... hell awaits'.
      This is blackmail at its finest.

      The bible is also riddled with inconsistencies and contradictions.
      Surely anyone can see that the bible was written by men over the centuries who created God in their own image
      The man made tirade of Godlike abusive power over the minds of humankind goes on and on generation after generation but perhaps most baffling of all is people actually believe that God needs their money.
      'He' needs your tithes even if you don't eat.
      He needs you to sow a seed into his church 'in faith'.

      when will this delusion end?
      only Yeshua can lift your veil


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        the fruits the christian and the non christian

        all bear the same fruits.

        * all sit in the DR surgery side by side
        * all visit the funeral homes side by side
        * all pill pop side by side
        * get divorced side by side
        * strife with their families side by side
        * go to war and fight each other side by side
        * watch porn side by side
        * died from sin side by side
        * the mentality of '' I am right'' side by side
        * the evil mentality of an ''eye for an eye'' sit side by side.
        added all up not 1 bit of difference between the Christian and the Non Christian.

        Christianity is cursed and those under it are as cursed as the rest of humanity
        how many lives has it ruined?
        only Yeshua will know.
        the foulness of its stench makes Yeshua sick

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          what is truly sad is to think

          how indoctrinate people are to sit under,
          religious bullies,
          bible bashers
          all manner of perverts,
          Plus corruption runs to the rafters,
          and lies and cheaters
          and robbers preach misconceived perversions
          and to add to this very bitter fruit
          not one person ever attains to the Ministry of Yeshua.,

          stand up dumb and dumber.