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MOSES war machine = designed to kill by YHWH the OT god of war.

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  • MOSES war machine = designed to kill by YHWH the OT god of war.

    May/June 2016 - #117

    Moses’ Secret Weapon?

    The Ancient Israelites Came Ready for War

    Moses at Mount Sinai, the Bible tells us, made the Ark of the Covenant, during the Exodus of the Israelites from Egyptian bondage. Part wooden and metal box; part golden statue, it had, in addition to its spiritual significance, the power to create “lightning” that could kill, the ability to fly, and could lead the people through the wilderness. Familiar, even to most unbelievers, from the Indiana Jones movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark, this amazing object may well be the most mysterious artifact in the Old Testament, yet it suddenly vanished from the record with no mention of its ultimate fate. Some say it was hidden in the underground passages of King Solomon’s temple where the Knights Templar later discovered it. Others, including many of Egypt’s Coptic Christians, say it was it taken through Egypt to Ethiopia. The product of a seemingly lost—and astonishing—ancient technology, the 3,000-year-old mystery continues to fascinate millions today.

    One of the most interesting mysteries regarding the Ark concerns its apparent use as an instrument of fire. Not only animal sacrifices were consumed by fire from the Ark but sometimes people as well, like Nadab and Abihu, the sons of Aaron who violated proper temple practice (Leviticus 10: 1-4).
    On another occasion mentioned in the book of Numbers, rebel Israelites Korah, Dathan and Abiram, and their families perished when the Earth, apparently prompted by the spirit of the Ark, split and swallowed them up.
    We also learn, in this episode, about a sudden and immense flash of light and an ensuing plague, which some suggest could have been radiation sickness.
    In the battle of Jericho, the book of Joshua tells how the city’s walls came tumbling down after the Ark was paraded about the city for seven days.
    There are many other examples of what seems to be the Ark’s power to cause destruction, leading some researchers to argue, it was actually a not-so-secret weapon of the Israelite army.
    How could such a thing be, in such an ancient time?
    The answer may be found in electrical phenomena familiar to the ancients!


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    yhwh the god of war

    Physics and the Ark

    The Ark of the Covenant, I believe, must be thought of as two, or even three, separate things.
    First, it is a box with a cavity in the middle that can contain a medium-sized object, perhaps an electrical device of some kind. Secondly, the “Ark” can be that object inside of the box, something powerful and destructive.
    Thirdly, there is the ‘Mercy Seat’ and the ‘Shekinah Glory’ that rest between the golden statues of two facing angels on a slab of gold, which is also the lid of the box.
    All three of these things have their function but each is separate from the other.

    Conventionally an ancient ark was a chest of wood and metal that held a statue of a god, or other sacred objects, and was carried by four to six men before a marching army.
    The Egyptian army was well known for having an ark containing a statue of the god Amun, which was carried in front a troop of Egyptian soldiers to the many forts at the edges of the Egyptian realm.

    One such fort was the military garrison of Megiddo in northern Israel. This fortress, while physically in Israel, was manned by Egyptian soldiers for centuries because of the special relationship between the two countries.
    This arrangement might be comparable to joint military cooperation between allied countries today; i.e., NATO bases in Turkey.

    What object did the Ark of the Covenant contain?
    A similar wood and metal box was discovered in the tomb of Tutankhamen in 1922.
    This chest is described as his hunting chest and is decorated with scenes of the young king hunting from a chariot.
    The lid is not hinged and simply lifts off.
    Interestingly, this chest apparently contained about a dozen boomerangs, now on display at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. (It is well known, though little discussed, that ancient Egyptians hunted with boomerangs identical to those used by Australian Aboriginals.)

    Given the construction of the Ark, layered with gold and carried on gilded poles, it is possible that it could have acted as a simple electrical capacitor that would, over time, generate static electricity in the central gold dish area between the two golden cherubim statues and focus it in a ball of light similar to St. Elmo’s fire.
    Of course, the Ark had more powers than a normal electrical capacitor.
    Remember, gold is a very good conductor of electricity. A soft metallic element, gold is virtually indestructible.
    All gold from ancient times still exists today.
    It will not rust or oxidize like most other metals.
    Gold, however, is too soft to make machines with moving parts; it is used, instead, to make electrical devices of the highest quality.


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      this god is so human????

      Natural Electrical Forces

      St. Elmo’s Fire is a phenomenon that occurs when ionized air, a plasma—or electrically charged gas—emits a coronal discharge or glow.

      Primarily sailors and such figures as Columbus, Magellan, and Caesar noticed it, in prior ages. Pliny the Elder wrote about it, documenting, in the first century AD, the blue flames that appeared out of nowhere during, or just after, thunderstorms. Sailors attributed the glow to the patron saint of Mediterranean sailors, “St. Elmo,” a mispronunciation of St. Ermo or St. Erasmus. They were not afraid of the bluish glow and, indeed, believed it was a sign of salvation from the saint, as the phenomenon typically occurred toward the end of a storm.

      For St. Elmo’s Fire there need be only atmospheric conditions of a certain kind to generate the fire but with the Ark of the Covenant, there was another possible source of electrical buildup, and that was the box itself with its sandwiched layers of conductor and nonconductor walls (the wood).

      A similar, but even more mysterious phenomenon, is ball lightning. The scientific community still can’t agree on what ball lightning is, but it’s definitely not St. Elmo’s Fire. Ball lightning can float around in the air, while St. Elmo’s Fire stays put, glowing around a ship’s mast, mountain peak, tower, etc.

      Ball lightning is an, as yet unexplained, electrical atmospheric phenomenon. Because of the many reports of various-sized luminous, spherical balls coming into houses, sometimes down chimneys, or even through windows, the phenomenon has attracted the attention of some scientists. Sometimes the ball just dissipates, while, at other times, it explodes—sometimes with fatal consequences. Reports often associate ball lightning with thunderstorms, though a flash of lightning lasts but a few seconds, while ball lightning can go on for a considerable time.

      In his book, Ball Lightning Explanation Leading to Clean Energy, Clint Seward proposes that ball lightning is a spinning plasma ring or toroid. He built a lab to produce lightning arcs and by modifying the conditions, produced small, bright, electrical balls that mimic ball lightning and persist in the atmosphere after the arc ends. By using a high-speed camera he was able to show that the bright balls were spinning plasma toroids.

      Seward published images of the results of his experiments, along with his method. Included is a report by a farmer of watching a ball lightning event forming in a kitchen and the effects it caused as it moved around the room. This is the only eyewitness account, familiar to this writer, of ball lightning forming, then staying in one area, then disappearing.

      American Tesla researchers James and Kenneth Corum produced and photographed a form of ball lightning using a Tesla coil that they had specially built. This coil produced intermodulation effects and spewed out electric fireballs that varied between the size of a ping-pong ball and a tennis ball. The fireballs could also explode when hitting an object and produce a sudden shock.

      Was the Ark of the Covenant a modified Tesla coil that spewed out deadly fireballs in every direction? It is an interesting thought and, if true, it could explain why falling face first on the ground, as Moses and Aaron did, could save a person’s life, as the fireballs would be flying over their heads.

      Another device, that might help to explain the unique properties of the Ark, would be a Van de Graaff generator that uses a moving belt to accumulate an electric charge on a hollow metal globe on top of an insulated column. The device creates very high electric potentials, and a visible spark can be seen to jump to other objects. Invented in 1929 by American physicist Robert Van de Graaff, the potential difference achieved in modern Van de Graaff generators can reach five megavolts.

      Was a simple machine, similar to a Tesla coil or Van de Graaff generator, kept inside the Ark box and used to send out showers of electric fireballs in every direction, causing panic and shocking deaths to those in the vicinity of the fearsome device? Many of the descriptions of the Ark in action sound a lot like this scenario. There are also the curious, apparently electrical, devices depicted on temple walls in Egypt.

      So the golden statue could have held a glowing St. Elmo’s Fire in its center dish, but this golden dish probably couldn’t shoot fireballs at people. A separate device kept inside the box could have accomplished this, I believe.

      The Ark, though, could perform even more impressive military feats. The destruction of Jericho is a famous story from the Bible, yet it is not really clear just how the walls of Jericho came tumbling down. The Ark appears to have something to do with it, and the blowing of the trumpets and shouting seem to suggest some sort of sonic weapon, perhaps a sound-canon-type device that could have shaken the walls of Jericho like an earthquake and make them crumble. Indeed, it seems almost as if the destruction of the walls happened in an earthquake, perhaps one that was artificially created or was, at least, predicted to occur at a specific time.


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        did JESUS need A MACHINE TO KILL MAIM AND DESTROY ----- good question

        The Ark Is Moved to Shiloh

        After the destruction of Jericho, Joshua takes the Israelites to a location called Shiloh in the hills west of Jericho.
        Though archaeologists are not completely certain, Shiloh is thought to have been near modern Khirbet Seilun in the West Bank.
        Shiloh became the first capital of Israel; here Joshua set up the ancient wilderness tent shrine called the ‘tent of meeting’, or tabernacle, and inside this enclosure Joshua divided the land among the twelve tribes.

        The Holy of Holies was also set up at Shiloh and the Ark of the Covenant was placed inside it.
        Supposedly it remained in this enclosure for 369 years (“Talmudic Sources” —Wikipedia) until it was taken into the battle camp at Eben-Ezer when the Israelites went to war with the Philistines camp (1 Samuel 4:3–5).

        Subsequently, Shiloh became one of the leading religious shrines in ancient Israel, a status it held until shortly before David’s elevation of Jerusalem.

        After the defeat at the hands of the Philistines at Ai, Joshua lamented before the Ark (Joshua 7:6–9)
        . When Joshua read the Law to the people between Mount Gerizim and Mount Ebal, they stood on each side of the Ark.
        Joshua again set up the Ark at Shiloh, but when the Israelites fought against Benjamin at Gibeah, they had the Ark with them and consulted it after their defeat.


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          I GUESS we have been men myths and lies

          An Electrical Device from Egypt?

          But what, exactly, was the powerful electric device inside the Ark? Was it taken from Egypt, and was it something similar to mysterious devices depicted in Temples—such as Djed pillars—with globes on top of them?
          It seems that it was the object inside the box that could kill dozens of people in a single super-flash of electrical power.
          The men of Beth-shemesh had lifted the lid of the Ark and unleashed (perhaps after pushing some buttons) the tremendous power of God in a scene similar to the ending of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

          As I have said, the Ark of the Covenant seems to be several objects written about as one.
          There is a device kept inside the box and another that is also electrical in nature—perhaps a simple electrical condenser.

          The construction of the boxes of the Ark of the Covenant could have made it a simple electrical condenser, though an expensive one, with all of the gold used in the powerful device.
          The three boxes that made up the Ark of the Covenant were a sandwiching of gold, a conducting metal, and acacia wood, a non-conductor.
          The chafing of these layers would build up static electricity in certain dry atmospheric conditions.

          The golden statue at the top may have acted as a focus for this static direct current (DC) electricity—similar to a powerful static electric shock—that could have discharged at times onto people who were standing near it.
          If metal objects, like bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and even armor, were worn by these people, the Ark may have been easily disposed to discharge upon them.

          If the Ark had not been grounded for some long period of time, the electrical charge built up in it could produce a very nasty, even fatal, shock to whoever touched it.
          If the shock itself didn’t kill them, then the surprise could well have done so.
          After the Ark had been discharged, however, it would be quite safe to touch, as some of the temple priests did.

          One might conclude that a powerful static electric charge released from the Ark into a crowd could cause many heart attacks from the sheer terror of the tingling sensation caused by the wrath of god.

          But in some of these cases, the Bible story seems to read almost as if some neutron-flash grenade had been detonated in the air above the Ark when it is activated.
          This might suggest a second, more powerful electrical device than the simple condenser of the chest and gold statue. Unless it is all some super exaggeration, we seem to have a high-voltage, virtual death-ray device that possibly discharged from some kind of battery.

          As we have seen, the Ark was credited with many things, including flying, mass killing, causing disease, parting water, creating manna, and making the walls of cities fall down. When activated, it also radiated a brilliant light. Perhaps the Ark did not do all of these things but it would still be safe to say that a considerable myth of great power has grown up around this ancient artifact.

          The above is an edited excerpt from the author’s recent book, Ark of God, The Incredible Power of the Ark of the Covenant (Adventures Unlimited Press, 1915).
          It is available from the Atlantis Rising Store. For more information go to:


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            the WAR GOD or the Prince of Peace....

            discern the difference.

            did JESUS NEED A WAR MACHINE?
            why not ask the right question and seek out the truth the time of lies myths and murder have ended and the crimes against all humanity being exposed by the ancient human gods.

            the rusted on IN PART ONLY - law keepers = MOSES SECRET WEAPON - hmmm Spying and Ken? perhaps???



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              YHWH - a ''god'' OF ANCIENT TECHNOLOGY

              and very very humanlike.


              opps the gods wont like it


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                Originally posted by LucySmith View Post
                and very very humanlike.


                opps the gods wont like it

                Messiah Himself was both Moses and Joshua's war machine.


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                  3 religions that rule this world in gross deception- and '''the fooled''' love them

                  Christianity - all have the same fruits.
                  [the FELLOWSHIP = on a SHIP OF FOOLS]
                  birthed out from the 2 sources.
                  the sad fasts are!
                  indoctrinated from birth into CULTures of evil.

                  Click image for larger version

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                  the PRINCE OF PEACE is the TRUTH PERSON

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                  all other gods and their indoctrination Is a grave deception,
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                  the war monger religion - and eye for an eye puppets.

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                    by their fruits.............. cont

                    ye shall observe them
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                    and the best PIC is saved till last~~~~
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                    spot the difference~~~~
                    both drain out from the same tomb