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living IN eternity NOW =kingdom Living here and NOW -TODAY as we hear His Voice

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  • living IN eternity NOW =kingdom Living here and NOW -TODAY as we hear His Voice

    John 11 v 24 25 26
    eternal life lived in here offered to HIS FRIENDS
    For whom he did foreknow, He also did pre-destinated to be conformed to the image of His Son, that He might be the firstborn among many brethren.

    The Sons AND daughters of God will be conceived from the spiritual genetics of their Father, and will grow to possess his limitless capacity and timeless existence.
    At the end of this age these Sons and DAUGHTERS will be birthed as Jesus was resurrected into the Begotten Realm.
    These are the firstborn brothers AND sisters of Jesus the Christ.
    Together they will assemble into the divine, ruling coalition known as the Body of Christ.
    For as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of that one body, being many, are one body: so also is Christ.

    For six thousand years the gestation and birth of these firstborn 1st fruit children has been the consuming delight of ABBA, and the process continues today.
    Those He has called to this glory will discover His plan, learn of Their Father, and reproduce His substance within themselves.
    They will be caught up in the travail of spirit birth, the blessed agony of “becoming.”

    When this firstborn group is complete they will effect the deliverance of the Adamic race, reaching even to the waiting throngs of humanity, to bring each man into the state of spiritual perfection that God has ordained for him.
    For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.
    But every man in his own order:
    Christ the first fruits; afterward they that are Christ's at his coming.
    Then cometh the end.

    YESHUA is presently concerned primarily with the completion of these firstborn Sons and Daughters.
    Thus He now deals with the rest of mankind in a somewhat superficial manner, dismissing the multitudes with one of the many delusions that come from his hand.
    Because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.
    And for this cause FATHER shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie.

    Some of mankind has been lulled into spiritual slumber, with eyes that cannot see, ears that are deaf, and hearts that cannot perceive even the existence of God.
    Of those who are able to discern God’s presence, most have been gathered into the tainted truths of Organized Religion.
    For the non-Israelite nations, Organized Religion means predominantly the idolatry of Hinduism and the rigors of Islam.
    For the Israelites, Organized Religion means the delusion of Modern Christianity.
    The institution known as Modern Organized Christianity, is a circular road to nowhere.
    It is a holding pattern designed to fill the lives of the non-elect with the “doing” of church programs, rather than the “becoming” of Sons.

    There these busy Christians are kept in store, awaiting their turn for Sonship in the next dispensation
    . If it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.
    Behold, I have told you before.

    Pagans in the Pulpit is the story of Modern Christianity.
    It describes its origin, its purpose, and its end.
    It explores the time-honored but erroneous doctrines of the Modern Church.
    And most importantly, it proclaims the truth of Son Placing, and how to attain it for yourself.

    * * * * *
    pagans in the pulpits

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    satan found ways to corrupt the GOOD NEWS.

    At the resurrection of Jesus, ABBA energized the spiritual machinery of Sonship, making Jesus the pre-eminent firstborn Son and the distributor of eternal life unto all the Sons and daughters who would follow.

    The resurrection-birth of Jesus was naturally very frustrating to the powers of darkness, and Satan retaliated with vengeful rancor against the new Christianity.
    Working through the Jews in Jerusalem, the devastation began in AD 35 with the stoning of Stephen/James.
    Jewish armies were raised to stamp out the resurrected life of Christ, and even the Pharisee Saul led a brigade of soldiers to Damascus.
    Satan’s best efforts to destroy Jesus Ministry and good news - only made it succeed the more.
    Observing this, Satan regrouped and took a new direction, reassembling his elite troops behind his proven technique of corruption from within.
    satan sent his demon horde to corrupt the message of the good news .
    Frantically they worked to hide the spiritual process demonstrated by Jesus and the Christ anointing.
    They made his example so lofty that no man could hope to attain his legacy, even though all men were born for this purpose.
    These religious spin doctors erased the high goal of Sonship and replaced it with many nonsensical rituals, fleshly aspirations, and the tainted doctrines of Organized Christianity.


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      THE ARRIVAL- pagans in the pulpit

      The Arrival of Modern Christianity
      The rise of thousands of Christian denominations brought as many different religious perspectives.
      Each sect produced its own view of YESHUA, the Bible, salvation, the sacraments, and the intended result
      Each of these pretenders sported themselves as the “true Christianity” and this variety produced stiff competition among the denominations.
      Accordingly, each sect found their beliefs increasingly under attack.
      But religious opinions are as fragile as ego and precious as breath.
      Nobody wants to be found lacking or mistaken.

      Few Christians will undertake the fearsome toil of exposing their doctrines to fresh scriptural scrutiny.
      Fewer still have the confidence to honestly consider new interpretations, to follow the Holy Spirit in the lonely paths of spiritual revelation.
      Fearing change and incrimination, the denominations found it easier to simply defend their old beliefs.
      Craving the solace of familiarity, they shut out new ideas and banded ever closer together, seeking the reassurance of like-minded mortals.

      To feed this craving, Modern Christianity employs every device of social addiction known to man.
      Today it has become a common carnival of fleshly entertainment, hailing the carnal with choirs, jugglers, fund-raisers, bake sales, games, pageants, plays, sports teams, spectacles, gaudy singers, lurid women, and entertaining speakers who have nothing to say.
      Food, fun, and fellowship are the new doctrines, and feasting has been canonized in the creed.
      Taco night, pot lucks, and Sunday brunch have become the new sacraments for salvation
      Having huddled together and forsaken God’s ongoing revelation, the denominations fear and denounce any renegades who still crave a personal relationship with God.
      Any who seek a deeper, living truth, are considered a threat to the church’s longevity.
      Within the rigid doctrines and massive priestly structures of Organized Christianity, the teaching of Sonship is considered an act of war.
      Seeking to reassure themselves that they need nothing more, the denominations find their comfort in numbers


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        Modern Christianity has set Jesus aside and built an elaborate social lifestyle from Hebrews 10:25.
        Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching
        With these persuasions, “gathering” has now been exalted to divine status
        Like the Catholics before them, the hirelings of Organized Christianity erroneously believe that you need their
        domineering clergy,
        rigid doctrines, and social ritual, to attain the approval of God.
        The actions of Modern Christianity show that in spite of what they say, these Christians do not believe that the Spirit lives within individuals. T
        hey fail to realize that the church is a person, not a building.
        And they ignore the fact that you and Jesus alone are a quorum.
        For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst.
        Modern Christianity has removed a personal relationship with Jesus and replaced it with a dependence on a pastor.
        In this they have made assembly an obsession, which they offer as an excuse for perpetual spiritual infancy.
        This substitution produces Christians that never grow up.
        As babes at the breast, they are ever dependent on a suckling church.
        They can never feed themselves or stand alone.
        The Christians of today need always the comfort of fellowship, as many candles clustered on a cake.
        Autonomous spiritual strength is a concept virtually unknown to those in Organized Christianity.
        They cannot conceive of ever being a self-perpetuating source of spirit life.........….john 11 v 24 25 26


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          the pagan clergy speaketh

          During this present dispensation, Father is developing a cadre of individual Sons and Daughters.
          These Saints will come to possess the likeness, capacity, and substance of Abba their Father.
          To pursue this goal you do not need any church, pastor, doctrine, fellowship, or sacrament.
          You need only an absorbing, solitary walk in a consuming desire to know Abba, thoroughly, intimately, and only.

          You cannot participate in this calling while frequenting the local Christian bordello.
          Repetitive assembly with the clandestine adulterers, whoremongers, liars, naysayers, and carnal failures who attend church every Sunday will never make you perfect.
          Organized Religion will but anesthetize your heart with her delicacies, then infect you with her social doctrines of vanity.

          But assembly is not a recipe for spiritual maturity.
          It is not an alternative to study, self discipline, and personal holiness.
          Group interaction is not a substitute for the transformation of your character.
          Nor is it an excuse for the absence of personal overcoming.
          Though Christian fellowship may help get you to your Calvary, you are the one who will be nailed there, and when it happens, you will be all by yourself.

          the truth
          True Christian assembly is with believers, not institutions.
          Believers are individuals, searching for God by revelation, perseverance, and personal conviction.
          They worship in spirit and in truth, not in Articles of Faith, dogmatic ritual, or by unction from a hireling clergy
          Believers revere no founder but the Eternal God.
          They recognize no priest save Jesus his firstborn Son.
          Being guided by the Holy Spirit, they are not restrained by the craft of men.
          Instead, they are free to develop into all the spiritual dimensions envisioned by their Heavenly Father.

          Fellowship with these individuals will refresh the spirit and at times impart some bit of wonderful understanding.

          God never does anything really important in a crowd.
          If there are lots of others clustered around you in your spiritual walk, it is far more likely that you are about to be dismissed with the multitude.
          Then Jesus sent the multitude away, and went into the house: and his disciples came unto him.
          Modern Christianity has diluted God’s truth to accommodate the disinterested.
          Their doctrines are appeasing rather than challenging.
          The parishioners are made to feel comfortable, rather than convicted.
          Salvation has been compacted into a momentary experience, purchased with lip service.
          Heaven has become naught but a rich man’s paradise.
          Gained without regard to spiritual condition, it is simply a fleshly reward for regular church attendance.

          In the modern church, the goal of growing into spiritual maturity is unknown, having been replaced by the doing of churchy things.
          Conversion of character has been dropped from the agenda,
          The modern church is defensive, fearful, social, and stunted, which things are Satan’s finest work.
          Today through the vehicle of Organized Christianity, the truth of Sonship, the reality of Jesus and his Firstborn Brothers and Sisters, has been all but obliterated.
          the OVERCOMER never preached upon nor the GOOD NEWS of LIFE NOW

          YES pagans are in the pulpits


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            are His sons and daughters to put up with the pagans???

            the idol worshippers
            [shall they be named?]

            Modern idolatry is faith in anything save Yeshua Himself.
            It is trusting in ideas and activities that evoke emotional response, but which have no present power.
            It is the veneration of THE BIBLE any man, building, or creed.
            It is the acceptance of denominational doctrine.
            It is wanting anything more than a personal relationship with your Heavenly Father.
            They are the false concepts of God that you think have the power to save you.

            As with the idolatry of ancient Israel, the doctrines of Modern Christianity are social, sensual, and addictive.
            They cater to the physical man.
            To the carnal mind, they are far more agreeable than God’s truth

            Once assimilated these doctrines take root in the heart and become indiscernible to the host.
            They are then defended with the vehemence of a threatened mother.
            These are the O.T. commandments DOGMAS + RITUAL, the precepts of churches, and the half-truths of Organized Christianity.


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              THE PAGANS - will not understand THE GOOD NEWS

              This new creature will have eternal life, and be imbued with a selfless character (agape) that can love as Abba loves, even those with failings.
              We know that we have passed from death unto life, because we love (agapao) the brethren.

              Modern Christianity believes in Free Moral Agency. This doctrine teaches that man has “free will,” that he chooses to accept or reject Christ, and therefore determines his own destiny.
              This is the doctrine of God’s impotence.
              For it asserts that though God is aware of sin, he is incapable of doing anything about it.

              Most Christians would agree that God desires to save all men from sin and death.
              God our Saviour; who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.
              The doctrine of Free Will makes God’s success dependent upon the depravity of human decision

              Free Moral Agency leaves the limitless power and eternal purpose of God in tattered ruins, struck down by the pathetic will of degenerate man.
              Thus God isn’t very wise after all.
              His plan has problems, and his power can be thwarted, even by you!
              This doctrine of Organized Christianity is an unscriptural tragedy that denies the sovereignty and genius of God, while proclaiming the omnipotence of maN

              To the casual observer it may appear that man controls his own actions and thus his own destiny.
              But it takes a greater discernment to realize that man does not control his own thoughts.
              It is God that dictates the ideas and attitudes and revelations of men.

              Behind every action is a thought, and there in the hidden working of the mind, lies the sovereignty of God.

              YES SIR


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                the life of jesus was different from human life.... let the dead bury the dead

                the saints know WHEN THEY ARE MATURING AS THEY BECOME '' THE BEGOTTENS''
                When Jesus walked this earth all those 2000yrs ago He revealed an aspect of His godly person which had never been seen in any prior father or prophet or godly man in the history of the motion of God in the earth.
                Jesus was able to take “evil” that came against Him into Himself, turn it around, and give it back as “good”.

                No man nor gods previous had ever been able to do that.


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                  A HOLY EXPERIENCE - WHAT IS IT?= John 11 v 24 2 5 26 = JOHN 10 v 10

                  now THIS IS holy experiences in daily living
                  IT DEALS with the differences between DIVINITY AND HUMANITY

                  divinity seeks to distribute
                  humanity seeks to gather

                  JESUS DISTRIBUTED HIMSELF to all in need and ministered out from HIS ABUNANT LIFE.
                  EVERYTHING HE DID MET THE NEEDS OF THE LOST SICK AND DYING, AND gave the solution to their captivity in vanity

                  HUMNANITY has no solutions, ONLY BAND-AIDS fixes

                  humanity has divided itself from divinity
                  Jesus brought reconciliation back - but who is reconciled?

                  WHY IS THERE SO FEW?- BECAUSE the religious carnal mind is never transformed into a NEW WAY of thinking

                  REVERSED THINKING is needed....