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the BBL [aka - the bible] designed to deceive? yes

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  • the BBL [aka - the bible] designed to deceive? yes

    as it is based out from the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
    good and evil = come out from ''fallen angels'' calling themselves ''lord god, aliens,'' and these beings are war minded, blood thirsty, anarchists and they have children [tares] stationed on this planet that live amongst the children of the Father.

    The ''black covered holy book'' is based upon=
    dualism - that means the good and the bad knowledge that is deadly

    If this was not the case, the world wide consciousness would be vastly different than copied out of a '''holy book''' based mindset.
    THE WHOLE WORLD LIES IN DECEPTION.... and the ''holy books'' lead the way into it.

    Jesus revealed the secret of the ages.
    It is important to understand that the BBL-= Bible along with other ancient literature was created as a mixture of truth and error, right and wrong, good and evil. aka - the Tree of the Knowledge of good and of evil.
    all die from serving this great deception.
    It doesn’t mean that some of the text was not accurate, or that its history may be incorrect,
    it simply means that it was designed to deceive people into believing a false spirit, i.e. an artificial spirit growing out from the good and the evil knowledge.

    Matthew 13 v 24
    “He put another parable before them, saying, the kingdom of heaven may be compared to a man who sowed good seed in his field, but while his men were sleeping, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat and went away.
    The message that is being sent was during the time when Jesus walked this Earth where He was teaching the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven, until the Supplanter THESE antichrists were brought in.

    The mystery that He revealed came in the form of words, these words were called seeds.
    Thus, Jesus was sowing seeds of the Good Word. =THE FATHERS WILL

    From this time forward this word that was revealed was taken and later added into the ''HOLY' BOOKS what we call the Bible, which is has a hidden meaning, revealing BABEL.
    The BBL IS babel - a confused message.
    Proving 30000 + confused sects/creeds/religious churches= walk with the TREE OF THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL and is deadly.

    The word Babel from ancient Hebrew comes from the root word ‘Balal’ meaning to mix, mingle, confuse, or confound.
    Its signature is simply BBL.

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    People forgot his warning

    The problem is, many forgot the warning of this parable in that what Jesus was warning was that another seed/word was going to be planted side by side with the original seed/word.
    WHERE WAS THIS ''''''PLANTING'''''' going to be - in the BBL [BIBLE] AND then coming out from all religious pulpits
    The Bible was not going to ever be the original mysteries spoken of by Jesus, but a mixture of truth and error
    [there are no original words even surviving the BBL is made up from copies from 100s of other copies]
    What this means is the Bible is not the infallible word of truth, but a mixture of truth and error, wheat and tares.
    Jesus warned us about this in these parables.
    The Bible can be used to find truth, seeking for the source of all truth, but it is BBL-Confusion.

    Why would anyone need to divide the word of truth?
    Because it is mixed with error.
    It is not infallible; one must separate the wheat from the chaff within the word.

    This is because it was reseeded with a foreign seed that is deadly poison.
    Therefore, the Bible has contradictions all through it, because the enemy sowed another seed alongside with the original seed.
    Your job and mine is to separate the two seeds to access the truth.


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      # 322 = 3 v 22

      Genesis 3-22-
      “Now man has become like one of us to know GOOD AND EVIL...”
      3 v 22 = 6 6 - 66 books of the BBL[bible]
      the beginning of the great abomination that begins to make desolate, yet it is reversed to make it appear good.

      the GOODNEWS GOSPEL=The good news / knowledge is and always has been, that there will be a separation,
      the truth will prevail and the enemy will be revealed during the Harvest Cycle that is about to occur.

      THE ''GREAT ALIEN DISCLOSURE '' the media murmurers about = is not about helpers for humanity but the revealing of the fallen Seed – the tares.

      THE WORD c.a.p.t.i.v.e.s = should be a clue
      Were the Gods of the Bible our friends or were they creating an order to enslave humanity
      what did Jesus call the jewish peoples and others ..........................................................................c.a.p.t.i.v.e.s........... ........................................... it is important to reveal exactly how a book such as the Bible can be manipulated to rearrange our DNA and to reveal that this program effects every human on this planet whether they know it or not.


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        rightly dividing -

        the Bible does have factual elements all through it, as well as many other religious and secular texts all have facts intermingled with error.

        If you simply accept what is being stated literally, word for word, then you will have no blocks or filters against the entire program being downloaded within your DNA.
        Because truth mixed with error is a dilution which leads unto delusion, which creates confusion, which is antichrist.

        The secret to how this deception has manifested over the ages of time is due to how we as humans accept error internally without question
        Often it takes tutors or teachers of a religious body, as well as scientific creed, or even a governmental control mechanism to make sure you are accepting the program as they desire.

        Almost all religions are hierarchical in structure,
        To make sure the funneling of thought activates your DNA until the mind has been totally whitewashed to accept whatever ''THEY'' SAY - is being programmed.
        It is time to awaken to the reality that there is a myriad of sources out there that do not have humanities best interest in tow.
        In fact, they want you to be deceived and led into error.


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          This revelation might be offensive to many

          This revelation might be offensive to many, but it is BEST to retrace events of the stories of the Bible along with other works using discernment as well as the spirit of the LIFE HOLY SPIRIT to begin to recognize an actual
          programming that was created and then hopefully the false indoctrination might be cleansed within the DNA and washed away.

          i am not saying that the Bible is ALL false,
          in fact there is much truth in ITS events, but the error is placed exactly where it needs to be so that the truths will be erased from memory in the DNA as it is being re-translated.

          “I am a loving God that takes his wrath upon all who are against me.”

          Do you realize how this statement will create confusion and slowly begin to change the programming of the DNA, think long and hard about it?

          What I am trying to do is reveal how we are being programmed using the Bible as one of many download curriculums that have been craftily designed to switch our DNA to accept another format, which is darkness rather than light.

          If you ever watched the movie, “The Matrix”, it was shown how the crew of the Nebuchadnezzar ship, could download information at blazing speeds into the mind. One event in this show that comes to mind is when Trinity was loaded with the information directly into the brain, revealing how to fly a specific helicopter.

          This is exactly what I am referring to, information via books, texts, artifacts, paintings, sculptures and other sources are download programs, we just never realized this before simply because most are not aware of who they really are.

          When the man Jesus Christ was on this earth he gave a warning, a specific caution that has been ignored by many of those that claim to follow him.

          He revealed that in the beginning of the world the enemy came and planted a seed of tares among the wheat and this bad seed would flourish and grow right alongside the good seed, until the time of the harvest where then the separation would occur.


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            Fallen angels posing as gods.

            the entire world’s history is mostly a lie mixed with some trut
            The people we read about in the BBL , many of them did in fact exist but under different aliases via different culture adaptations.
            It is the program you need to understand and how it was created to take you off the path of internal discernment, not whether the program itself is truth or not but how it is used in the influencing of the minds in general.
            A television program may be wholly false, but it is still influencing your mind.
            It is not about who is real or who is a character from someone's imagination, it is about the simulation and how it was prepared and how it functions.
            THE Lord Gods.
            ARE beyond anything humans could conceive of now.
            They existed long before the foundations of this world which was created
            They lived in different systems, different dimensions of both time, space and mind. [POWERS AND DOMINIONS= rulers in high places]

            Lord Gods.
            When you place contradiction into a specific field or work and then classify that work as infallible, You have what is called a deadly DNA cocktail that will destroy comprehension in the mind if one keeps drinking this poison,without holy spirit filters.


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              the word CAPTIVES hold many truths .........................................few see.

              as most people are held captive to their habits and sins, but also captive to a belief system that is not true
              so people DIE IN SIN
              if you are able to STEP OUTSIDE the religious box and actually partake of Jesus new mindset we begin to see the terrible lies and pitfalls circulating as '' the standard of truth''

              Millions of christian people believe a lie so they DIE from personal ignorance.
              In a way church religion for billions in the pews is only a ''saturday/sunday thing'' a habit THAT ALLOWS OTHERS to do your thinking for you, and programme you into a death spiral of ignorance.
              Peoples busy lives take over and ''God'' goes onto the back burner and only pulled out when needed.
              Basically there is really No relationship - therefore no faith in HIM or Trusting IN Him is developed but there is a huge amount of trust IN VANITY.

              THEN OFCOURSE WE HAVE THE [bbl] BIBLE BUFFS who study for many many hours and come up with a different version of beliefs hence 30000+ diverse christian opinions
              how can millions of people read 1 book and have so many millions of differing ideas from that book?

              if the characters bear fruits of evil, rage anger jealousy war destruction and cruelty to others = know IT IS NOT from heaven and the Saviour and his Father but indicates the sins of fallen beings!
              Let there be NO other God’s before me.”
              Thus, he stated, I the lord thy God AM a Jealous God,thou shalt have no other Gods before me
              the truth is
              You shall know them by their fruits, jealousy is a sin of Satan and never attributed to Abba, the Father of Jesus who only offered up peace love goodwill and joy.
              these acts from Jesus Father can be learnt from the story of the prodigal son and the fruits we can see that come out from 2 very different ''gods''

              the ''lord gods'' of the OT had a law in place for the prodigal son to be stoned to death!
              Lord Gods – YHVH/YHWH Elohim
              Obviously, if the passage states, "LORD GOD", which in Hebrew is, The YHVH/YHWH Elohim then how can this be referring to one god.?
              IT DOESNT
              the bible deception is
              we read; ‘Lord God’ in the English translation, when it was, Lord Gods.


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                NB Jesus NEVER went into a synogog TO LEARN from their teachings NO

                IT WAS '''HE''' who instructed them= with His truth and they hated HIM
                Jesus' Authority Challenged
                22If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask in prayer.”
                23When Jesus returned to the temple courts and began to teach, the chief priests and elders of the people came to Him.
                “By what authority are You doing these things?
                they asked. “And who gave You this authority?”
                24“I will also ask you one question,” Jesus replied, “and if you answer Me, I will tell you by what authority I am doing these things.…
                Berean Study Bible ·
                Jesus HAD GREATER authority than the lord gods of the OT.
                very few see this truth.
                Nicodemus did. [ the ruler of the Jews] was converted as he now understood the different gods of the OT were not for him.

                He looked into the Ministry of Jesus and turned away from the O.T. gods of death and destruction.

                The bbl = Bible clearly states that God tempts no man
                - this is the sowing of the wheat, where the Father of Jesus indeed does not tempt anyone.
                It is revealing that the Father would never use sin or temptation to operate a deception.
                Only the tares/chaff that were added as the false word, and the children of Satan could play this game of duality.
                James 1v 13 "Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of god; for god, cannot be tempted with evil neither tempts he any man."
                However, Samuel said,
                THE O.T. God moved David to number Israel.
                And this act by David was said to be a sin.
                Thus, God moved David to commit sin.
                [There is no wiggle room here. - THIS IS THE TRUE FACT]
                It is time that you comprehend that lord God of the O.T. and the Father [[ABBA] of the N.T. are two different presences.
                However, the editors of the Bible did not make this clear, and so deception is rampant.


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                  children are fashioned by vanity, so VANITY IS LORD of their lives....vanity rules

                  from the beginning VANITY AND ITS GODS RULED THIS WORLD.
                  THEIR HOLY BOOKS, subjected the human mind with values that all stem from the root of death human flaws and destruction.

                  Its important to understand that if you do not use the keys to crack the code you will be deceived
                  what keys
                  ''BY THEIR FRUITS YE SHALL KNOW THEM''
                  their fruits compare the characters -

                  Understand, it is true that the Spiritual Father will never tempt the children to do evil,
                  but the one called the lord God[s] often in the ancient book was not the Father but part of the fallen angels/aliens, and they did use evil mixed with good to create confusion.
                  Who is this lord God[s] that at a drop of a hat will change his/their mind, go against his/their own rules, yet states he never changes?
                  Are we dealing with a multiple personality here?
                  FOR ALL THOSE INDOCTRINATED religious people now hissing and booing...… think for yourself
                  It never seems to dawn on people as to why something forbidden was in the middle of paradise in the first place.
                  Remember the Father OF JESUS cannot be tempted with evil nor will He tempt anyone with evil.

                  wake up
                  smell the coffee
                  get Out from your grave clothes and THINK FOR YOURSELF

                  THE FREEMASON GODS do the same thing today and it always works
                  this is how the con works

                  * You - create a problem in the 1st place
                  * have the people confused and blame them
                  * Then offer your solution to the problem you created in the 1st place.

                  where did the FREEMASONS learn this trick?
                  from the ''lord gods'' of the O.T.= THE FALLEN ANGELS, who gave the law to Moses in the 1st place
                  [ a created problem, then blamed the masses who could not keep 613 laws, THEN destroyed millions in the wilderness= aka- vampires, who live off the life frequencies of mortals]
                  same old con, works upon the ignorant.


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                    The truth is hated and produces boo-ing and hiss-ing

                    SOME MORE TRUTH
                    ''Behold, man has become like one of us to Know Good and Evil…”
                    The ELOHIM were the ''lord gods'' plural who partook of some good and some evil.
                    The fruit of these gods of good and evil IS...……...
                    Why did the serpent and God ELOHIM both agree about the same thing?
                    And yet the one said, do not take of the tree and the other said, do take of the tree.

                    WILL IT SHOCK YOU TO KNOW
                    Isn’t their tree called the Knowledge of both good and evil?
                    Then why should it shock you that one is playing the role of good/God and the other is playing the role of evil/Devil?
                    All the gods were players of both good and evil, and their identification to was to their fruits
                    THE FRUIT
                    The one had to play the role of not wanting these humans to take of this tree, and thus had to conceal himself as part of the good/God due to the law that stated, the subjects must be told the truth.
                    And the other concealed himself as a Serpent, to mask himself under evil, whereby he also spoke the truth, but was luring these humans to break the initial restraint so they would be punished by law.
                    The truth is, the Serpent was not a snake he was one of the Nephilim Elohim.
                    Based on the true original word, nن•khash; the serpent’s identity was a snake charmer.
                    The serpent was a magician, a spell caster, a divine enchanter, a ‘MAGI,’ an extremely powerful EL of the ELOHIM or Lord of the GODS.

                    This serpent was a powerful being most likely being one of the top gods, sons of the YHVH. And he was appointed to
                    become the Divine Enchanter to lure Adam and Eve into the trap

                    2 TREES
                    what about the OTHER TREE OF LIFE?
                    the term for-ever is also the word OLAM.
                    It does not mean eternal life.
                    It is an unknown word representing an unknown amount of time.
                    a special period. Something that was out of the ordinary, but it was not eternal.
                    These were the people of OLAM, meaning the ancient gods who lived a very long time. They were the sons of God, the Elohim roaming this planet.

                    When it stated,
                    Now man has become like one of US…”
                    it was using the plural to identify that the Elohim are many Gods.
                    These were the sons of God, making them gods also. And they could live close to one-thousand years, until the flood changed everything. 1000-years is key!

                    You access the Tree of Life from within yourself.
                    john 11 v 24 25 26 = a personal invitation into eternal life here, via our friendship with OUR Saviour.


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                      the modern day religious freemasons - OWNING SEMINARIES AND media outlets

                      teach seduction.
                      The religious world contends that God was testing Adam and Eve to see if they would obey, but it states the Father tempts no one with evil nor can he be tempted with evil.
                      [oh dear the stupid lies the pews swallow.]
                      So why would God do this?
                      Now some in their ignorance would proclaim, that God didn’t tempt them, Satan tempted them.
                      Do you see how the mind is easily tricked, to keep the conformity to the illusion?

                      Obviously, this was not the Father of Jesus, this was not the true Creator, these were fallen angels THE LORD GODS, who claimed they were gods using mind control/thought transference technology
                      CREATE A PROBLEM
                      BLAME ANOTHER
                      FIX THE PROBLEM YOU CREATED,

                      BUT something happened.... the gods were exposed
                      the reason the curse came between Eve and the Serpent and her offspring and his, is obvious.
                      She discovered something major about the lord gods elohim and learned they were not what they were led to believe, at first.
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                        once the KEY WORD = FRUIT- is avaliable it starts to become so clear to truthseekers

                        THE STORY IN THE BBL [bible] is the SAME trick/con the whole world still lives under today- the beginning of the pattern to the end of the pattern.
                        nothing has changed
                        the freemasons [the lord gods MANIFESTING] still rule as a RULE OF LAW.
                        THE SAME GAME IS STILL BEING PLAYED and the while world remains as SLAVES AND CAPTIVES = BY THE RULE OF LAW,
                        Their rules of law never apply to themselves, it seems they believe they are over and above all law.
                        Whenever you hear a politician OR clergy use the term rule of law, they are of the mindset of the Elohim Gods and are obeying their creeds / policies as gods working for the Tree of the Knowledge of good and of evil.
                        It is LAW that defines SIN,
                        without LAW there would be no SIN.
                        However, sin is also created by there being more and more laws.
                        The LAW was created so SIN could accumulate, and the more laws the more sins, not the other way around as all religions teach.
                        Sin did not bring in the law, the law brought in the knowledge of sin.
                        There is only one true law, loving the Father OF YESHUA with all your heart and soul and loving one another as you love yourself.
                        What is their fixation about law when they don't obey it anyway?
                        They can change the rules at any time and play whatever nasty game they desire, but don't any of us dare break any of the laws or else we will pay bitterly. ~

                        THINK ABOUT THIS in a modern day perspective = the same as from the very ancient past still exists today


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                          the rule of love versus the law of Moses

                          While everyone has been spending all their time worshiping false gods, doing their bidding, making sure all their interests are met, they have forgotten that we are from another realm where true divine nature and spiritual natural laws of love really do exist.
                          These are not rules of LAW; they are Rules of LOVE.
                          the RULE OF LOVE IS FOUND IN THE ministry OF JESUS, COMPARED with the law of Moses and the Ministry of Destruction [ THE MINISTRY OF GOOD AND EVIL CO JOINED]
                          THERE WILL BE BOO-ING ANF HISS-ING ALL ROUND, as most people are totally INDOCTRINATED into the knowledge of good and evil.
                          This is why the world is never able to '''fix'''' their problems as the lord gods feed of THE FRIITS of this tree.

                          ONLY Jesus can pull a soul out from this miry clay.
                          the rule of love of Jesus AS SERVICE TO OTHERS, has been abandoned and the old gods still remain charged and energised, from the worship of THE RELIGIOUS billions and their ''fruits'' still can be seen in every strata of worldly living
                          Jesus said
                          ''He came to reveal the Father'
                          but what do the people do?
                          They place all their attention on the messenger and never listened to the message.
                          And this is the problem we still have today.
                          People won’t listen to the message they always go after the messenger, and either destroy them or set them on a pedestal, but damn be the message.


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                            The poisoned mindset

                            from the gods of war and violence.
                            Most all groups believe they are the good ones fighting for their principles against the evil ones.
                            Few want to see themselves as being evil, even though at times the actions they take and allow are extremely wicked and satanic, it is being done in their mind to destroy evil.
                            They create the concept that sometimes you should accept the ideology of evil to conquer other evil.
                            This is how war is created.
                            People are convinced that killing another is all right if you are doing it for the party (Good God) cause.
                            Now we can better understand what the thought process of these fallen gods is.
                            That is exactly how they reason around their poisonous mindset.
                            And that is why so many have followed these gods even though they recognize them as warmongers!


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                              the SLAVES to the YHWH gods - the captives to YHWH laws - 613 of them

                              many millions of the churched religious peoples have become good followers as slaves and obedient to the rule of law, which will create sinners for them to condemn forcing them through fear to obey!
                              [''boo and hiss,'' the slaves will shout, as they love their captivity]
                              ask this question
                              Why do the O.T.gods always desire blood sacrifices?
                              the truth is
                              Death will never give life, only life will give life,
                              death produces more death unless a transfiguration occurs, where corruption must give way unto incorruption.
                              It was these gods who devised the idea that blood must be spilled.
                              The gods desired sacrifice and offering via the fruit of the labour of the humans,
                              why would a GOD need to EAT or be pampered if they were truly gods?
                              One thing that stands out so clearly about these gods is they had an appetite for sacrifice.
                              And they demanded that they were given the best of the best from whatever field of work was being toiled
                              same old same old...……..
                              The same system of classes still exists today with the Kings and Queens and elite of the world.

                              Jesus said,
                              “Do not do as the heathen (or the gods of old) had done, where one rules or lords over another?”
                              IF YOU ARE VERY WISE AND FULL OF HOLY SPIRIT TEACHING YOU WILL KNOW WHY, the OT YHWH LORD GODS - demanded killings all the time and the BLOOD SPLIT at every opportunity -
                              they made the human being to worship them as gods through trickery to become a continual blood sacrifice for their wicked desire of extracting energy through death.
                              Something that is still in practice today by the same gods

                              death to life is a food supply for devils.