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why the globalists are splitting up the roman catholic church???????

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  • why the globalists are splitting up the roman catholic church???????

    [Why the Globalists are Splitting Up the Catholic Church
    (continued in red)

    (3 September 2018) – During this morning’s infoscan, I ran across indications that the globalists may be using the Catholic pedophilia scandal to create a schism in the Church between the “progressives” under Pope Francis and the “traditionalists” under Vatican Secretary of State Pietro Parolin. My preliminary read on their strategy is as follows…

    1) They’ll have Parolin’s “traditionalist” half of the Catholic Church heal the longstanding schism with the “traditionalist” Eastern Orthodox Church, and that reunited Church will back Putin in creating the real, multilateral New World Order and becoming the “real Antichrist.”

    2) They’ll have Francis’ “progressive/communist” half of the Church go down in flames with the decoy, unilateral New World Order and the decoy Antichrist(s) of the West.

    I will peer deeper into this over the coming hours & days and expand & enhance this update as I go.

    (4 September 2018) – It appears that the mechanism they’ll use to cause the schism will be an attempt to remove Pope Francis from office against his will, possibly by convening an Ecumenical Council without his consent. Since the Church has no standing procedure for the forced removal of a Pope, any effort to do so will be of questionable legality, and it will therefore divide the Church between Francis loyalists who still see him as Pope and “traditionalist rebels” who will follow Pietro Parolin in reuniting with the Eastern Orthodox Church.

    Once this is done, the prophecy propagandists will say that Pope Francis was the “Final Pope” who permanently wrecked the Roman Catholic Church and Pietro Parolin was the “False Prophet” who gave rise to the “Antichrist”…

    good reading

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    the whole world is '' a deceptive staged management.''

    will the real POPE stand up
    Pope Francis Must Resign: Catholic Civil War