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    Originally posted by ImAHebrew View Post
    Shalom Edmund, boy, that surely was an impossible event with the earth being flat. Must have been a huge mirror out in front of the plane that reflected the light of the sun onto the bottom of the plane. That seems to be the only viable explanation, unless, the earth is a curved globe that is spinning on it's axis while it revolves around the sun.

    Don't worry Edmund, it won't be long before flat-earthers become an extinct aberration. Blessings in The Name, ImAHebrew/Ken.

    Ye really should try to prove the earth is round like a ball from the scriptures, instead of blowing hot air out ye donkey and parroting ye puppet masters, but then it's like ye saturnsday, it does not exist in the scriptures.


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      Originally posted by Edmund Dantes View Post
      I was on a plane recently and noticed the ground was dark, but the sunlight was hitting the bottom of the plane during decent. Sitting just behind the wing, landing at sunset.

      I was on a plane

      Are ye sure that ye was ON the plane or were you IN the plane?