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when did the problem of scriptural alteration begin? THAT IS THE ?

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  • when did the problem of scriptural alteration begin? THAT IS THE ?

    "Certain Christians, like men who are overcome by the fumes of wine and care not in the least what they say, alter the original text of the Gospels so that they admit of various and almost indefinite readings.
    And this, I suppose, they have done out of worldly policy, so that when we press an argument home, they might have the more scope for their pitiful evasions".

    To which allegation the third century Church Father Origen replied:

    "Besides, it is not at all fair to bring this charge against the Christian religion as a crime unworthy of its pretended purity; only those persons who were concerned in the fraud should, in equity, be held answerable for it"
    (Origen, Contra Celsus).


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    Books in the vatican secret vaults

    For the believer to blindly accept the position of the modern church that the scriptures were preserved in a pure state, is merely asking to be deceived and misled

    The problem is that, regardless of how much evidence is shown to the majority of modern Christians -- evidence which demonstrates conclusively that the n.t. scriptures were severely altered by the Church of Rome -- they will refuse to acknowledge the facts