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the lost generation, by Randy Conway Apr 17, 2018

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  • the lost generation, by Randy Conway Apr 17, 2018


    The lost generation has been subjected to Hell’s penetration
    And when they were forbidden to pray they lost their way.
    I think more than lost their way they were purposely led astray,
    A maleficent inception so that they are given over to deception.

    Revisionist history so the past is then a mystery
    To control the future, alas, you only need to hide the past.
    The evil intrusion brought to them gender confusion
    Not knowing who they are, living vicariously through avatars.

    Those who did not fall to deception’s call
    Will be the victims of extermination via vaccination.
    By their own perversion they are perplexed until they all are vexed,
    Living in denial, unable to face life’s simplest trials.

    The lost generation subjected to Hell’s penetration;
    “I-Phonery” dependent to whom technology is transcendent.
    Subjected to Pedophilia from the Pit which has consumed the body politic,
    Living with satanic scars, what will be revealed in their memoirs?

    There will be judgment and some will pay for the generation that was led astray,
    Always providing a new game to play rather than teaching them how to pray.
    Now we give them to AI demon-possessed machines, their faces glued to the screens
    Introducing them to the things that have become their nightmare scenes.

    The stuff that nightmares are made of is their inheritance rather than love.
    Will “cannabots” now be sent, will the powers that be ever repent?
    What have we tolerated for this generation to embrace, what is the future of the human race?
    In a world without God it is no wonder they eat soap pods…

    Unequipped to face life’s problems they resort to snorting condoms;
    Snowflakes melting in the heat while they’re marching in the streets.
    Unaware that it is our bane that the unborn without mercy are being slain
    A generation has lost its way because we declared they could no longer pray.

    This begs a question that must be asked, “Who is responsible for the evil that has amassed?”
    Was the Church also busy at play, when we should have been leading the way?
    Is it fair to say too many in the churches failed to pray
    While a world was led astray, spiraling downward in decay?
    by Randy Conway
    Apr 17, 2018