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'''The religious mafia shaking down''' - whats that exactly?

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  • LucySmith
    ofcourse no-one can name themselves an ''apostle''

    there were only ever 12 - not others.

    12 ALONE is the divine # for '' the government of Father''

    the N,T, is very clear on their CONDITIONS OF A WORKING CONTRACT.....'' AS AN APOSTLE''
    no person can say ''the Lord called me to be an apostle, so now i am one''

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  • LucySmith
    fear phobia induction. spiritual bondage

    How Demand for Purity is Used in Totalistic Groups:

    Perfection and striving against "sin" (which will be defined by the group's headquarters) is highly stressed, along with fear of what will happen if one fails, or leaves the group.
    (This manipulation is called fear phobia induction.)

    Every rule is to be followed exactly;
    e.g., being on time for Sabbath services,
    attending every Bible study and holy day,
    tithing faithfully,
    having their family under control at all times,
    avoiding all that is "pagan,"
    always having a good attitude,
    giving offerings at every holy day, etc.

    there is a constant striving,
    failing and resultant shame, = guilt and fear of punishment.
    These rules serve to keep members isolated from the outside world and more dependent on the group.
    It also leads to much emotional and spiritual bondage.
    The teachings in the group are considered "the Truth" which God revealed only to the leader in this end time age, and he is considered "God's spokesman" or "Apostle," to restore the true gospel.
    This is constantly taught in sermons and co-worker/dear brethren letters.
    Members are taught that neither is to be questioned, because it will be the same as questioning God and His "government"; i. e., headquarters.
    This "Truth" is presented as what the entire world needs to know in order to be set free, and it is what true science reveals to mankind.

    If a member becomes interested in other ideas which contradict the group's truth, it can create guilt and fear.

    When a member finds out a minister (or the founder) is doing something opposite than what he teaches;
    e.g., has committed adultery with someone in the congregation, sexually abused a member's child, told lies, or gotten drunk,
    they will block out all negative thoughts and questions.
    The excuse is that "God will correct him in time."

    Members are to continue to follow him regardless, because they must "obey the Government of God."

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  • LucySmith
    its all about CONTROL [ by fear]

    the ''shake down''
    a great example from Armstrongism..

    example of the ''religious shake down''
    the owners of this forum are ''ex'' members of Herbert Armstong so some of ''his views'' are still exercised.

    How Mystical Manipulation is Used in Totalistic Groups:

    Members are to have a child-like trust in whatever they are taught.
    The group is considered the "only church where God is working" or the "one true church of God";
    therefore, if members do or don't do something that is required of them, whatever incident that follows is said to be a result of the member's prior actions.

    For instance,
    if a member and his family decide to leave the Feast of Tabernacles early and not stay through to the "Last Great Day" (or until the sun sets) and the driver ends up getting in a car accident and/or dying, the ministers will tell the members that the reason this happened was because of "disobedience" or "rebellion to God's government";
    that God's Holy Spirit was at the Feast and not with the member who left, and that is why he had the accident and died.

    If a member disobeys in the area of tithing;
    e.g., not being "faithful" in paying all of his tithes, and then goes backwards financially,
    he is told that since he has "disobeyed God," or "not obeyed the Government of God," God has personally seen to it that he suffered his present financial difficulties and/or financial collapse.
    He can even be told that he is "putting his salvation in jeopardy."

    if members keep the Sabbath,
    Observe Passover,
    attend the Feast of Tabernacles (and other holy days),
    give generous offerings and pay all their tithes, and
    then soon afterwards receive a raise, a new job, new home, new car, etc. then it is all attributed to their obedience in that area.

    If someone experiences elevated emotions or a "high" after baptism, or during the Feast of Tabernacles, it is said to be because God is in that experience.
    If the weather is good at the Feast, it is because "God's true church" is meeting there for God's holy days.

    Members feel "chosen" and that they are a part of something very important and urgent (i. e., "God's Work"); that their one true purpose in life is being fulfilled.
    They lose their critical thinking skills and are unable to exercise their independence and own decisions.

    the church mafia~~~~ fleece the sheep and destroy them

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  • LucySmith
    its tenticles are spread from a religious FEAR BASED REALITY

    and began approx. 1700=1800ad
    With the advent to the SDA the JWs and coming up the rear Armstrongism and at the finish line THE HEBREW ROOTS movement to name a few.[ more can be added]
    They are all there peddling their fears of
    * lakes of fire full of dead sinners
    * hell
    * torments
    * other terrible assorted ''''judgments'' on a person like you aka= a lawless sinner.

    Perhaps Herbert A, was the most aggressive religious bully in town I feel.
    [ I have done a lot of research on this man]
    He seemed to have his fear mongering twisted verse beliefs, off pat.

    So when you come on LA forum to read /post KNOW you will battle against these fake movements~~ and the king pins who own this site.
    Know that the very ''twisted ideas'' of Herbert A will be promoted
    ''' fear'''' is a must~~~~ for the mafia shake down.
    I am a lone voice here for the Goodnews + the love based gospel of my King Jesus.

    You have to be told by the chief posters, YOU ARE A LAWLESS sinner a few times
    over and over you have to be called '' a liar'' when you expose '' the crafty people called Judiazers'' and their dung.

    The sad fact is, these very unlearned people FAIL to recognise, the bible is not holy but rather corrupted
    being full of ''dualism and thousands of contradictions'' and lots of man made up dung.

    THIS TRUTH does not necessarily come from the Muslims, nor unbelievers, nor the jews, but from FORMER HIGHLY EDUCATED BIBLE PROFESSORS.
    the whole bible is made from copies of copies of copies hundreds of times over. NO N.T. ORIGINAL can be found.

    THEREFORE once a believer is converted [as was Nicodemus the ruler of the Jews in Jesus day by their KING OF GLORY] HE then befriends them to be their Rabbi and divine Teacher as HE SAID '''FOLLOW ME''.

    notice He never said TO FOLLOW
    *holy church fathers,
    *nor priests,
    *ancient saints,
    *false apostles
    ANY money grabbing modern day preachers who collect the ''tithe'' and build a life style for themselves of the rich and almost famous.
    Did Jesus add,
    ''worship at the feet of the religious divorced men and women, and be taught by them~~~~ when they were unable to love their own wives and family correctly''.

    infact be warned ='' whom ye sit under you become like'' - a well known fact.

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  • '''The religious mafia shaking down''' - whats that exactly?

    its how the religious BULLIES, throw out their condemnation upon the true Believers in christ.

    what condemnation?
    how we are 'doomed'' if we fail to follow parts of Moses laws.
    failure to follow YAH the god of the O.T.

    The ''shake down begins'' and their condemnation is throw around onto believers, like garbage flung into the back of a trash truck.

    FEAR MUST CONTROL~~~~~ A fear based god and a fear based belief IS FROM the devil.
    SO~~ the folks that belong to this RELIGIOUS SHAKE DOWN are satan's toys -aka - the grave yard gang

    YAH and his law - is ''the flesh god'' =corrupt
    obey them and remain dead in sin or a captive to your flesh.
    O.T YAH - re-actions were '' on how he felt'' = the sinning flesh out of control that whips out and strikes like a snakes tongue.