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  • Nicodemus

    an incredible man
    He held one form of religious belief yet was CONVERTED BY JESUS into another divine belief.
    just wonderful to SEE THE TRUTH WORKING in a Jewish elder and Ruler who was deceived'INTO thinking ''he was right''.

    i don''t feel many people in this world are truly CONVERTED INTO THE TRUTH,
    * converted into the person who is THE TRUTH

    to be converted means TO HAVE a new FATHER.

    Nicodemus 1st hurdle
    Nicodemus does not understand.
    He cannot understand, because he is caught up in his theology,
    the theology of the Temple, much like Christians today are caught up in the theology of the Church and the rather unholy bible of dualism and hundreds of contradictions.

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    Names and numbers have symbolic meaning in the Bible.
    John likes to use words with multiple meanings.

    The name Nicodemus is a combination of nike which means “victory” and demos which means people.
    Nicodemus can be defined as “victory of the people” or “victorious among his people,”


    Nicodemus was a “Pharisee” and “a leader of the people.”
    This means he was a member of the Sanhedrin, Israel’s highest legislative and judicial body.
    He was the most renowned teacher of his day, a KIND OF “rock star” among 1st century Jews.

    Nico demus was about to lose his O.T. law keeping ways and be CONVERTED [ NOT by Herbert Armstrong NO he escaped that wolflike deceiver] but BY THE TRUTH PERSON = JESUS.

    The theology of the Temple was corrupt.
    It was designed to maintain the social order and to justify rule by the elite.
    This is also the history of the Church, and something to which many religions fall prey.
    note well
    The literal, conservative reading of scripture leads to misunderstanding.
    This is why Jesus asks Nicodemus how, being a teacher of Israel, he does not know these things?
    If he cannot understand earthly things, Jesus cannot teach him about heavenly things.

    Why didn''t Nicodemus know O.T. YAH and his corruption?

    As Nicodemus fades from view, Jesus turns to us to teach us about heavenly things.
    The “Son of Man” has descended from heaven, and He will also ascend to heaven.

    THE O.T. YHWH/YAH WAS A FLESH god and ''eye for an eye unjust god'' - the GOD OF THE FLESH.
    JESUS kingdom is about our true man OUR GREAT DIVINE SLEEPING SPIRITUAL MAN that child of Abba within - who needs to be awakened.

    jesus introduced the Goodnews TO THIS WORLD AS A DIVINE GESTURE OF GOODWILL
    - as KEYS TO OPEN OUR SLEEPING SPIRITUAL MAN so we BECOME AS HE IS=aka returned back to be free and healed and whole again and no longer held captive to our flesh minded ways of death.


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      WHAT IS SO WONDERFUL TO SEE as the Holy Spirit expounds is

      Nicodemus was a Pharisee, a member of the Sanhedrim.
      What is Sanhedrim?
      They were the legislative body of Israel.
      They knew the law and were devout Jews of that day.
      Nicodemus was a man of high rank and a respectable member of the Sanhedrim.
      He was a ruler of the Jews, a counselor, called a “master in Israel.”
      He was an expositor of the Jewish law.

      look at this revelation
      Now we see Nicodemus as a spiritual giant, an expert of the Biblical law.
      till he met Jesus and Nicodemus ''spiritual giant-ship'' fell into tatters at Jesus feet.
      BECAUSE THE FLESH CONTROLLED O.T. THEOLOGY WAS DEADLY`and ''the god of the flesh'' revealed as a brutish bully on weaker vessels
      that is what ''bullies'' do best.
      TILL THEY ARE challenged AND EXPOSED as Jesus did.
      He called '' the father of Nicodemus and the gang -the devil''

      From John's record we see a show between two great spiritual giants, meeting head to head, Nicodemus and Jesus.
      who wins
      - THAT IS WHY I STAND UP FOR MY KING AND HERO against all religious crackpots with a demonic zeal to deceive.


      yes they run away in the end when exposed as traitors to the LORD OF GLORY AND HIS GLORIOUS GOOD NEWS
      WHAT are the traitors called
      THOSE WHO TRY TO mix the law of Moses to the Gospel - or - the old wine mixed into the new wine.,


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        when i stand up for the Goodnews - notice the ''lawkeepers'' condemnation

        Joh 3:18 He that believeth on him is not condemned:
        but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.

        see WHO the evil minded Judaizers are - old and new ?
        notice the spitefulness because evil is a bully


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          the Goodnews is only the Goodnews to SOME

          AND NOT FOR ALL

          THE SAVED have '' the divine opened heart surgery'' done

          There are no more questions from Nicodemus, in this memorable 3rd chapter concerning Nicodemus, that shows us how that enquiring master of Israel came to believe in OUR SAVIOUR.

          The Lord opened Nicodemus heart for him to understand these spiritual truths, he would have understood by now even a Jew must be born again to enter into God’s kingdom.

          By now he [nicodemus] understood that Jesus is the Messiah, the Christ, the spiritual deliverer of the Jews and of the Gentiles.

          to those who believe as Nicodemus did,[ prior to his night visit to Jesus ] in the law of Moses- Jesus Himself HAS NEVER OPENED YOUR HEARTS
          how sad is that, when you actually think He has.
          i always wondered why Moses and his god were always 1st in your life~~~~~now i know.

          unlightened hearts remain sleeping in death
          * all law keepers in Moses laws= lose.
          a losers religion


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            religious people say '' we are to keep some parts of the Laws of Moses'' ARE WRONG

            had Impeccable pedigree/credentials!
            He was a Jew, a Pharisee, a member of the Sanhedrin
            (the highest legal, legislative, and judicial body of the Jews),
            and a highly respected teacher of the Old Testament Scriptures.

            Can you imagine being Nicodemus and having Jesus tell you that all of this is not enough to get you into the kingdom of God?

            Yet this is precisely what Jesus tells Nicodemus.
            A man like Nicodemus is not good enough for the kingdom of God, then who is?
            That is the question, and Jesus has the answer, which John records for us.

            WHAT HAPPENS
            It is the Holy Spirit that comes upon a person and transform that person
            * into a new creature,
            * then his ignorance is removed,
            * his affections are changed,
            * his understanding is enlightened,
            * his free will changed to the will of God,
            * his desires are refined,
            * his life is changed.

            He is a new born BELIEVER into the Kingdom of God, to whom all things have become new.

            This change is compared in Scripture to the resurrection from the dead,and to a new birth.
            “Ye must be born again,” said Christ to Nicodemus,

            my question to you is,
            * You have a lot of religion like Nicodemus,
            * You are a devoted religious person like Nicodemus but you are lost.
            * Just like Nicodemus you trusted in your O.T. tradition, your religion instead of the NT GOODNEWS scriptures,
            * like Nicodemus you saw only the literal things of God but never saw the spiritual side of it,

            Nicodemus was converted from false concept of religion to a new creature in Christ Jesus,
            I pray that you too will put your pride down and meet the Lord secretly in the prayer closet and repent of your false views of traditions taught by men and submit at the feet of Jesus for your TRUE spiritual salvation
            IAH = the lost and you are NOT GOOD ENOUGH.
            JESUS SAID SO.