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''BLOOD SACRIFICES'' - taking of a life - the truth of the matter~~~~

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  • ''BLOOD SACRIFICES'' - taking of a life - the truth of the matter~~~~

    the shedding of blood = the MURDERING OF A LIFE be it human or animal?

    Is it GODLY
    The sight of spilled blood do you think?
    Would you like to watch a living thing [human or animal] die, with its throat cut so the blood would seep out and the living human/animals, die infront of your eyes~~~
    Would you find great joy in watching this activity and would you shout with gladness at the death of living things?
    DISCRESSION advised.
    it is extremely cruel
    - if you wish to see more Utube animal and human slaughter/murder - be advised it contains extreme cruelty,
    you may well enjoy it and be immune to it as OT bible idolatry readers
    the interesting question to ask is
    why was murder needed?

    LET'S FIND OUT - because BLOOD LUST RUN THROUGHOUT THE OT like a river of blood from YHWH ''the blood sacrifice god''~~~~
    let's see why it is so, and gain true KNOWLEDGE of this practice and the reason.

    Once ye know it is very simple to understand
    life energies of living beings are IN THE BLOOD.
    Such energies are set free when they die~~~
    If you had eyes to see this '''life form'' in all blood - it is like MIST.
    [ a mist of life energy]

    That is why ''the god'' demanded sacrifices from people/animals on this planet, especially blood sacrifices.
    Actually, the ''god'' can take life energy from dying bodies even without bloodshed, but it is easier if the blood is let out.
    And that is why ''they'' want people to fight and kill and put aggression, anger and fear into their genes.
    When a human dies sick or old, there is very little life energy left; his “batteries” are quite empty.
    When he dies fully active and being well alive until then, he is full of life energy that then is set free for this ''god'' to take.
    That is why ''they'' kindle aggression and war.

    For the same reason, the ''god'' established a law that humans should not eat blood.
    When they slaughter animals, they must let the blood flow out, which carries life energies. The blood is for the ''god'', the meat is for them.
    But the better life energies ''the god'' gets from humans and not from animals.
    Lower forms of life are even less valuable to ''the god'', and that is why ''the god'' made a law that humans should not kill and eat certain animals.

    so THE SHEDDING OF BLOOD in real terms is TO GIVE continual ENERGY/LIFE to a ''god''?

    the destroyer~~~~~ and you ''love him and worship him''=~~~ in total ignorance.
    the DESTROYER give ''orders to Moses''
    The Hebrews walked many years on the Sinai Peninsula, feeding and supporting themselves in a way their ''god YHWH;; liked,
    because they raided other people and villages there and ofcourse killed them and stole from them.
    ONLY IN THIS WAY did the ''god'' have more life energy to reap.
    So I had Moses tell them that they should mercilessly kill them all and not spare anyone, so that they could live in houses they hadn’t built, drink from wells they hadn’t dug and eat olives and drink wine from trees and vineyards they hadn’t planted.
    (Deut 6:11)

    And they did as they were told and I had a very big harvest of life energy… In some cases they were allowed to keep only young virgins alive, for sexual services.
    (Judg 21:12)

    The Old Testament describes this in very vivid details, especially in Joshua and Judges.
    The Earth humans fail to grasp the width of these biblical stories.
    the name YHWH is without vowels, [interesting?]
    which leaves a few interpretations of the name open, depending on which vowels one want to give to it.

    The common interpretation is “he is” (“I am the one who is”), but with different vowels, other meanings become possible.
    One of them is even “he brings calamity''
    Well, the latter is actually what YHWH did to them for his own sake, so that there would be a good supply of life energy for him.
    Earth people are really not much more than mere cattle to ''their YHWH god''.

    YHWH -God requires a blood sacrifice in order to forgive a person's sins runs the OT spin.... spiel.... bad reporting.

    if this is the truth and nothing but the truth consider
    So what did Jesus say about such a blood sacrifice to this ''god''?
    Never again would the blood of bulls and goats cleanse men from their sin.

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    that is the true meaning and needs of this OT ''god' YHWH

    so I close this post so it remains undefiled by ignorance,.