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weak eyes = THE SANDS of the Pauline system

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  • weak eyes = THE SANDS of the Pauline system

    the moment you see ''weak'' eyes - know that that person cannot ''SEE'' spiritually into the Kingdom of Heaven and speaks in darkness.

    paul claiming he has weak eyes.
    weak eyes - non seeing eyes,
    rather like Leah, the weak eyed 1st wife of DECEPTION who was thrust upon Jacob.

    it is quite revealing and appropriate that Paul’s ''''revelation'''' was from Arabia.
    It seems evident that his words, are a law of themselves unto Christians that has equally resulted in their death, not their life, as they have died for 2,000 years.
    why so?
    the HOUSE BUILT upon sand. victims were unable to arise and to overcome THE FLOOD.

    The Pauline system is entirely inadequate to lead one to become a disciple of Yeshua, and wholly insufficient to bring one into the first resurrection.

    I can justly ask – Why would anyone want to now rely upon the teachings of weak-eyed man.
    Why would anyone want to exclusively follow the in-part teachings of Paul that have led men into bondage and death for 2,000 years?

    These are not the teachings of Yeshua.
    Never do they even pretend to lead a man into the experience of being Yeshua's disciple.
    In fact, when comparing them to His teachings, one could even say they are so completely different that they are “another gospel,” about which Paul himself warned (Galatians 1:8)

    the victims will remain as long as Paul has the power over them

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    An interesting fact.

    because of Saul's eye sight... he would be unable to hold any OFFICE as a BLEMISHED person.


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      Eyesight you say?

      Originally posted by LucySmith View Post
      because of Saul's eye sight... he would be unable to hold any OFFICE as a BLEMISHED person.
      Lucy, your eyesight is a lot worse than Paul's, because you cannot see whole red texts spoken by Messiah, and you sure do not obey Him or His red words as He said to do.


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        the christian SYSTEM under saul who renamed himself paul

        the christian RELIGION makes enemies instead of friends.
        That one word, "christian," covers all the horizon of memory with visions of war, of outrage, of persecution, of tyranny, and death.

        That one word brings to the mind every instrument with which man has tortured man.

        In that one word are all the fagots and flames and dungeons of the past, and in that word is the infinite and eternal hell of the future.
        In the name of universal benevolence Christians have hated their fellow-men.

        Although they have been preaching universal love, the Christian nations are the warlike nations of the world.
        The most destructive weapons of war have been invented by Christians.
        The musket, the revolver, the rifled canon, the bombshell, the torpedo, the explosive bullet, have been invented by Christian brains.
        Above all other arts, the Christian world has placed the art of war.

        A Christian nation has never had the slightest respect for the rights of barbarians; neither has any Christian sect any respect for the rights of other sects.
        Anciently, the sects discussed with fire and sword, and even now, something happens almost every day to show that the old spirit that was in the Inquisition still slumbers in the Christian breast.
        Whoever imagines himself a favorite with God, holds other people in contempt.

        Whenever a man believes that he has the exact truth from God, there is in that man no spirit of compromise.
        He has not the modesty born of the imperfections of human nature; he has the arrogance of theological certainty and the tyranny born of ignorant assurance.
        Believing himself to be the slave of God, he imitates his master, and of all tyrants, the worst is a slave in power.

        A Christian nation can make no compromise with one not Christian; it will either compel that nation to accept its doctrine, or it will wage war
        . If Christ, in fact, said "I came not to bring peace but a sword," it is the only prophecy in the New Testament that has been literally fulfilled.