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TWO sides / TWO lives to be lived here = ''Lazarus COME FORTH''

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  • TWO sides / TWO lives to be lived here = ''Lazarus COME FORTH''

    JESUS CALLED OUT ''Lazarus come forth''.

    And when He thus had spoken, He cried with a loud voice,'' Lazarus, come forth''. JOHN 11 V 43
    Lazarus NAME MEANS ''assistance of God''

    Most people look at this bible story without true knowledge.
    WISDOM from Abba is a wonderful element to have and ofcourse Wisdom comes in layers '' when the student is ready the TEACHER appears'' [ is the motto]
    to begin always look at the bible numerics for the verse....
    these #s are clues for all truth seeking spiritual detectives to notice.

    #11= Warnings, judgments, confusion, notices, and information
    #43 = Resurrection only comes by humbly coming before Jesus
    The symbolism of number 43 is about us doing the only thing we can to be saved and resurrected to eternal life--it is about what we must do to be saved.*
    The word "resurrection" is found 43 times in the Bible

    from the above information i can post this sentence.
    ''With the raising of Lazarus [ assistance by God] a truth seeker will find [UNDERSTANDING, AND INFORMATION, rather than judgments and confusion] for our personal resurrection from the tomb,[ that comes from Jesus, as we humbly seek His eternal life here and today]''

    The BEST way to gain this WISDOM is the seek the anointing of the Holy spirit, and in this way, ALL truth seekers find out the ever present truth that OUR HUMAN BODY IS A TOMB for the REAL SPIRIT MAN, we all have within, as the DIVINE SPARK, MADE IN THE IMAGE OF GOD.
    yes Lazarus did die
    yes Lazarus was in the tomb 4 days
    yes Lazarus when called CAME FORTH and others unwrapped his grave clothes.

    the bible says this
    Notice the fact that 4 days is mentioned here.
    4 days - 1000yrs as a day.
    On the 4th day [4000 years HAD PASSED] until Yeshua's advent into this world called VANITY/MATRIX.
    The 4th man was Jesus, in the firey furnace and the 3 lads were not consumed.[ Daniel 3]
    We can see, now we need to UNDERSTAND = THE POWER of our true resurrection OUT FROM THIS HUMAN TOMB of the 5 senses reality/3D dimension, into true ETERNAL SPIRITUAL LIFE to be lived in here, just as Yeshua did.

    The object of our BELIEF, is to be fully removed from thinking that our body is the REAL US.... for that is not so...OUR BODY IS THE TOMB of our spirit and only JESUS can called us out from this deadly deception, and teach His people HOW TO BECOME HIS ETERNAL LIVING BEINGS HERE. like He was and Is.

    Therefore A WHOLE NEW MIND = A NEW WAY OF THINKING [metamorphoo] has to be imparted into the tomb [ human mindset]to be S.A.V.E.D from death.
    Most PEOPLE do have some form of belief, they remain very satisfied with and so are rather unwilling to be changed into this NEW WAY of thinking.
    Jesus is not looking to save the whole world, during this dispensation, NO. But what He is doing is calling out a people for HIS NAME - MEANING - formed/saved/moulded into the exact same Image as He is

    But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light. (1 Peter 2:9 )
    Yeshua calls some people [ His kings and priests] out from the tomb of their 5 senses, [the passing away realm] and into His wonderful Light = namely the power of the OUT resurrection from the dead [ the dead being a normal human life here on earth]

    so, the only way Yeshua does this is for A PEOPLE to be MADE WILLING to lose their 5 senses tomb and progressively move into THE POWER of His resurrection life. [here and today]

    now i do know not too many people will believe what i post, that is immaterial, because those who are chosen to be His kings and priests will understand they have been made WISE to their true salvation[freedom]

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    to COME OUT from this tomb of death/5 senses body - you must be made willing....

    you cannot do this yourself.[however sincere ye made be]

    YOU MUST BE ''MADE WILLING'' to be the receiver of HIS RESURRECTION LIFE AND POWER and thenunwrapped FROM your grave clothes

    Let me be frank here.
    ALL types of religious belief contain 1/2 truths mixed with many lies.... it is called religious deception delivered from ''angels of light''.
    ALL the Christian churches are filled with such practices.

    ONLY JESUS can call His people OUT from such places so they can be MADE WHOLE in spirit soul and body
    3 IN 1 package deal.

    To be unwrapped, AS Jesus STATED = is to be conformed here into His image so that OUR TRUE SPIRITUAL MAN gains ascendancy over the old 5 senses dead man ADAM.
    [this causes much ''suffering/tribulation'' as the old human body man Adam, wars against the true spiritual man called Christ within = 2 men in 1 body]

    Church religion based upon 1/2 truths and lies,= this system has rules that must be obeyed at all costs...
    IE. dogmas, rituals, doctrines, laws, that claim are needed- to ''be saved and go to heaven when we die, otherwise we all end up in hell and tormented forever stuff'
    - and so SINcere people actually believe this and have done for thousands of years.
    LIKE A GENERATIONAL CURSE this system kills the pews in each generation.

    the aim of ''UNWAPPING'' is to SEPARATE the body/human mindset/ nature of man- from the REAL MAN inside who is spirit [ a still small voice]

    HE WAS TAUGHT HOW TO DO THE FATHER'S WILL PERFECTLY and left His instructions for His people how to FOLLOW ON IN HIS FOOTSTEPS - called overcoming all things as He overcame.

    = means to GET THE BETTER OF the human 5 senses/ adamic nature and cease to be moved by its unholy power.
    the old man has to DECREASE so the new man aka a spiritual creature can INCREASE.

    THE END RESULT of THIS unwrapping was displayed by the Messiah like this...
    The basic principle of our unwrapping is to bring forth the spirit self, [Christ] so '''he''' can take charge of OUR body that NOW can move from the visible planes into the invisible worlds at will.

    Jesus could not only suddenly appear after His resurrection ( John 20:19), but He could also instantly disappear.
    Such a body is an important dimension of His continuing humanity both before (John 1:18) and after (Luke 24:39; 1 John 4:2) His resurrection.

    First of all, the fact that He could appear or disappear quickly does not diminish His humanity but enhances it.
    It reveals that, while the post-resurrection body has more powers than a pre-resurrection body, it was not less than physical.
    That is, it did not cease to be a material body even though by resurrection it gained powers beyond mere physical bodies.
    John 20 He appears inside a locked door in His physical body since Thomas was physically able to touch Him.
    John 20:26-27, KJV
    26 And after eight days again His disciples were within, and Thomas with them: then came Jesus, the doors being shut, and stood in the midst, and said, Peace be unto you.

    CAN YOU ''SEE'' the truth now - how church religion has cost humanity?


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      being UNWRAPPED means a believer is to BE like Yeshua

      a BELIEVER IS -TO EXPECT THE BEST John 10 v 10

      Freedom is liberation from the world of matter, energy, space, and time. [removed from the tomb called the human body yet still living within it.... to be IN this world but not OF this world]
      This liberation gives matured believers the opportunity to travel the illuminated path CALLED into the ''LIGHT''.

      It gives us freedom from all physical, mental, psychic, and all adamic entanglements.
      We are responsible thereafter only to the Ultimate Being ABBA, who dwells above this world of human hood.
      We live and move under the law of grace and in THE LIFE AND POWER OF CHRIST.

      According to the Gospels, Jesus said, "Come, follow me."
      But few knew what He was saying, that He wanted them to go with Him into the worlds beyond.
      They were not prepared to take the journey, so He turned away from them, leaving an eternal message:
      "In my Father's house are many mansions. ... I go to prepare a place for you. ... I will home again, and receive you unto myself."
      This means He is always prepared to help us ascend to the heavenly world where dwells the Father of All Things.

      A BELIEVER IS MADE WILLING to move out from their human tomb and into their true spiritual Man with the Heart of God.
      ''MADE WILLING in the day of His power''.

      NOW THIS revelation then moves His Believers into the next progressive dimension THE ORDER OF MELCHEDEZECK.
      the order of endless life aka without beginning or end.
      or moved
      into the divine realm of wisdom and love.
      The believer absorbs the true spiritual knowledge which flows into their life [John 10 v 10] which is useful in making their life on both the spiritual planes and in the earthly world a far better existence.

      When the adamic human soul looks at the material side of life - that which we call matter, energy, space and time - it is said to have a negative awareness, or consciousness; this is the Christian church system that always remains a victim
      but in seeking God 1st and putting our attention on the ultimate expression in Jesus and His ministry, we know this as the positive
      These two qualities are the extreme poles of life, and since the purpose of life is to lift the soul upward into the highest world, the universe of all universes, man should set himself on the illuminated path as quickly as possible.


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        old life = old mindset / new life = new mindset

        =#1 - unsound mind
        =#2 - sound mind

        the unsound mind favours the 5 senses
        the sound mind favours the spiritual mind

        the ''suffering/tribulation'' occurs, as the 2 minds battle for dominance.
        the old mind needs to be BEHEADED.

        because we are used to this fleshly carnal world called vanity, we go along with all its trends because we have NO comparison to the divine world.
        NOT until Yeshua comes and draws His people to Himself. amen
        Yeshua explains to His people their DIVINE POTENTIAL however the very sad fact is...We have all been programmed to deny this potential.
        Unfortunately, one of the primary forces behind this programming in mainstream Christianity.

        Jesus set forth the example that we can attain Christ-hood on earth.
        The forces of anti-christ first killed Him, then attempted to kill His example.


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          shut away from all others

          The most peculiar thing about the life of a person who desires all that the Lord has for them is the fact that the more they go on in the things of the Lord, the more they find themselves secluded, shut away from all others.

          . The Fellowship Of The Mystery comes to them as a power of faith, an inner knowledge that the Lord is in control of their lives and that He is working all things after the counsel of His own will concerning them.
          The Lord jealously draws such a one unto Himself, separating that person from everyone around them.
          That person may perhaps only know the fellowship of a spouse or good friend or neighbor, but they do not know massive numbers of people nor gatherings in a large place where men emulate those who would teach them.

          During the time of this drawing, the Overcomer begins to suffer the loss of all things relating to their life and existence in this present world.
          They may gain much in the way of worldly wealth and power, may become successful in business or in industry, but in their hearts, they are separate unto the Lord, the outward circumstance that they work in may belie the true nature of who they really are.
          As the Lord draws such a person unto Himself, the involvement of that person in the depths and the dealings of the Lord becomes very personal, very pointed.
          The Lord demands that the life of self be daily crucified, laid down as it were an offering unto the Lord, a burnt sacrifice, a drink offering or an offering poured out upon the earth.
          All that begins to take place in the life of an Overcomer as the Lord deals with them, but outwardly they may look like any other person or may be very much involved in the business, politics and economy of this day.\ It is a working IN the heart that I speak of.

          As the Overcomer is in this state, the years roll by, the dealings seem to never change, the intensity of trials never seems to wane and more and more the Overcomer is left with naked faith and nothing else.
          Becoming emptied of all that they are TO this world and IN this world, they find that they have nothing left to offer the Lord other than the very life they were born with.
          That is exactly what the Lord wanted in the first place, a vessel emptied, but chosen for His greater purpose.


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            the revealing of the Melchedezeck Ministry....

            as Yeshua is now our HIGH PRIEST of this Order.

            TO BE '''IN''''' THIS priestly order you are unable to die, the physical death of a human being who dies because of sin.
            you cannot continually remain a VICTIM of satan, but be taught how to OVERCOME satan in Christ's victory, by the Blood of the Lamb. [Rev 12]
            [be on guard for those who poo poo the precious Blood of the Lamb]
            Come out from a church leper colony system and move into the next level. amen.
            The reason I stress this is because the Christian church remains in the dead/death realm, where the pews are so happy to die ''to be with their lord, but not too quickly'' never to realise they were supposed to DIE TO SIN here [ not die IN sin]

            So few people fully understand the IMPLICATION of Yeshua new ministry as our new HIGH PRIEST OF ENDLESS LIFE and how to move in underneath it,
            endless = life without end.
            I also realise there is only a very small nucleus of people in this world who will appreciate the work of Yeshua and what HE DID for us all, and how He opened the way into a new life form on earth called '' the new creation''.
            [nucleus - new clue. for the little flock.]

            most people are BONDED to their religious CULTures, and unless Yeshua calls them away and out, it is impossible to remove these slaves from the way of religious vanity.
            There has to be a complete removal from all our ''adamic'' heritages, so a Believer understands this new form of Ministry called LIFE.

            A very deep DELIVERANCE is needed for the full removal of the carnal mindset. amen
            why the deliverance?
            because the priesthood of Levi under the laws of Moses signifies things that are temporal (Natural/Physical) and the Priesthood of Melchizedek represents things that are supernatural with true spirit filled life forevermore here.
            [whatever you do, don't go back under the laws of Moses because its the dying realm. Be careful to whom ye listen too
            ONLY listen to YESHUA...]


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              the little foxes spoil.....

              DOUBT is a ''spoiler''
              DOUBTING is a ''spoiler''

              this world we are UNWILLINGLY lowered INTO.............. WE DIDNT WISH FOR THIS EVENT TO HAPPEN ..........IS the only world we know and so become ADJUSTED TO WORDLY CONDITIONS.
              WE ALL COPY the ways of this world and consider all of its values as ''perfectly acceptable''.
              this is death.

              When we become Born Again of incorruptible seed - our eyes are slowly opened to see this world called VANITY in all its depraved manifestations.,

              *one of the 1st things I saw was men killing each other
              *another one was COMPETITION.... of who can be the best.
              *another one was the love of money and MAKING money as Lord god.
              there are thousands of examples... but these 3 were my 1st eye openers to the SYSTEM CALLED THE MATRIX,
              THE MATRIX actually makes the human mind UNSOUND.
              IT DEVALUES THE HUMAN INTERLECT to one of sheer stupidity and madness yet, when this is pointed out to those unsaved/religious/churched they will argue, as they have been HYPNOTISED into the system.
              THE SYSTEM RULES.
              SLAVES TO THE SYSTEM AND SO FEW NOTICE THEIR OWN SLAVERY and limited existence.

              WHEN Jesus becomes our lord, redeemer, saviour - the way of vanity is moved aside as HE separates His people unto Himself.
              now these 5 words '' He separates those unto Himself'' seem simple enough to understand, however it really means HE STRIPS HIS BELIEVER from all the poisons of Vanity, and ''DOUBTING HIM'''' being His 1st priority.

              HE CANNOT WORK in unbelief.

              you never remain an unbeliever, when you daily walk in the Saviour presence.

              ''He separated those unto Himself '' = the age of IMMORTALITY had arrived here '' - those who ARE HIS believe it.
              John 11 v 24 25 26


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                the sad fact is

                those humans that called themselves ''christians'' ONLY REMAIN GLORIFIED IN THEIR OWN IGNORANCE.

                My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge:
                because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me:
                seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.
                HOS 4 V 6


                OUR TRUE KNOWLEDGE OF YESHUA and His advent, TRANSFORMS OUR SOULS from adamic human to new creature divine~~~~
                only HE shares His wisdom, with those who have been ''separated unto Him''.


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                  2 words = cognitive dissonance

                  do you know what they mean?

                  basically people suffer DISCOMFORT with the introduction of a REVELATION TRUTH [ new belief]
                  religious people suffer badly from COGNITIVE DISSONANCE
                  People tend to seek consistency in their beliefs and perceptions.
                  So what happens when one of your beliefs conflicts with another previously held belief?

                  This cognitive dissonance is used to describe the*feelings of discomfort*that result from beholding two conflicting beliefs.
                  unless THE REVELATION IS IMPARTED BY YESHUA, the human brain gets confused [babylon] and goes into meltdown.

                  cognitive dissonance religious people = hypnotised into 1 form of bibe belief = remain DOUBTERS.
                  Yeshua says SPEND NO TIME, WITH DOUBTERS....

                  why not?
                  because of their unbelief. John 11 v 24 25 26

                  as an example
                  MOST religious people are not able to rightly divided THE WORD especially during Jesus ministry to the Jews under the law of moses..... and then later.... His preaching on the Kingdom of Heaven.

                  I must preach the kingdom of God to the other cities also, because for this purpose I have been sent.” (Luke 4:43)
                  Now after John was put in prison, Jesus came to Galilee, preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God, and saying,
                  “ The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand.
                  Repent, and believe in the gospel.
                  — Mark 1:14-15
                  they get confused, never to understand the GOSPEL had a NEW HIGH PRIEST = under a NEW ORDER.
                  a new order means CHANGE.
                  but those who suffer BRAIN DFAMAGE called ''connitive dissonnance'' cannot function under this goodnews of a NEW WAY OF LIVING.
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                    the world/ the kingdom of heaven

                    2 worlds.
                    to be ''unwrapped'' from the dead, a believer in Yeshua, gains HIS WISDOM, on how to deal with '' the key of knowledge'' correctly.

                    in this world there is all manner of strife, malice, destruction, aka - hate and violence that are ''' the impurities.''''''
                    It begins with strife and sometimes ends with a murder.
                    these ''impurities'' are called DROSS.

                    to walk as the Saviour walked, it can be asked HOW DID YESHUA deal with strife and malice and sheer hatred towards HIS PERSON.
                    He used agape love. [AGAPE – that love which seeks only the highest good of others ]

                    A believer is taught how to use this divine agape love successfully,
                    Agape has to do with the mind:
                    It is not simply an emotion which rise unbidden in our hearts;
                    It is a principle by which we deliberately live.
                    Agape has supremely to do with the will.
                    It is not an uncontrolled reaction of the heart, but a concentrated exercise of the will

                    this AGAPE LOVE is the highest frequency energy wave and it has its own testimony of ''how to overcome satan''.
                    Matt 5:43
                    43 “You have heard that it was said, ‘YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR and hate your enemy.’
                    44 “But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,

                    I have confidence in Yeshua because He has proven Himself to me in so many ways in my life circumstances.
                    I have been persuaded that He is always there and will keep me.
                    He has proven His Love for me as a daughter, because He has allowed circumstances to correct me, strengthen me, and deliver me from many fears.
                    I will Praise Him always.

                    He says....
                    “Seek Me with all your Heart, and you will find Light and Life, for such is My Kingdom
                    I am for you because I Love you.
                    My Word is impregnated with Kingdom Life which is hidden in the Secret Place of My dwelling.
                    If you seek Me you will find Me. ''

                    therefore the progression is....
                    His love becomes my love.