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  • Good mornign

    Hello to Deanna, ImHebrew, spying and I think Hyssop. Well we need Cedar here, we'll be doing well.

    I am "Searching".
    I know how many miles you have traveled Deanna, to get here. Im glad you did.
    I will see you on the Sabbath this Saturday, ImHebrew.
    I will be reading intently on these posts.

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    Proverbs 6:23 For the commandment is a lamp; and the law is light; and reproofs of instruction are the way of life:

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    Welcome, Scarlet!

    Your searching is good:
    Phil 2:12
    . . . work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. (KJV)
    I am happy to see that you are seeking truth and willing to act upon what you are shown. May Yahweh continue to bless you and reveal himself to you.


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      Shalom Scarlet,

      And yes... welcome! As I see you are a new member.
      Did I get to meet you when I was there Scarlet? (smile)
      I just saw your post. I'm sorry that you said Hello to me, and I am just now responding.
      It is so awesome, so blessed, for us to be able to gather togeather here and share with eachother what Yah has revealed to us. or ask questions that Yah has put upon our heart.
      I have missed everyone soooooooo.

      As not to say your name.... are you the "one" that has written me several times (through the mail), and I've YET to write you back?
      If so... Oh PLEASE Forgive me... (I lost all three of them in the move... I cannot find them anywhere... and I really have looked all over)

      Regardless, I look forward to seeing/speaking with you more.

      Hope you had a wonderful Sabbath.
      I had an especially nice one this week.
      Yah is so good.


      "At that day
      shall a man look to his Maker,
      and his eyes shall have respect
      to the Holy One of Israel."
      Isaiah 17:7


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        HI DeAnna,

        No, I did not meet you while you were in town. I had now Idea about the religion at that time. All my friends think it is really dumb, a cult and a bunch of people who no nothing. I happen to have been friends with a son of one of the fathers. Fortunatly i have ussualy kept an open mind, I didn't care what they believed, as long as they believed it. I thought religion was selfish however. Well, that went out the door quickly.

        I will tell you my short story of how I got here, I kind of like it.
        On Sept. 12 a couple of Mormon, LDS missionaries showed at my door. I figured this might be a good day to listen, what could it hurt. I talked with them, and started reading the BIble that night.(I went to Catholic school for 8 years as well, so I already knew the stories of it.) THen about 3 or 4 days later, I talked with them again. Man, they had me convinced. Could have Baptized me there. THen I decided to keep an open mind. (this was easy, I used to be a hippy) talk with MR.D for some cross examination. Good thing. He showed me how the Sabbath is Saturday, and a few other things. I never knew I was reading the Book wrong. Weird. Well I am still talking with the LDS, just to Learn what they are missing. THey have thier hands full I will say. They are still trying to convince me that the Law is done away, without going to the Book of Mormon. They haven't succeded, only gotten frusterated with me. I don't think they ever had to take this long to convince someone. THey keep telling me to pray for an answer, but "doesn't Satan diguise himself as the Spirit of Light?" So, they have to resort to scripture, which helps me alot.

        Well it's been about amonth and a half for me, and I love it.

        Proverbs 6:23 For the commandment is a lamp; and the law is light; and reproofs of instruction are the way of life:


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          Shalom Robert,

          Well... HalleluYah! YAH blessed you with wisdom Robert.
          It is wise to stick to scripture. Read all you can Robert.
          I used to say... "well, we have about 240 years left, before we enter into the "Sabbath" or the 7th. day (7000 yr.)
          But lately... I have been researching the "Two Witnesses".
          Haven't found anything "concrete" on the "Two witnesses", but am "starting" to see that we may be alot further along then I thought. Of course, Yahshua did say; "lest this time be cut short..."

          So I'm just trying to get EVERYBODY I know... to READ! (smile)
          Read, read, read. (the scriptures of course)

          The more someone 'reads' the word, the more they "eat".
          And you know what they say... "you are what you eat". lol

          Also Yahshua will bring unto your remembrance all things He has said unto you. Well... one needs to "know" what He said unto us to begin with... ya know. Then they can "see" how it all lines up!
          I truly rejoice at your testimony. I was a "hippie" too!
          Still have that "freedom reigns... live and let live spirit". (smile)

          Well... welcome again Robert. May Yah bless you, May He put His name upon you and call you His.

          For it seems to me, He has "called you"... and you have responded; "Here am I".

          "At that day
          shall a man look to his Maker,
          and his eyes shall have respect
          to the Holy One of Israel."
          Isaiah 17:7