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  • spiritual terrorism~~~~

    ~John 3 v 16 '' for God so LOVED THE WORLD that, He gave, His only begotten Son, that whosoever shall believe in Him, shall not perish, but have everlasting life''
    the greatest act of LOVE to the whole universe.

    CAN YOU EXPLAIN TO ME... WHERE ''TERROR'' is manifested in TRUE LOVE.
    where does a terrible fear, lurk, within the very essence of TRUE DIVINE LOVE.
    where does destruction, murder, harm, live IN TRUE LOVE -

    I ASK this question, WHY do you accept SPIRITUAL TERRORISM, when it was not in Yeshua nor His Father.
    if this characteristic was not manifesting in Jesus, why do Christians live in dread.
    why are the pews terrorised by forms of churchy religious spiritual terrorism?

    mind control

    the answer - FEAR CONTROLS.

    30 thousand + divisional forms of worship.....the reason is [ as example]

    ''my belief is the only true belief.
    I intend for you to act in accordance with my belief.
    If you do not, you are not in communion with God and are not a true believer.''
    THE CHRISTIAN CLERGY AND THEIR pew people forget,
    ''the toe knows how to stand,
    and the nose knows how to smell,
    the finger knows how to hold,
    and the eye can see what is what''.

    all parts of a body working together in unity and never IN FEAR.

    Spiritual Terrorism is Christian fundamentalism.
    Each sect is founded on the unshakable conviction that one’s belief or cause is irreproachable and infallible.
    From that conviction it becomes all too easy to judge others, to blame them, to scapegoat them, victimize them, ostracize them.

    For all authentic spiritual teachers, their message is the same as their life;
    their life is their message.

    the above is how I tell of my life....

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    the man ruled christian churches,

    IF you are unfortunate enough to be raised a Christian fundamentalist, you have no choice but to believe many lies until, Yeshua says
    so you are now able to break free from the controlling, brainwashing environment in which you and your family exist.
    from this man ruled over christian church system = Yeshua calls His people out from all spiritual terrorism.

    some [ not all] damaging threats for the mind controlled pew people.

    You are worthless.
    God hates you, unless you love him.
    Obedience is love.
    Punishment is love.
    The Bible is infallible and not to be questioned.
    The pastor is infallible and not to be questioned.
    Our interpretation of all Scripture is without error and not to be questioned.
    Outside the church bubble waits evil.
    Everyone who is different should be feared.
    Bad things happen to you because God is trying to teach you a lesson.
    Bad things happen to you because God let Satan tempt you.
    Bad things happen to you as a punishment for disobedience.
    Depression is a sign of sin in your life.
    To resist what you are taught is to rebel against God
    If a man lusts after a woman it’s her fault.
    Women need to submit to male authority over them.
    Men are more important than women.
    A woman who is raped must forgive her rapist and not report it to the authorities, in order that the rapist, his family, and the church remain protected from outsiders.
    Children are to be seen and not heard.
    Children need to have their will broken through painful “child-training” and punishment.
    A child who is not hit until he or she screams will not learn.
    Our church is the only true church; all others churches are filled with Christians who are untrue and destined for hell.
    You are so full of sin God can’t even look at you.

    a fear filled church society never contains a CHRIST filled people.


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      a fear based world versus a love based truth

      It is very hard for individuals to enjoy faith, hope, and love, or even to preach faith, hope and love—which alone last—unless society itself first enjoys faith, hope, and love in some collective way.
      This is much of our problem today;
      we have not given the world any message of cosmic hope, but only threatening passages of Apocalypse and Armageddon.”


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        the creeds inside the ''christian churches'' offers u a FEAR BASED SYSTEM


        The 3 great enemies ("the unholy trinity") of sane, reasonable, and sensible Biblical interpretation are:
        *legalism (salvation by obeying all the rules),
        *mixed messages (God loves you but...) of God's love and justice.

        The common misunderstanding of the symbolic use of fire in the Holy Bible and other Holy Books is a cause of various forms of spiritual abuse and all forms of spiritual terrorism.
        Spiritual terrorism is the basis of domestic and international terrorism.
        Terrorists motivated by a fearful view of God which causes irrational religious zeal kill innocent men, women, children in the name of God!

        The word "Gospel" means Good News
        assures eternal life for all which brings peace of mind and joy of living since it brings freedom from fear of eternal damnation!
        the christian churches are skilled in'' Spiritual Abuse from the Womb to the Tomb"

        its a ;man ruled over system; that never FOLLOWS the nature/character revealed in Yeshua and His father,


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          the truth is this...spiritual terrorism in the guise of.................

          YOU meet a person and they say '' i am a christian'' and you say 'what church do you attend''
          the moment that makes or breaks...................... cometh....................................

          30 thousand + divisional forms of worship.....the reason is [ as example]

          ''my belief is the only true belief.
          I intend for you to act in accordance with my belief.
          If you do not, you are not in communion with God and are not a true believer.''


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            each sect /creed/ cult of a religion... is demonic

            and its ''MY WAY OF THE HIGHWAY'' = a fear based agenda of mind control system.
            ofcourse we now know
            religions are a mind control human ''invention'' that proves it works very well.

            it began with Judaism, advanced into the pauline religious system of fear based on human guilt, and progressed to Islam.
            3 degenerate mind control religious beliefs, that makes people harm kill and destroy others not of ''their faith''.

            the minute you see ''MURDER FOR A GOOD CAUSE'' know satan is head of that system of belief.