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question = Is christianity a FORM OF SATANISM?

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  • question = Is christianity a FORM OF SATANISM?

    is it ?
    the question remains
    why so few acknowledged the obvious
    Throughout Christianity’s long history, many people have indeed realized that there was something amiss in the Christian religion, but they have been either suppressed, burned at the stake or simply ignored.
    i shout from the roof tops on this forum and the blind remain blind and the dead remain dead.
    why are you so so '''''perishing''''~~~~~
    what is wrong with you?

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    undeniable facts

    so the undeniable facts that the RC Church burned all books that contained ideas contrary to its doctrines.
    Ofcourse, the early Roman and Catholic leaders had almost unlimited power to do with the Christian religion as they pleased, and, they did indeed distort the original teachings of Christ for reasons that were clearly political.
    And although later protestant Christians have attempted to remove some of the artificial elements inserted by Catholic leaders, no one has so far made an all-out effort to put back in what was taken out.
    Which is why there is currently no major Christian church that is even close to preaching the original message of Christ.


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      the key of knowledge

      was taken away
      not 1 person in 2000yrs has ever attained to the image of Christ in ministry or deeds
      why not
      do you ask the right questions
      are you a CULTural zombie


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        a CULT = christianity

        you may not like what I say
        but no person spends years of study on medicine NOT TO BECOME A DOCTOR of Medicine..............
        why has NO person. being born again, repentant forgiven and baptised, having studied the NT AND MASTERED THE GOSPEL = why aren't there millions of ''divine workers doing EXPLOITS'' = in the exact same ministry as Jesus did here

        do you understand the small problem we have HOUSTON~~~~~
        now I wish you to fully understand this next sentence please

        in the system called Christianity under Saul/paul gospel/message - could it have become a disguised form of Satanism.

        the ALMOST TRUTH but just not quiet so............


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          i am asking the QUESTION

          WHY DONT YOU NOTICE....
          no one has ever been formed into the same image and copied Jesus in ministry for 2000yrs

          why not?

          no major Christian church is asking this question~~~~~
          what question?
          how Christianity has become removed from the living truth of Christ?


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            Ask the question?

            WHY doesn't christianity represent Christ?

            I consider the central question about the Christian religion:
            How is it possible that a religion which claims to represent Christ has been the cause of so many actions that are distinctly against the advise of Christ—
            take as one example.
            THE CRUSADES.
            ask?* how people could claim to be followers of Christ – who told us not to resist evil but to turn the other cheek – and then go out and kill other people.
            these men were so indoctrinated by evil, they were claiming to do the work of Yeshua.

            this is undeniable discrepancy between the teachings of Christ and the actions of his self-proclaimed followers

            does it happen today
            OFCOURSE the ''chaplins'' in the Military are ever present as the LEGALISED MURDER INC. continues UNABATED.
            interesting thing about MURDER.
            satan was the MURDERER from his beginning
            MOSES was
            SAUL/PAUL WAS
            church IS


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              Originally posted by LucySmith View Post
              is it ?
              if it is HOW COME SO FEW EVEN NOTICED?
              the question remains
              why so few acknowledged the obvious
              Throughout Christianity’s long history, many people have indeed realized that there was something amiss in the Christian religion, but they have been either suppressed, burned at the stake or simply ignored.
              i shout from the roof tops on this forum and the blind remain blind and the dead remain dead.
              why are you so so '''''perishing''''~~~~~
              what is wrong with you?
              Kim Michaels


              the best way to know is if it bears the fruits of satan = yes ofcourse
              if it bears the fruits of Christ = not 1 person for 2000yrs walks on earth like Yeshua.


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                the bible is an idol to Spying IAH and Elijah

                i tell them over and over but they cannot hear.
                I shout it is a corrupted work
                they don't listen

                but out there in this world OTHER PEOPLE HEAR Jesus speaking and explaining.

                Christianity was not a true representation of Christ.
                The power elite perverted Jesus’ teachings and then used their power to rewrite history, so their actions and motives were either hidden or camouflaged as benign or necessary. And because the errors inserted by the power elite – and the lawyers who served as their willing instruments – have never been corrected, most Christians are still unaware of just how far official Christian doctrines are from the original teachings of Christ.
                Kim Michaels


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                  a wheat or a tare

                  Pastor Jeremiah Steepek transformed himself into a homeless person and went to the 10,000 member church that he was to be introduced as the head pastor at that morning...

                  Is the church filled with satan's people?
                  do they make an idol of Jesus? = they love everything about HIM, but dont have HIM as THE PERSON CALLED THE TRUTH inside their lives.


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                    This tale about a pastor who goes “undercover” as a homeless man is reminiscent of an urban legend based on the true story of an experiment conducted for a social psychology class at Princeton University in 1970, in which seminary students were sent on urgent assignments designed to take them past an actor posing as a person in need of assistance. Researchers measured whether (and how) students interrupted their pressing tasks to render help, and analyzed the results.In the story reproduced above, the actor portraying a homeless man is no psychology researcher, however — he’s Jeremiah Steepek, the new head pastor of a very large church. After spending half an hour incognito in his new church prior to services and finding that only a very few congregants would even return his greeting (much less respond to his pleas for money to buy food), he reveals himself to his new flock and delivers to them a lesson in Christian compassion.

                    But as for this particular version of the “incognito clergyman” tale, it appears to be a fabricated story. No one has yet identified a real pastor by the name of Jeremiah Steepek (or a similar variant of that name) or found any church, large or small, headed by a pastor with that name. Nor has anyone been able to verify the event described, even though it was supposedly witnessed by several thousand congregants.


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                      THEIR KINGS rulw over them

                      The foremost problem in the church

                      Jul 19, 2017

                      I have often written about the spirit of denominationalism in the church, by which men belong to the church, rather than to Christ. Or, more specifically, their first loyalty is to the church, not to Christ.

                      The Bible describes it as man’s natural (soulish) desire to be ruled by men, rather than by God Himself (directly). It was the problem seen at the coronation of King Saul, where the people insisted upon being ruled by a man. The people saw nothing wrong with this, for they did not understand the underlying issue. But God saw it and explained it to Samuel in 1 Samuel 8:7,

                      7 And the Lord said to Samuel, “Listen to the voice of the people in regard to all that they say to you, for they have not rejected you, but they have rejected Me from being king over them.”

                      This was similar to what Israel did at the base of Mount Horeb, when they sent Moses up the Mount to hear the rest of the law, not wanting to go up themselves. They wanted an indirect relationship with God.

                      Psalm 95:7, 8 refers to this event and others similar to it, saying,

                      7 … Today, if you would hear His voice, 8 do not harden your hearts…

                      The Christians of the first few centuries knew that they were part of the universal church if they enjoyed a direct relationship with Christ. Their relationship did not depend upon men or organizations or religious hierarchies. To be a church member was to have one’s name enrolled in heaven, not in earthly organizations (Hebrews 12:23). But gradually, the thinking evolved, and the church was redefined as the earthly organization, and finally to the Roman organization, which was called “the church.”

                      This was a slow evolution from the direct rule of Christ to the indirect rule of Christ through men. It was the same problem as seen in the story of Saul’s coronation. Most of the people, not knowing the Scriptures, did not realize what was happening. Like the Israelites in earlier times, they did not understand that they were rejecting God Himself. But God knew, and He took it personally.

                      The church organization eventually removed from the people the right to hear God for themselves—unless, of course, it agreed with church creeds and the traditions of men. It was assumed that the church could do no wrong and could not be corrupted. This prideful attitude was seen also in ancient Israel, and it got the prophets into trouble. But in the end, the glory departed from Israel in Samuel’s time, and later from Jerusalem in the days of Ezekiel.

                      The bottom line is that Scripture shows that the prophets had a direct relationship with God that was independent of the tabernacle at Shiloh or (later) the temple of Solomon.

                      So listen to this short video of Pope Francis, who reasserts the religious spirit that runs the Vatican. He makes my point very clear when he says that it is dangerous for any Christian to have a direct relationship with Jesus and that one can only get to God through the “church,” by which he means the Roman organization.



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                        the divisional church called christian.....[satan's houses?}


                        God is life not a religion
                        Christianity presented a most confusing bible and called it—the Word of God
                        Published on April 14, 2017


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                          when u look at christianity AS A WHOLE = SATAN IS THERE, sadly NOT christ.


                          Christianity turned Jesus’ Mission into a ‘Church,’ that whosoever shall enter, shall be saved; instead of ‘Life’ that whosoever needs help—be helped

                          can we call it THE CHURCH MAFIA?
                          the christian MAFIA?

                          ofcourse..... without christ being formed...... it is satan forming in deception
                          “Christianity made Jesus’ Mission as ‘taking people to the kingdom of heaven,’ instead of ‘bringing the kingdom of heaven to the people of the world’”


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                            state the truth

                            State the truth and do not be concerned about the reactions of others.
                            When you state the truth without having expectations of how other people should respond, then you will feel a new sense of freedom.
                            And then the truth truly will be its own defense, and it will defend you against all negative reactions from others.
                            I can also assure you that when you state the truth in the name of yeshua HE is on our side.
                            He said ''I am the truth'', and therefore ''I am'' wherever the truth is expressed.


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                              There were “TWELVE DESTRUCTIONS” that Christianity had done upon the person and Mission of Jesus.