the Masonic agenda joined with the RC Jesuits.... hatched a plan long long ago knowing the sheeple live inside their own bubble.

There are all types of sheep roaming around in the Matrix called vanity aka 3D dimension world and all sheep dwell inside their own personal rights and bubbles...

So this plan is hatched and laid like a golden egg- that everyone will somehow believe it and partake of it...
infact it was a BRILLANT IDEA.-

THE PLAN WAS TO INSERT man made verses into the bible from top to tail.

These verses all were on ''how to punish these stupid sheep so they continually lived in ''fear of the lord''.
FEAR IS #1 on the satanic lists of how to rule over them.

Then they made the nation of Israel a ''favourite'' and caused a ''division upon all humanity''. [everyone KNOWS ISRAEL IS GODS CHOSEN PEOPLE - a lie and a programmed mind control abuse]

This plan of action, goes on for a long long time, all the while getting their 'men' into prominent positions of AUTHORITY all over this world in all the institutions.. ie ...say banking, advertising education, transport, police, printing, church religious divisions, entertainment, government, well known corporations the law and all manner of assorted divisions of authority... THEIR MEN are in the leadership.

Ofcourse this takes hundreds if not thousands of years in preparation, but not to worry they knew it was a long term agenda.

The populations all over this world living out their dream 24/7 take NO notice and are unaware of this secret mission going on behind their backs.

So we have an ALTERED BIBLE FILLED WITH THIS DARK GOD, hating everyone and punishing for the mildest offenses as a cruel inhuman being causing fears and torments,.
the plan is to gather a world wide mindset of this being as to be feared and obeyed at all costs
the plan is..
If its IN the bible it is THE TRUTH so the sheeple living their dream, are not too concerned....but are programmed to believe....called indoctrination.

As the years pass the plan remains and each generation somehow is reprogrammed to believe Israel is a ''chosen nation'' and all other nations are not worth 2 bits.
called indoctrination.
So again the years pass and it comes a time for a real good dose of new technology to take control of the PROGRAMMED BRAIN WASHING.
THE PRINTING PRESSES GO TO WORK and the mystery writers make a fortune selling the ideas of an ''alien invasion'' ETs, crop circles,. alien abductions seeing UFO;s etc '' all arranged as a part of the overall plan of fear = the tribulation is coming Jesus is coming....and ofcourse... ''they'' also arrange for nations to go broke and all manner of wars and upheavals occurring and earthquakes happening so most people think ''OH the Book of Revelation is happening- never to know it was all inserted in the bible and going along with this man made glorious age to come.

after the books we get THE MOVIES...YES.
HOLLYWOOD takes control of all popular thinking.

People now are fully programmed [ after thousands of years] its time to expect Jesus he is coming. The plan is succeeding.

BUT. A GLITCH happened. a spoke in the wheel occurred.
THE NET came into being and suddenly the whole world could talk, read, and study for themselves...


THE GLITCH didn't reveal a black cat... but a very nasty plan, to murder all but a few, and to welcome a GOLDEN AGE of ''jesus'' return.

yes indeed

1 - we had the club
2- then the bible altered by this club
3 -then the books written by the stooges of the club
4- then the clergy of the club preaching
5 -then the movies made by the club.

all methodically planned to the last point.... the ''alien jesus'' and ''a sign in heaven of holographic proportions'' and the SHEEPLE believed.

but THE NET..... occurred.