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  • DIVINE love....john 3 v 16 = prodigal son


    so those who cannot conceive nor receive such divine love... and continually see wrath and sin and mark missing as they are such terrible sinners....need DELIVERANCE from a spirit of rejection
    they have wounded spirits and need fullness of healing
    they have been somehow

    causes include
    parental neglect - even removal from family.
    pubic humiliation
    child abuse
    just to name some''' wounds''''
    [a wound is a sound and a sound is a frequency of energy = that ''wound of energy'' has to be broken, by the sound of love = the highest frequency of all]

    Healing is needed to receive HIS DIVINE LOVE.... if not... they remain a wounded reject

    Allow the HOLY SPIRIT to reveal the Fathers divine love over you


    these wounded souls always have to have wrath. anger, cruelty, as their ''god'' so they can ''appease him'' or ''be good and not naughty'' for him....because this ''god'' is the same as their abusers.

    a point of interest
    = dealing with Herbert Armstrong ministry + no doubt other religious figureheads are IN the same demonic league.

    Did Herbert W. Armstrong Abuse His Flock?
    Did Herbert Armstrong ever abuse those under him? Or was he a true servant of God? If he abused them, how did he do it?
    If you have been in Worldwide Church of God, Philadelphia Church of God, Living Church of God, Restored Church of God, or any other high demand, authoritarian splinter group of WCG that teaches HWA was "God's true servant," or "used by God," you may be wondering if you have suffered abuse.

    First of all, what do we mean by abuse?
    The Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, tenth edition gives us a good definition:

    Abuse: a deceitful act: DECEPTION; language that condemns or vilifies, usually unjustly, intemperately, and angrily; physical maltreatment; to use so as to injure or damage: MALTREAT; to attack in words: REVILE.
    Oppressive, totalitarian religious groups are known to use psychological abuse.
    "Psychological abuse refers to practices that, simply stated, treat a person as an object to be manipulated and used, rather than as a subject whose mind, autonomy, identity, and dignity are to be honored." (Michael Langone, 1992)

    Did Herbert Armstrong use his authority to heal or to wound?
    To release or to bind?
    To comfort or to crush?
    To reveal God's truth (the true gospel), or to hide it?

    Did he treat his members like a gentle shepherd over his flock?
    Or did HWA use his power to dominate and control every aspect of his members' lives, sapping their spiritual life from them, and blinding them to the real meaning of the LOVE of the Lord Jesus Christ?
    Did he build them up, or did he shatter their lives into tiny pieces, bringing untold agony, tragedy, pain, anguish and loss?

    spying and IAH were under this ministry Spying greatly influenced by it and the Sabbath ?

    "A good man out of the good treasure of the heart bringeth forth good things: and an evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth evil things."
    ~Matthew 12: 35
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    • yes Sir thats how it is~~~~


      “I have never lifted My hand from you My Sons, nor has My eye ever been off you. Yes you have felt the harshness of My hand, but it has also been the hand that has lifted you from your pits of despair. Remember that you heard My calling you to Immortality and Glory. You responded to the call to lay down your life. Yes you had the power to pick it up again, but you could not leave the Glorious realm to which I had opened your eyes. Some of you are in great travail, but I see that travail.

      If you as natural parents had a child who came to you and claimed your promise that you could perfect them, what would you do? Would you fill their life with material things and patronise them? No. You would look into their life and see the inner things which needed to change, and you would put that child into circumstances to deal with those things. This would hurt you as a loving parent, but you would do it for their good. You would then watch their life, and be there as a safety net for their extremities. I Am The Same. I watch you, and care about your every circumstance. Be assured that you will come forth a new and perfect person.

      There is a moment of perfect time for your birth. You will not be premature nor will you be still-born. You will come forth as My strong and mighty ones, captains and chiefs of My New Day. You will have the wisdom I gave Solomon and you will speak Life into corrupt creation. Thunder will proceed from your mouths and beams of lightning will proceed from your hands. You will cover the earth with My Glory. This is your calling My beloved. Think on this and your minds will be turned from the pain. You will not need forceps at your birth for there is an ever increasing excitement and yearning to be born and serve Me. You can feel this. You know that the time of birth is drawing nigh. I am your obstetrician, and will thwart the enemy at your birth. Think on these things My Sons, this is your calling.

      I know your needs and I hear your cries. Some are lonely and wonder if you have heard me correctly. Yes you have. My working is to perfect you and bring you forth into the earth to reveal My Glory to the world. Do not even consider that you have been deceived. The enemy is planning to devour My Sons when they appear from the womb, but his plans are already defeated. He only deceives himself.

      Let My prophets encourage you with My word. Eat it as your nourishment for it will comfort and sustain you. You are not alone.

      My blessings will follow. It is My plan to bless your end better than your beginning. Be patient My Sons, for it shall come to pass. The gold of Ophir will be brought to you. I will open up channels of blessing that you never even thought of. These things will follow and you will be wondered at. People who have seen your days of mourning will see your days of abundance and joy, and will know that only the Great and Mighty one of your salvation has visited you”.




      • Just like John 11:26?

        Originally posted by LucySmith View Post
        and a wise man should be able to discern it as a man made insert
        Hi Lucy, just like John 11:26? Ken
        Col 2:16 & 17 Teaches us that no "man" is to determine what we eat or drink, or how the Sabbath, Holy Days, and New Moon should be observed, instead, The Body of Messiah IS to determine those things, just like what happened in Acts 15.

        Now, The Body of Messiah determined that since Moses is READ every Sabbath in the Synagogues (Acts 15:21), the Gentiles would be able to HEAR (Luke 16:31, John 5:46-47), and then do those things to farewell (Acts 15:29). Those FOUR necessary commands that The Body of Messiah determined for the Gentiles, were FROM the Law of Moses.
        Abstain from meats offered to idols
        (Exo 34:15), abstain from blood (Lev 17:14), abstain from things strangled (Deu 12:23), and abstain from fornication (Lev 19:29).
        So do not let anyone deceive you into believing falsely about the Law of Moses.