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OS Answer #1 “The lamb of God” covered in Roman spit…

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  • OS Answer #1 “The lamb of God” covered in Roman spit…

    Hi Old Shep, I’ll take one point at a time,
    (1) Let’s go back to the Lamb of God thread (I know you want to play that phony pious dog puke about substituting dashes for letters. Funny you know I don’t see any dashes in names like Ashtoreth, Molech, Tammuz, etc. in the Tanakh. So why do all you phony wannabe Jews do that?) where you started off addressing me specifically, by name, claiming to answer my question from a different thread concerning Isaiah 53:5. Although I have reminded you several times you never addressed Isaiah 53:5.
    You are right. About the dashes for letters. I want to protect the sacredness of Almighty Yahweh if I may. I am not sure if I am doing it right. I do not want to use “GOD” in reference to Almighty YHWH. “GOD” to me is the name of an idol that when Christianity conquered the Heathen Germanic people they institutionalized the names of the Heathen mighty ones like Paul did in Athens. The name of the Muslim mighty one is “Allah” It used to be worshipped in the form of a crescent. They also call it “God.” So when you say “God” you may have “Allah” turning her/his face around to see who is calling, too. It is like killing 2 birds with one stone. Paul and the NT writers never proclaimed the sacred name. Paul adopted the Heathen “Theos” or “Dios” – The Greek speaking Jews did that since the days of the LXX. I wrote a lot about name calling before. I feel a bit burned out on the subject. When I made a reference to the “lamb of –o-“ I meant the lamb of “God” but not the real Almighty Yahweh. I meant the mythological being by the name of “GOD” or the Jewish “G-D” or my own comic version, “-o-“. I don’t go for removing parts of a name “out of respect.” I do it for fun. I believe that the effect is all the opposite. I would be awfully insulted if anyone does the dash-for-letter bit on my name and tells me that it is done “out of respect.” It is ridiculous. So we do have a common ground here, Old Shep. Sometimes I use quotation marks to mark the words or names in need of care in handling.

    There is no reference anywhere in the Tanakh of a “lamb of Yahweh” that turns into a human being and needs to be sacrificed to peace Almighty Yahweh. Or get this, a serpent that turns into the “son of God” to hang on a cross. That’s Christian mythology! They favor the lamb better than the serpent, though. So I am free to pick on the “lamb of –o-“. It is hilarious to say the least. If there were a “lamb of Yahweh that takes away the sin of the world” I would like to see it written in the Tanak. The “lamb of –o-“ bit is a fabrication of John the Baptist.

    On the second part of your point (1) about Isaiah 53:5 You wrongly claimed that I didn’t answer. So I’ll give you the same answer from a different perspective. You will have to sign me a receipt, though. I don’t like to be falsely accused of not answering,
    Isaiah 53:5 But he (singular) was wounded for our (plural) transgressions, he (singular) was bruised for our (plural) iniquities: the chastisement of our (plural) peace was upon him; (singular) and with his (singular) stripes we (plural) are healed.)

    You still have never given a direct answer to my question about this verse. Since according to what you think and believe Israel/Judah's sins were totally forgiven in Isaiah 44. Whose transgressions are these in 55:5? Who was wounded for whose transgressions?
    OK, let me guess. Don’t tell me! I know! This is a parable, right? Where plural/singular don’t really count. Actually you say that a parable is not to be taken seriously. You said that on my comment about the Christian destiny of chopping the heads of millions upon millions of Jews at the return of Jesus Christ. By the way, I never mentioned before, but I also read the Koran and they take Jesus Christ very seriously on the head chopping bit.

    Old Shep, Christianity and you are taking a very obscure portion of Isaiah 53 and use it to validate the Jesus Christ myth. I know what Christianity believes about Isaiah 53:5. If Jesus Christ weren’t smack on his butt with a Roman cat-of-9-tails “we” wouldn’t be healed, right? How kinky can you get? (compare that to the Holocaust or the Christian Crusades, or the Progroms, and so on. Isn’t it a slap on the wrist?) Or was it “his” military rank that heals?

    Are you saying that Almighty Yahweh reversed himself and suddenly demands that an innocent person pay for the crimes committed by Paul of Tarsus, Salami Bin Laden and Adolf Eichmann? Oops, sorry I forgot. They probably didn’t kill anyone. So if Bin Laden "invites Jesus Christ into his heart" he can be put on a preaching tour all over the world. It happened to Paul. Paul never had to pay for the crimes against humanity that he committed or helped to commit (i.e. the Jews that he had put to death. They were humans, too, right?) Paul and Bin Laden were mentored by religious fanatics. Although I believe that Paul’s story is an invention.

    And wait, was he bruised for “our” transgressions? But the Christians claim that he was killed. What kind of bruise are you talking about? Was he roughed up during his arrest? I thought that if Jesus Christ were to be killed like a lamb he should have his throat slashed and his blood shed on the dirt before being stretched out on a cross to be roasted on fire, not just wounded. I know he went to Hell to be roasted there for 3 days and 3 nights. Although the Christians also say that he went to an air-conditioned section of Hell where they let him preach to the spooks roasting outside.

    The NT writers dug every conceivable phrase in the Old Testament to validate Jesus Christ. They even made Jesus Christ a substitute for the brazen serpent. It takes a lot of imagination to do it. Funny that I saw a lot of icons, images and idols of Jesus Christ as a lamb, but not a single one of him as a serpent. Maybe Don can dig out one for us.

    Is there anything written in the Tanak that the “lamb of God“ was going to be bruised, wounded and covered with Roman spit before its sacrifice on Passover? This would have been an interesting “fulfillment.” Don’t you think? I know you will say that Jesus Christ wanted to be more presentable and took a shower before going to Calvary. A perfect sacrifice would call for something like that because he must have been covered in his own coagulated blood, too. He really sweated a lot of blood before his arrest. If any of that really happened, I feel sorry for the guy and what a way to secure any salvation! Wait, somebody is pulling my leg...

    So you see, Old Shep, I didn’t answer you before because it is so silly to believe that Isaiah 53:5 has anything to do with the coming of the real messiah of Israel. I took it for granted that anyone reading my post and your reply would get it right away. You seem to totally ignore so much written in the Tanak about the salvation of Israel without a ridiculous human sacrifice. The NT writers came up with the idea that “a person should die for the nation.” I don’t know where they got that because it didn’t work. Jerusalem was leveled. Anyway, the whole idea is totally anti-Torah. Typical NT mythology. On top of all that one needs “to believe” the NT interpretation of Isaiah 53 to be saved. I can’t fool myself so easily anymore. Prophecies need to be fulfilled 100 per cent, not just approximately fulfilled. Only a blind person can see any prophetic fulfillment in Jesus Christ. I don;t claim to have an answer for every point of Isaiah 53, but I know that it cannot be 100 per cent applicable to Jesus Christ.

    Old Shep, let me be the first one congratulating you on your 100 post. Welcome to the club!
    "...and the truth will set you free."--Jesus Christ