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a revealing study on saul/paul's women / sex and dress.....

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  • a revealing study on saul/paul's women / sex and dress.....

    interestingly the '' apparently Christian church is made up of 70% women''

    because OF WHAT YESHUA'S STANDARDS part.....Jesus repeatedly challenged this gender restriction about teaching the word of God to women.
    He encouraged women to learn from Him the Way of the Kingdom despite oral Torah doctrine being to the contrary.
    Jesus clearly elevated women to equality with men as able to be taught God's principles, e.g., talking to the Samaritan woman by the well; his relations to Mary and Martha (Luke 8:38), etc.

    By Jesus teaching Mary and Martha, now they obviously could teach others what Jesus taught.
    Mary and Martha, if asked by a young boy "What did Jesus teach?"
    knew that they could now teach what Jesus taught.
    They didn't have to keep silent because of the old oral law of the Pharisees.

    Or do you think Jesus intended that the women, if asked the same question by the boy, had to say
    "Well, I'm sorry I know what Jesus taught, and I would love to share it with you, but you are a boy and I'm a woman, so I have to say nothing to you about what Jesus teaches?"
    Of course not.
    By Jesus teaching women about the word of God, Jesus implicitly was authorizing them and mandating them to teach men and women what Jesus taught about the word of God.

    Paul emphasizes, however, oral law principles nowhere uttered in the Bible that restrain women's full and equal role as disciples in the church.
    Thus, these restraints solely rest on Paul's authority.

    Now, before I mention Paul principles, I wish to declare that if God truly demanded women must not speak out at church, raise no questions there, and not teach or not ever have authority over men, or women must wear a head-covering / veil in church, or men should not do so, I would obey.

    But all these notions appear from only one voice in the entire "Bible." [is one a witness?] no
    And as discussed below, they are often at odds with inspired Scripture.
    Why so late in God's self-revelation would Paul uniquely be given a set of commands seemingly so at odds with equality and kindness that Jesus offered to women?
    Paul's words read like unique ordinances that nowhere else have any analog in the true Bible.

    so what is the impression left by Paul's words?

    The Ugly Impression of Paul's Words

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    do u actually SEE monsters


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      Jer 8 v 8.

      who are the scribes?
      the same Yeshua pronounced 7 woes upon
      do you know what a 'woe'' reveals let alone 7 times uttered.....

      "'How can you say, "We are wise, for we have the law of the LORD," when actually the lying pen of the scribes has handled it falsely?


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        the monster/ and 70% of women.... in the pews of the pauline system

        should be fully BLAMED for their continual ignorance and sheep like control.
        NOT ONLY HAVE THEY let down the gospel, they have let down YESHUA AND HIS CHARACTER AND ACTS towards all females.
        not only this, THEY HAVE LET DOWN their mostly religious abusive husbands and family by NOT BEING IN THE TRUE HELP MEET CHARACTER THAT was intended.
        they have allowed a religious human monster without any bible authority to lord it over them in the most vilest of way.... sheep and goats.... they have been.

        walk away from the system and if 70% do, the whole ghastly system will fall.
        WALK AWAY from the masonic controller and MOVE OUT INTO THE TRUTH OF THE GOSPEL amen