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so~~~How do you feel about being made a part machine robot -yes/no/maybe?

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  • Eliyah
    Greetings Lucy,

    Yea, there are people even talking about having their minds implanted with microchips, so they can connect directly to the internet grid. They are called artificial intellects.

    Me, I have a special type of bendable metal in the spine of my neck, they never had this back in 2005, and I refused the surgery back then, because I would not be able to bend my neck in any direction, and I suffered the nerve pain up until last October of 2015, and now that nerve pain is gone.

    However, I will NEVER have my mind tampered with though.

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  • LucySmith
    get shocked

    you could pluck any of your ancestors from any period of time in history, and send them to the world we live in now, they would be in for quite a shock. All of the technology that we have at our disposal would seem like magic to them. The diseases we can cure and prevent, the speed with which we can communicate with anyone around the world, the devastating weapons we use to defend ourselves with, and the machines we use to travel from place to place, would all leave them in awe.

    They’d have to pick their jaws up from off the floor after they see what kinds of energy we use, and I’m not even talking about nuclear power. For people who relied on firewood for most of their energy needs, the cost and energy density of crude oil would blow their minds. I’m sure that seeing the accessibility of food in our society would cause a similar reaction in their minds. The idea that some people in the West only need to work a few hours a week to cover their food and energy costs, would leave your ancestors shaking.

    And then they would meet us. The residents of this magical high-tech world.

    They would see people who spend more time staring and laughing at their ghostly screens, than they spend interacting with other human beings. They would meet us, a generation of people who are terrified of the sun, and who can’t step outside without slathering themselves in odorous creams (or who barely spend any time outside at all). They would be introduced to people who can’t find their way home or solve any practical problem without first consulting the computers in their pockets. They would come face to face with a society that is willing to sacrifice privacy for high-tech convenience.

    They would see a society full of people who are completely out of touch with nature, and completely helpless without all of their gadgets. And more importantly, they would discover how incredibly stressed and unhappy many of us are, despite the wonders at our disposal.

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  • LucySmith
    i believe, the whole bible has ''''an evil agenda'' within it as well as the truth

    right through the bible, a truthseeker can see agendas written in as ''prophecies'' especially in the book of revelation.
    not all but some parts have been deleted, misconstructed, and so the majority are fully MISINFORMED.

    you can ''tell'' where Apostle John has written and then ''another scribe'' entered in and then has written THEIR VERSION/THEIR AGENDA, if you study it carefully.
    ofcourse religious diehards and their CULTure based upon religious misinformation will fight tooth and nail - alleging the whole book is ''the word of God'' - basically a cruel silly god that murders his people when they are so lost and defeated.

    is there ''proof''??????

    The Rothschild connection

    The current Armageddon plot was hatched in the late 18th century by a Khazarian, or "Ashkenazi" Jew, whose family had migrated to Germany from the area by the Caspian Sea now called Georgia.
    His name was Mayer Amschel Bauer (1744-1812), which he changed to Mayer Amschel Rothschild, ("Rot," meaning "Red," and "Schild," meaning "Sign") after the red hexagram which his father, a moneylender, placed over the door of his bank in Frankfurt, Germany.
    The red hexagram geometrically and numerically translates into the number 666.
    Rothschild claimed to be Jewish because the Khazars, descendents of Noah’s youngest son Japheth (as opposed to being descendants of Abraham, a descendent of Noah’s oldest son Shem), had converted to the Jewish faith by sovereign edict in AD 740.
    That the Rothschilds were genetically unrelated to the biblical Jews was inconsequential to them since they intended to redefine Bible prophecy to better serve their long-term economic goals.

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  • LucySmith
    for some parts of the '' book of revelation'' buffs....

    Many people point out that Bible Prophecies are being fulfilled in
    front of our eyes, and I agree with that. Not all of the prophecies will be
    fulfilled because of humanity’s unpredictability, but most of them probably
    will. The stunning part is that a large number of non-suspecting humans
    will welcome the fulfillment of the Prophecies, including the Battle of
    Armageddon, because of their belief in religion. Therefore, these people are
    giving energy to their fulfillment, and some of them are actively working
    on fulfilling them. People in the occult world, who have climbed up the
    Grades by degrees, are wishing the gods back as well, understanding that
    the Overlords are the real Grandmasters of their secret society.
    How the gods will make their presence known is uncertain, but it’s
    more than likely that they will; they are eager to play out their own
    prophecies. Marduk will come back as Jesus the Christ, and because we are
    used to seeing him that way, he will probably appear with shoulder-long
    hair (possibly red) and wearing a beard. He will probably look as if he’s in
    Synthetic Super Intelligence and the Transmutation of Humankind
    his early to mid-30s. He will tell people that the Day of Judgment has
    arrived, and eventually he will announce Heaven on Earth, and who is the
    ruler of Heaven in the astral? Marduk’s father Lord, aka Lucifer!
    Hence, Lucifer, presumably wearing a long, white beard, will now present
    himself as God. I wouldn’t be surprised if he showed himself as a huge face
    in the sky, smiling piously to the crowd. God will be the ruler
    of the Age of Aquarius, and his son Marduk will be the Christ, sitting on
    the throne, pretending to follow his Father’s advice. If we let our
    imagination run wild, perhaps certain pious persons in the past have
    actually been in stasis in the astral since the day they died, and and
    Marduk will revive and reincarnate them at will. Thus, they can play out
    this Prophecy as well: the revival of the dead.
    As a part of the Prophecy, we see history repeating itself—not because
    it’s some kind of “universal cyclic pattern,” but because it’s set up that way
    to serve the AIF agenda. We now see similar things happening as happened
    at the end of Atlantis and in the days of Noah (’s hybrid son). An
    example of this is the entire Transhumanism movement (the New
    Atalantis) with rapidly developed technology, genetic engineering and
    manipulation, catastrophic events, and colonization of space and other
    worlds, etc.
    There is very little doubt that we are actually living in the biblical End
    Times right at this moment—on this subject I agree with the Christians. The
    question is what will happen first—the Singularity or the Battle of
    Armageddon. Both scenarios are more than plausible. If Armageddon were
    to happen first, it would occur in the next twenty-five years or so, if we are
    to believe what the AI Prophets are telling us about the Singularity taking
    place by 2045. It makes sense that the War of Armageddon will happen
    before the Singularity, which might be the Heaven on Earth that the Bible
    Prophecies talk about.

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  • LucySmith
    Chapter 5: The Race for Immortality [interesting info]

    Chapter 5: The Race for Immortality

    "Age is an issue of mind over matter
    Chapter 5: The Race for Immortality
    "Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind it doesn't matter— Mark Twain

    How Science is Going to Save us from Ourselves
    Stephen Hawking, the world-famous scientist, has gone public every so often in the last six months to a year to warn us about AI and the Singularity.
    He has been very outspoken and shared his views on what is unfolding before our eyes.

    Hawking and a group of colleagues of seventeen of the most brilliant scientists from Cambridge University have formed an organization called Cambridge Center of the Study of Existential Risk (CSER), and its purpose is to recognize threats that can wipe out humanity if they went unnoticed, according to an article in the Daily Mail on September 12, 2013.111 It is these scientists’ task to put their thinking caps on.
    Then, with a joint effort, they will, hopefully, come up with ideas to safeguard the human race and solve problems on the horizon on our behalf.
    The article compares these brilliant minds with “superheroes.”

    Many people might think because Dr. Hawking is involved that some of these threats might be asteroid attacks from space, the existence of black holes in Earth’s vicinity, or something else threatening us from space, keeping in mind that Hawking is a cosmologist in most people’s mind.
    However, according to CSER, the worst threat is not coming from outer space but from us humans.

    Hence, the group members are now, by and large, taking their eyes away from the sky and directing them toward us, their fellow human beings, or rather, those who have plans for us.
    The manifesto of CSER reads as follows:
    Many scientists are concerned that developments in human technology may soon pose new, extinction-level risks to our species as a whole.
    Our goal is to steer a small fraction of Cambridge's great intellectual resources and of the reputation built on its past and present scientific preeminence, to the task of ensuring that our own species has a long-term future.
    In the process, we hope to make it a little more certain that we humans will be around to celebrate the University's own millennium, now less than two centuries hence.
    This makes it quite clear that their motto is to save us from ourselves.

    These scientists are apparently very concerned about what is happening on the technological arena, including, but not restricted to, super computers,

    Daily Mail, September 12, 2013, “Killer robots and crippling cyber-attacks:
    How the world is going to end - according to super brains such as Stephen Hawking”

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  • LucySmith
    LOTS OF ''INTERESTING'' things to ponder????

    is it so?????

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  • LucySmith
    replied created humans

    technology convergence.....Explains the scope of London Futurists, by briefly describing technology convergence, the technological singularity, and the hybrid age.

    For more details about the concept of the "Hybrid Age", see

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  • LucySmith
    ofcourse you already KNEW THIS HEY......cont

    "Do you think that just because it's in a movie, it can't be real?"
    Here they are giving us the truth about how they are using Hollywood to promote their agenda.
    For a long time I have said that all these Hollywood movies about space wars, artificial intelligence, and films on other related subjects, are made in order to prepare us for what is to come.

    To be blunt, Hollywood is set up for one major purpose—to indoctrinate and program the masses.

    This is mainly accomplished by programmed producers and actors, who are being told what kind of movies to make and which actors to choose for the roles.
    We call the technique to covertly giving things away truth in plain sight.
    The Overlords believe in informing us about their plans beforehand, so we can’t come afterwards, when the movies become real, and say that we had no idea about their plans.
    We were forewarned via Hollywood, but we didn’t pay attention.
    We thought it was all science fiction.

    I can’t repeat this often enough: they need our direct, or indirect, consent in order to fulfill their plans.

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  • LucySmith
    mind control/ and distractions....trolls and the internet

    The Internet was released as the World Wide Web from having been a military network, before it was implemented for the public.
    Virtually everything is tested in the military before we get to see it.
    he Internet is, on a grander scale, an attempt to understand human unpredictability and to determine how to get people on the same page.
    I would imagine that the Controllers have asked themselves; how much do the humans know?
    How much do they care about important issues, and how much do they care about trivial things?
    How social are they?
    How alike are they in all their uniqueness?
    The AIF wants these questions answered.
    Some of these beings are quite psychic and can read the mass consciousness without machines, but the Internet was still important because they wanted to see how easily we are distracted from a focus point.
    The fact that humans are easily distracted becomes embarrassingly apparent in the different discussion forums, where someone starts a topic of relevance and others comment on it.
    By so-called trolling, the letter agencies then make comments on the forum thread that have nothing to do with the original subject, and almost immediately people’s attention goes from the focal point to the distraction; thus, the discussion of the original topic is lost.

    This is specifically true when the troll begins to insult one or more people responding to a thread; people become easily reactive and divert from the topic in order to defend themselves.
    Others then fill in to defend the person who is attacked.
    Those in charge must have learned much about us from the Internet over the years.
    We are telling the entire world about ourselves and our intimate thoughts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, in other social media,

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  • LucySmith
    some bedside reading, before you turn out the light.

    None of this is by chance, of course, and they are eager to prepare us for the future; they do not want any shock reactions, but want to introduce this successively.
    After all, the plan is to have most of the Machine Kingdom established by 2045.
    People who are young today will still be alive when the time comes.
    Ray Kurzweil makes a good case when he says that this goal is attainable.
    Those who will not live to see the Singularity might have children and grandchildren who will experience this upcoming event.
    Finally, those who don’t have any children and therefore think this does not apply to them are incorrect.
    Much of it is happening right now, before our eyes, and the majority of people don’t notice.
    This is how powerful the propaganda is, and it works in at least two ways: it manipulates us into accepting the Singularity by making it interesting and exciting, and it shows us the agenda in plain sight, so we can’t say we weren’t told beforehand.

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  • so~~~How do you feel about being made a part machine robot -yes/no/maybe?

    well, its all happening.

    hollywood is preaching to you, are you listening.

    a little preview u may like to consider, before you think ''lucy sure is wacky''

    Dr. Ray Kurzweil’s books have been out for decades now, but the general public hasn’t paid too much attention to them, being one thing too many to deal with, and TV Reality Shows have been more important for most people than learning about what the Controllers have planned for us.
    Hence, the population has had little knowledge about what is really coming down the pike, although it’s been revealed to us for many years in one form or another.
    Of course, Kurzweil and his ilk knew this would happen, and it’s been part of the plan to let us know what they are planning, without having us interfering.
    However, not until this year has the media got a go-ahead by those in charge to expose the plans in public on Internet sites, such as CNN, ABC, NBC, and other channels with a large number of international viewers.
    Online newspapers around the world are also bringing this up on a large scale, as we shall see.
    Also, most of us have noticed that there is a huge increase in Hollywood movies on this theme.