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    In Matthew25:1-13, Yeshua gives parable of His Kingdom Day concerning the wise and the foolish.

    · V10 – “the door was shut”

    · V11 - the cries were heard “Lord, open the door”

    · V12 - the answer clear “I know you not”

    Church Preachers major on the virgins and their lamps, but YESHUA was warning prophetically, that He will shut doors and no pleas will change that.

    Right now, Yeshua is standing at the threshold of a New Day.
    He holds David’s key to it, therefore David/Zion hold the mystery of it.
    David was the one who found the “due order” of the Lord, and the Lord birthed in him His order and change.
    The Saviour is doing this now.

    any don’t see it or believe it, but He is doing it.
    His church is to usher in His New Day.
    You can read of this in Revelation 12.

    You see, David found the new order for the Ark of God and for worship.
    He closed the Mosaic door and opened the door of the heart before the Lord.
    He was given the pattern for Solomon’s temple and opened the door as Solomon was anointed into a New Day.
    This whole principle is the key which YESHUA holds.

    He is about to open the door of the morning as the dawning of His Kingdom on the earth as He brings forth in overcoming victory the company of His Sons who He has been changing into His image as they have “trod the winepress alone” surrendering to him their Adamic nature and allowing Him to bring them into His Divine nature. [math 11 v 28-30]
    They will have ministry on this earth firstly to bring the church into the last Glorious feast to be fulfilled, The Feast of Tabernacles.
    They like Ezra of old will reveal the Feast to the people who will weep and shout as they realize that it had been forgotten.
    His Sons will bring His wisdom into the earth as nations and kings seek for the mountain of the Lord.

    To some, the stumbling block to going through the opened door will be their familiar church order with its forms and traditions.
    I ask you to open your heart to our Sovereign God who will perform His works on this earth.
    Let me tell you, the Feast of Tabernacles will be so Glorious, you don’t want to miss it!
    As rewarding as it is, YESHUA has another door to open and I plead with you to hear His voice.
    You will not see this Truth until you see it in David from whom Yeshua has taken the key.

    You cannot partake in the Feast of tabernacles on this earth unless you see that the church/David order will give way to a New Day and a new order of His Kingdom Glory and Rule.
    David’s Tabernacle is about to give way to Solomon’s Temple of Glory.
    No man, denomination, theology, denial or resistance will stop this.
    It is in God’s plan and He will bring it to pass.

    What stops most Christians from receiving this word is the rapture teaching where they are expecting the Lord to remove them physically from the earth.
    Why would He?
    When Israel cried out to Him in servitude in Egypt, why didn’t He rapture them?
    Instead he led them to a higher place called Canaan.

    Some didn’t accept it and chose to die on the other side of Jordan.
    the rapture is a Spiritual rapture of being “caught up into Him”. = made here = Into His image, perfection and immortality whilst in the body.

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    the MIND RENEWED/CHANGED/TRANSFORMED - a new and living way opened up

    the TEACHER will show the overcomers the reality/ truth as it is....
    here is a modern definition of such teaching ='' TAKE NO THOUGHT''.....Yeshua said.



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      free your mind.............the walk into overcoming all things

      For a moment, let’s imagine what it would be like to be fully alive without a physical shell or any of the stuff we need and desire for maintaining life on Earth.

      We’d have a mental energy that allowed us to move forward or backward, up or down, instantly creating whatever we desired. We’d be free to wallow in an exquisite existence without time or space as we know it.

      We’d be in a state of pure bliss, in love with everything and everyone. We’d have no duties or bills to tend to, no fear of losing anything, no one judging us, no possessions to insure, no demands on our time, and no goals to achieve.

      What we’re envisioning is actually the world of Spirit, which we experienced before we came here and will return to. [wayne dyer]


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        the hidden ones [chris williams]

        THE HIDDEN ONES [Warriors]
        (July 12, 2016)

        [Christ named this prophetic Word; Christ wrote this prophetic Word.]

        There is a reason that some of My Ministers, My Wife, My Priests and Kings, stay hidden.
        You are hidden under My Glory as I Will, Amen (see Ps 24:7-8; Deut 5:24; Ezek 1:26-28; John 1:14).
        I protect you there until your time is near;
        I keep you there, training you daily for your season and what comes to earth during the next few years.
        Do not hesitate to come to Me daily for My preparation and training.

        Many of you have been singled out as My Warriors and My manifested strength on earth.
        Again, I say, “I send many from heaven during this time to join you in battle.
        My power is locked within My own non-judgmental, self-sacrificing love, which is alive within each Warriors heart and mind.
        As Mine come together within this love here on earth, My Holy Spirit moves and My promise manifests in great power amongst you.

        Those who build their own kingdoms, rather than Mine, will suffer while here on earth.
        Continue your daily walk with Me and be quick to give Me, God My Father, His glory and praise. KNOW the difference [between those who build for their own kingdom and those who give Me the glory and praise], and My freedom, given for others’ ministries, becomes apparent to you.

        Mine are now led into areas of giving not experienced before.
        Give freely as you share Me and all of My Spiritual gifts (given to you now) with others.
        KNOW that in order to receive one must already be giving.
        As My nature lives within you, and manifests now in its fullness, you must share Me with ALL.
        All of My Spiritual gifts and My Spiritual presence are to be shared with all.
        I am in all; I am all in all, Amen Amen and again Amen.

        Father, Cause Us To Love Each Other As You Love us, Chris


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          death fighters................changed................ death overcome

          Heb 5 v 5
          the order of Melchedezek............................ [''who was able to save him from death''] = and was heard.

          to all those who listen to Him, and place our hearing under His word.....LISTEN TO THE WORD can be saved into perfection.

          BEING MADE PERFECT - CALLED OF GOD... A high priest
          don't be dull of hearing.

          awake and then get beyond being awake - and move into perfection of life eternal.
          better things letter....better things to come.



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            the overcAmers understand......WHAT?

            He keepeth the paths of judgment, and preserveth the way of his saints.” Proverbs 2:1-8

            When one sets their heart to seeking after the Lord and has purposed in their thoughts to find out the secret things of the Almighty, that person must be willing to lay down all other preconceived ideas in order to find out the will and the mind of the Lord.
            When one seeks after the Lord in this way of abandonment, one must also find that what they discover about the Lord will be confirmed to them in a very plain and sure way by His spirit which indwells them.
            The more one seeks for understanding from the Lord, the more they will recognize that the Lord is jealous for this, that He desires that we run after Him, seek Him, cry out to Him for wisdom and understanding to “know” and to “perceive” every counselling word of wisdom that comes from His spirit within.
            The Mystery of Our Change comes in a simple wave of understanding when one has thus sought after the Lord this way.
            This type of wisdom dictates to us that the Lord is not going to withhold any good thing from the earnest seeker, but will, along with their heart’s desire, meet their every need and accomplish in them the need for their full identity with the living Christ.
            When we study this next mystery, it is important to realize that we are not grasping after “wishful thoughts”, but are basing our hope upon sound words that come from the scriptures themselves and are testified to by the risen Lord.
            The fact is that the Lord, in the power of the resurrection, will bring the Overcomers into the very same promise.
            It is the future of the Overcomer.

            Get this first point straight in your understanding.
            To get this straight, one must not have any lukewarmness in themselves in any area, they cannot love this present world, they cannot be a part of this present cosmos other than just “passing through it.”
            This is the understanding.
            That just as the Lord destroyed completely the first world prior to the safe passage of Noah and the souls with him in the ark, so this world you see now will not pass over into the millennial age of Christ either; except those who are in the ark of safety in this hour, that ark being the true church of the living Christ.
            The body joined expressly to the head.
            That body, that church, that group joined without schism to the head, receiving its life and power from the head will be the ONLY THING that passes from THIS WORLD to the next.

            There are three worlds. The first world perished in the flood in Noah’s day.
            This second world will perish completely at the manifestation of the sons of God.
            This is true prophecy.
            The third world is the millennial reign of Christ wherein through the process of TIME in the third world, all men will come to know Christ and to be taught solely by Him.
            We are now at the end of the second world.

            Absolutely everything you see in the world around you, everything being man’s politics, man’s economies, man’s religions, WILL UTTERLY PERISH.

            Kenneth Visscher


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              the overcAmers know....

              ''A'' = THE ANOINTING that breaks the yoke.
              what YOKE?
              The illusion, the hypnotic trance,, blindness of vanity.

              so that..................

              PROPHETIC WORD

              “Do not try to work out the things which will happen.
              Just know that I the Lord, who was present in the ark of Joshua’s day, am now present in the sanctuary of My sons and as they appear before immovable objects and circumstances, they shall “dry up” and they shall flee.
              They shall appear before the eyes of the church and the gentile nations, and men shall fear.
              Men shall come to them to make covenants with them for the fear of their hearts.
              Men shall come to them with gifts.
              Wise men from the east shall come bearing gifts at the sign of their birth.

              A great light shall shine over them declaring that they are My Sons.

              But they will be found in lowly places and circumstances, but shall not be dismayed for I shall exalt them to the highest places in the earth.
              Kings and rulers will forsake their wealth for them.
              Yet for all this their hearts will not be turned from Me, for I choose only that which I test and find faithful, and My sons shall be faithful”.


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                the real diffference between the pauline system and christ......



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                  the other side of the mirror..........................

                  THE the truth............. as displayed MATH 17 V 1..............a light being hidden inside an earth on earth.

                  #1 the teacher
                  #2 the truth
                  #3 the teacher, called the truth, displayed the true being here on earth.

                  this is the fullness of spirit of life in Christ.
                  YESHUA SAID TO MARTHA = DO YOU BELIEVE ME. john 11 v 24-25-26
                  to BELIEVE is to agree and conceive HIS ETERNAL ZOE SPIRIT and be released from captivity.

                  to learn HOW to escape BEGINS WITH BE LIE VE.
                  THIS BEGINS A PROCESS to remove the LIE from our being.

                  THE TEACHER instructs how to escape/halt the effects of HUMANISM. [ TRAPPED IN CAPTIVITY TO VANITY]
                  the choice is made daily of ''who ye serve''.

                  the teacher instructs how to view vanity and move out of its effects.
                  TO be LIFTED OUT FROM A SLAVISH MENTALITY~~~~ into a new way of living.
                  to be able to stand in the invisible first and foremost.
                  the pattern of eternal zoe life becomes established within the heart and then the mind.
                  math 17 is the BLUE PRINT and how not to be afraid and to overcome this world of vanity

                  what is the lie exactly.?
                  that vanity is real~~~~~~

                  PROPHETIC WORD

                  “Surely as you listen to Me and obey My voice I will do a work through you which you have not planned, but I will reveal it to you.

                  I have called and chosen you even through personal cost, that I might reveal Myself to those who will seek My face.

                  My demands upon you will be great, but it will be joy to you if you heed My voice.

                  Be not afraid of people, and submit not to the voice of man, for I have ordained that My Name shall be revealed and that those who cry in the captivity of religion shall go free.

                  Shelve all plans and schemes born from the counsel of man, and I shall reveal the counsel of My Spirit against which no flesh shall stand”.

                  there is a marvellous verse by John that says.................
                  And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God…” (1 John 4:3).
                  you have to look at this very closely to understand what it is revealing to find out.

                  What John is saying here, according to divine wisdom, is that
                  anyone who denies that the Christ comes in the flesh—manifested from within your own fleshly body—is an antichrist.

                  [poor Elijah.... has all the verses off pat, but remains blinded.
                  why is his so Because he remains a pharisee of religion ]
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                    the prison house of vanity is

                    THE 5 SENSES TRAP MOST OF MANKIND into this 3d experience that is not real but a trancelike illusion = satanic hypnotism.
                    Elijah CANNOT UNDERSTAND what Spying is revealing because Elijah is a religious Pharisee, complete with the dead letter mind set......

                    the INVISIBLE MUST come into 1st place when it says ''SEEK YE FIRST THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN AND ALL ELSE shall be added unto you''
                    what is the ''all else''
                    ofcourse its.....
                    = John 10 v 10 = abundant life here.

                    EXPOSING THESE 4 WORDS - ''REMOVE THE FIVE SENSES'' - IS 2 CLUE words hidden inside them...'remove the five senses'
                    hidden 2 words =
                    'Severe venom '

                    the 5 senses are severely TOXIC
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                      seeing behind the facade of vanity - personally seeing into the invisible....

                      John 12:35, 36: He is the Light and when you behold that, Walk in that revelation.
                      If you don’t, darkness comes upon you and you have no idea where you are walking (as Isaiah said, you walk in your own light).
                      V36, says believe into the light, that you may become SONS OF LIGHT.
                      walking in the invisible light of the real divine world

                      The Sons of God are the Sons of Light.
                      They believe into Yeshua who is the Word.
                      There is a difference in “believing in” and “believing into”.
                      They believe into every word, and it is Light to them.

                      1Peter1:23 says that Jesus the Word, is incorruptible seed that lives and abides forever.
                      There is Light Immortal.
                      There is Light and Truth in the Bible which most have never found, and therefore can neither believe into it, nor walk in it.
                      The secret to coming into Yeshua immortality is to find the incorruptible seed and plant it in your soul.
                      As Isaiah said, trust into it and stay on it.

                      this word is to encourage the Sons of God, that we are Sons of Light.
                      Trust into the Name of God, (The Lord Jesus Christ), and Stay upon our God.
                      No matter what is said, no matter what attacks are hurled our way, Stay upon our God.
                      This word “stay” literally means that “He will support you”.
                      Walk in the revelation we have been given and know that in this Light is our perfection.

                      The current day religious will attack us for the words we speak.
                      I have been called a heretic, telling of the Glorious truth of this realm.
                      I am glad for this, for it shows me that the enemy is trying to stop the Truth.
                      You will never see people walking out of the social religious organisations for they all walk in the light of their own fires and present no threat to the enemy.
                      In fact you will see their churches expanding, and they will give themselves credit for being wonderful churches.
                      But their leaders have their sheep in captivity to their own light.

                      Peter said that this Word is Living and abides forever.
                      It generates immortality from incorruptible seed. In John 6:68, Peter declared that wonderful revelation, that “Yeshua has the words of eternal life”.

                      The Glorious truth is, that this was all born in Zion, the habitation of the Lord.
                      See Psalm 133. Read it! V3, in Zion, the Lord commanded the Blessing, “EVEN LIFE FOREVERMORE”!
                      David saw this, that in Zion, the Lord Commands out of Zion the blessing of immortality.
                      We have the right to command the Blessing out of Zion of Life Evermore!!!.
                      Understand this.

                      ofcourse Sonship Light comes out of spiritual Zion.

                      to a recent study done by Cambridge, around 88% of the worlds population believe in God. 88%!
                      That is 6.16 billion people around the world, according to this study, who believe in God.
                      That is not a trivial number.

                      Yet out of these 6.16 billion people, for how many of them is God more than just a belief?
                      For what percentage of that 88% is God a tangible force that they connect to on a daily basis by allowing the bonds of their ego to dissolve, and then impartating that force into all that they do, and all that they are?


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                        the new race - the overcomers~~~~~

                        Personal Response

                        “ Lord I am willing.
                        You have heard my cry, You have seen my heart, You have looked upon the yearning of my soul that I might build the walls of spiritual Jerusalem.

                        I have desired to give You myself as a sanctuary for You.
                        Whatever has to be removed and burnt in me to purify this sanctuary, I ask You to do it.
                        Turn Your eyes of judgement from my groanings and open Your eyes of grace and mercy, which You showed to David, and I stand before You as his seed and claim the covenant to David as my only right.
                        I believe that You have sealed this with Your oath and cannot repent of it.
                        Behold my heart this day and open doors for me after Your will, and close doors that should be closed.

                        What I write is a testimony of my heart and the truth of my soul that the greatest and foremost thing in my life is to be one of the “four living creatures of Your Presence”.
                        Let Your Presence come as Your soul and nature come into me.
                        Change me and let there be a metamorphosis from the natural Adamic, humanistic origins which I renounce before You by the pen of My word and let my testimony be read that I desire to be created and formed into Your image, and take on Your Resurrection and Immortality whilst in this body.

                        I sacrifice willingly and consecrate myself to You.
                        Let this be read in the heavens, and let all the company of the dead redeemed rejoice for on the earth is a sanctuary for the Glory of the Lord and His coming Feast of Tabernacles on the earth.
                        Lord, behold my needs, which burden my soul and let Your favour be poured out upon me as I cry unto You.
                        Deliver me from these burdens.
                        Reveal to me any area of my life, which is wrong, and be the Healer of all breaches, as my own human strength cannot do this.
                        Let Your Light arise in me. Let my face shine with Your Glory.
                        I am willing to be a seat of Your Kingdom Power and Dominion within me on the earth.
                        Put Your Authority and Power within me, which is the sign of the Day and let the earth see You in me.
                        I open myself to every act You have to do in me.

                        I write these things willingly as a broken and contrite vessel having no claim but Your Name and Word and Life, which I love.
                        I thank You and worship You”.


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                          the overcomers FOLLOW YESHUA......

                          all the redeemed do.....
                          in interesting look at the `13th apostle and his version of zapped into an apostleship.



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                            Messiah said:He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the tree of life, which is in the midst of the paradise of God. Rev.2:7.

                            Lucy, do you already have immortal eternal life in the flesh?


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                              and knowledge increase...

                              after all the satanic nonsense everyone believed as ''world history'' is being revealed as ''an agenda'' to engineer society = this man was laughed at and ''nudge nudge wink wink'' crack pot...suddenly the evidence of the agenda is emerging
                              and people are waking up to THE LIES


                              the people will awake to all religious lies being peddled by cain's offspring.~~~~~ the LIE has been alive too long.....